Luigi's Mission for Love

By Lems Big Bro

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier
Best-Ranked Fun Fiction

Another lovely morning in Mushroom Kingdom, the weather, sunny; the people, happy; and their spirits, priceless!

Mario: Brilliant day!

Luigi: You said it! No Bowser in sight, Wario and Waluigi, probably begging on Earth!

Mario: Hehe, yeah!

Peach: Such a typical day!

Daisy: Got that right!

Mario: So...

Luigi: So...

Daisy: So...

Peach: So...

All: What dya want to do?!

E. Gadd came in.

E. Gadd: You lot bored?

Mario: Yes, Professor.

E. Gadd: Why don't you play tennis?

Peach: Okay, nothing better to do I guess.

Mario: Me and Peach vs you two?

Daisy and Luigi: Sure!

After an hour and a half game the score was settled, 68 Mario and Peach, 90 Daisy and Luigi.

Luigi: BOOHYEAH!!! We beat yas!

Mario: Yeah yeah yeah...

Daisy: Come now, don't be sore LOSERS!

Peach: Hehe, wait 'til next time!

Luigi: We'd happily beat you again!

Mario and Peach were playing tennis at the end of the day to practice, while Daisy was on the beach. Luigi came and joined her.

Luigi: You all right?

Daisy: Fine, thanks.

Luigi: What a beautiful sunset..

Daisy: You said it.

As they looked in each other's eyes, they saw something that they'd never seen in each other before- LOVE.

Luigi: So... Um, want to play the others tomorrow?

Daisy: Sure...

Daisy looked up at the man.
Luigi looked down at the girl.

Luigi and Daisy kissed as the beautiful sun set.

The next morning, Luigi got up and ran downstairs (with his PJs on!) to make a big impression on Daisy. She was in the kitchen, wearing a pink with white flowers nighty. As Luigi walked into the kitchen, his sock got caught on a nail, making him fall onto the table, which caused the porridge Daisy was eating to land on his face, and the table to topple over.

Daisy: Oh my...

Luigi: Um... Hi...

For the first time in his life, Luigi regretted sleeping with socks on. He had always worn socks because the radiator in his room wasn't working until E. Gadd came and fixed it, but Luigi was so used to wearing socks that he hadn't stopped. NOW he was regretting it a lot.

Luigi: I'm sorry, Daisy, I didn't mean to...

Daisy: Oh no, don't worry. It's these floorboards, E. Gadd should get them fixed.

Luigi: Yeah... So... About last night...

Daisy: Ohhh, um, my goodness me, um, I think I heard Peach calling, um, be right back!

Luigi: Huh? No she didn't!

Daisy: Look, Luigi. I'm sorry, but I don't like you in that way... I think it's best if we can just be really good friends.

Luigi: Um... Yeah... sure...

Daisy left, and Luigi really felt pain in his stomach. Was it the biscuits he had last night, was it spring fever?
It was his heart.

Daisy went outside, where 16 Bowser Juniors were waiting.

Junior 1: Is this Peach?

Junior 12: Probably.

Daisy: W...hat do you want?

Junior 13: Get her, boys!

Daisy was soon trapped in a rotten sack with the word "Gotcha" written on it.

Luigi went slowly into his room, his head hung low and puppy tears dripping down his face. "Stupid socks," he thought. Mario came in so Luigi quickly whiped his tears away.

Mario: Hey, me 'n Peach have been practicing and we reckon that we can beat you and Daisy at tennis now, so bring it on!

Luigi: Maybe later...

He slumped away.

Mario: Hey, what's the matter, Bro?

Luigi: Nothing's wrong, I just don't want to play, okay?


He threw himself on Luigi's knee.

Luigi: Wwwwwha? Why?

Mario went into a flashback to when he was training with Peach. He remembered her saying, "You can do better than that, Mario! Put muscle into it, laddy!" then hitting him HARD with an umbrella until he was PERFECT.

Luigi: Okay, okay, go get Daisy, I'll get changed.

Mario: (touching his bruise) This better pay off.

Ten minutes later, as Luigi came down in his tennis gear, the others were at the dining room table reading a note from the Juniors.

"If we don't get big Mushroom Kingdom by sundown Saturday, Daisy will get fried in our hot pot! Hehehehehe! Big Bowser want power!"

Mario: You guys wait here, I'll go and save her.

Luigi: NO!

Mario: What?

Luigi: I'll save her.

Mario: You? You can't, and why- I mean, you've never done a mission on your own apart from the Mansion, but E. Gadd was at your side. Why Luigi, huh?

Luigi: Because... I love her.

Mario: Whaa?

Luigi: You heard me...

Mario smiled at his brother and looked him close in the eye.

Peach: Mario, this is proposterous! Luigi can't possibly go and do a dangerous mission such as this all alone, he has basically no qualifications, I mean with Isle Delfino, did he help? NO! And when I was held hostage in the castle, did he help? NO! Tell him not to be so stupid, Mario. Deary deary me...

Luigi glared at Peach, and for some reson Mario had a grin on his face.

Luigi: What? What on Earth is there to be proud of?!

Mario: Go for it, Bro.

Luigi: What do you mean?

Mario: Go save Daisy. You can do it, I know you can.

Peach: Mario!!!

Luigi: Thank you, Mario.

Mario: It's okay.

Peach: Mario!!!

Mario: Go see E. Gadd, he will help.

Luigi: Sure.

Peach: MARIO!!!

Luigi went to E. Gadd's lab, as Mario turned to Peach.

Mario: What is it, Peach?

She hit him across the head with an umbrella, and kept hitting him while he lay on the floor.

Peach: Don't you ever listen to me?!

After Mario got bandaged, Luigi waited at the entrance.

Mario: Got everything?

Luigi: What happened to your head?!

Mario: Eeeeek! Don't ask!

Luigi: Okay, um, yeah, yeah, I got everything. Green fireball gloves, Poltergust 3000...

Mario: Good luck, Brother.

Luigi left and Peach came to join Mario; she had at last calmed down.

Peach: I have to ask, what makes you so sure he'll be able to do this?

Mario: I was in his position once, Peach, saving you. I KNOW he will do it.

Luigi was now deep into the forest. He had only just left the castle two hours ago, sundown was nearing, and all that was in his mind was Daisy. How was she Was she okay? He couldn't take it anymore, he ran. Not really concentrating and being clumsy himself, Luigi fell down a hill, bumped his head on a rock, and slid into a sewage pond.

Luigi: Ewwwwwwwwww! Yyyyyyyuch!

He looked behind a tree, finally there was what looked like Bowser's lair! (Well, he was almost sure, seeing as it was big, spikey, and had a massive Junior face on top.)

Luigi: I have to be vvvery careful...

One step, so far so good. Two steps, getting better. Three steps, all right! He then realized no traps were there so he quickly jogged inside.

He wanted to shout out for Daisy, but knew that it wouldn't work out well. Slowly he tiptoed around the area. Eventually, he came to a big empty kitchen, with the most scrumptious looking turkey just sitting there. It was at this moment that Luigi realized that he was hungry. He looked around, left to right, up and down, no bad guys in sight. So he helped himself. It was even better than Peach's Thanksgiving Day turkey, because basically, that stunk as far as Luigi was concerned. He remembered when Mario didn't eat the vegetables Peach made him and she used her weapon of mass destruction- THE UMBRELLA! The thought of this made Luigi giggle, until he heard a couple of Juniors' voices nearing him. He panicked and jumped into a cupboard.

Junior: Yeah, that was funny when Big Daddy said that about Mari... Heeeeeeeey, what happened to our turkey?!

Junior 2: Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Someone has been bad...

Luigi was keeping quiet until a spider came. Luigi was TERRIFIED of spiders, so he tried to ignore it until it was on his nose. Then he screamed and jumped out of the cupboard. The Juniors looked at him.

Luigi: Um... Hi.

The Juniors stared at him. Luigi had to think fast, which wasn't his specialty, believe you me.

Luigi: Whoops! This isn't my house.

The Juniors continued to stare.

Luigi: Well, cya then...

He started to walk, praying nothing would happen, until...

Junior 1: Not so fast!

Junior: Don't you wanna stay for dinner? We'll have to cook something else, seeing as an intruder ate our turkey.

Junior 1: Fried Luigi would be nice!

Luigi: *gulp* Cya!

He started to run when the other Juniors blocked the door. Bowser was behind them.

Bowser: Hellllllllllo...


He tried to run, but the Juniors soon caught up. Bowser grabbed him by the shirt.

Bowser: Where's Mario?!

Luigi: He isn't here!

Bowser: Please, don't lie to me. I know he wouldn't let a wimp like you come unaccompanied. Now where is he?!

Luigi's earpiece, which kept him in contact with the castle, went off. It was Mario.

Mario: Luigi, hey Luigi, what's happening? It's sundown, Bro, where's Daisy? You there, Luigi? LUIGI!

Bowser grabbed the earpiece off Luigi.


Mario: Don't worry, Luigi! I'll be there!

Luigi: Don't, Mario! I can take care of theese loons!

Suddenly, what Luigi had just said dawned upon him.

Bowser: WWWHAT?!

He crushed the earpiece and looked at Luigi.

Bowser: Things are gonna get a little more... hot.

The Juniors laughed.

Meanwhile at the castle...

Peach: Right Mario, good luck, darling.

Mario; What ya mean?

Peach: Go help Luigi and Daisy.

Mario: I think I'll leave this to my bro. He knows what he's doing.

Peach: Mario, if you're not going to do anything, I will, I think...

Mario: You could make me some tea.

She got her umbrella.

Mario: Uh oh...

She hit him across the head.


Luigi's eyes had just opened, he had a throbbing headache after a hit on the head with a Junior's shell by Bowser. Why was it so warm? He looked down to see that there was a pot of BOILING hot water beneath him and that he was tied up nexy to something. It smelled funny, vaguely familiar, and it was slighty smaller than himself. It was Daisy!

Daisy: Luigi! You're awake!

Luigi: Daisy! There you are! I've been looking for you, as soon as i got the note I had to go and save ya cuz I...

Daisy: Yes... What?

Luigi: So what's going to happen to us?

Daisy: Juniors say that if Peach doesn't hand over the Kingdom, we will be tomorrow's supper!

Luigi: I thought it was tonight.

Daisy: Well, they were bluffing I guess.

Luigi: Great! We still got time to escape!

Daisy: Yes!!! You have a plan!!!

Luigi; Um... No, actually I don't.

Daisy: Mario will come anyway...

Luigi: No, he won't.

Daisy: What?! Why?

Luigi: Because I told him not to.

Daisy: Why?

Luigi: Because, because I love you, okay?

Dasiy: What?

Luigi: I can't keep it in, I love you, Daisy.

Daisy: Luigi, we discussed this... I just think that we'd be better as friends? Okay?

Luigi: But what about the kiss?

Daisy: At that time I...

Luigi: You what?

Daisy: Okay, I had feelings for you, but this morning when the porridge fell on your face I suppose I remembered that I'm really waiting for Mr. PERFECT, and that can't be you. Sorry.

Luigi: Okay...

Junior: Aw, ain't that cute? Little pathetic Luigi loses right before his fry-up! Mwahaha! You died with no hope for a girl! Hahahaha!

Daisy; Like you have a chance!

Junior: Whatever. Anyway, no word at the castle, so Daddy doesn't see why we can't just fry you right here, right now!

Luigi: Wwwwwwha?!

Junior: Well, six hours. Cya then. Hahahahahaha!

Luigi: That's it...

Daisy: What?

Luigi: What he said, it gives me an idea.

Daisy: Yeah?

Luigi: Yeah, no sweat!

Daisy: An idea, you?

Luigi: Yeah, that so hard to imagine?

Daisy; No offense, but your ideas in the past haven't exactly gone to plan.

Lugi: You have to trust me, and before Junior comes, I gotta say, sorry!

Daisy: For what?

Junior came in.

Luigi: Hey Junior, I think you got an admirer, little guy.

Junior: Huh, really? Who, who?!

Luigi; That would be gossiping...

Junior looked about, released Luigi, and asked him who. Daisy was till tied up.

Luigi: Ohhhhhh, so you do care about the ladies then, eh?

Junior: Shut up and tell me who!

Luigi: Daisy.

Junior wandered up to Daisy whilst Luigi made a quick getaway. Daisy thought he'd left her.

Junior: Hiya baby!

Daisy; Pardon me?

Junior: Don't deny it, precious, Luigi said how you truly feel about me. Just be open with your feelings, babe!


Junior: Um... Was he lying?!

Luigi entered slyly with the Poltergust. He looked at Daisy and moved his hands as if to say "Carry on stalling!"

Daisy: I mean, I do love you, very much...

Junior: Whahey!

He tried to grab her foot just as Luigi hit him with the Poltergust, knocking him stone cold.

Daisy: Now what?

Luigi: Now we get out of here.

Daisy: FREEDOM!!!

Luigi: Shhhh!!!

Daisy: (whispering) Sorry!

Luigi: Okay, since last time I didn't specifically see where I was going, this may be difficult.

Daisy: Well, wherever we are, I know we are four floors up.

Luigi: How do you know that?

Daisy: I've been here for about ten hours, I've seen the window, you know.

Luigi: Okay, well I was on the first floor when I came in, I think.

Daisy: Great! Now all we have to do is go aaaaaaall the way down and risk getting caught again.

Luigi: I got an idea!

Daisy: What?

Lugi: You have your umbrella with you?

Daisy: Yes, as you know I always keep mine under my dress.

She took it out.

Luigi: Well you can go out the window and use that as a parachute.

Daisy: What about you?

Luigi: I'll do my best to get out of here fast.

Daisy: Luigi, don't be so dumb...

Luigi: I can't bear to see you get hurt. Go without me, I'm sure I'll figure out something!

Daisy: Luigi, I...

Luigi: Good luck, Daisy.

Daisy sighed and hopped out the window, quickly using her umbrella. Luckily there was only a slight breeze outside in the dark, gloomy forest.

Luigi: Good luck, darling.

He ran outside the room.

Luigi: I can do this, for Daisy!!!

Luigi looked to his left: a long narrow coridor; then to his right: a long narrow corridor. Hmm, where to go? He heard Juniors coming from the right, but when he turned left, again he heard Juniors. This wasn't his day. He'd been captured, fallen down a hill, been dumped TWICE by his "true love", and now, he was going to get captured agian.

Do this, Luigi, for Daisy.

That's what he was saying to himself. He looked up to see an air vent. WHEW! He jumped in. Luckily, this one was rather big; the thought of his pudgy bro being here made him giggle slightly. Down, straight forward, slightly to the left, then a slide, dead end at the right, so to the left. He thought this would make a great computer game, then laughed at the thought of he and Mario being world-famous!

FINALLY! He could see outside; only the kitchen, with a big bit of smelly cheese on the table, was in his way. He went straight forward, until he thought of a most mischievous plan! He went into the kitchen, checking carefully to make sure no Juniors or even worse, Bowser himself, were there. He took the cheese, put it in the air vent, and turned the heating on full blast. Soon the lair was going to reek!!!

Luigi was outside. Freedom had never smelled so perfect.

Junior: Going somewhere?

Junior 1: I don't think you are.

Junior 2: Want this the easy way or the hard way?

Daisy suddenly came running out and hit all three Kuniors with her umbrella. Luigi was thinking that Peach and Daisy must train together!

Daisy: Nobody hurts my guy!

Luigi: Your guy?

Daisy winked.

Daisy: Let's go home and talk, this place is starting to reeeeally stink.

Luigi was thinking this could really work out for him, it really could!

Up the hill, Daisy and Luigi saw it, THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM!

Luigi: It's never felt so good to be home!

Daisy: You got that right!

He was being very quiet while walking there because he didn't want to do anything stupid. For what happened that morning, he still blamed socks.

Mario was in the distance with Peach.

Mario: Bro!!!

Luigi; Mario!!!

Peach: Daisy!!!

Daisy: Peach!!!

The reunion was bliss, all four were together in a circle like one big hug.

Back at the castle, when Luigi told them about the cheese in the vent, everyone was in fits of laughter- especially the Toads!

Mario: Man, just to see the look on Bowser's face once he smells it, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

Daisy: Well, I'm going to do the dishes.

E. Gadd: Use the dishwasher.

Daisy: No, I'll do them.

Gadd: Okay...

Daisy: Luigi, could you please, um, come with me?

Luigi: Sure.

Once in the kitchen, Daisy closed the door.

Daisy: About what you said earlier...

Luigi: Yeah?

Daisy: I'd like to thank you, for saving me I mean.

Luigi: What's that got to do with what I said?

Daisy: Luigi, I've been living in a fantasy world.

Luigi: You have?!

Daisy: Yes, waiting for a knight in shining armor.

Luigi: Oh.

Daisy: Luigi, you're the Mr. Perfect I need.

Luigi: Daisy, is this-

Daisy: Yes, it's official. I love you and I'd be honored to be your girlfriend!

Luigi: Woooooohooooooo!

Daisy giggled.

Luigi: I mean, um...  kool!

Daisy laughed again.

Daisy: Just kiss me!

They kissed in the kitchen, not the most romantic of places, but there was to be a lot more where that came from. A LOT more!

The End

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