Larry and his Plants

By Koopa T. Quick

Submitted by Aquas

Larry was bored. He'd been waiting for Clawdia's answer. Suddenly, the door opened!

Clawdia: Kids, I've decided that we CAN go on the trip!

Everybody was happy except for two of them.

Wendy: We won't lose all our money?

Clawdia: No, Koopa took the days off.

The other one was Larry.

Larry: What about my plants? They can't get water by themselves.

Clawdia: Someone could do it for you.

Larry: Koopa the Quick- oh, Koopa the Quick!

Koopa the Quick: Yes, Larry?

Larry: Would you be so kind as to water my plants while I'm gone?

KTQ: Yes sir!

Larry: Thank you!

The next day...

Larry: Yawn... OH, YEAH! Today's the day of the trip!"

Larry got dressed and hurried downstairs. He watered his plants and hurried to KTQ's room. He left a note on the door.

Dear KTQ,

Do not forget to water my plants when I'm gone!

Sincerely, Larry

Larry left. He saw everybody was up already. In the meantime, KTQ got up. He read the note.

KTQ: Oh yeah, I will have to water Larry's plants!

Anyway, the Koopas went off to the beach. Then they'd go to the hotel to check in. That was it for the first day.

Larry: Oh, darn! I forgot my King Koopa beanie baby! King Dad, can I go back in and get my King Koopa beanie baby?

Koopa: Of course.

Back in the castle...

KTQ: Hey, Hammer Brother! (at this moment, Larry appears.) I'm not gonna water Larry's plants!

Larry: WHAT?! Oh, I'm gonna tell King Dad!

Larry does so.

Koopa: Koopa the Quick, you must be punished! You are sentenced to the middle dungeon 'til we get home.

KTQ: WHAT?! Oh, fine.

Koopa: Hammer Bro., you can water Larry's plants while we're gone instead.

Hammer Brother: Yes sir!

The next day, Hammer Brother got up. However, something bad happened.

Magikoopa: I'll cast a spell to make Hammer Bro. forget about Larry's plants!

Magikoopa did so. The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, except that all week there was a grin on Magikoopa's face. So we rejoin the Koopas when they get home.

Larry: Finally I get to eat one of my OWN apples, and eat my OWN pears, and...

Wendy: You sound like Morton!

Larry: Oh, sorry.

Larry went into his greenhouse and noticed that the plants were dead.

Morton: Look! Your once great, ultimate, super, koopaTACular plants are now old, wilted, and dead!

Larry: My plants! MY PLANTS! I spent a year on them!

Larry noticed Hammer Brother.

Larry: Oh, I'm gonna tell King Dad on you for not watering my plants!

Hammer Brother: ME?! I wasn't supposed to!

Koopa came in.

Koopa: WHAT?! Your plants haven't been watered? Why... Hammer Brother, you must go to THAT dungeon for a WEEK!

Larry tried to water his plants, but it didn't work. Larry thought... and thought... and all the while, he was very sad. Suddenly...

Larry: I'VE GOT IT! Wendy, you still have that time machine, don't you?

Wendy: Yeah, but-

Larry: Give it to me! I'll give it back in a split second!

Wendy: Here!

Larry went to the time Magikoopa hypnotized Hammer Brother. He hit Magikoopa on the head.

Larry: Off to the dungeon with you!

Magikoopa: WHAT? What are YOU doing here?

Larry sentenced Magikoopa to the dungeon. He returned.

Larry: My plants! ALL OF MY PLANTS ARE BACK! Thank you, Wendy!

Wendy: What did you do?

Larry: I saw that Magikoopa hypnotized Hammer Brother. I locked him in the dungeon! Go ahead, check!

Wendy and the rest did so. They saw Magikoopa!

Magikoopa: YOU ROTTON KOOPA BRATS! How DARE you lock me up here with Hammer Brother?! LET ME OUT!

Larry: Oh, I can let HAMMER BROTHER out, but not you!

Larry did so.

Hammer Brother: Please, forgive me!

Koopa: Yes sir! It's MAGIKOOPA we need locked up!

The End

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