Iggy Goes HOT

By Huge Iggy fan

Another day in Castle Koopa...

Roy is trying to light a match while Iggy is locked in the fireplace.

Roy: Light already! I want to see Iggy on fire!

Iggy: For the 20th time, Roy, you're gonna be in trouble for trying to burn me alive!

Roy: Like anyone would miss you.

Iggy: Lemmy misses me!

Roy finally lights the match.

Roy: It's time to barbecue!

Roy throws the match in the fireplace, which lights the logs.


Roy: Hahahahaha!

Iggy: It's so HOT in here! AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Roy: You're nothing but a burnt steak! Ahahaha!


Iggy is so angry that he sucks in all the fire and turns red.

Roy: Is it me or has this place gotten hotter?

Iggy breathes flames at Roy and also melts the fireplace lock.


Iggy chases a charred Roy out of Dark Land and into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Iggy: You're going to be toast! Graaaaaaagh!!!

Roy: Helphelphelphelphelphelp!

Iggy runs past roasting Mushroom people and continues to chase Roy. Toad peeks out of nearby bush.

Toad: I need to warn the Mario Bros. of this mad Koopa before Mushroom Kingdom becomes Fried Mushroom Kingdom!

Iggy runs on, burning several things like blocks and Goombas. Luckily for Roy, Iggy is slowed down by lack of breath at one point, so he is able to escape back to Castle Koopa. Iggy continues to scour the kingdom, however. Meanwhile at Mario's pad, Mario and Luigi are having their usual spaghetti meal when Toad rushes in.

Toad: Mario! Mario! There's a mad Koopa burning stuff out there! He's HOT!

Mario: Let's go, Luigi! We can finish the meal later.

Luigi: Ok.

Mario and Luigi jump at a few blocks containing Super Leaves and both grab one.

Luigi: Look Mario! That's the insane Koopa we're looking for!

Mario: It's hotter than hot macaroni! I wonder why.

Luigi points at Iggy, who notices them. Iggy breathes fire at Luigi and Luigi loses his Raccoon power.

Luigi: Mamamia! Try to avoid that fire!

Iggy breathes fire at Mario but Mario dodges and lands on Iggy, only to get burned shoes and lose his Raccoon power.

Mario: Hothothot!

Iggy: Bwahahaha! Now I will win!

Peach: Not so fast, Iggy!

Peach is carrying a bucket of water and pours it on Iggy. It creates a big steam cloud and reveals a perfectly normal Iggy.

Iggy: Eeeep!

Mario and Luigi jump on Iggy and Iggy runs away crying.

Mario: I think we learned something from this.

Luigi: What?

Mario: Being angry isn't cool.

Angry Sun: Yes it is.

At Castle Koopa...

Iggy: Hi Roy!

Roy: Mommy!

Roy runs into a closet to hide.

The End

Roy: That was a boring story!

Iggy: Boring, indeed.

The (Real) End

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