A Second Chance

By Double D

(Finally, a story not in script format! :] )

“Argh!” shouted an annoyed Roy Koopa. After two hours of having Susan over, Roy was beginning to think the nightmare would never end. Not only was Susan the most annoying Koopa on the planet, but she also was welcome over anytime she wanted to because Susan was Bowser’s niece.

“So, what should we do now?” asked Susan in an innocent voice.

“Let’s play ignore Susan,” suggested Lemmy.

“I agree,” added Iggy.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Susan spoke up. “I’ve heard that Daddy Wart is going to conquer Sub-con again,” Susan said matter-of-factly. “He’s so tough, I bet he could even conquer Dark Land if he wanted to,” Susan added before anyone could say anything.

“Yeah, right, Susan. Like your wimpy dad could beat our Dad,” said Wendy.

“Well, he could!” said Susan defiantly.

“Could not!”

“Could so!”

“Could not!”

“Could so!”

“Daddy! Susan’s making me mad!” yelled Wendy.

“Alright, that’s enough.” yelled Bowser back. “Why doesn’t everybody come in here and eat dinner?” he yelled again.

“Hooray!” everyone shouted in unison. Everyone raced off, but all of a sudden, Iggy stopped, thought about something, then went in the opposite direction. Iggy headed straight for Ludwig’s Lab.

About five minutes later…

“What?!” a surprised Ludwig asked.

“Yep, that’s exactly what she said,” Iggy confirmed.

“Are you sure that she said Wart was thinking about beating King Dad?” asked Ludwig again.

“I’m positively sure. Why else would she have mentioned it?”

“Holy Einstein! We’ve got to warn King Dad!” With that, Ludwig raced off.

“Hold it, slow down Ludwig,” said Bowser. Dinner was over, the other Koopalings were in their rooms, and Susan had left. “You mean to tell me that Wart is going to attack my kingdom?!” said Bowser, completely caught off guard.

“Iggy told me everything that Susan said. She clearly said that Wart was going to overthrow you,” Ludwig said urgently.

“Well, in that case, let’s just send a few troops to spoil Wart’s party!” Bowser got up and could soon be heard on the loudspeaker assembling troops.

Ludwig quickly got all the Koopalings together so he could tell them what he did. After everyone was together, he told them everything that had happened. “And that’s how Dad is going to foil Wart’s plan,” he finished triumphantly.

“Are you nuts?!” Roy said. “Susan didn’t say Wart was going to, she just said he could if he wanted to!”

“But, that’s what Iggy told me!” Ludwig countered. Everyone stared at Iggy. Iggy smiled nervously.


“What do you think?” asked one of the three Koopas Bowser had dispatched to learn of Wart’s plans.

“I think this is ridiculous,” said one of the others. “Lord Bowser knows that we probably will be discovered, and even if it were a good plan, Lord Bowser’s plans always fail sooner or later.”

“I think you should both be quiet and listen. I hear footsteps,” whispered the third. Indeed there were footsteps. It was a Shy Guy. The Shy Guy turned a corner and the Koopas followed him. The noise increased as they continued following the Shy Guy.

Finally, the Shy Guy went into a rather large room. The Koopas looked around. The Koopas’ eyes widened. In the room was a large gathering of all the Sub-conian creatures loyal to Wart, with Wart himself in front. “Wow, they must be getting ready to attack,” one of the Koopas whispered quietly.

They all ducked behind the corner and listened. Wart’s voice could be made out. “And that’s when we strike! We’ll take every one of them by surprise!” Wart shouted. There was a holler of approval from the creatures.

“They’re planning a surprise attack. Let’s get back and warn Bowser,” the second koopa said. They went out of earshot just in time to miss Wart say: “And that’s how we’ll get Sub-con back!”

As the koopas were just about out of the castle, a Porcupo walked by them seemingly out of nowhere. “Hey, you’d better get in there. Lord Wart will be angry if you’re late… Hey, wait a sec, you’re Koopas! But, you shouldn’t be…” the Porcupo said. He never finished, because the Koopas tied him up and got out.

“Planning a sneak attack, eh? Well, not this time! Get all your troops together. We’re going to ambush them before they even set out,” said Bowser with confidence.

After everyone had been gathered, they marched off, soon reaching Wart’s castle. Wart had his entire army ready for the attack on Sub-con, but unfortunately Bowser’s army outnumbered Wart’s army and they were quickly defeated. “Next stop, Bowser’s dungeon,” said a Hammer Bro. who was taking Wart away.

“Now, wait. Just a sec. I want to have a little fun,” said Bowser with a glint in his eyes. “How can I humiliate you first?”

“You fink!” said Wart. “Don’t you have a conscience? Haven’t you ever been sorry for taking the throne and having Kam-what’s-his-name turn me into a frog?!” said Wart.

Bowser snapped his fingers. “Hey, that gives me an idea. Alright, Wart. If you can manage my army (and if you mess it up than you’ll go to the dungeon), keep my castle in repair (which won’t be easy), and last, but certainly not least, beat Mario and Luigi, then I’ll give up the throne for you. I want to see the look on your face when you goof up your chance to become king,” Bowser said, laughing.

“Hmm, alright, I’ll do it. I can’t wait to see the look of humiliation on your face when I take the throne,” Wart said while scheming.

“Alright, here’s my army!” said Bowser proudly. “You’ll be controlling them until you can beat the Marios,” Bowser said as he stomped off. “As for myself, I’m going in to have lunch, so don’t mess anything up!” he added before he disappeared around the corner.

There was an awkward silence before one of the Hammer Bros. spoke. “Hey, you’re a prince, right?” asked the Hammer Bro.

“Yes,” responded Wart.

“Did Princess Peach kiss you and turn you into a frog?” The whole army laughed.

“That’s enough! You will follow orders and obey my command. I am in charge now, so don’t give me any lip!” said Wart, embarrassed. “Now, to kill two birds with one stone,” mumbled Wart. “Alright, tomorrow, we attack the Marios!” Wart yelled.

“If we’re going to beat them, we need a plan!” yelled back a Goomba.

“Okay, here’s what we’ll do,” Wart said. “Gather the head of each division: Goombas, Koopas, Cheep Cheeps, and Hammer Bros.; and I’ll instruct you on what to do!”

Just then, a crash and an “Oops” was heard. Bowser appeared moments later. “Alright fat boy, clean it up,” Bowser said. “What do you mean?! It’s your house!” Wart said angrily.

“Ah, ah, ah, remember, you have to keep the house in repair too,” Bowser said.

Wart went off grumbling. “… Well, what are you waiting for? Dismissed!” Bowser ordered the army. They all went away while the head of each division went to the meeting room.

Later that day…

Wart came into the meeting room. He was greeted by a Cheep Cheep with a star on his back fin, a Goomba with a star on his forehead, a Koopa with a star on his shell, and a Hammer Bro. with a star on his helmet. “Okay, here’s the plan,” Wart said after everyone had sat down. “I want three Hammer Bros. hiding outside Mario’s Pad to ambush Mario and Luigi when they come out. Two more should be hidden nearby to carry Mario and Luigi here as captives or for extra help if needed. I want three Goombas behind each bush on the path to the Mushroom Kingdom. Cheep Cheeps, you swim in the river and jump at Mario and Luigi as they walk by. If you miss, try to trip them up so the Goombas will get them. Koopas, I want you on the path in plain sight to distract Mario and Luigi. If they attack you, draw up into your shell and shoot at them in your shell if they get close.” Alright, does everybody know their parts?” Wart asked as everybody nodded their heads. “Good. Tell your troops and meet my tomorrow to be dispatched.”

“*yawn* ‘Morning ‘uigi,” said Mario as he got up.

“Morning, Mario. Do you want meatballs on your spaghetti cereal?” asked Luigi as he went toward the kitchen.

“No meatballs this time,” Mario answered back. As Luigi poured the spaghetti cereal, there was a noise outside. “I’ll go see,” said Mario lazily.

He went outside and was greeted by three Hammer Bros. “Taste hammer, Mario!” said a Hammer Bro. as he started to throw hammers at Mario.

Mario dodged one, then shot a fireball. However, it did not hurt the Hammer Bro. much because his hard shell protected him. Mario continued dodging hammers from the Hammer Bros. until he got an idea. Mario jumped up onto a low tree branch, and snapped it off. He swung it around, knocking the Hammer Bros. off their feet. Mario grabbed a hammer just in his reach and conked one of the Hammer Bros. on the head, then threw him into the tree. Mario repeated this for the second and third ones.

By this time, Luigi was out too. The two backup Hammer Bros. appeared. Mario took the branch, and Luigi took the hammer. This time Luigi slammed the hammer on the ground, causing the Hammer Bros. to fall on their backs. They still threw hammers, but they were badly aimed and Mario caught one. Each Mario Bro. conked one of the Hammer Bros. with his hammer.

“Hmm, I wonder what that was all about,” asked Mario.

“Well, one thing’s for sure,” said Luigi. “There’s more enemies ahead. Bowser always sends more than a few enemies when he attacks.”

“This is too quiet,” declared Mario after they had walked for about ten minutes.

“You’re right. Let’s have a look in that bush over there,” said Luigi as they headed that way.

In the pond nearby, one of the Cheep Cheeps was watching. Not wanting the Goombas to be caught, he jumped out of the pool toward Mario. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you may be) the Cheep Cheep missed and landed right on a Goomba in the bush. The Goomba squealed, alerting Mario and Luigi. As they were about to head for the Goomba, two of the Koopas appeared. They balled up into their shells and spun at Mario and Luigi. Mario moved out of the way at the last minute, making the Koopa hit the Goomba. Mario took the shell, but had it knocked away by the other Koopa, who had missed Luigi. The shell flew into the water, hitting most of the Cheep Cheeps. This caused the remaining ones to jump out of the water randomly. They all flopped around, trying to trip Mario and Luigi. As the other Goombas that were hiding came out, more Koopas appeared and spun at Mario and Luigi. Because of the confusion, the Koopas missed and knocked out several Goombas and Cheep Cheeps. Mario stomped one of the Koopa shells, then at the right moment let it go. Mario and Luigi climbed a tree and watched the shell ricochet off of trees and bushes, hitting most of the Goombas and Koopas, then flying into the lake, hitting almost all of the Cheep Cheeps. Mario and Luigi slid down the tree and stomped the remaining Goombas. As Mario and Luigi made their way toward the castle, they stomped the Koopas they saw and sent them flying at the bushes, knocking out any Goombas hiding there.

“I think so, Peach,” said Luigi in response to Peach’s question. “Bowser definitely is trying for you again. I just don’t see why he isn’t here yet.”

“Well, when that thick-headed reptile gets here we’ll be ready,” said Mario angrily.

“That’s right, sir. Only these escaped,” said a Koopa pointing to two Koopas, five Goombas, and a Cheep Cheep.

“Darn those Mario Bros.!” Wart exclaimed angrily. “Tell the rest of the army that we’ll be trying something different in two days,” ordered Wart. “I need to concoct a plan,” he added before stomping off.

No sooner did he get around the corner when the Koopalings were seen in a room, arguing. “Let me try your glasses!” demanded Wendy.

“Not a chance,” replied Iggy stubbornly. “If you don’t, I’ll throw a tantrum!” threatened Wendy.

“I said no!”


Wendy screamed so loud that several things fell off the shelves and broke. Wendy stomped away, and the other Koopalings started to leave. “You’re lucky, Uncle Wart,” whispered Lemmy. “Her tantrums are louder most of the time. She must be in a good mood today.” Wart raised his eyebrows and Lemmy left Wart to clean up the mess.


All the koopalings rushed to Ludwig’s room to check out whatever he had done.

“I call it the Warp Pipe 2000!” Ludwig exclaimed proudly. “Are you kidding? That thing looks nothing like a warp pipe!” said Roy. “That’s why I call it the Warp Pipe 2000. Here’s how it works: On the screen, type in any place in the Mushroom Kingdom, and it’ll tell you what is currently in that area; people, things, etc. So, then select something on the screen, such as, this ? Block. *BEEP* Now, press the orange button, and watch!” When Ludwig pressed the button, there were a few beeps, and a warp pipe emerged from the machine. The ? Block that Ludwig selected popped out. There were a few “Ooooohs” and “Ahhhhs”. Roy punched it and a Poison Mushroom came out. A transparent light bulb light up above Iggy’s head. “Hey, Ludwig, can this machine send things as well as get things?” “I suppose I could modify it to do that, why?” “Well, I just had the greatest idea.” “What is it?” everyone asked in unison. “Well,…*psssstpstpsssst*.

“Yeah! But still, what if…*pstpssssstpsssssst”.”

“Naw, I’m sure it won’t blow up!”

“Goodbye, Mario!” Peach called as Mario and Luigi left.

“Wait!” called Yoshi, who had unexpectedly dropped in. “Yoshi want to go with Mario!”

Mario and Luigi waited for Yoshi to catch up, then continued. It was not long before they spotted a ? Block. “Hey, cool! I had a craving for Mushrooms anyway!” Mario said as he bopped it. Mario gasped as a Poison Mushroom came out. Mario quickly dodged it, but it kept on sliding on the ground, causing Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi to seek shelter in a bush.

“I bet those other ones have Poison Mushrooms too,” said Luigi as he spotted several other ? Blocks dotting the path.

“How do we get rid of the blocks without hitting the Poison Mushrooms?” Mario added.

“Yoshi know!” Yoshi said as he slurped the Poison Mushroom.

“YOSHI!!!” Mario cried out. However, Yoshi quickly made the Poison Mushroom into an egg before it effected him. Yoshi threw the egg at a ? Block, releasing the Poison Mushroom. Yoshi repeated this for all the ? Blocks, and threw the last egg into a bush. “Well, now we know for sure Bowser is out to get us. Let’s get home and pack a few things, then head off to kick some Bowser tail!”

“Yahoo!” shouted Yoshi.

“Okay, I’ve got a Super Mushroom, a Fire Flower, and Feather. What about you, Luigi?” Mario asked.

“I’ve got a plunger, a Melon for Yoshi, and some pizza,” answered Luigi.

“What’s the plunger for?”

“Just in case we need to use a blunt object.”

“Oh, okay. What about you, Yoshi?”

“Yoshi have bottle of red stuff.”

“Oh, you mean Red Essence!” laughed Mario.

“I think we’re ready; let’s go!”

“Well, we’re here.” declared Mario as they approached Bowser’s Castle.

“Yoshi is still hungry! Yoshi want food!”

“Here, have some of the pizza,” said Luigi. Yoshi gobbled down a slice, and they proceeded.

“H-halt! I w-won’t l-l-let you through h-here!” said a nervous Koopa guard at the door.

“Yoshi fix that!” Yoshi said as he ate the Koopa, then spat the shell out to break down the door. The Koopa guard came out of his shell, cross-eyed.

“I hate my job.”

As they entered the castle, they had to promptly duck behind a brick wall because a pair a Boomerang Bros. were walking past. “I hate being on the 2:00 shift,” said one.

“Yeah. But at least it’s better than the guard’s job.”

“I guess you’re right. That’d be a horrible job!”

“Hey, I just learned a new technique!” said one of them, changing the subject.

“What is it?”

“Watch!” The Boomerang Bro. threw his boomerang, and both watched as it swooped around, hitting the backpack containing the Bros. supplies, except for the plunger, which Luigi had in his hand, and the Red Essence, which Yoshi had under his saddle. They splashed into some lava. The boomerang tore right through the bricks they were hiding behind, coming back to the Boomerang Bro.


“Yeah, I call it Power Boomerang.”

“Hey, did you hear something splash?”

“No. It’s just your imagination,” the second Boomerang Bro. said as they both walked past Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.

“Phew. Well, at least we still have the plunger,” Luigi said as they continued.

A few hallways and lava pits later, they spotted Lemmy and Iggy going through this part of Bowser’s Castle. The others hid behind a few grates. “I wish I could have an few minutes of peace and quiet around here,” said Lemmy.

“I agree,” said Iggy.

“I bet the guard never gets any rest.”

“I’d hate to have his job (running gag)!” As Iggy said this, Mario’s grating fell over. Lemmy and Iggy both noticed, and Luigi and Yoshi came out. Lemmy pulled out his magic wand and shot an ice blast at Mario. It hit its target, freezing Mario temporarily. Luigi took out the plunger and threw it at Lemmy’s ball. It knocked the ball out from under him and attached to it. Lemmy toppled over. Luigi grabbed the plunger and shook it at Lemmy, detaching the ball. The ball knocked Lemmy out.

Iggy hit Luigi with his magic wand. Luigi knocked the magic wand out of his hand when it hit him. Luigi fireballed Iggy, then grabbed the wand. Luigi, not knowing any spells, randomly waved the wand. A bolt of lightning crashed down on Iggy. Luigi, having an idea, quickly uppercut Iggy, then summoned the lightning again. It hit Iggy while he was still in the air, sending him flying into a brick wall. He happened to hit a loose brick, sending a shower of bricks down. One of these hit Mario, cracking the ice he was in. There was barely time for a thank you before the castle rumbled a bit and part of it collapsed.  However, Yoshi, when he was running away with Mario and Luigi, spilled the Red Essence. It hit Lemmy and Iggy, so they were not hurt by the collapsing brick ceiling. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi all exited Bowser’s castle.

Later that day…

“WHAT IS THIS?!” Bowser yelled at the sight of the collapsed area. “All right, ribbity, clean it up!”

“What do you mean ‘clean it up’?! I didn’t do it at all!” an astonished Wart called back.

“You’re supposed to keep my castle in repair also, remember?”

“ARGH! I hate those Mario Bros! I’d destroy them even if I didn’t have to!” Wart said as he started to pick up the rubble.

“Well, that takes care of that problem for a while. But they’ll be back,” stated Mario as everyone walked back home.

“Well, if we’re going to nip this in the bud, we need to attack again while they’re still cleaning up. That way they’ll be confused.”

“Yoshi agree!” said Yoshi.

“I say we attack tomorrow, after pizza hour,” suggested Luigi.

“Good idea. I can’t jump as high on an empty stomach.”

“Neither can Yoshi!” They chuckled and continued.

“Do this, Wart. Do that, Wart. I need some lemonade, Wart. It’s always Bowser, Bowser, Bowser! Well not anymore!!!” said Wart as he kicked a wall in his room. “He’ll see! When I get the throne back, he’ll deny he ever said it. Then he’ll be sorry for doing this to me. Then I’ll sit back and start ordering him around.” Wart smiled at the idea.

“Sir, you’re wanted in throne room,” said a Goomba that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

“Tell, that no-good rat that he’ll have to wait.”

“Sir, you’re ordered to appear before King Bowser. I’m afraid you don’t have a choice.”

“Fine! Tell him I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Yes sir,” said the Goomba as he left.

“Come in, croaky!” Bowser teased as Wart appeared through the door.

“I think you’re going soft, Bro. That’s the worst nickname you’ve come up for me yet.”

“Never mind that. I should have mentioned this earlier, but I was too busy. Anyway, when you fight the Marios, you have to be alone. You can’t use my army.”

“So that attack on Mario I made earlier was for nothing?”

“In a nutshell, yes. So anyway, you have until sundown tomorrow to beat Mario, or else everything is off.”

“Alright! You wait and see! You’re going to be sorry you ever made that deal!”

“Oh, am I?” Bowser mockingly said. Wart left the room grumbling. He spent a few hours working up a battle plan for beating Mario and Luigi, then went to bed.

Wart woke up with Bowser’s words still echoing in his head: ‘Until sundown to beat Mario.’ After eating breakfast (with the words still echoing), he proceeded to sneak out of the castle. “To many hallways…” thought Wart out loud. After winding his way through the castle, he got outside and was about to leave for the warp pipe to Sub-con, when Bowser spotted him. “Just where do you think you’re going?” asked Bowser, startling Wart. “I have to get my staff. I’ve been having trouble walking lately,” Wart lied.

“Oh, your staff! You don’t have to leave. I have it right here.” said Bowser, holding it up. “When I countered your attack, I took your staff from your castle.”

“I never tried to attack you!”


Wart leaned on his staff to make it look believable, then quickly took off when Bowser was gone, headed for Mario’s Pad. “They don’t know what they’re in for,” mumbled Wart as he started running.

“Time to set out!” yelled Mario to Luigi and Yoshi as he munched on a Mushroom to make sure he was at peak health.

“Can’t I even finish this last slice of pizza?” called Luigi back with big, sad eyes.

“No. That Yoshi’s job!” said Yoshi as he slurped the slice out of Luigi’s hand and ate it.


“Nice one Yoshi!” Mario laughed as he headed for the door. “You should probably have a bite too,” added Mario as he tossed a Mushroom to Luigi.

“It’s no pizza, but it’ll have to do,” Luigi joked he munched on the Mushroom and they headed out the door.

They were about halfway to Bowser’s castle and so far they had not seen anything. “This is pretty weird. Not one sign of any Koopa minion yet, and we’ve already gone at least three miles,” Luigi declared in such a way that it almost sounded like a question.

“Yeah, it’s pretty weird. But then again, most of Bowser’s troops are probably trying to repair the castle. The rest are probably just getting ready to attack.”

“Yoshi think that Mario right.”

“Yeah that probably is-” Luigi didn’t finish the sentence, as it was cut short by Mario. Mario pointed to the northeast, and the others looked. Down an adjoining path was Wart, talking to himself! Everyone dove into a bush, and listened.

“Darn it! I should have found out where Mario’s Pad was! I have to have been walking around for at least an hour! At least now I know which path it’s down, since I’ve tried EVERY OTHER ONE!” Wart yelled at the air as he headed towards Mario’s Pad.

After Wart had turned a corner, the three heroes came out of the bush. “I say we hide here until he comes back, then ambush him,” Mario suggested.

“Yoshi think we go away, then come back after frog guy gone. Then we attack.”

“But with both of those plans, our house is likely to get wrecked! I say we follow him, then attack him when he’s not expecting it,” Luigi said.

“Well, Wart doesn’t have much experience fighting us. I guess that is a good idea.”

“Alright, then let’s go!”

“They must be out. I’ll have to wait until they come back,” said Wart to himself as he finished checking the entire house. Wart came out of the house and headed back to Bowser’s Castle.

“NOW” yelled Mario as Mario and Luigi jumped on Wart. Wart flung his staff around, knocking both off. “Alright, Wart! You can’t win! Give up and go back, or we’ll squash you!” Mario said in a convincing voice.

“I’m going to beat you, one way or another! This time, you’re mine! I learned a few tricks by watching Magikoopas at Bowser’s Castle!” Wart said. He immediately swung his staff in front of him, hitting the ground with it. There was a loud boom and a shockwave emerged from the staff. The three others dodged it nimbly.

“Not impressed? Don’t worry, that was a warm up!” Wart said with fire in his eyes. Wart waved his staff this time, and a lightning bolt crashed down on Mario before he could dodge it. “I don’t have to beat that green dinosaur, so I’ll just get rid of him now before he becomes a nuisance,” Wart thought.

He waved his staff again and shot a few fireballs up into the sky. They spun very fast in the sky, their path becoming closer and closer until they seemed to merge into each other. Finally they stopped spinning in the sky, though no one noticed it, as they were busy fighting. They fireballs merged into one, and shot at Yoshi. It hit him, knocking him unconscious and into a concealed warp pipe. “Yoshi! Ooh, you’re going to pay for that!” said Mario as he and Luigi jumped into the warp pipe, followed by Wart.

“Darn thing! Why won’t it work?” Ludwig asked himself as he kicked the Warp Pipe 2000.

“I have the answer to that,” Lemmy said. “It was made by you.”

“Very funny,” said Ludwig, rolling his eyes. “Maybe if I just tighten the bolt here it will  *ZAP!* Ouch!” Ludwig yelled. “Hey, wait. The screen came on! It works! Now, I’d better give it a test run. Um, let’s see, outside the castle are: rocks, a Bullet Bill, Mario… MARIO?! Uncle Wart too! They must be fighting.”

“Shouldn’t we help Uncle Wart?” Lemmy suggested.

“No, King Dad said not to mess with him. We’re not allowed to help him now.”

“Oh, ok. Hey, can I press something?”

“Sure, just don’t press the red button or move the big lever.” Lemmy flicked a small switch, which highlighted the SEND MODE option. “Ya know, I think I might be able to tweak this so that I could actually send something that isn’t already here or there,” said Ludwig as he leaned against the machine, accidentally hitting the red button. The warp pipe came out of the machine and sucked in a vile that Ludwig had close by labeled Magic Booster. “Oh no! Now the machine is going to be sent outside the castle!”

Mario popped out of the warp pipe and saw Yoshi laying in some bushes, concealed. Mario noticed they were close to Bowser’s Castle. Luigi came out after a few seconds. “Where’s Wart?” Luigi asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“I’m here you dummies!” Wart said as he popped out of the warp pipe.

At that moment, another warp pipe sprang up out of nowhere from the ground and a vile popped out, landing on Wart. His staff suddenly started glowing red. Mario ran over to pick it up, while Luigi ran in a different direction. “Magic Booster?” Mario read off the vile.

“Uh oh. Now Wart has better magic.” That statement was answered by a loud boom. Mario turned around and saw that Wart had used his shockwave ability with his staff and a very large shockwave was headed for him. Mario tried to jump, but he didn’t get high enough before the shockwave reached him. He was pounded by it and sent flying. Mario was able to flip in the air and land on his feet.

“Wow! I’m stronger than I thought!”  said Wart as he admired the huge shockwave he had created. Luigi had been able to jump over the shockwave and was fine. Luigi quickly shot a flurry of fireballs. Wart batted most away, but was hit by a few. Wart faked waving his staff, then whacked Luigi with it. Immediately after Luigi had landed Wart was knocked to the ground by a whack from Mario. Wart waved the wand and lightning crashed down on Mario. Luigi quickly retaliated by shooting a few fireballs, then backflipping over Wart. Mario joined Luigi and they both quickly attacked Wart. Wart swung his staff around to throw them off, then used the staff to create a whirlwind. He then made lightning crash into it, so that the electricity swirled around in the whirlwind. Wart sent the crackling tornado after Mario and Luigi. Mario jumped over it, but the electricity shot out from the tornado and zapped Mario. Luigi had the same luck.

Mario had an idea. As Wart conjured lightning, Mario fireballed him. Wart dropped the staff and made it conjure two Hammer Bro. suits. Mario and Luigi put them on, then threw hammers into the tornado. The hammers swirled around and the metal tips were electrified. Once the hammers reached the top of the tornado, they shot out. Mario and Luigi ducked, but Wart was hit by a few, taking heavy damage. Wart tried something new. He shot some fireballs from the staff up into the sky and they came down, circling Mario and Luigi. As they closed in, Mario and Luigi both jumped. The fireballs merged into one and shot up after them, hitting them severely. Wart got ready to summon some lightning, and Mario tried to jump on Wart. The lightning was almost ready to crash down, when Luigi tried to hit Wart. He missed and hit Mario, who in turn was thrown against Wart at the moment the lightning came down. The lightning hit the staff, zapping Wart and forcing him to drop it. The staff was reduced to a pile of ashes by the electricity. Wart gasped.

“We have you now!” said Mario.

“I still have a few tricks up my sleeve!” said Wart as he blew a bubble at Mario. It burst, hurting Mario. Wart then blew a large bubble that went towards Luigi. It trapped him inside.

“Mamamia! This is going to be harder than I thought!” Mario said as he dodged several bubbles from Wart. “If only I had a blunt object to pop the bubbles with.”

As if on cue, Mario saw the plunger they had used the day before, which had been blown out of Bowser’s Castle by the power of the bricks collapsing. Mario raced over to this, dodging a bubble. Mario picked the plunger up and popped Luigi’s bubble with it. While Mario popped bubbles that came their way, Luigi shot fireballs. This kept up for a while, as Wart dodged many of the fireballs. Finally, they had almost beaten Wart, when twenty of Bowser’s Koopa Troop came marching past. Wart yelled to get their attention, and all twenty of them rushed over. As Mario and Luigi were kept busy with the Koopas, Wart blew big bubbles and trapped both of them inside. The Koopas and Wart both attacked Mario and Luigi, who were losing strength fast. Wart laughed manically and began to prepare a large attack.

“Uhg, where is Yoshi?” Yoshi asked himself as he woke up. Yoshi quickly saw the nearly defeated Mario Bros. and rushed out of the bush. The Koopas noticed him. They went over to beat Yoshi while Wart continued readying his attack. Yoshi ate a Koopa shell and spat it out, knocking over most of the Koopas and popping Mario and Luigi’s bubbles. Mario quickly fireballed Wart to stop his attack, then ran over to help Yoshi.

Soon the Koopas were defeated, and everyone turned to Wart. “Bye-bye!” said Mario as Yoshi slurped a Koopa's shell and made an egg. Yoshi threw it, hitting Wart squarely on the head. Wart fell over and did not get up. “YAHOO!” Mario shouted.

“Mario not supposed to do commercials in battles!” Yoshi said. They chuckled and went home.

“So, Wart, I see that you failed to beat the Marios.” said Bowser, pacing back and forth in front of a bandaged up Wart. “You know what that means,” added Bowser with an evil grin on his face. Bowser snapped his fingers and Wart was carried to the dungeon.

“Hey, I was just thinking,” said Mario. “What if Wart had something to do with the all the bad things that almost happened to us?”

“You mean like being in charge instead of Bowser? No, I don’t think so,” said Luigi. “He would have to conquer Dark Land to do that.”

“Yeah, like that would ever happen!”

“I’m sooooo bored!” exclaimed Iggy.

“How about I pound you to keep you’re mind off of it?” offered Roy.

“No! Anything but that!”

“Hey, kids, look who’s here!” said Bowser as Susan walked into the room.

“I take that back,” said Iggy.

“I’m here because my dad is, um, busy. He told me all about how he almost beat Mario. I bet he could even kidnap Peach if he wanted to,” exclaimed Susan.

“Yeah, like your wimpy dad could kidnap Peach,” said Wendy with an eye roll.

“Well, he could!”

The End

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