The Fight for Luigi's Life

By Lems Big Bro

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Peach entered the kitchen, where she found a very unhappy and impatient Mario.

Peach: Hi...

Mario: Hey, whats' up with Luigi? He's two hours late, we usually go out to play tennis and train on Sunday mornings.

Peach: Well, have you tried calling him?

Mario: Sure I have, he sounds half asleep.

Peach: Maybe he's unwell, we did have a big dinner last night.

Mario: Um, correction, Luigi went staright to bed without any dinner.

Peach: Oh yeah, maybe, um... maybe he is unwell.

Mario: Probably, this is the first time he's turned me down on a promise, he promised we'd do it. We haven't gone training in a while.

Peach: Mario, if he's unwell then he's unwell, just lay off him, okay?

Mario: Well, if Toad says he doesn't want to then okay, I will.

Peach: You sent Toad up? Mario, you never learn your lesson, do you?!

Toad came in.

Mario: Well...?

Toad: Luigi didn't seem too great. A bit tired, but he's coming.

Mario: It's about time...

Mario went to the stairs; Peach and Toad followed. The Babies were playing with blocks nearby. They had built a tower at the bottom of the staircaise. Luigi (in his PJs) came staggering down.

Mario: Luigi man, I'm so dissapointed, you totally let me down, yes I'll still go but it's just so.. Hey Luigi, you're as white as a sheet! You okay, man?

Luigi's head was throbbing. He couldnt take it all down, he collapsed and rolled down the stairs into the babies' blocks.

Babies: Hey!!!

Mario: LUIGI!!!

Mario went down on his knees and knelt beside his sick brother.

Baby Mario: Luigi, why did you do that?!

Baby Luigi: We'd expect this of Toasworth maybe, but not you...

Mario: Oh shut up, brats!!!! Peach, quickly, get help ANY help, Toad, you too.

Baby Mario: Mario, I...

Mario: I said shut up! Your stupid, pointless block tower means nothing right now.

Baby Luigi: Sorry Your Majesty...

The babies crawled away. Mario was petrified. Tears were dripping down his face one after the other.

Mario: Luigi, hang in there, please man, I dunno what's wrong but everyhting will be okay.

Mario's hand was clutching Luigi's. There was a hospital room downstairs, he knew that. Koopas came running in with a strecher.

Koopa 1: Beep beep! Where's the patient?

Mario and Peach picked Luigi up and onto the strecher. The Koopas took Luigi to the emergency room.

Peach: I phoned E. Gadd, he will be on his way.

Mario: Okay, thanks.

Peach: Mario... have you been crying?

Toad knew it was an inconvienient time and he left. Mario was hugging Peach while crying.

Mario: I'm just so scared.

Peach: Shhhhhhh. Don't worry, everything will be okay.

Mario ran downstairs to aid his brother.

Peach: I hope.

E.Gadd was checking on Luigi in private. Mario, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and  the "emergency Koopas"  were all waiting for E. Gadd outside the room. Daisy came rushing in.

Mario: Where were you?!

Daisy: Luigi, Luigi, where's Luigi?! Is he through there?

She was about to barge through but was soon stopped.

Mario: Um, excuse me, what do you think you're doing? Gadd is with him now. Why are you so late? Didn't you get my page?

Daisy: I got it one hour ago, I had to rush here after my walk but I was stopped by the Babies halfway through telling me that YOU were rude to them.

Mario: Oh, yeah, and the Babies' whining is more important than Luigi. Some girlfriend  you are.

Peach: MARIO!!! Daisy, Mario is grumpy at the moment, please ignore...

Daisy: What?!

Peach: Ohhhhh, I guess not...

Daisy: How dare you?! I've done more for Luigi than you ever have!

Mario: Don't make me laugh, stupid little...

Peach: Everyone, please stop your arguing!!!

Daisy: Let me through.

Mario: No!!!

Daisy: I command you!

Mario: I said no, and I mean it.


Mario: Yeah, and I'm his big brother, the one who was excited when he was born, the one who smuggled him some sweets when Mom wasnt looking, the one who has loved him like no brother can!

Daisy: Mario... let me through.

Peach: The way you two are shouting, you must be disrupting Gadd's work, so sit, make up, and be patient. The last thing we need is you two falling out.

Just then, E. Gadd came out the door.

Mario and Daisy: Well?!

Gadd: Luigi has, um, how do I put this...?

Daisy: What?!

Gadd: Luigi has caught a disease.

Mario: W...w...what kind of disease?

Gadd: It's called Opotomist.

Mario: What's that?

Gadd: Opotomist is a very rare where something gets stuck in the body.

Daisy: Is it serious?

Gadd: I'm sorry...

Peach: W...w...well is it contagious? Will he die?

Gadd: Definately not contagious..

Peach: Will he die?

Mario: No way... It's Luigi we're talking about. Luigi, he's a sursivor, he's my brother... he's, he's...

Gadd: Mario, I'm so sorry. He will die within a week.

Mario: You're... you're lieing.

Gadd: I wish I was, Mario. I really wish I was.

Toad: Luigi...

Everyone started bursting into tears.

Daisy: No!!! No!!! Please, please no! Gadd, there must be a cure!

Gadd: No...

Mario: You stupid old man! You're useless! Why don't you all just get stuffed and stop your fake crying, no one loved him as much as I did- NO-ONE!!!

Mario sprinted outside in tears.

Peach: Mario, wait!!!

Gadd: I'd leave him alone if i were you...

Mario was chucking rocks into a lake, thousands of thoughts going through his head. E. Gadd approached.

Gadd: Can I sit here?

Mario: I guess.

Gadd: Look Mario, I really didn't want to say this, but I really have no choice...

Mario: What?

Gadd: There is a cure for Opotomist.

Mario: WHAT?!

Gadd: Listen, the chances of this is-

Mario grabbed E Gadd by his collar.

Mario: What? Tell me, what is it, you have to tell me!

Gadd: There is a jungle a few kingdoms away called Fredun Jungle. On the huge waterfall there, just above it, i believe, is a strange purple flower. If you were to collect a couple, I'd squish them into a test tube and Luigi could drink it.

Mario: What are you waiting for?!

Gadd: It would take two days going there on my automatic plain, and two days back, and I have no idea where the waterfall is. I'd just land you anywhere in the center of the jungle.

Mario: I'm going! Now!

Gadd: You may not make it back in time. Wouldn't you like to spend time with Luigi while you can? He may die by the time you get back!


Gadd: Okay. Meet me at the lab in one hour. Until then, go see Luigi.

Mario: Right! And Professer... thanks.

Mario spent 50 minutes grieving with Luigi. Now he was beside the small 2-seater plane. E Gadd came in.

Gadd: Take Fludd with you, and all the hovers; you may need him.

Fludd: Woohoo! This will be an adventure!

Mario: Yeah, but I'm hardly excited.

Gadd; Do all you can.

Daisy ran in.

Daisy: Whew, you haven't gone. I'm coming with you.

Mario: What?! No, I'm doing this by myself.

Daisy; Stop thinking of yourself, think of Luigi, he'd want both of us. It will be easier and quicker if it were both of us for goodness sakes!

Mario: Um... right, get in!

Daisy ran in.

Gadd: Be careful and fast. I can contact you any time with my earpiece, got yours?

Mario: I always do!

Gadd: Good luck Mario, bye bye!

Mario: Bye Professer; Luigi, hang in there please.

Mario hopped onto the plane, and it automatically took off to their next location, the jungle where they hoped to find the cure.

The plane landed in a spot without without many trees or wildlfe at all.

Daisy: C'mon! Not long to go! Let's find this flower on top of a waterfall thingy and return it ASAP!

Mario: It will be hard you know, we have to look for a waterfall out of nowhere with no clue whatsoever. But we'll do it.

Daisy: We sure will.

Mario and Daisy: For Luigi.

Mario: We can't seperate; let's go this way.

Daisy: Fine.

It was a long walk. Daisy's dress made Mario tut, which for Daisy was a bit intimidating. They came across wildlife such as monkeys and tarantulas, and to Marios surprise, Daisy wasn't scared at all, Whenever he asked her why she replied "Luigi is more important." Suddenly, Mario and Daisy fell down a great big hole.

Daisy: Whaa? This is supposed to be a deserted jungle! Who could have dug this?

Mario: Can you get your shoe off my face, please?

Wario and Waluigi looked down into the hole.

Daisy: You have to be kidding me!

Mario looked up.

Mario: Whatever you have planned, get out of the way, because we don't have much time at all to speak to you.

Waluigi: We just came to fulfill our duties.

Daisy: Duties?

Wario: Sorry, but we have a contract now.

Mario: Contract?

Wauligi: Our master doesn't want you here.

Daisy: I'm confused.

Wario: Stupid girl! The Wario Bros. are now no longer two stupid men doing whatever, we're the real deal, we'll take on any job for the right price, and the job of out current and first ever contract is to get rid of you two!

Mario: Wha? Who's your Master?

Waluigi: Questions a bit late now, eh?

Waluigi and Wario threw down two matches at the two.

Wario: Haha, lets report back to the boss.

The two became overwhelmed with the smoke, which made it difficult to speak.

Mario: D...Daisy, can you climb this side?

Daisy: *cough* No, it's impossible.

Mario: I can hop side to side, but I dunno about you.

Daisy: Go without me.

Mario: You won't make it.

Daisy: So what?! Go!

Mario: Daisy, you can't just...

Daisy: Luigi is out there waiting, now hurry!

Mario started to hop and he was eventually at the top. Hearing Daisy's coughing at the bottom of the hole made him nervous. He jumped down.

Daisy: What?!

Mario threw Daisy on his shoulders.

Daisy: How dare you?! Get your hands off me!!!

Mario looked up at the top.

Mario: Ready?

Daisy: Don't dare.

Mario leaped left to right, left to right and eventually made it to the top.

Mario: Gonna hit me now?

Daisy: Thanks Mario... I would have died now.

Mario: Lets keep moving.

Daisy: The Wario Bros, they think they got us.

Mario: How mysterious, I wonder who the master is.

Daisy: They ain't seen the last of us. Anyway, lets keep moving.

Wario and Waluigi were away from the hole by now.

Wario: Hehe, they're probibly dead by now.

Waluigi: Let's phone the master.

Wario got out a cell phone and dialed the number.

Master: Hello?

Wario: Master...

Master: Is the job done?

Wario: Yes Master, theose two will never see daylight again.

Master: Most impresive, there will be a bonus in it for you, the both of you.

Wario: Why that is most kind.

Master: Well, anyway, I'll get my "servants" to pick you up. Sstay in the place you're in. We'll see you in a couple of days.

Wario: Until then, Master, and thank you!

The first day had past with no sign of a waterfall. It had dawned upon them: maybe they wouldn't make it. Maybe Luigi would die. Mario wouldn't cope. Daisy wouldn't cope. And who was to blame? No one, this was a natural disaster, a disease. Opotomist? Why?, Mario and Daisy kept asking. Why?

Mario: Have we been here already?

Daisy: I remember this weird-shaped tree, that's for sure.

Mario: We're going in blooming cirlcles!!!

Daisy: For goodness sakes! This place is like one big puzzle!

A small monkey approached.

Mario: What do you want?

The monkey took Mario's cap.

Mario: Hey, gimme that! I'm not in the mood!

The monkey put it on, then ran away! Mario and Daisy followed. Through dark bushes, in shadows, going past insects Mario and Daisy had never seen before, they continued to follow, until they came to a cliff edge. Mario stopped just in time, but Daisy ran into him and they both fell. The monkey threw the cap as they fell. They landed in water, and to their left was THE waterfall!

Daisy: Oh my God, we are here!!!

Mario: The flowers gotta be up there, they've gotta!

Daisy: Right... now how do we get up?

The waterfall was huge. Magnificant, and what a sight! But they weren't here for the view.

Daisy: You can wall jump!

Mario: Yeah right, i could make it one quarter of the way up, the get tired and fall.

Daisy: Got any better ideas?

Mario: Um... YUP!

Daisy: Well...?

Mario: Listen, all we have to do is find the helicopter and fly to the top.

Daisy: Great!

Mario: Remember, a small purple flower is what we're looking for, four at the most I think.

Daisy: Right!

After half a day's travel, they made it back to the helicopter. They had planted a small bug at the waterfall so they could go back easily. Mario spoke to E. Gadd as tthe helicopter went up.

Gadd: Luigi is getting worse, I think he'll die in about 60 hours. I'd calculated longer but it isn't looking hopeful.

Mario: We'll make it!

Daisy: Tell him to hang in there for me!

Mario: For us! And give him a hug for me!

Daisy: And a great big smooch from me!

Gadd: Wha?! It wont mean the same, I don't think!

Daisy: Yeah, you're right, leave it!

After five hours, they landed at the top of the waterfall.

Mario immediately found one of the flowers. Daisy then travelled 16 meters to her laft and found another. Another one was on the other side of the waterfall. Daisy floated across using her umbrella to get it.

Mario: One more, just one more!

Daisy: I can't see anything!!!

Mario looked down the waterfall. There was a small ledge with the last one!

Daisy: How can we get that?

Mario: If one of us went down, we couldn't get back up.

Daisy; We gotta put our heads together and think!

Mario ran and got some vines.

Mario: Will this do?

Daisy: Not unless you're a monkey!

The monkey that stole Mario's cap came over. Mario and Daisy winked.

Mario: Hey lil guy, wanna do us a favor?

It shook his head.

Daisy: Please...?

Another head shake.

Mario: Um... um you'll get a kiss of the pretty lady!

Daisy: What?!

The monkey frantically nodded his head.

Mario: For Luigi, right?

Daisy: Argh, right...

They got the vines and put the monkey down. He got the flower and came back up.

Mario: Little guy, I love you!

The monkey then shook his head whilst waving the flower over the waterfall.

Daisy: Huh?

Mario He wants the kiss you promised him.

Daisy: More like YOU promised him.

Daisy kissed the monkey on the cheek. With stars in its eyes, the monkey fell on the ground, stunned. The flower was in its hand. Daisy snatched it.

Daisy: I'll take that.

Mario: Let's go!

They ran to the helicopter. Back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

When they arived in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Daisy didn't even greet the emergency Koopas; they ran to the medical room. Mario ran through the door.

Mario: We're back!

Peach: Mario! Daisy!

Gadd: The flowers, quickly quickly!

Mario looked at Luigi; he looked diffrent to his opinion: white, sweaty, and just... not right. E.Gadd quickly squeeezed the sap from the flower into a test tube- there was lots! Mario took Luigi's right hand and Daisy took his left.

Daisy: Youve been through a lot Luigi, don't give in, whatever you do, don't give in.

E. Gadd held Luigi's chin up and poured the mixture in his mouth.

Mario: Please, God, make this work...

Luigi's eyes slowly opened. Mario and Daisy's hearts were thumping.

Luigi: W...w...ha? What are you guiys doing here?

Mario and Daisy: Luigi!!!

E. Gadd: Luigi needs his rest. Well done, guys, you really did have it in you, I'm shocked. Maybe you all should leave, I'll explain what's happened to Luigi.

Toad: Is Luigi gonna die?

Mario: Nope, nope nopety nope!!!

Daisy: Mario, we made a great team.

Mario: Yeah, now all we need is to get back at those Wario Bros, and their "boss".

Seven hours later, Luigi came out. Daisy gave him a snog.

Luigi: Gadd explained it all, how nice of you guys to actually risk your lifes for me.

Mario: We'd do anything for ya, bro.

Daisy: You know we always have your back.

The three hugged. They hugged for 15 minutes, which got boring for the others, but not them. Nothing could bring them down at that particular moment.


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