The Invasion of Earth

By Lemmy Koopa

One morning, Ludwig Von Koopa was in his laboratory, considering how they were going to take over the Mushroom World. All of a sudden, it occurred to him: the Mushroom World was not the biggest piece of land around. Why, Earth was! And Ludwig knew just how to get it. He ran to tell Bowser Koopa, the king, of his plan. "All we have to do," said Ludwig, "is to warp to Earth and then block all use of warp pipes with some clay and Lemmy's freeze gun,(see The Freeze Gun for information on freeze gun) and Mario and Luigi won't be able to get to Earth to stop us. We could each take a continent on Earth and freeze anybody who gets in our way. And I can do all this, too. Honest!" "Well," replied Bowser, "all right, but if this plan fails, you're going to be in a lot of trouble." "Don't worry Dad, it will not fail," exclaimed Ludwig.

After Ludwig had left, Bowser sat down to make a list of which continent each Koopa Kid was to get. His list read: 1. Ludwig- Africa 2. Lemmy- Asia 3.Wendy- Europe 4. Roy- South America 5. Iggy- North America 6. Morton- Australia 7. Larry- Antarctica and 8. Bowser- anywhere he wants to. He then gave out a copy to each Koopa Kid and called for everyone to get ready to leave.

About an hour later, they were ready to go. Quickly, Bowser revved up the doomship and started to go. Fifteen minutes later, they were through the warp pipe to Earth. Immediately after, Ludwig turned on his clay gun, which, combined with Lemmy's freeze gun, made an icy clay ball that completely stopped up the warp pipe. "Ha!" said Ludwig, "They'll never get through now." What Ludwig was too excited and too stupid to realize was that ice is slippery.

All of the Koopa Kids and even Bowser cheered. They had a party right then and there. They had brought all of their belongings, so they had enough food to last each of them until forever. After the party, the Koopa Kids, in there own, separate doomship, flew off to their assigned continent to make everything there to there own liking. Bowser, tagging along with Lemmy, said, "We've certainly won now!"

Now, Mario and Luigi are from Brooklyn, which is a city on Earth, so they regularly check to see that things are all right on Earth by using their Earth Watcher Machine. And when they heard that something was terribly wrong on Earth, they decided to go at once. So, taking the Mario Plane, which is a plane made by Mario and Luigi, they flew to the nearest warp pipe to Earth, which, of course, was still clogged. "Oh no!" said Luigi, "Now we'll never get to Earth." But Mario said," Never say never, Luigi. Come, on, help me push." And, of course, as the clay ball was coated in slippery ice, it soon popped right out, and Mario and Luigi went through the warp pipe to Earth. "Now we will stop whoever is causing this disturbance," said Mario. "I think it is the Koopas though, so get ready for some action."

And, sure enough, they soon found Wendy's palace in Europe. With some swimming and some jumping, they soon made her flee. Two hours later, after some flying, swimming, hopping, floating, and more, Mario and Luigi finally got rid of all of the Koopa Kids, except Ludwig. When they got to Africa, Ludwig was so surprised that he just stared at them. Mario and Luigi picked him up, dropped him onto the main doomship, and then used the Mario Plane to shove the doomship back through the warp pipe. When Mario and Luigi went through the warp pipe themselves, they saw the doomship go flying into the palace, destroying Ludwig’s quarters but somehow sparing the rest of the castle.

Mario and Luigi's punishment of seeing the Earth in trouble was over, but Ludwig's punishment had just begun. As punishment, Bowser did not have Ludwig’s quarters rebuilt, and Ludwig was not allowed to be in the castle at all until he fixed the castle himself. Ludwig’s unusual laugh was caused by his going insane after being unable to fix the castle. Bowser finally had the castle fixed, but Ludwig was ruined. Ludwig began to turn against his fellow siblings, and not against Mario and Luigi. Mario and Luigi had scored a major victory and showed that they would never be defeated by the Koopas.

The End

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