The Quest to Kidnap

By Fireflower11

Chapter 5

Toad: HELP!!!

Luigi: What do we do? What do we do?

Mario: There's nothing to do...

Everyone looked sadly at the ground.

Meanwhile, two masked figures were walking to the back of the blender.

Masked Person 1: Hurry! We must stop this from happening!

Masked Person 2: Okie-doke!

They pulled out the Power Switch TM., and walked away.

Toad was still falling, when he noticed that the choppers had stopped. He still fell right on a blade, however; he was hurt, not injured or dead, but just hurt. DK noticed and rushed down to get him. Soon he came back up with him.

DK: Are you ok?

Toad: Yeah, thanks DK.

Yoshi: (noticing the Masked Guys) Hey, they're getting away! We should at least thank them, since they just saved Toad's life!

Everyone agreed, and climbed down the ladder to stop them. Pauline came over to check on them after they left. She didn't even notice that the blades were stopped and the lid was opened. She saw a little of Toad's blood and assumed they were dead.


Meanwhile, the Mario Gang had come across the masked guys. Mario took off the hoods and saw who it was. It was Mallow and Geno! Then he fainted.

Luigi: Not again! Get 'em!

Mallow: Wait!

Geno: We're old friends of Mario!

DK: Oh yeah, that's what any die-hard Mario fan would say!

Wooster: Get zem!

So they chased them throughout the dungeon. Going back to Pauline...

Pauline: I have good news everyone! Your boyfriends are dead!

The girls were sad, but wouldn't give up.

Toadette: You won't get away this, you vampire!

Pauline: ... You dirty little...

Ludwig: Well well!

The Koopalings were here!

Iggy: We thought getting the princess would be a pain!

Lemmy: But it looks like you did everything for us!

Larry: As well as some others! But that's ok! Dad always has room for appetizers!

All the Koopalings laughed.The girls... well let's just say they weren't exactly watching Oprah. Even Pauline looked scared.

Going back to the guys, they had just beat up Mallow and Geno.

Luigi: There, they won't mess with us any more!

Mario woke up.

Mario: Hey! It's my old pals Mallow and Geno!

Everyone but Mario: Uh oh...

Mario: GUYS!!!

So they had to carry Mallow and Geno until they woke up.

Mallow: I'm woked up.

DK: Good, now get out of here!

Everyone laughed.

DK: But I'm serious!

Geno took them to where the girls were being held.

Geno: See this? The stars aren't happy with this! We need you to stop your ex!

Mario: How did you know she was my ex?!

Geno: The stars are very wise, my friend...

Mario: D'oh!

Luigi: Isn't that the Koopalings?

Mario: Double d'oh!

Ludwig: WHO'S THERE?!

Mario: Triple d'oh!

The Koopalings have seen Mario! What's gonna happen? Find out in Chapter 6!

Chapter 6

Iggy: Well, well, well! If it isn't the Mario Bros.-

Lemmy: Here to ruin our plan again!

Morton got out his wand.

Morton: I'm prepared, ready, author can't think of any other word to put here!

Morton jumped in the air and started to do the Matrix. He did a backflip and crashed into one of Pauline's machines.

Pauline: Hey, that's expensive!

Yoshi: Leave it to the pros, you wannabe!

Morton: ... Fine! Take this!

Morton fired severel shots at the gang but they dodged them all and jumped on each and every one of the Koopalings.

Ludwig: I... I can't believe it! We lost again!

Larry: No way! I'm not giving up this time!

Larry threw some Bob-ombs at the gang. But it wouldn't stop them. They just kept coming. Finally, Ludwig saw some Play-doh on the floor. He picked it up and threw it at Mario's eyes.

Mario: Wah! I can't see!

He walked into all his friends and flipped them over. Quickly, the Koopalings tied them up.

Roy: WE WIN!

All the Koopalings danced, except for Morton, who grabbed the Play-doh off of Mario's face and began to play with it. Ludwig went to Pauline's computer.

Ludwig: Wowwwwwwwwwwwww!!! An FJX 4000!

Ludwig messed with the keys.

Ludwig: You know what? I don't even know how to work it!

Computer: Warning! Self-destruct initiated! Six minutes until detonation! Evacuate immediately!

Pauline: We noticed.

Ludwig: Shut up!

The Koopalings grabbed everyone and ran out of the lab.

Wendy: Are we missing someone?

Morton: I made a giraffe!

Koopalings: MORTON!!!

Morton: I'm coming...

It took a while, but they got out safely and into the Carrier. They put their prisoners in the trunk except for Pauline, who they put with them in the front to learn about her.


Ludwig: I believe that the correct term is "put the pedal to the metal-

Koopalings: LUDWIG!!!

Ludwig: Ok, ok.

Ludwig speeded off, just as Pauline's house blew up.The Koopalings gave a sigh of relief.

Pauline: Man! At least I left my "special items" with my parents.

Morton: I saved my giraffe! (holding it up)

The car ride home is boring and long and I don't want to write about it! Later, at the Koopa's Castle...

Ludwig: So what do you think?

Pauline: Beautiful scenery. Don't get the computer.


Wendy: Stop yelling and help us take the prisoners into the cells.

The Koopalings bring the Mario Gang in to Bowser.

Bowser: Y... Y... Y.................................... YOU CAPTURED THE PRINCESS?!

Koopalings: Yep!

Bowser: FINALLY! I'm very proud of all of you! Y... Y... YOU CAPTURED MARIO AND LUIGI AND ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE I HATE??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koopalings: Yep!

Bowser: Yay! Let's take them to the dungeon! Let's just say, revenge is sweet boys!

What's gonna happen to the good guys? Find out in chapter 7!

Chapter 7

The Mario Gang was still in the dungeon. Bowser and the Koopalings came down to the cells.

Bowser: Time to die, plumber!

Just then, Bowser's Koop-phone rang.

Bowser: 'Yello?

Lakitu: Sir! Apparently an intruder has entered castle grounds!

Bowser: WHAT?! HOW?!

Lakitu: He must have killed all your best minions! You have to come up here right away! And bring your kids! This guy seems tough!

Bowser: Kids, we have to go back upstairs and look around. It seems that an intruder broke in!

Bowser called down two Hammer Bros.

Bowser: Don't let these losers escape while I'm gone!

Bowser and the Koopalings left for upstairs.

Hammer Bro. 1: Look man, it's Mario!

Hammer Bro. 2: Dude! I didn't think Bowser could even kidnap a rock!

Toad: Actually, the Koopalings kidnapped us.

Hammer Bro. 2: Yeah, that makes since.

Mario: Hey, is that a Fire Bro. I saw upstairs?

Hammer Bro. 1: Wouldn't doubt it, man. Bowser's gotta lot of minons in his castle.

Mario: I think it was a girl!

Hammer Bro 1: Why didn't you say that in the first place?

Mario: I did!

Hammer Bro 2: Nuh uh, man. You didn't mention any gender whatsoever!

Hammer Bro 1: And besides, we couldn't leave our post anyways.

Mario: Too bad! She said that fire was getting boring and she needed a hammer in her life!

Both Hammer Bros: Really?

They both ran upstairs.

Luigi: Good job Mario!

He picked Mario up and smashed him head-first against a steal block in the wall.

Luigi: Just as I expected! Anything would break with an impact from that head!

Mario: But it hurts!

Luigi: Mario, you're our ticket out of this dungeon!

Mario: Cool! Getting a concussion is better than staying in here for the night.

Luigi broke more blocks until there was enough room for everyone to crawl out of the castle.

Back outside...

Bowser: I can't find anything! There was no intr-

Larry: Hey, look over here!

Everyone ran over to Larry. He was standing next to a giant hole in the castle wall.

Bowser: GEEZ! Lakitu was right!

Roy: What could have made a hole like that?

Bowser, the Koopalings, Lakitu, and two Sledge Bros. stayed close together as they went through the giant hole. They finally came to a giant shadow on the wall.

Everyone: It's... It's... It's...

Sledge Bro: Karma.

Everyone Else: HUH?!

Sure enough, Karma walked up to Bowser.

Karma: Sorry sir, I was sleepwalking and I must have broken this hole to get into the castle.

Bowser: Ok... Sledge Bros.! Fix the hole!

Sledge Bros: Sir yes sir!

Bowser and the Koopalings went back to the dungeon. But something was wrong with Larry.

Ludwig: What's wrong, Larry?

Larry: Don't you think there was something wrong with Karma?

Ludwig smiled.

Ludwig: Believe me, there's always something wrong with her. You'd understand if you were engaged to her.

Larry: No, Ludwig. It's simple logic. First, Karma told Dad she was sorry. She only tells that to people she likes and it's kind of obvious she doesn't like King Dad. Plus, she called him sir! Same reason as last time!

Ludwig: That's simple. Karma is becoming more mature.

Larry: Maybe, but what about the hole? Karma is one of the strongest people I know. But not even Roy could break through the castle. Not even Dad could break through that wall! Remember Dad said no normal creature would be able to break the castle?

The boys stopped for a minute. An eerie presence seemed to be with them.

Ludwig: But remember King Dad? He didn't seem to notice at all!

Larry: He just captured Mario, and he was probably anxious to get back and deal with him after all these years! And I remember he told me the only thing that could break the castle was a bomb or really big explosion!

Ludwig: You're right, Larry. We have to stop this thing and get it out of our castle!

So when the rest of the Koopas went downstairs, Larry and Ludwig went upstairs. In Ludwig's room...

Larry: But I don't get it Ludwig, how did this thing get itself to look like Karma?

Ludwig: I don't know, but I'm going to find out! Come over here.

Larry walked over to him.

Ludwig: This is my latest invention, the Wand Upgrade!

Larry: Cool!

Ludwig: I designed each upgrade to have to do with the Koopa that has it.

Larry: What does mine do?

Ludwig: Yours allows whatever you fire your wand at to instantly grow a plant.

Larry: Sweet! What does yours do?

Ludwig: Mine creates a super sonic musical shockwave.

Ludwig and Larry put on their upgrades.

Larry: Let's do it!

Ludwig: Affirmative!

Meanwhile, in Ludwig's computer room...

Computer: All access gained!

Intruder: Excellent!

The intruder was wearing a large hat and coat. He pulled it off. It was none other than...

Who is it? Find out, in Chapter 8!

Chapter 8

When we last left off, Ludwig and Larry were looking for an intruder that had somehow made itself look like Karma. But first...

Mario: OUCH!!!

Luigi: Quiet, Mario! Do you wanna get caught?!

Mario and his friends and Pauline had managed to get out of the jail cell by breaking the cement blocks with Mario's head. Meanwhile....

Ludwig: I think they went into the computer room.

Ludwig was about to open the door when he heard the computer's voice.

Computer: All doors locked.

Bowser and the Koopalings were at the dungeon door when it suddenly locked. None of them had heard the computer.

Bowser: WHAT THE?!

Intruder: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

The intruder was none other than... Yaridovich! Yes, Yaridovich! He now had Mario, Bowser, Geno, Mallow, and Peach in the same building and was going to blow it up! Yaridovich typed in some keys and pressed enter.

Computer: Activating self-destruct sequence in five minutes.

Ludwig: No! We have to get in.

Yaridovich: My work is done.

Yaridovich teleported( his new ability) out of the castle.

Yoshi: Did you hear that?!

Luigi: Yeah, but it doesn't matter. We're getting out of this castle!

Luigi used Mario's head to break a block. He thought they were out of the castle, but they were only under the computer room. Mario drooped under and started messing with the controls.

Computer: Self-destruct cancelled. All doors unlocked.

Ludwig and Larry opened the door. Luigi quickly pulled Mario back up.

Larry: It's gone... Ludwig... I'm scared.

Ludwig usually would have comforted one of his siblings, but...

Ludwig: Me too.

They left.

Luigi: That was a close one! Let's go.


Bowser: Finally it's open.

Bowser and the Koopalings went down the stairs. Larry and Ludwig quietly rejoined them as if nothing had happened. When they got down they saw that everyone was gone.


Bowser screamed so loud that everyone back in the Mushroom Kingdom heard him. He opened the cell door and went inside to look around. No one found anything until...

Iggy: Hey look!

He was looking at the row of cement blocks that had been broken. Bowser got his koop-phone out.

Bowser: Lakitu, Mario and the others have escaped! I've been waiting for this since 1985. Don't let me down!

Bowser hung up.


Just then....

Luigi: Finally out of the castle! It sure has gotten dark. Good job, Mario! ... Mario?

Mario: ...

Luigi: No! He fainted again! Who's gonna carry him?

Everyone: ...

Luigi sighed and picked up Mario.

Toad: Uh... guys?

Toad picked up a flyer on the castle wall and read it.

"100,000,000 coin reward for the lucky minion who finds and captures Mario! With him is: Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong, Wooster, Toad, Toadette, Pauline, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Mallow, and Geno. They seem to have escaped through the jail cell by breaking cement blocks. If you see them contact Bowser or Lakitu."

Peach: This is horrible!

Donkey Kong: Do you think Bowser knows we escaped?

Everyone stared at him.

Donkey Kong: What?

Luigi looked behind the wall. There were Koopatrols on guard.

Daisy: How do we get past them?

Luigi looked around and found a garden. No one was guarding it.

Luigi: With camoflauge!

They quietly walked over to the garden and found some bushes. They put them on so they could trick the Koopas and get back home.

Will Luigi's plan work? Find out in Chapter 9.

Chapter 9

When we last left off, Mario had fainted and the good guys had disguised themselves as bushes to trick the Koopatrols.

Luigi: (whispering) They're not looking.Let's go.

They quietly snuck past the Koopatrols. Pauline scooted up to Luigi.

Pauline: This was a friggin' stupid idea!

Luigi:Shut up! If you hadn;t kidnapped Peach in the first place this wouldn't have happened!

They went past the Koopatrols and on to the Goombas in the Courtyard. They snuck past them too. Finally they reached a dead end. A giant wall blocked their path.

Peach: Now what?

Wooster: Let's just give up.

Luigi: No! We're almost out! All we have to do is get past this wall!

Toadette: How do you propose we do that, genius? It goes on and on and on and on...

Luigi: I DIDN'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!!! ... Let's start climbing then.

Luigi walked over to the wall and accidentally got his foot caught in some rope. Immediately a giant net came out of the ground and caught them all. Yardovich teleported to where they were.

Yardovich: Yes! Yes! I finally caught you! Now you're coming with me!

He grabbed the net and teleported. At Yaridovich's lair...

Yaridovich: Now that I have Mallow, Geno, Mario, and Peach, all I need is Bowser, whom I will get after I tie you to the wall.

They looked at the wall. The only other person there was Karma.

Karma: Well, at least I'm not the only prisoner.

Yaridovich: Quiet you!

He tied them to the wall and then teleported to Bowser's castle. Meanwhile, back at Bowsers's castle...

Bowser: I can't believe I captured Mario and he already escaped.

Clawdia: You've been working too hard. Why don't you take a rest and come to bed with me?

Bowser: You're right. I'll worry about this in the morning.

Suddenly something came crashing through the window.

Clawdia: Eek! What is that?

Bowser: Dunno.

Yaridovich: Are you saying that you don't remember me?

Bowser: Oh yeah! You're that guy I fought in Seaside Town.

Yaridovich: Yes! And now I want my revenge! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Yaridovich grabbed Bowser and teleported back to his lair.

Clawdia: *sniff* Why?! ... Hey... What's this?

Clawdia picked up a piece of paper rolled up and held together by some string. There was a tag that said "To the Koopalings". She woke up all the Koopalings, told them about Bowser, and showed them the paper.

Ludwig: (looking at it) Hmm...

Roy grabbed it out of his hands.

Roy: It looks like instructions on how to get to his base. 1. Drive to the nearest cliff. 2. Jump off.

Ludwig: No you idiot, it's instructions to kill ourselves!

Roy: Oh.

Clawdia:Then what are we going to do?

Ludwig: We're just going to have to find out where this guy lives, and where he's keeping Dad.

Wendy: But how?

Ludwig: I'm not sure yet.

They got into the Koopaling Carrier and drove off. A little while later they asked a Goomba for directions.

Goomba: Yeah so turn left on Route 46 and then turn right and you'll be there.

Roy: Thanks.

Roy got back into the Carrier.

Roy: That guy sure knew his way around!

Ludwig: How do we get to the lair, Roy?

Roy: What lair? I asked him if he knew where the nearest Koop-burger was.

Koopalings: ROY!

Roy: What? I'm hungry!


Roy: *munch* I told you this was a good idea. You can't rescue someone on an empty stomach.

Ludwig: Shut up!

Yaridovich suddenly entered the restaraunt.

Yaridovich: I'll have one Koop-burger, please. And make it quick. I have a big stupid guy with with me and I need to get him to my lair.

Wendy: (to Ludwig) Hey, did you hear that?

Yaridovich leaves and the Koopalings follow him.

Yaridovich: Ok Bowser, let's go.

Bowser: Where?

Yaridovich: To my lair, of course.

Bowser: How do we get there?

Yaridovich: Simple, we teleport. But, if we could not teleport, we would have to find a car, then drive six miles, turn right on the interstate, drive for four more miles, and turn left. Then we would be there.

Yaridovich teleported Bowser and himself back to the lair. The Koopalings quickly got into the Carrier and drove to Yaridovich's lair.

Will the Koopalings make it to the lair and save Bowser? Find out in Chapter 10!

To Be Continued...

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