Triple Trouble: Return of the One-Timers

By Double D

Chapter 5: The Road goes Ever On…

As Mario and Luigi defeated Exor, they were being watched on a screen by a familiar figure.

Yaridovich: Drat!

Black: What is it, your coolness?

Yaridovich: This Coke is flat! I thought I told you not to open the can!

Black: Sorry. At least you’re not mad about Mario and Luigi beating Exor.

Yaridovich: WHAT?!

Black: Oh, I thought you knew.

Yaridovich: This is terrible! I knew I should have used super glue!

Black: What shall we do? The others don’t know about it.

Yaridovich: We’re going to have to use the special technique. Have everyone here in .45 hours except Smithy because he dosen’t know our plans. We’ll need a jump start.

Black: Our batteries are low?

Yaridovich: BLACK!

Black: Sorry, your coolness.

As Mario and Luigi jumped on a springboard, they had a funny feeling that something was going to happen. They walked past a section, and jumped on another springboard. They were met by an evil-looking clock.

Mario: It’s Countdown! I’ve faced him before.

Countdown: (Oh no! Water Blast!)

Mario: Defense!

The water blast hit Mario but did not do much damage, although Luigi was hit hard.

Luigi: That’s one mean clock!

The bells on Countdown started to ring an eerie tune, and Luigi was turned into a scarecrow. Mario jumped on a Ding-a-Ling, and since he was wearing the Ultra Boots, he did lots of damage. Since Luigi had been turned into a scarecrow and he could not use special attacks, he jumped. Countdown attacked with corona, and Mario got hit hard. Mario suddenly remembered the magic wand. The Ding-a-Lings did Fear Roulette, and just as Mario was about to be attacked by it, he held out the wand, creating a protective shield.

Mario: This thing is pretty handy!

Luigi came back to his regular form, and Mario did a fireball combo with him. The Ding-a-Lings and Countdown were all hit for light damage. Countdown used recover to recover all his health since he did not have much. The Ding-a-Lings did a Dark Star attack, which hit Mario. Mario held the wand up, but nothing happened. Luigi decided to shoot fireballs. As soon as he had taken out the weak Ding-a-Ling, the wand did an attack; it had been powering up, though Mario did not know it. Fireballs started swirling, and when they had formed a tornado, it whirled around, throwing fireballs at Countdown and the remaining Ding-a-Ling. When the fire was gone, Countdown did a Petal Blast. Mari blocked it but Luigi was turned into a Mushroom. The Ding-a-ling did Doom Reverb, which muted Mario. Mario waved the wand three times, which shot ice at the Ding-a-Ling. Since its weakness was ice, and it already had damage, it was defeated. Countdown did Water Blast, which hit Mario. Mario was starting to get weak, so he decided to do a Lightning Blast with the wand, since one of Countdown’s weaknesses was thunder. Mario had seen how to do it, so he raised the wand and electricity started to swirl up above. Mario let it go, and it disabled Countdown because it was so strong. Mario jumped on Countdown, exploting another one of his weaknesses. Luigi turned back into his original form, and shot some fireballs. Mario sealed the victory by using the Lightning Blast. After Countdown was down for the count (pun intended), Mario and Luigi received a Red Essence. They jumped onto the trampoline, and their eyes widened. Axem Rangers were rolling off the assembly line!

Mario: Get to the right!

Mario and Luigi pressed up against the wall, and fortunately, the new Axem Rangers did not notice them. Mario and Luigi sighed a breath of relief, and moved on. After walking a little ways, they spotted a Mack up ahead. They came up, and jumped over him. They weaved their way through Boos, and jumped over some Bowyers. They spotted some new Axems, but were able to jump over them. As they dodged some more Bowyers, they spotted some Yaridovichs ahead. They approached and dodged the Yaridovichs, but there was nowhere to go ahead to. They started to battle a Yaridovich, and he did a Water Blast first thing. Mario did a Pyrowhirl (the fireball tornado) with the wand, and Luigi jumped. The Yaridovich did Willy Wisp, and hit both of them. Mario did an Ultra Jump, which finished him off.

Luigi: Ya know what? I think I should have the Ultra Boots since you have the wand.

Mario: Good idea.

After they had traded, a block blew up, and they fell through. They were met by two enemies dressed like jesters.

Luigi: Ya know what? I don’t think we’re getting out of this one.

As Domino, the one on the right, started attacking, Mario got the wand ready. Domino did Flame Stone.

Mario: I hope this is a protection spell.

Mario waved the wand in a circle just before the attack hit them. A wall of water went up in front of him, blocking the Flame Stone attack. Luigi got hit full force. The other one, Cloaker, did not attack. Mario powered up an Ice Blast with the wand, while Luigi jumped on Domino. The Ice Blast was released on Domino, and Domino started to get weak. Domino attacked with Lightning Orb, which hit Luigi. Mario powered up the wand, and released. He was instantly transformed into Metal Mario. Luigi shot some fireballs. Domino used Lightning Orb on Mario, and because he was metal, he was hit for double damage.

Mario: Luigi! Here!

Mario powered up the wand, and turned Luigi into Metal Luigi.

Mario: Do a jump!

Puzzled, Luigi jumped on Domino, which took him out because Luigi was much heavier.

Cloaker: You think it’s over don’t you, you puny life forms?

Luigi: You can’t attack!

Cloaker: Who said I can’t do damage? Now that Domino is gone, I can unleash my weapon! Come my pet!

Mario and Luigi stood there for a moment, but nothing happened.

Luigi: Ha ha! You can’t beat us!

Just then, a rumbling was heard. It grew louder and louder until a gigantic snake crashed down on them.

Cloaker: This is my ultimate weapon. Say hello to Earth Link!

Earth Link: Hissssssssssssssssssssssss!

Luigi: Hello.

Earth Link: Hissssssss! (Poison!)

Mario: Ung. I feel funny.

Luigi: Ahh! You poisoned my brother! That’s it! Ultra Jump!


Earth Link: Hissssssss! (That’s it! Down to business! Nobody hurts Cloaker when I’m around!)

Mario: I hope this works.

Mario waved his wand. He was healed of the poison.

Luigi: Ultra Jump!


Cloaker: YEOWWWWW! Is this the best you can do, Earth Link?!

Earth Link: Hissssssss! (I’m doing my best, master. Carni Kiss!)

Mario: Owwww!

Luigi: No!


Cloaker: No… I… think… I’m… done for.

Earth Link: HISSSSSSSS! (Cloaker! Must… get strength! Yes! Super Carni Kiss!)

Luigi: *silence* Ung.

Mario: Luigi!

Mario pulled out the Pick-Me-Up. As he held it up Luigi started to revive. By the time it was gone, Luigi had full strength.

Mario: Luigi! I’m going to power you up!

Mario pointed the wand at Luigi, and a rainbow beam shot out. The rainbow beam covered Luigi. Luigi glowed. The beam disappeared, and Luigi attacked with his fireballs. The fireballs stopped in midair. They started glowing like Luigi, and suddenly more rainbow beams shot out from them. The fireballs went forward, spinning very fast. As soon as they hit Earth Link, there was a brilliant flash of light followed by more rainbow beams. When the light cleared, there was nobody in sight. Luigi stopped glowing, and they both started laughing.

Luigi: Ya know what? I think we whomped ‘em!

Mario: Ya know what? I wish you would stop saying ya know what!

As they laughed, there were others that were busy getting in line for the final fight close at hand.

Yaridovich: Here it is!

Black: Oooh!

Others: Aaah!

Black: What is it?

Yaridovich: It’s a Super Stone. After being defeated by Mario, Smithy dropped this in the basement. I found it. This is the special technique I was talking about.

Mack: What does it do?

Yaridovich: It does three things. First, it protects against all kind of magic. Second, it gives us a new attack, called Shiner, that de-powers any kind of power-up, and does a lot of damage. Third, it is guaranteed to completely whoop the Marios!

Bowyer: Use it then who will?

Mack: Yaridovich will just use the factory’s duplicating machine to give us all one, dummy!

Bowyer: Annoying you are! Crush you I will!

Black: Cool it.

Yaridovich: To the duplicating machine!

Chapter 6: The Final Battle

As Mario and Luigi entered the central factory complex, they noticed that no machines were going except one. Out of the machine came six sparkling stones.

Mario: Hey, look! Let’s grab one!

Luigi: No! Don’t! They could be powerful. We don’t want to get hurt.

Mario: Nonsense! With this wand, I can de-power them if I need to. Besides, if they’re powerful, they can help us beat Smithy!

Mario pointed the wand towards a stone and tried to levitate it. Surprisingly, when Mario did this, the stones just glowed all the more, and didn’t move anywhere.

Mario: Hmm… that’s strange.

Luigi: Mario! Hide quick! I hear footsteps!

Mario and Luigi ducked behind a metal bin just as the Smithy gang opened a secret door and entered the room.

Yaridovich: Yes! It worked! Now, each one of you grab a stone, and I’ll take the original one.

Green (production officer): Um… sir? I should mention the little thing that happened to the duplicating machine…

Yaridovich: Silence! We talk after we take over the world.

Green: But there is a possibility that…

Yaridovitch: I don’t care. As long as we can beat the Marios.

Green: But…

Yaridovitch: SILENCE! I don’t care if there’s something wrong! Everybody is going to use one and that’s an order!

As Yaridovich and Co. left, Mario scolded Luigi.

Mario: Great! Now they’re stronger and we had the chance to be too! You should have let me take the stones.

Luigi: Well it doesn’t matter now. We’d better get in there and get Smithy before he summons Yaridovich and everybody else to help.

Just as they came out of hiding, the Clerk came in.

Clerk: Oh no! Yaridovich told me to fight these guys, but if I do I’ll get creamed!

Mario: Yeah! We’ll whoop you good!

Clerk: Nooo!

With that the Clerk ran into the next room.

Mario and Luigi followed him into the next room, where he was busy explaining the situation to the Director. They turned around.

Clerk: Ahhh!

Director: Don’t worry. We can handle them. Spritz Bomb!


Mario: Oww! Pyrowhirl!

Mario did the fireball tornado attack against them, causing some decent damage.

Luigi: Ultra Jump!


Director: Oww… I… think... I’m… down.

Clerk: Nooo!

The Clerk ran into the next room.

Luigi: What a weakling!

Mario and Luigi followed the Clerk into the next room, where they were greeted by the Manager.

Manager: Oh no! An intruder! I’ve got to tell the Factory Chief!


The Clerk fainted.

Mario: Hmph… that was easy.

Mario and Luigi noticed an Ultra Hammer left behind, and Luigi grabbed it. As Mario and Luigi followed the Manager into the next room, they were greeted by Smithy scolding the Manager for running away. The manager used the crane to go down into an underground room, and Smithy finally noticed them.

Smithy: You again! You’ll be sorry for not showing me respect! I’m burning, seething with power! You shall fall before me! You shall-

Luigi: Um, excuse me? Can we get to the climatic fight now?

Smithy: Oh, right.

Smithy raised his hammer and tried to pound Mario. Mario easily dodged and raised the wand. A huge lightning bolt crashed into Smithy for major damage.

Smithy: Guoooooo! You’ll pay!

Smithy morphed into his treasure box head and tried to scare Mario, leaving him open to attack. Mario used his wand to give him courage, and quickly shot a block of ice at Smithy. The ice hit Smithy’s head just as the treasure box was closing, causing the ice to jam the head. Smithy quickly morphed into his magic head. Luigi took advantage of this and used Ultra Jump on the head, causing more major damage. Luigi and Mario were suddenly both hit by spears flying through the air. Mario conjured Max Mushrooms for himself and Luigi, and then attacked with Pyrowhirl. Smithy started to fall apart.

???: Gah! Weakling!

Yaridovich stepped forth, along with the rest of the gang.

Yaridovich: I thought you said he was fully put together again!

Black: He was, your coolness.

Yaridovich: Then why did he just fall apart?!

Smithy: Guh… old McDonald had a farm…

Yaridovich: I’ve had enough of this fooling around! It’s time to take action!

Yaridovich demolished Smithy, while Mario and Luigi watched with wide eyes.

Mario: You… you just destroyed your leader!

Yaridovich: He’s not our leader! He’s a puny weakling that dosen’t know how to fight anymore!

Luigi: You mean Smithy’s not behind this whole thing?

Mack: Of course not, dum-dum! We are!

Pink: We were beaten once, and we’re not going to fall again.

Green: With these new stones of ours, we can beat you with one hand tied behind our backs!

Black: We’re so cool now, that it’s not cool! For you at least.

Yellow: Dosen’t anybody have any cake?

Everyone Else: YELLOW!

Yellow: Aww, man.

Bowyer: Down you shall go! Nya!

Mario: You can’t beat us! We’re the best fighters ever!

Yaridovich: Well, it’s time to test that theory.

They started at each other for a few seconds, but it seemed like an hour. Finally, Luigi jumped on Pink, taking her out. Bowyer shot an arrow, but Mario dissolved it with the wand. Mario powered up a Pyrowhirl, while Luigi distracted them. Just as he was about to fire, Yaridovich held out the Super Stone. A beam shot out from it. The attack was absorbed and Mario was hit for damage by the beam. Mario then tried to attack with lightning, but with the same result. Luigi tossed the Ultra Hammer to Mario, and Mario smacked Yaridovich with it. Yaridovich whacked Mario back with his spear, and did Water Blast, which was deflected by the wand. Mario started pounding Yaridovich, then suddenly pulled out the wand and summoned lightning. It caught Yaridovich off guard, but to Mario’s surprise, did not do any damage. Meanwhile, Luigi Ultra Jumped on Bowyer, while Black attacked Luigi. Mario, not having success with the wand, tossed it to Luigi, who did a Pyrowhirl. This threw everybody off, though did not do any damage, and Luigi Ultra Jumped on Bowyer again, taking him out. Green attacked, but Luigi absorbed it and countered. Luigi summoned a temporary shield, and powered up the lightning attack. Just as the shield dissolved, the lightning came down, but did not effect Green. Mario trapped Yaridovich in a force field, and went over to help Luigi. Luigi tossed Mario the wand back and Mario did Pyrowhirl, but it did not effect them. Yaridovich broke free, and Green threw a carefully-timed axe at Mario. It did not hit Mario, but it did hit the Ultra Hammer, making Mario drop it. Yaridovich threw his spear at the hammer, breaking it in two. Mario tried to smack Mack with the wand, but Mack grabbed it. Everyone left cornered Mario and Luigi against a wall. Suddenly, they heard footsteps.

Factory Chief: Hi everyone! I’m back from my coffee… whoa. Um, sorry, got to go.

As everyone shifted their eyes back to Mario and Luigi, everyone in the Smithy Gang except Yaridovich started to glow. They then turned red, and exploded.

Yaridovich: NOOOOO! There must have been something wrong with the Duplicating Machine! I… ouch!

Mario had quickly grabbed the wand, and used it to repair the hammer, which Luigi smacked Yaridovich with. Mario took a gamble and threw the wand at Yaridovich. It hit its target: the Super Stone. It dropped to the floor, and there was a mad scramble for it, but because it was two against one the Marios got it. Mario quickly powered the lightning spell up to its maximum, while Luigi pounded Yaridovich with the hammer. Mario released the lightning, and there was a blinding flash followed by smoke. Mario and Luigi looked around, and saw a smoking Yaridovich.



Mario and Luigi happily head for the exit. Suddenly, there was a rumbling, and Yaridovich exploded colossally. Mario reached for the Yoshi Ade, but it was too late. They were propelled backward at an enormous speed. They reached the exit, hit the springboard, and were propelled out of Smithy’s dimension unconscious.

When they woke up, they were in their beads, with Peach and Toad attending to their fevered brows.

Toad: Are you guys okay? You took quite a bump on the head.

Peach: You’ve been unconscious for eight hours.

Mario: Yeah, I’m fine. But I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that Wart, Tatanga, and Smithy all attacked at the same time and me and Luigi had to save the world.

Luigi: That’s weird. I had the exact same dream.

Toad: But that actually…

But Peach motioned for Toad to keep quiet.

Mario: We actually what?

Peach: He means you actually hit your head on the door getting some pizza.

Mario: Oh. Ya know, pizza sounds pretty good. I think I’ll have some.

Luigi: Me too.

As Mario and Luigi got up and headed for the refridgerator, Peach and Toad shared a secret smile.

The End

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