Peach Power

By Double D

Prologue: Vanished!

It was a beautiful day. 74 degrees, and not a cloud in the sky. Mario woke up from a long, peaceful night’s rest, but his happy mood soon turned to a worried one. As hard as he looked, Luigi was not to be found anywhere. He even looked in Luigi’s favorite secret spot, the basement, but found nothing except a few mice. Mario tried to shrug it off, figuring that Luigi probably ran over to Shroom Grocery to stock up on pasta. But as hard as he tried, his instinct told him that Luigi was in trouble. When he could not stand his conscience any longer, he made a trip to the Mushroom Castle. As expected, he was not there. Mario became frantic and explored every possible area of the Mushroom Kingdom. This left only one place: Bowser’s Keep. Mario started off.

Luigi sat, wide-eyed at the area that sat before him. There was beakers everywhere, not to mention a few contraptions and a few robotic machines. After Ludwig kidnapped him, he had taken Luigi to his lab. After asking what Ludwig was going to do with him, he was given an evil smile and left alone. He knew that Ludwig would be back any moment. He had to think of a way out. After looking around the steel walls, he saw an open window, shedding light on a mecha. Luigi edged the chair he was bound and tied to near and saw a rope hanging down, but unfortunately out of his reach. Then he spied something. It was labeled Magnetic Rope and had a red side and a blue side. He also noticed that the other rope had a red and blue side. Luigi grabbed the magnetic rope and dangled the red side close to the blue side of the rope out of his reach. As he thought, they drew together. Now to get untied. Luigi looked back and suddenly noticed that the ropes tying him were also red and blue. Luigi, knowing a little about magnets, pushed the magnetic rope near to the ropes binding him. The rope was pushed away. Luigi forced it onto the ropes binding him, which untied the knot and freed Luigi. Now he grabbed the cord once dangling out of his reach and climbed it. It led to the window, as he had hoped. But just as he was about to slip out, a siren was sounded. Ludwig was lowered down through the ceiling by a secret elevator.

Ludwig: Fool! You fell for it! Did you think that I just happened to leave magnetic rope lying around and that the window just happened to be open?

A crane reached down and grabbed Luigi. Luigi noticed that the chair was out of reach of the crane. He could have kicked himself for being so stupid. As the crane raised Luigi, he was carried into a secret room above the lab, while Ludwig followed in his elevator. This room was full of strange looking machines and a bubbling beaker.

Ludwig: This is where I keep all my best inventions, including a little something for you.

The crane lowered Luigi onto a different colored metal tile. Ludwig turned on a forcefield which trapped Luigi inside. Ludwig pulled out a seemingly empty bottle. Ludwig put on a gas mask and opened the bottle. Luigi immediately felt sleepy. As soon as Luigi was asleep, Ludwig took the beaker of bubbling liquid and poured it down Luigi’s throat.

Chapter 1: A Prize Catch

Mario looked up and sighed. Bowser’s Keep laid before him. He had been here so many times and yet, every time it seemed like a new and strange experience. He gathered up his wits, and entered. He was promptly greeted by the guard: a Hammer Bro. Mario ran circles around it, making it dizzy. He then grabbed a hammer from behind and tossed it at the Hammer Bro. As he entered the next room, a shadow could be seen coming up from an adjacent hallway. Mario ducked behind a block. It was Iggy Koopa. He had a 1lb. weight in his hand, but it looked like he was struggling to hold it anyway. After he had passed by, Mario tiptoed through the corridor. He came to a dead end, but there was a hallway leading down to the basement nearby. Mario followed it down, but soon came to Morton, who was trying to make a megaphone. Morton saw him, but Mario bopped a block and threw the coin that it produced at Morton. Morton chased after it, and Mario quickly ran by. In the basement, there was an elevator leading up. Mario took it and found he was in the Koopalings' hallway, with doors that lead to their rooms. Mario snuck inside of Morton’s and grabbed a Super Mushroom. At the end of the corridor was a thick lead door with the words Ludwig’s Lab chiseled into it. Below that was a skull and crossbones and a security lock. Mario ran back to Morton’s room, grabbed a Cape Feather, and came back. Instead of using it, Mario jammed it in the circuit, shorting it out. Mario then took the Cape Feather out and used it to connect the shorted wires together, making the lock break. Mario stepped inside, but nobody was there. Suddenly, Mario heard a noise. He looked up and saw a secret door in the ceiling close. Mario took the Cape Feather back out again and used it. He flew up the secret door and grabbed onto a light. Mario unscrewed the light bulb and threw it against the door, making a loud crash. As expected, the secret door opened and an elevator came down. Mario quickly jumped onto the top and jumped into the secret area before the door closed. Inside was a sleeping Luigi and an empty beaker next to him. Mario stepped over and tried to wake Luigi but with no success. Mario tried taking his pulse and was shocked over what he found: nothing! However, Luigi was not cold, so he could not be dead.

Mario: Ludwig must have put him into a trance state. I’ve got to find the antidote.

Just then, the secret door opened up and the elevator rose into the room. Mario quickly hid behind a machine, and Ludwig stepped out.

Ludwig: Hmm… I wonder what that bang was. Oh well, I guess it’s back to business.

Ludwig turned around and, to Mario’s dismay, headed straight for the device he was behind. Ludwig removed the device and was very surprised. However, Mario was ready. During Ludwig’s moment of shock, Mario shot a few fireballs to knock him back, then whacked him with his cape. Ludwig was dizzy for a moment, but he dodged the upcoming fireballs and escaped into the elevator. Mario jumped onto the top of it, and bopped Ludwig when he came out. Ludwig headed straight for a blue vile. He picked it up and threw it on Mario.


Mario was frozen solid.

Ludwig: Liquid Cold always comes in handy.

Ludwig pushed Mario into the elevator and went back up. After arriving, Ludwig encased Mario in a forcefield. This melted the ice, but Mario was still trapped. Ludwig put on his gas mask, opened a bottle, and let Mario fall asleep because of it. He then poured another vile of bubbling liquid down Mario’s throat. Mario was soon in the same trance state as his brother. Ludwig gave an evil laugh and left the secret room via the elevator.

Chapter 2: Royal Worry

Peach sat on the throne, impatient. She had expected Mario and Luigi to be here by now. She had sent them an invitation a few days ago and they had accepted, but there was no sign of them, and it had been hours since the appointed time. As Peach paced back and forth, Toad tried to comfort her.

Toad: Don’t worry Princess. I’m sure they just forgot.

Peach: Yes, perhaps. But they’ve never forgotten a party before, especially when I offer them free pizza.

Toad: You offered them free pizza?! Maybe we do have a problem. Mario would never miss out on free pizza.

Peach: That’s why I’m so worried. Why could they be late?

After pacing back and forth a few more times, Peach made a decision.

Peach: Toad, send out a search party. They were supposed to be here at 9:00, and it’s 2:00 already. I just can’t take this anymore.

Toad gathered up a few loyal retainers and started searching. They searched the Mushroom Kingdom top to bottom, but no sign of Mario or Luigi. After reporting back to Peach, they reached a conclusion.

Toad: I’m sorry princess, we could not find them. We searched everywhere except Bowser’s Keep, and they were nowhere.

Peach: But that only leaves…

Toad: That’s right. Bowser’s Keep.

Peach: Oh, this is dreadful. They can’t be rescuing me since I’m here, so that means something must have happened to them!

Toad: Princess, I would be happy to go if you would like.

Peach: No, Toad. I will go.

Toad: PRINCESS! You can’t go! You’re a… well, you’re a princess!

Peach: Toad, did Mario ever decide not to rescue me because he’s a plumber? I’ve lost track of how many times he’s rescued me. The least I can do is help him this once.

Toad: Well then, if you’re going, then I’m going. Someone needs to keep you out of trouble. Besides, you’re going to need some help if you want to get past Bowser and his kids.

Peach: Thank you, Toad. You’re as loyal as anyone could be.

Toad: When should we set out?

Peach: Right now.

Mario woke up. Luigi was still asleep, and there was no sign of Ludwig.

Mario: I wonder why I woke up?

His question was answered by a boom outside. There were no windows here, so Mario opened the elevator hatch. How could he get down without hurting himself? Mario searched around the room until he found a gadget that looked like a small factory line, complete with conveyor belt. Mario turned it on. It made a loud whirring noise and started pumping out Feathers.

Mario: That must be how Morton had a Cape Feather in his room!

Mario grabbed one, shut off the machine, and jumped down. The cape opened up and acted as a parachute. Mario floated down and searched for an escape. The door was apparently locked from the outside also, because Mario could not budge it an inch. Mario looked around for another route. Then he saw the rope hanging down from the window. There was another loud boom from outside. Mario climbed up to the window and saw that Ludwig was throwing grenades at Iggy for stealing an invention.

Mario: Good thing those grenades are loud enough, or I wouldn’t've woken up. I guess Luigi is in a deeper sleep.

Mario climbed out, but unfortunately, an escaping Iggy saw him. Iggy chased him inside the castle, then suddenly changed direction. Mario, confused, followed him. Iggy lead him to a room with two collapsing bridges and a platform in the middle. Iggy jumped over the first bridge, then ran across the second. Mario followed him, but since the second bridge was already gone, he was trapped on the platform. Iggy laughed and walked away.

Chapter 3: Koopaling Encounter

Peach and Toad arrived at Bowser’s Castle.

Peach: Ooooo…just the sight gives me cold sweats.

Toad: Pull yourself together, Princess. We can do it together. Confidence is the key.

Peach: Yes, you’re right Toad. I must be brave.

Peach charged into Bowser’s Keep, with Toad following close behind. They were immediately greeted by a Boomerang Bro. Peach screamed, but Toad shot some spores at him and turned the Boomerang Bro. into a mushroom.

Toad: Here Princess, have a snack.

Peach: Thank you Toad. But I’m stumped. Why didn’t you just turn Bowser into a Mushroom when he kidnapped you?

Toad: It never works on bosses! Haven’t you ever played videogames?

Peach: Oh, I forgot.

Peach and Toad continued on, but soon heard footsteps. Toad ducked behind a brick, but Peach didn’t.

Peach: But Toad, I’ll ruin my new dress!

Toad: Would you rather buy a new dress or be captured by Bowser? Now come on!

Peach reluctantly ducked down just in time to elude Iggy walking by with something in his hand, mumbling something about trapping Mario.

Peach: That means that they do have him! Let’s get him!

Toad: Wait!

It was too late, for Peach had already stood up and attracted Iggy’s attention. Iggy held the machine out in front of him, hoping it would do something for him. Instead, the machine pumped out keys, and Peach grabbed one while Toad distracted Iggy. After Peach got a key, she threw her parasol at Iggy, knocking him out.

Toad: Well, the only rooms that are locked in Bowser’s Keep are the Koopalings' rooms and Ludwig’s Lab. The key has to be for one of those.

Peach: But how can we know?

Toad: My guess is Ludwig’s Room. Only he could make a machine that pumps out keys.

Peach: You’re probably right. But which way are the rooms?

Toad and Peach looked around for a minute, and Peach saw something in another passageway.

Peach: Hey Toad. There are markings over there that have the Koopaling’s heads on them.

Toad: That must be it! Come on.

Mario was sitting there, wondering what to do. As he sat there, he heard footsteps. Since there was nowhere to hide, he had to just hope that whoever was coming didn’t go down that way. But his luck was out, for that person did come that way, and it was Bowser.

Bowser: HUH?! What are you doing here?! You just attacked me a week ago!

Mario: Well, I can’t exactly attack you much when I’m stuck on a platform in the middle of lava!

Bowser: Hmmmm… ya know, I think I may be able to make some good out of this. I can finally fry you without getting hurt myself!

Mario: Think before you do!

Mario shot some fireballs at Bowser, charring him.

Bowser: ARGH! Fine! If you want to play dirty, I guess I can too! I’ll be back, and with Ludwig.

Luigi finally woke from the trance state. Luigi’s first thought was to make a break for it, but he looked around and saw that Ludwig was just on the other side of the room. Ludwig was about to turn around, so Luigi closed his eyes to pretend he was still asleep. Ludwig turned around and was about to head for Luigi, but all of a sudden there was an emergency call from the lab. Ludwig rolled his eyes and answered from the secret room he was in.

Ludwig: Yeah, what is it?

Some voices could be heard.

Ludwig: Oh, you really caught Mario? Okay, I’ll be there in a second.

Ludwig hung up the phone.

Ludwig: Darn the little sneak! I’ll have to get him back.

Ludwig dropped down through the elevator and went out of the lab.

Luigi: Perfect! This is my chance.

Luigi slipped into the elevator and rode it down to the main lab. Luigi wrecked the elevator so Ludwig could not get back up, and headed out. A large hallway lay before him. On both sides were the Koopalings' rooms. Luigi headed down the hallway, he looked around the corner and saw Ludwig heading down the hallway. Ludwig made a right turn and Luigi crept after him, curious of where he was going. Luigi peeped around this corner and his eyes widened. Mario was on a platform in the middle of a lava pit, with Bowser trying to fry him and Ludwig trying to vaporize him with a machine he had brought along. Luigi jumped into action and gave Ludwig a sharp uppercut. Ludwig responded with an energy blast from his machine. Luigi tried to shoot some fireballs at Ludwig, but they missed. Ludwig whistled a tune and continued fighting. Soon footsteps were heard. Luigi was cornered by Morton, Roy, and Wendy, while Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry rushed to Bowser’s aid. Both of the plumbers were immediately put on the defensive. Ludwig laughed and walked away, muttering something about “The Big One”. Morton shot at Luigi with his wand. Luigi dodged, but was hit by a shockwave from Roy.

Wendy: Here’s a sweet treat!

Wendy shot a few candy rings at Luigi. They missed, but ricocheted off of the wall and hit him. Roy gave Luigi a gut punch, sending him flying backwards. Meanwhile, Larry had given Mario a few scratches with his claws. Bowser kept Mario busy with his fire breath, while Lemmy barely missed Mario with his Freeze Gun. Iggy threw a bomb at Mario, which flew over Mario’s head and into the lava below. The bomb melted and created a very tiny explosion. On the other side, Luigi was busy with keeping Morton away while dodging ricocheting candy rings and shockwaves. Roy gave Luigi another good gut punch, which sent him flying over the lava. Luigi luckily landed on Mario’s platform, but this gave the Koopalings and Bowser one target. Suddenly, a bridge was generated to the platform. Ludwig appeared around the corner with a wand, not his but Kamek’s. He started on a very long spell, and the Koopalings and Bowser started toward Mario and Luigi.

Chapter 4: Peach to the Rescue

Ludwig’s wand turned rainbow colors, one at a time, and then dust circled around it, while the wand was star yellow. A bright flash of light ensued, and the wand was encased in a blue aura while still in Ludwig’s hand. Just as he was about to release it, the wand was knocked out of his hand and the spell released on the wall. The wall was hit by a extremely bright, extremely fast energy bubble. Everyone watched in awe as the wall was consumed in a blast of multicolored flames. Ludwig looked around and was slapped in the face, knocking him unconscious. Peach and Toad appeared around the corner. Mario and Luigi were just as surprised as everyone else.

Bowser: WHAT THE?! Larry, Iggy, Roy, take care of these pests!

The said Koopalings started toward Peach and Toad. Toad picked up the wand and waved it. A wall of energy appeared in front of Peach, deflecting a shockwave aimed at her. Larry took out a seed and some miracle fertilizer, which grew into a Piranha Plant. The Piranha Plant chomped out, barely missing Peach. Toad, not knowing how to use the wand, took a wild guess and waved the wand. An electricity wall came up in front of Peach just as the Piranha Plant had her. The Piranha was zapped and withered. Toad conked Larry on the head with the wand, knocking him out. Iggy threw a giant Koopa Troopa at Toad. Toad climbed onto the back of the Koopa Troopa and jumped, sending him into his shell. Toad pushed the shell towards Iggy, hitting him and knocking him out. Roy took a swing at Peach, but fortunately, missed and his fist went flying into the wall, creating a small hole. Roy charged at Peach, but missed and became off balance. Peach slapped him, knocking him over. Peach hit him over the head with her parasol, knocking him out.

Bowser: What?! This is insane! Fine! I’ll handle you myself! All you others, stay on Mario.

Bowser jumped into the air with a roar and came down on the other side of the lava pit, sending a shockwave at Toad. Toad was hit and the wand was knocked out of his hand. Bowser picked up the wand and threw it into the lava.

Toad: Uh oh, Princess. I think we might be in trouble.

Bowser: Worse than that!

Bowser took a deep breath and used his fire breath, barely missing Peach. Bowser continually used this as Peach and Toad were quickly worn out from it.

Bowser: Mwahahahaha! You’re mine now!

Toad quickly grabbed the princess to move her out of the way of a fireball from Bowser. Toad whispered something in Peach’s ear, and Peach nodded. Peach jumped up in the air and floated down using her parasol. Bowser inhaled and was just about to breathe fire when Toad grabbed Bowser’s tail and knocked him down. Peach came down, and between the two of them, they started to swing Bowser around, then let go, throwing him towards the lava. However, he landed right on Mario’s platform, and Mario, who was busy dodging attacks, was caught by surprise and was knocked off the platform and onto the other side. Bowser jumped off and they surrounded Mario and Luigi. Bowser blew fire at Peach and Toad, and they were able to dodge, but they were so worn out from swinging Bowser around that they collapsed. Bowser laughed and started toward Mario and Luigi.

Chapter 5: Little Retainers can do Big Things

Lemmy charged his Freeze Gun. Wendy charged her wand. Morton charged a shockwave attack. Bowser charged his fire breath. They surrounded Mario and Luigi, getting ready to unleash their blows. Just as they were all about to attack Mario, there was a shout. Bowser looked over and saw Toad charging at them, using his last energy. Toad jumped the lava and crashed into Bowser. Bowser toppled into Morton, which unleashed his shockwave on Lemmy. Lemmy’s Freeze Gun was hit and released an ice blast which hit Wendy. This caused Wendy to drop her wand and unleash a giant candy ring. It ricocheted off the walls hitting everybody except Mario and Luigi, knocking them out, and then the candy ring fell into the lava. However, when Wendy’s wand was hit, it dropped to the ground and automatically started charging a long spell. Peach could tell it was dangerous, so she quickly floated over to Mario and Luigi. Peach grabbed the now unconscious Toad, and they all headed for the exit.

Mario and Luigi stepped out of Bowser’s Castle, sweating from all the running.

Luigi: Phew! That was some ride, eh Princess? Princess?

Peach was nowhere to be found.

Mario: Oh no! She must have gotten lost in the castle!

Mario and Luigi rushed in. They found Peach looking around for Mario and Luigi, Toad in her arms. Peach saw them and they all started to run for the exit. Just then an energy ball whizzed past them and into a different hallway.

Peach: That must have been the spell that Wendy’s wand was charging. Wow! That’s not so bad for how long it took to charge!

Mario: But it’s headed for the inner castle where the machinery is! That’ll cause a chain reaction which will blow the castle up!

Luigi: Quickly! We’ve got to hurry!

They all ran as fast as they could for the exit. An explosion was heard. Mario looked back into the hallway and saw an orange glow off the walls.


Everybody rushed though the corridors. The fire from the explosion finally caught up with them and gained on them. Mario grabbed Peach, picked her up, and they all dove out of the castle just as the flames reached the exit. The flames receded, but a rumbling was heard. Mario, Luigi, and Peach with Toad all ran out of the area. They heard the boom of the explosion and looked back as the Koopalings and Bowser were flung out of the castle by the explosion just before the castle was consumed in flames. They wiped their brows and headed for home.

Toad woke up in a daze on Peach’s bed.

Toad: Uhhhh, what happened?

Peach: Toad! You’re awake!

Mario: You’ve been lying there for five hours.

Toad: Why am I here? Last I remember, Bowser was walking away from me, towards you, Mario.

Luigi: Toad, you’re a hero! You rushed at Bowser just as he was about to attack and saved us! What’s more, Bowser’s castle blew up!

Toad: How did that happen?

Peach: It’s a long story. You were unconscious for all of it.

*awkward silence*

Mario: Say, I have an idea! Let’s hold a parade in honor of Toad!

Luigi: Why, that’s a great idea!

Toad whispered something to Peach.

Peach: Why, of course you can!

Later that day, the parade was held. As it came down the street, a Mushroomer was visible leading the parade. Yes, it was Toad. He smiled and continued, but not before winking at you (yes, you).

Later that day, at Bowser’s Castle…

Kamek: Alright, Ludwig, give me back my wand you… *sees blown up castle* Whoa…

The End

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