The Attack of the Giant

By Lemmy Koopa

Submitted by Aquas

Wendy O. Koopa walked quickly to the door of Koopa Castle. Rounding a corner, she bumped into Iggy.

"Ouch," complained Iggy, rubbing his head.

"Sorry," Wendy apologized. "I'm going to take a stroll around Dark Land. Would you like to come along?"

"Thanks," replied Iggy. "Today would be a great day for a tour."

Iggy and Wendy left the castle. They studied the flowers and the villages. They smelled the air and home cooking. They heard buzzing bees and stomping behind them. Stomping behind them?

Iggy and Wendy turned to see Roy quickly approaching. Before they could run, they would caught by the bully. Roy thrust Wendy aside, as if to say, "You're not worth fighting." Wendy ran back to the castle to tell Bowser, which she failed to do because she couldn't find him.

Iggy was therefore left alone in the dark, lonely fields of Dark Land with the bad Koopa. "Look what we got here," mocked Roy, "a giant! Oh,no, save me from the giant."

"Leave me alone," defended Iggy, "you know you'll get in trouble if you hurt me."

"Oh,no, the giant wants to be left alone," Roy sneered with an evil smile. "How about we cut the giant down to size?" Roy produced two large fists.

"Help!" called Iggy. No one could here him.

Roy was about to punch Iggy in the face when Iggy managed to squirm away from the bully. He ran back to the castle, leaving Roy standing unmoving in the field.

"The giant got away," Roy finally noticed. He chuckled evily to himself. "Don't worry, we’ll get him later. In the meantime, I’ll smash some of Larry's plants." Roy headed back to the castle.

Iggy sat alone in his room breathing heavily. He had been pounded before, but this would have been much worse. He would have to be more careful. The worst part was that if he told Bowser, the Roy would get him worse later. Telling anyone was out of the question. It looked like the giant would die.

Iggy wasn't really a giant. The land he always fought for just happened to be Giant Land. He seemed to have some special power that allowed to him to tame the giants. It was like he was just a short giant.

Iggy thought about this. Maybe he was a short giant. Perhaps his special powers would allow him to grow to giant proportions. Then, he could really take Giant Land, and destroy the pesky Marios at the same time.

Iggy decided he would try. He opened his door and peeked out. Roy was nowhere in sight. He left his room and headed outside. On the way, he rounded a corner and bumped into Morton. "Ouch," complained Morton, "What did you do that for, huh, huh, huh? Now I'm really mad and I'm going to tell Bowser and you'll get in big trouble and where are you going and you'd better tell me or you'll be in worse trouble and I want to go to and hhmph--.

Iggy had put his hand over Morton's mouth. I'm sorry I ran into you. I'm going to be a giant. Please don't tell anyone- I want it to be a secret."

Iggy removed his hand from Morton's mouth. For the first time in years, Morton was silent. He walked off.

Iggy sighed and left the castle. About a city block away from the castle, he attempted to find out if he had growing powers. He stood silently and cleared his mind except for that one thought. Nothing happened. Iggy sighed and looked down at the ground. It was a long way down.

Iggy was delighted. The spell had worked after all! He was about to jump for joy when he remembered that doing so would wreck everything around him. He would save that for in Giant Land.

Iggy shrunk himself (he obviously would have that power too) and headed towards the warp pipe to Giant Land. On the way, he boarded his doomship and flew most of the way. Soon he went through a warp pipe and was on his way to Giant Land.

Mario and Luigi were having lunch outside. Luigi had taken a break from eating and was studying the clouds. "Hey Mario," he said, "I see a fire engine, a rubber duckey, Abraham Lincoln's top hat, Princess Toadstool, a doomship, a calculator, and a pen."

Mario was starry eyed. "Did you say a doomship?"

Luigi thought for a minute, and then replied, "Yes, I did."

Now Mario was looking too. "Luigi, that's not a cloud, that's a real doomship!"

"Whose is it?" asked Luigi.

"I don't know," answered Mario, "but it's headed towards Giant Land, so we'd better get a move on."

Iggy got there first. He knew the Marios were coming, however, so he used the time to grow. As a second thought, Iggy also decided to use a spell that would protect him from any harm. Both spells were successful.

Mario and Luigi arrived in the Mario Plane. They had no trouble spotting Iggy. They began throwing tomatoes at him. Koopas can't stand tomatoes. The vegetables bounced off the giant and fell to the ground. Mario and Luigi were surprised. With one swipe of his hand, Iggy knocked the plane out of the sky. It smashed into a mountain (it was repaired later).

Mario began throwing rocks at Iggy, but they to were harmless. Luigi tried to remember something he had learned long ago.

"Come on, Luigi, help me!" yelled Mario.

"Just a minute," replied Luigi, "that Koopa is wearing a protection spell." Now Mario remembered, too. "And the spell covers the entire Koopa except... for its head," Mario finally remembered.

Suddenly, Luigi hollered, "Mario, get out of there!" Mario found himself about to be crushed by Iggy's giant foot. Mario began to run, but tripped on a log. He looked up. Iggy's foot was coming down. Mario had only one chance to stay alive.

Mario picked up a large rock. He threw it as hard as he could. The rock went up in a straight line, and began to come down. It landed with a loud smack on Iggy's head. Iggy screamed with pain and the land shook. The protection spell was broken, and so was the giant spell.

Mario laughed. He was now lying under a tiny foot. He threw Iggy to the ground. Iggy didn't know it. Giants get giant sized headaches, and it hadn't stopped with the spell. Somehow he made his way to his doomship and flew back to Koopa Castle.

Mario and Luigi went home and had another lunch. They thought the Koopas were all washed up. Although wrong, they would always be ready to fight the Koopas.

Iggy's headache finally stopped when he reached his bedroom. He was just about to go tell Morton what had happened when Roy entered the room. "Now's our chance to kill the giant," snickered Roy.

Iggy was ready for him, however. Some of his giant strenth must have remained, and he knocked them both out and pushed them out his door. Iggy smiled. He figured he'd be safe from the bully for a while.

The End

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