Battle of the Accents

By Double D

(A very special thank you to Chef Torte for letting me use his Team of Terror and other references to GBT! Since there are GBT and GBT2 references, you might not understand some things unless you’ve read the story; one more reason to read GBT if you haven’t!)

“Alright, eveiryone know ze drill?” asked Mr. Little, the notorious gray Goomba.

“Got it,” said a flying Blooper, while everyone else nodded.

“Zen go get zem!” said Mr. Little as the flying Bloopers flew off.

“You do know what we’re supposed to do, don’t you?” asked a Blooper as they flew off.

“Of course! First we attack the castle from the sky, then storm it. Once we take the castle, we give the all clear, and the boss comes in with the rest of the army,” answered another.

“What if the guards have spears that they can throw?”

“Um, well, eh…” stuttered the other one.

“I guess we just have to take that risk,” said another.

“You know vhat to do, right?” asked Chef Torte as he sipped a cappuccino.

“We waste our time and energy on attacking the Mushroom Kingdom and then await our eminent doom from the enormous horde of guards?” said Genius Guy.

“I have no idea vhat you said, but moi imagines it’s right.”

“You mean the attack is hopeless?” asked the hapless Apprentice.

“Of course not! Do you think moi would attack if eveirything vas hopeless?”

“Uh, yeah.”


“Nothing beats ze Pan of Peril in ze face…” mumbled Chef Torte as he walked off.

“Soshi ready to go now!”

“Then, um, we should leave.”

“Changling, you should make like an airplane,” suggested Genius Guy. Changling did so, and they flew off.

“Hey, there’s something flying in from the south!” exclaimed a Mushroomer on guard duty.

“Probably just a flock of birds,” said the other.

“It has a strange flight path… it goes up, then down, then up… they almost look like…”

“Flying Bloopers…” finished the other one, who had dropped the coffee he was sipping and was now staring in amazement.

“They look like they’re headed here. We have to warn the others.”


“Can’t you hurry it up, Changling?” asked an impatient Embert.

“I’m going as fast as I can! What with this visibility you can only go so fast,” Changling answered back.

“I don’t remember low visibility when we left…” trailed off Embert.

“Oh, there wasn’t. There’s just a few dozen flying Bloopers here, making it hard to see.”

“FLYING BLOOPERS?! WOW! I’ve got to get autographs!” shouted Genius Guy.

“If I had the master’s Pan of Peril, I’d smack you,” shouted the Apprentice as Changling increased speed to try and get through.

“Hey, guys, why is this airplane here anyway?”

“I don’t know. Maybe for weather purposes.”

“Wait! That plane has the insignia of Chef Torte!”

“I love that story! I’ve got to get autographs!”

“Not now! The Chef could be planning something for us; his plane is getting faster. We’d better split up.”

“Hey guys! The Bloopers are going away!” shouted Changling to the rest of the crew as he slowed down.

“Aww, man. I guess I’ll have to wait to get autographs,” Genius Guy said with a sigh.

“I don’t think you’ll have to wait; they’re heading for the Mushroom Kingdom like us,” Changling shouted back.

“Do you think they could be attacking too?” said Embert, obviously afraid.

“Oh, come on! Like Flying Bloopers without a base would attack the Mushroom Kingdom!”

“They’ve separated!” shouted a Mushroomer on the ground. “There’s a plane in there too! Just a little behind!”

“Everyone, get ready!” said a guard as everyone prepared their spears. They all waited. Once the Bloopers got close, they all split and went around different sides of the castle. “Well, I guess the Bloopers weren’t going to attack after all!” said a guard. He was answered by a Blooper grabbing him from behind and throwing him. All the guards turned around and started throwing spears. Several Bloopers were hit. The others closed in.

“You were right, Changling,” said Embert. “They are attacking!”

“Well then, Soshi ready to take ‘em on!”

Changling soon landed on the far side of the castle. Everyone climbed out, and Changling reverted to his normal form. They climbed up on top of the castle, then waited. “GO!” shouted the Apprentice as they all jumped down upon the Mushroomers and bloopers.

Soshi took to the air. He threw aside Bloopers while the rest of the Team of Terror attacked. Embert just flew around, mostly hitting the bloopers. Changling shot the famous magical geometric shapes from his wand. “WHOMP LIKE GO WHOMP! ERR! ERR!” said Whomp before he landed and crushed several Bloopers and Mushroomers.

Once Soshi had finished off most of the Bloopers, he came down and started attacking Mushroomers. The Apprentice pretty much stood there. The Mushroomers threw spears. “Go, Mecha Yoshi!” shouted Genius Guy as he pulled a plastic Yoshi Action Figure out of his pocket and threw it at a Blooper, knocking him down. Genius Guy went to go get it, but the Blooper picked it up and crushed it. “*gasp* My Yoshi Action Figure! Oooh, you’re going to get it now!” said Genius Guy as he started actually fighting.

“U, oh! Guys, I think this is a failure. We have to retreat!” said a Blooper as a few more got speared. They all flew away. The Mushroomers turned to the Team of Terror.

“Oooh boy,” said Embert as the Mushroomers started closing in.

Changling turned into an airplane again and every got in. “Good riddance!” shouted a mushroomer as they flew off.

“You mean to moi that ze plan failed?!” said Mr. Little.

“Sorry. The mushroomers had spears and Chef Torte’s flunkies attacked too.”

“VHAT?! Zat idiot Torte?! Vhy, we can fix zat in a jiffy!”

“YOU IDIOTS! Vhy did you not take ze HMS Torte?”

“Wasn’t that wrecked in GBT2?” said Embert.


“Oh. I guess I should brush up on my reading skills.”


“Hey, I guess I was, wasn’t I!”


“Now, vhat exactly made you fail?”

“Stupid Flying Blooper crushed my Yoshi Action Figure…” said Genius Guy while sniffling.

“Flying Bloopeirs?” said Chef Torte. “Vhat could that mean?”

Chef Torte looked in the dictionary. Embert read aloud: “Flying Blooper- An amphibious creature that uses updrafts to fly. See also: Mr. Little.”

“MR. LITTLE?!” exclaimed everyone in unison. “Read ze rest, Embeirt.”

“Mr. Little- A gray Goomba famous for his attempts to dominate the world and never using anyone except Flying Bloopers to help him. See also: Flying Blooper.”

“Zat stupid gGomba! He vill pay! Schedule a Team ov Terror meeting on Iggius 24th!”

“Why couldn’t we just meet here now?” Changling asked.

“Oh. Right. Now, vhere is a map?” Embert handed him one, burning it up in the process. “FOOL! NOW IT'S GONE!”

“Actually, I happen to carry a hologram projector of the Mushroom Kingdom in my pocket all the time,” said Genius Guy.

“Give moi that!” Chef Torte said as he started it up. “Now, our base iz here,” said Chef Torte, pointing to a star on the map. “According to moi’s calculations, Mizter Little’s base should be here. We’ll have to take hiz castle by surprise.”

“How do we do that?” asked Embert.

“Simple. According to my calculations…” said Genius Guy as he started typing madly on his pocket computer. “Ahem… I don’t know how to,” finished Genius Guy with a smile.


“Obviously, we have to attack from the west, since he’ll expect an attack from the east,” said Changling intelligently.

“And exactly vhy vould he do zat?”

“Because Isle Soshi is to the east of his base.”

“Actually, don’t you think he’d expect us to try and surprise him? We should probably attack from the west,” said Embert.

“Hey, zat’s a good idea! I’m glad moi thought of it.”


“No time to waste! To the Torte Flagship!”


“… So, obviously, zey’ll attack from ze west!” finished Mr. Little.

“Don’t you think they would try and surprise us by attacking from the east?” said a Blooper.


“Why not?”

“Because moi’s not smart enough to think of zat.”


“Okay, eveiryone get to your stations!”

“Hey, why did you hire Flying Bloopers like us instead of anybody else?”

“Because moi’s on a tight budget.”

“Here it is!” said Genius Guy as he showed them the new and improved HMS Torte. “Ooohs” and “Ahhs” ensued.

“Moi actually likes something you did for once!” said Chef Torte, smiling. On each side of the ship were extra cannons, on the cabin was a satellite dish, and on the top was a humongous flag with Chef Torte’s face on it.

“If you liked that, come inside the cabin and see what I installed!” said Genius Guy, walking inside. The rest followed. In the middle of the room was a large machine, with an opening in the middle. Genius Guy pressed a big button (which was the only button), and there was a loud rumbling, which lasted about half a minute. The machine then pumped out a tremendous amount of smoke, and something dropped into the opening. When the smoke cleared, Genius Guy took the object out. It was a small bottle of Hawaiian Punch. Genius Guy took a sip. “Refreshments, anyone?”


“Actually, I’d like some,” said Embert. Genius Guy stood up, still a bit dazed from the hit on the head.

“Does anyone have a quarter?”


“You have to put a quarter in for it to work.”

“Mon Dieu…” said Chef Torte, shaking his head. “Anything else you would like to show moi, Genius Guy?”

“One other thing. Follow me!”

Genius Guy lead everyone down into the cargo hold. Cannonballs were stacked all around, but they had lights flashing on them and they made a “beep” every few seconds. “What are these?” asked Changling.

“They’re my special cannonballs. There’s super light, and they won’t explode if you drop one. However, when you press a button on the new cannons on deck, it deactivates that feature, so it’ll explode when it hits its target.”

“Are you done now?”


“Mon Dieu! Most brilliant, Genius Guy! Now watch moi stand around and gloat vhile giving you no credit.”



“We probably should go now,” said Embert.

“Everyone aboard! I’ll buy Hawaiian Punch for everyone!” said Genius Guy.





“Soshi like that!”

“Hey, Captain Torte, could I borrow a dollar?”


“I just told everyone I’d buy Hawaiian Punch, and I only have 25 cents.”


“Hey, where have the Grand Glum Reaper and Mini Moi been this whole time?” asked Embert.

“I told zem zey could take a vacation.”

“Why didn’t we get one?”

“Because I needed you in my master plan for this story.”


“Neveir mind.”

“Here zey come! Eveiryone, attack!” said Mr. Little as ten Flying Bloopers flew out to meet Torte.

“Prepare ze high-tech cannon thingies,” said Chef Torte. Chef Torte pressed the button on the cannons, and Embert hopped from cannon to cannon to light them. “FIRE!”


The cannons fired off, hitting five of the Bloopers. The rest made it to the ship. Chef Torte knocked them into the water with his Pan of Peril. The HMS Torte quickly landed at the rather large rock on which Mr. Little had built his fortress. Mr. Little was there to meet them. “You! You ruined moi’s chance to take oveir ze Mushroom Kingdom!” said Mr. Little.

“Do not mock moi’s accent! How utteirly rude!” said Chef Torte, a bit flustered by Mr. Little’s accent.

“Vhat?! I did not mock you!”

“Stop zat!”

“You stop mocking moi!”

“Stupid Goomba! You are are… IDIOT!”


“Who asked you?” they both said in unison.

“I happen to have a time accelerator on me. You two can keep arguing if you’d like,” said Genius Guy, pulling out a small device. Chef Torte and Mr. Little kept talking, and Genius Guy pressed a button. Their speech was accelerated. A few “moi”s and “mon deiu!”s could be made out, along with some incoherent words. Finally, they stopped, and Genius Guy pressed the button again. They were back to normal again.

“Yeah!” said Chef Torte and Mr. Little together, with scowls on their faces.

“Zat’s it!” said Chef Torte as he whacked Mr. Little away with his Pan of Peril.

“Flying Bloopeirs! Attack!” said Mr. Little. About 20 Flying Bloopers came after them. Soshi flew up into the sky and swatted away several, while Chef Torte knocked them away with his Pan of Peril. Changling turned into a Laser Projector and fried the others before changing back. “Super Bloopeir!” cried Mr. Little. A huge Blooper burst through the top of the fortress.

“MON DIEU!” shouted Chef Torte as everyone was picked up and flung into the ocean by the Super Blooper. It came after them. “HYPEIR PLASMA CANNON!” shouted Chef Torte as the trademark laser fired from his Pan of Peril, turning the Super Blooper into fried calamari. It fell straight towards Mr. Little’s fortress. Mr. Little and Chef Torte exchanged looks.


The Super Blooper crashed into the mini-castle and completely demolished it. A huge wave was created as the rock sunk into the ocean. The Team of Terror was flung up into the air, along with Mr. Little. “Moi will get you yet!” said Chef Torte as they were flung in opposite directions. Fortunately, all of the Team of Terror landed on the HMS Torte, which had been almost wrecked by the wave. Mr. Little landed on a very small nearby island, where a few remaining Bloopers carried him to the nearby shore of the Mushroom Kingdom.

“I CAN”T BELIEVE MOI LOST TO… TO… HIM!” said Torte as he spazzed out.

“It wasn’t your fault, Master Torte. “ said the Apprentice, trying to calm him down.

“I know! Zat’s vhy moi blames it completely on you!” said Torte to the Team of Terror. He smiled a bit. “Ah, zat feels betteir.”

“So you don’t really blame it on us?”

The Chef’s smile turned to an evil one. “Who said that?” There was a unison “gulp” by the Team of Terror. The Chef’s hand tightened around the Pan of Peril.





“Master Torte! You forgot me!” said the Apprentice, completely clueless.


“Genius Guy, moi wants you-”


“… to fix my ship.”

“Aww, man! I had my G.I. Joe set ready to go and everything!”

Torte’s face turned red and steam came out of his ears. He took a big breath.


“Actually, I’m good for something,” said Genius Guy.

“Vhat could you possibly be good for?”

“Annoying you even more when you’re spazzing out.”


“Now, go fix ze ship!”

“Yes… sir…” said Genius Guy, obviously dizzy from the recent whacks from the Pan of Peril.

“Now, how are we going to find Mizter Little’s new hideout?”

“I suggest making Changling turn into an airplane again, and scout the Mushroom Kingdom with one other member of the Team of Terror,” said Embert.

“No way! I’m not doing that again unless there’s no wind! It made it way too cold!” said Changling while shuddering. “Besides, who would go with me?”

“Moi, of course! Changling, make like an airplane and let us fly away!”

“Do I have to?”

“Of course you do!”

“Hello? Zis iz Mizter Little,” said Mr. Little as a Blooper held a telephone to his mouth.

“This is the RSFTG: Rental Service For Tyrannical Goombas. How may I help you?” said an impatient-and-bored-sounding voice on the other line.

“As you know, moi is bent on world domination. Moi would like a large plot ov land.”

“That’ll come to 2,000 coins please.”

“Vhat?! Oh, vell. Alright. It’s a deal.”

“Really? Ahem, I mean thank you for using RSFTG. I hope to see you if you survive, I mean next time! *nervous laugh, hangs up*

“I wonder vhat he meant by “if moi survives”? Vell, let’s go and start on ze new castle!

Mr. Little stared. The three remaining Flying Bloopers stared. The land they had bought was filled with trees and soggy ground which, needless to say, is not a good foundation for a castle. “We’ve been gyped!” said one of the Bloopers.

Mr. Little had a Blooper pull out his cellphone and hold it while Mr. Little called RSFTG. The voice answered back: “You have reached RSFTG. I am sorry to say they are not in now. And by the way, you cannot have your money back…"

“Vhat? If zat’s a recording, how did he know zat?!”

“…And by the way, I knew you would ask that because everyone does. I am sorry to say that RSFTG has left town with your hard earned money. *maniacal laugh* Goodbye.”

“Those no-good cheaters! I guess we’ll have to bring in some rock, eh boss?”

“Yes… bring in… rock…” said Mr. Little, trying to control his anger.

After about five hours, the Bloopers had managed to bring in enough rock to make a good foundation, and were nearly finished with the small castle. “Okay, boss. Your room is done,” said a Blooper.

“Excellent! Let’s zee.” Just as Mr. Little and the Bloopers went inside, a plane flew overhead.

“Where could they be?” asked Changling, the airplane flying above.

“How should moi know? Keep searching!”

“I love it!” said Mr. Little, stepping out. “Now we just need to add a watchtower on the top, and we’re done!”

A few hours later, as the Bloopers put Mr. Little’s flag on top of the record-time-built castle, Changling made his last sweep. “Hey, Master Torte, isn’t that Mr. Little’s flag?” asked Changling, steering toward a brown flag with a gray Goomba painted on it.

“Vhy, you’re right, Changling! Land there!”

“I can’t, Master Torte! I’m completely exhausted, and if I land, I won’t be able to put up a good fight.”

“Moi told you to land!”


As Chef Torte smacked the airplane that was Changling with his Pan of Peril, he reverted to his normal form, dropping straight toward the castle. Luckily, Changling turned into a parachute and they both floated onto the watchtower below them. Changling changed back, and fainted: from the shock of nearly falling to his death, and from flying so long. “Fool…” muttered Chef Torte as he tried to wake Changling. “Moi has to do it by myself.”

The Terrapin chef hid behind a wall as there were voices heard coming up the stairs leading to the watchtower. Mr. Little came into view with his three Flying Bloopers. “Isn’t Chef Torte silly?” said a Blooper.

“Yeah! I bet he smacks himself with the Pan of Peril when he makes a mistake!” laughed another.

Chef Torte, who was already outraged with Mr. Little and his flunkies, couldn’t contain himself any longer. “Moi is here! Come and get moi!” taunted the chef. The Bloopers flew after him, but the chef smacked each of them away, leaving them to fall to their doom.

Chef Torte and Mr. Little eyed each other for a few seconds. “I vould have taken oveir ze world had it not been for you!” said Mr. Little, still staring with a scowl on his face.

“Moi had nothing to do vith it! And plus, Moi’s attack failed because of your stupid Flying Bloopeirs!” said Chef Torte as they still looked on.

“Moi’s ready to end zis now!” said Mr. Little.

“Vhy not?” said Chef Torte as he raised his Pan of Peril. An evil smile formed on their faces. As they were both about to start, Changling came to. Chef Torte tried to whack Mr. Little, but Mr. Little was quite nimble and easily dodged. As Mr. Little was about to hit Chef Torte from behind, he was knocked away by something. He turned to see Changling with his wand tightly gripped in his hand. Changling took another swing, but Mr. Little was ready, and jumped over it, kicking Changling in the air. Changling fell back as Chef Torte tried another whack with his Pan of Peril. Changling crawled backwards out of the fray as he started conjuring something evilly powerful…

“I got here as fast as I could!” said Mario as he raced toward Toad.

“Where’s Luigi?”

“He’s only a few minutes behind me. What’s going on?”

“There have been sightings of a castle to the west. Look!” said Toad as Mario turned that way. Indeed there was a castle that way. There seemed to be two figures fighting on top, with one standing away.

“Isn’t that over by the Mushroom Kingdom Marshes?” asked Mario. “How could someone build a castle there unless he got plenty of rocks to build it on?”

“I don’t know. The castle must be unstable, anyhow. We called you because an airplane with the emblem of Chef Torte recently landed there. Now there seems to be two persons battling on top of it. Could you please check it out?”

“Chef Torte…” mumbled Mario as he stood there, still looking.

“Hey, guys! What’s up?” said Luigi as he appeared.

“I think there’s trouble over by the Mushroom Kingdom Marshes. Seems Chef Torte landed there and now there are suspicious goings on towards there,” said Mario as he turned his attention to Luigi.

“Chef Torte?! Must get autograph!”



“Anyway, we’ve been asked to check it out.”

“Well then, let’s go!”

“Take zat! And zat!” said Chef Torte as he desperately swung at Mr. Little.

“Here’s my most powerful spell…” muttered Changling under his breath as he got ready to unleash his attack. Above him, a few clouds turned black and formed a dome. Sparks crackled around it. Changling, as he finished the spell, drew his wand back, then put it forward, pointing toward Mr. Little. The black dome above the castle swirled around, moving above Mr. Little. A tremendous amount of pure energy shot from the cloud toward that spot on the ground. However, Chef Torte, completely unaware of what was going on, took another swing at Mr. Little. Mr. Little dodged it as the energy came crashing down onto the tower. The immediate area around where the bolt of energy came down crumbled. The tower creaked.

“Changling?” said Chef Torte, staring at the charred area.


“You’d betteir become an airplane.”


“Because…” said Chef Torte as the tower started leaning.

“Ah. Gotcha,” said Changling as he quickly turned into an airplane. Chef Torte hopped inside. “Goodbye, suckeir!” said the overconfident chef as they flew off.

“NO!” shouted Mr. Little as the entire castle crumbled into the marshes below. Mr. Little desperately jumped onto Changling as he flew off.

Changling noticed one Flying Blooper in the marshes below still alive, and paid it no attention. He then noticed Mr. Little on top on of him. “Uh, Chef Torte? We have a problem!”

“Vhat is it now?”

“Uh, Mr. Little is on top of me!”

“Vell, shake him off!”

“I can’t! I don’t have enough energy to get straight again in enough time to avoid crashing.”

“Drat! We’ll have to wait until you land.”

“Hold on! I’m heading for the Mushroom Kingdom!” said Changling as he slowly altered his course for the castle. He also flashed a small light off of the metal of the plane.

“Hey guys! That’s the signal for help!” said Embert, pointing to the light glimmering off of the plane in the distance.

“You’re right! Genius Guy, do you have the you-know-what?” asked Soshi.

“Right here!” said Genius Guy, holding up a contraption. They all stepped into the HMS Torte and sailed for the near shore of the Mushroom Kingdom.

“Hey Luigi! Look!” said Mario as Changling, the plane, flew overhead. “We’d better get to the castle!”

Changling landed in the courtyard of Peach’s Castle, drawing the guards’ attention. Mario and Luigi arrived on the scene as Changling reverted to normal form. The guards rushed them. Changling turned into a Bob-omb and blew up, hitting several guards and blowing Mario and Luigi away. Changling changed back as Chef Torte smacked guards with his Pan of Peril. Mr. Little, who Changling had forgot about, jumped into the fray and avoided spears and the Pan of Peril while kicking guards away. Changling once again turned into a Bob-omb and exploded near guards. Mario and Luigi now were back and started shooting fireballs at Chef Torte. He knocked them away with the Pan of Peril but was kicked into the ground by Mr. Little. Mario jumped over to Mr. Little, but Mr. Little quickly dodged and dove away. Now Luigi was waiting for him on the other side. Mario ran to catch up. Mr. Little was now trapped between the Mario Brothers and the castle wall. Just as Mario and Luigi raised their palms to shoot fireballs at him, he was snatched by a blur. It was a Flying Blooper.

“You survived?! Wondeirful!” said Mr. Little as the Flying Blooper started carrying him away. “Moi will get you someday, Chef Torte!” said Mr. Little as he flew off into the sea.

Now Mario, Luigi, and the guards turned their attention to Chef Torte and Changling. Mario and Luigi steadied their palms, the guards braced their spears, and Torte was in deep doo-doo. However, the HMS Torte landed on the bay at that moment. “AVAST YE ATTACKERS! METHINKS WE’LL HAVE TO CUT YER TO SHREADS!” said Genius Guy as he stepped out with an eye patch and a plastic parrot on his shoulder.

“We’ll handle them!” shouted Mario as he and Luigi ran over.

Soshi expertly dove at them from above, grabbing them and throwing them against the castle wall. “Master Torte! Get me on top of the castle!” said Genius Guy as Whomp cleared out another row of Mushroomers.

“Hookshot attachment!” cried Chef Torte as he launched the cable to the top of the castle. They both climbed up.

Genius Guy pulled that strange contraption out of his pocket. “I brought along a small robotic suit. It’ll take a minute to unfold,” said Genius Guy as he opened a small hatch and flicked a switch.

“HYPEIR PLASMA CANNON!” shouted Chef Torte as he fired the laser from his Pan of Peril, wiping out a few more rows of Mushroomers and distracting Mario and Luigi. “What robotic suit? Moi’s never seen zat one before,” said the curious chef said as the suit unfolded.

Genius Guy put it on. “Wish me luck, Captain!” shouted Genus Guy as he jumped back into the fray, firing a few missiles.

“HYPEIR PLASMA CANNON!” said the chef as his Pan of Peril went to work again, wiping out more guards.

Only five guards were left now. Changling wiped out the rest by bombing them again. However, the explosion hit Genius Guy’s robotic suit, demolishing it. Only Mario and Luigi were left now, with the Team of Terror. The Apprentice foolishly dove at Mario, and was knocked away. Chef Torte jumped down and smacked Mario with his Pan of Peril. Luigi gave a quick uppercut to the Chef, giving Whomp time to aim a whomp. Mario barely dodged it. Genius Guy threw a small grenade at Mario and Luigi, and missed horribly, blowing Whomp all the way back onto the HMS Torte. Soshi swooped on Mario, clawing him. The Apprentice dove at Mario again, and missed. Mario kicked the Apprentice out of the way, and he fainted. Chef Torte came in with his Pan of Peril again, only to be knocked away by Luigi. Soshi came at Luigi, and missed, knocking Chef Torte away and unconscious. Genius Guy was also soon hit in the head by one of Mario’s jumps, and fainted. Soshi, Changling, and Embert were the only ones left.

Changling turned into Chef Torte, and smacked Luigi out of the way with the Pan of Peril. Mario aimed a fireball at Changling, but was distracted by Soshi, who swooped down from out of nowhere at Mario. Soshi came in for another swoop, but was fireballed by Luigi. Soshi and Changling turned their attention to Luigi, while Embert chased Mario around. Changling took a swing with the Pan of Peril at Luigi, but was hit back by Luigi. Soshi waited in the air as the two duked it out. Then, as Changling was cornered by Luigi, Soshi swooped down, knocking Luigi away. Meanwhile, Embert backed Mario into a corner of Peach’s Castle. Embert rushed forward, hoping to hit Mario, but Mario jumped at the last second, causing Embert to hit his head on the wall. However, Mario came down on Embert, burning himself. He hopped out of the way, while Embert chased Mario again. Mario led Embert right over to Luigi, then moved out the way at the last second. Embert collided with Changling, causing Changling to get burned and revert to his normal form. Soshi moved out the way, then quickly grabbed Luigi and threw him. Mario kicked Changling out of the way, then jumped on Soshi. Luigi came back by jumping on Changling, knocking him unconscious. Embert chased Luigi, and Changling was whacking Mario with his wand. Mario suddenly saw Chef Torte’s Pan of Peril, still in the unconscious chef’s hand. Mario dashed over and picked it up. Mario whacked Changling away with it.

Meanwhile, Embert was catching up. Luigi lured Embert away to Mario where Mario whacked Embert with the Pan of Peril. Mario and Luigi chased Changling and Embert into the wall. Mario was about to whack them, when Soshi suddenly swooped down, carrying them both back to the HMS Torte. Soshi flew around, out of Mario and Luigi’s grasp, picking up each of the unconscious members of the Team of Terror and carrying them back to the HMS Torte. Changling took the wheel, and they started to sail away. However, Mario and Luigi jumped on and tried to hit Soshi. Soshi scratched Mario, making him drop the Pan of Peril. Soshi picked it up and smacked Luigi off the ship. Soshi dodged a fireball from Mario, then whacked him off too. Mario and Luigi tried to climb back up the ship, but it was too slippery. They swam back to the shore and watched as the HMS Torte disappeared into the distance.

“How could you give up? Moi vas THIS close to beating zem!”

“We would have gotten squashed if we didn’t. You and everyone else might have ended up in the dungeon,” said Changling.

“Moi does NOT give up! Now we are disgraced! We’ve got to beat zose Mario Brothers and zat STUPID GOOMBA to get moi’s dignity back!”

“Well, until then, remember, we still have each other!” said Genius Guy as he hugged Chef Torte.


The End

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