Iggy's Cold

By Guest256

It was a regular day for the Koopalings. Lemmy was rolling around on his ball. Ludwig was at a History Club meeting. Larry was online, posting at the Official MiracleGro Message Board. Wendy was out shopping for some new blush and eye shadow. Morton was talking to himself. Iggy was, of course, being beat up by Roy.

Iggy: Ow! You broke my clavicle!

Roy: Shut up, ya Ludwig wannabe!

Iggy: Hey, I had to sound--OW--smart!

Roy: Kid, I'll bang you!

Iggy: Hey, since when were you ghetto?

Roy: Are you sayin' I ain't gangsta?

Roy continued to beat up Iggy. Suddenly, Iggy began to feel something weird in his nose.

Iggy: Wait... Roy... gotta... sneeze...

Roy: Sneeze THIS, punk!

Roy delivered another blow to Iggy. Suddenly, Roy's fist was full of... um... ew.

Roy: You idiot! You sneezed on me!

Roy ran away to wash up.

Iggy: Woah, that was an odd sneeze. I better see Ludwig.

Iggy, however, forgot Ludwig was at his meeting.

Iggy: Oh yeah, I forgot! Ludwig is at a meeting!

Iggy suddenly tripped for no reason. He began to groan as he felt an awful sensation in his sinuses.

Iggy: Ohh... I need to see Kamek...

Iggy got up and rushed to Kamek's room.

Iggy: Kamek, I don't feel so well...

Kamek: Very well then, young Koopa. I shall inspect you.

Kamek used a spell to see inside Iggy's head. There, he saw a problem with Iggy's sinuses.

Kamek: Iggy, you are developing a cold! I'll give you some medicine to help relieve your symptoms, and I'll cast a spell that will help you rest. You're going to need to rest a lot in this condition.

Kamek gave Iggy some medicine which the rainbow-haired Koopa quickly ingested. Kamek also cast a spell that made Iggy want to go to sleep. Iggy walked to his room, closed and locked the door, and plopped down on his bed. His eyelids felt like they were about to close any second, and he didn't resist. He closed his eyelids and yawned, and before he knew it, he was asleep.
While all this was going on, Larry finished looking at the message board and logged off his computer.

Larry: Hmm... I'm bored. I think I'll go see what's on TV.

Larry walked to the Koopa Den and turned on the TV. It turned out that the channel he was watching was the Koopa News channel.

Anchor: Well, in boring news that no one cares about today, Grass Land was invaded by Mushroom troops in a surprise attack on Shrub City, a Grass Land city that lies near the border with the Mushroom
Kingdom. If Larry Koopa is watching this, HA! You stupid little plant-loving loser! I hope your stupid kingdom is conquered and all your plants burn down to the ground and the soil is salted so those stupid retarded plants that everyone hates all die and can never grow again--URK!

Larry: WHAT? Grass Land is under attack? How come I was not told about this?

Meanwhile, in a besieged Grass Land city...

Grass Land Official 1: Hey... my walkie-talkie is broken. You?

Grass Land Official 2: Yup, me too. Hey, wanna play Go Fish?

Grass Land Official 1: For the sake of a joke that predates sentient lifeforms? Absolutely!

Grass Land Official 2: Yay!

Back in Kastle Koopa...

Larry: Stupid incompetent troops! I must go to Grass Land and command the troops myself!

Several minutes later...

Kamek: I'm almost done...

Kamek mixed a few more ingredients into a potion he was making.

Kamek: Excellent... soon my potion that can cure colds will be complete! I just need some more herbs... but I'm out of herbs! Perhaps Larry will have some.

Kamek used the Koopa Intercom to call Larry's room, but he got no response.

Kamek: Eh? Must not be in his room...

Kamek tried called every room in all of Kastle Koopa, but nowhere could he grab a hold of Larry.

Kamek: He must have left the castle! And his door has an auto-locking system, so there's no way I can get in...

Kamek began to think of a way to get the herbs he needed. A few minutes after this happened, Iggy woke up.

Iggy: Wow... that wasn't a very long sleep. But it was very restful. And the medicine is kicking in! I feel better, for now. I think I'll go watch TV.

Iggy walked down to the Koopa Den and turned on the TV. Once again, the Koopa News channel came up.

New Anchor: Well, in an update on the invasion of Grass Land, Prince Larry has arrived at the scene! Will his brave leadership lead the Grass Land troops to victory? Uh nope, actually, it looks like the Mushroom troops are still winning.

Iggy quickly put 2 and 2 together, despite his lingering cold impeding his flow of thought.

Iggy: The Mushroomers are invading Grass Land? If they annex it, they'll get a hold on Giant Land's southern flank! I must send troops to help Larry!

After grabbing a few tissues to be safe, Iggy took a warp pipe to Giant Land, where he took command of 100,000 troops and marched to Grass Land.

Iggy: Ugh... I can't go on...

One of Iggy's generals came up to his side.

Iggy: General Offenschemer! Take command of the troops!

General: Yes sir!

General Offenschemer consolidated his forces with the Grass Landers and counterattacked a Mushroomer position, but it was hopeless. The Giant-Grass troops retreated in disorder and lost even more land.

Iggy: I must... take over... lead the troops... to victory...

General: But Prince Iggy, sir! Not in this condition!

Iggy: No... I have to... or else Giant Land will fall to invasion as well... and I cannot let that happen...

General: Well... it's worth a try...

The general relinquished control of the Giant Land troops to Iggy. Iggy blew his nose and started reviewing his battle plan.

Iggy: Okay, so I have five divisions under my control, which are being reinforced by two corps of Grass Land troops. However, the Mushroomers have two armies holding the vital position we need to attack. The odds
are against me... but I must be brave.

Iggy, Larry, and their troops camped out. The next day, they launched an attack on a Mushroomer position. At first, with Iggy commanding his troops weakly from behind, the Mushroomers prevailed. The Giant Landers, making a desperate and half-hearted assault, fell by the hundreds to Mushroom guns and poison spores.

Iggy: We can't lose this battle...

Iggy teleported in front of his troops.

Iggy: Soldiers... are you ready? Attack!

At the sight of their prince standing bravely before them, the Giant Land troops threw themselves at the enemy, filled with a new vigor and desire to defeat their enemy. Larry, seeing this, also rallied his troops. The Giant Landers and Grass Landers still fell. No matter how grim it looked, however, they kept advancing and pressed on with their attack. The Mushroomers began to become uncertain of their strength. As the battle raged on, they started to lose heart. Only a few hours later, the Mushroomers were routed.

Iggy: Yes! We defeated them! Now let's turn the tide!

Slowly, Iggy and Larry's combined forces chased the Mushroomers throughout Grass Land. Finally, the allied troops forced the invaders completely out of Grass Land. Larry and Iggy were even beginning to plan to invade the Mushroom Kingdom before Princess Peach Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom called for peace. Soon after the peace treaty was signed in Shrub City, Iggy and Larry began talking.

Larry: Thanks, Iggy! How may I ever repay you?

Iggy: Let's go back to Kastle Koopa and then we'll discuss it.

Larry: Well... okay.

Larry and Iggy used a warp pipe to arrive back at Kastle Koopa. There, they bumped into Kamek, who was pacing anxiously in the front hall. He had been waiting for days.

Kamek: Larry! I must ask a favor of you!

Larry: Okay... what is it?

Kamek: I need access to your room to pick out some herbs to complete my potion that cures colds!

Larry: Hmm...

Iggy: Larry, if you granted Kamek access, that would count as your repayment.

Larry: Well, okay. But Kamek, come right back out after you're done! And I'll be watching the whole time!

So Iggy, Larry, and Kamek went up to Larry's room. There, Kamek found the herbs he needed and took them.

Iggy: Well, I'll be in my room if you need me...

Iggy then left to his room. Kamek went back to where he left his unfinished potion, and mixed in the herbs.

Kamek: At last, my potion is complete!

Kamek poured the mix into a beaker and took it up to Iggy's room. He knocked on the door, and Iggy let the wise Magikoopa into his room.

Kamek: Iggy, drink this potion, and you'll be all better.

Iggy, trusting Kamek, ingested the potion.

Iggy: Hey... it feels like my cold is completely better. Thanks, Kamek!

Kamek: No problem!

Kamek went back to his room, while Iggy ventured into the Koopa Den. There he found Roy, who beat him up.

Iggy: Oh well, at least I'm over that cold!

To Be Continued...

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