The Return of King Boo

By El Chico Koopa

It is almost past sun down and the seven Koopalings had just returned from a battle with Mario.

Larry: That Mario and his brother always win!

Wendy: I hate it when we lose! Especially if I lose with a broken nail!

Morton: Perhaps we will have better luck next time.

Ludwig: If there will be a next time. You know how King Dad gets very angry at us when we lose.

The seven Koopalings go through a dark forest thinking it would be a shortcut back to their castle.

Roy: These mosquitoes are biting! I hate bugs! Ludwig, where's the bug spray?

Ludwig: I don't have any.

Roy: Grr...

On the trail, Lemmy and Iggy fall behind.

Iggy: This forest is kind of spooky, don't you think, Lemmy?

Lemmy: Yeah.

Roy: Hey Lemmy! Iggy! Try not to fall behind, this forest is big and wide and we can't have anyone fall behind, cuz it's easy to get lost out here.

As the Koopas wander through the forest, they begin to think they're going the wrong way.

Lemmy: Are you sure we're going the right way, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Trust me. I know where we're going... I think.

Morton: "I think"? You mean to tell me you have no idea where we are going?!

Ludwig: Now I didn't say that.

Morton: It sure sounded like you said that to me. And I thought you were smart. I'll lead the way!

Roy: Why should you have to lead the way?

Morton: Because, I'm much, much smarter than you are.

Roy: You calling me an idiot?!

Morton: That's exactly what I'm calling you!

Morton and Roy start an argument. Iggy tries his best to break up his brothers.

Iggy: Morton! Roy! This is no time to be arguing! We have to get back home before King Dad decides to ground us for coming home late!

Roy: For once, I agree with Iggy. Which is the fastest way home, Morton?

Morton: Why are you asking me?

Roy: Cuz you said you'd lead the way!

Morton: Right, right. Follow me.

The gang follows Morton only to find out they're still going the wrong way.

Morton: I know the castle's  around here somewhere.

Ludwig: And you thought I had no idea where we we're going.

Morton: Look Ludwig, I know where we are going!

Larry: (shivering) I hope so. It's already getting cold out here.

Lemmy: Don't forget, King Dad will ground us for life if we don't get back home.

Wendy: And the sun is going down.

Thunder is heard in the background and it starts to rain as the clouds darken.

Roy: And to make matters worse, it's raining.

Morton: Now this is what I call a "Rain Forest".

Morton starts to laugh at the funny he made.

Roy: Stop laughing!

Wendy: What's wrong with a little rain? I like the water.

Ludwig: If we stay out here in this rain, we could all get sick. Well, except for Lemmy and Wendy. They won't get sick.

Morton: Hey! What's that over there?

Morton points to a dark and spooky mansion on the hill ahead of them all.

Lemmy: It looks like a big mansion.

Iggy: We're in luck, we could ask whoever lives there if we could stay inside for a little shelter.

Larry: That's a great idea, big bro. Let's go.

The Koopalings make their way towards the mansion. As they get closer to the mansion, crows and owls begin to caw and hoot in the distance.

Larry: What was that?

Morton: It was an owl, Larry.

Larry: I knew that.

Morton: You were scared.

Larry: I was not!

Wendy: Hey! Are you two going to yell at each other or are you coming with us?

Morton and Larry: We're coming.

Larry and Morton continue to walk up the hill. Morton's ankle gets caught in a plant, causing him to trip.

Larry: You okay, Morton?

Morton: (trying to release his ankle) Yeah, I'm okay. I'll catch up with you guys in a minute. I just got to get out of this thing.

Larry: Okay.

Larry continues to walk up the hill while Morton tries to free himself.

Morton: What is it with this thing?! I can't get out of it!

Morton manages to get his ankle out of it and he gets back up again and then he turns around. He finds a small beam of light in front of him shining and growing bigger.

Morton: What the...?

The little light takes the form of a pale-looking human. The figure soeaks to Morton.

Figure: Go...

Morton: Huh?!

Figure: Leave as fast as you can...

Morton: Who are you?

Figure: Go...

The figure disappears in a fade effect. Morton runs to his brothers and sister. He ran so fast to them that he was the first to get on the mansion's porch.

Roy: I know you're eager to get inside, bro, but there's no need to hurry.

Morton: I saw a ghastly thing over there!

Ludwig: A what?

Morton: I saw a very pale man telling me something!

Larry: You expect us to believe it?

Morton: Yes!

Roy: We're not falling for it, Morton.

The rest of the gang walks onto the porch and Lemmy rings the bell beside the mansion's front door.

Morton: But I saw it! I really did!

Ludwig: Uh-huh. Sure, Morton.

Morton: But...

Roy: Nobody's answering.

Lemmy rings the bell again.

The door opens by itself and a carpet rolls out to them.

Lemmy: Who rolled out that carpet?

Roy: Who cares? Let's go in!

Larry: We can't just walk right in like it's our home.

Roy: But I can.

Roy walks inside the mansion without fear.

Roy: Are you guys coming or not? Don't make me ask you twice!

The others walk in. Morton and Larry were a bit scared to walk in though; their teeth chatter.

Iggy: Stop doing that. It's freaking me out.

The lights to the mansion turn on by themselves.

Wendy: Who turned on those lights?

Ludwig: I didn't do it.

Lemmy: Nobody did it.

The Koopalings are standing under the mansion's chandelier.  The chandelier begins to squeek.

Roy: Where's that annoying squeeking coming from?

The Koopalings look up at the ceiling and the chandelier looks as if it's going to fall.

Ludwig: RUN!

The Koopalings run out of the area and the chandelier falls down from the ceiling.

Iggy: That was close.

Wendy: And scary.

Larry: Where is everybody?

Morton: There's nobody here.

The Koopalings go upstairs and find a dark empty room. But little do they know that they are being watched.

Roy: It sure is dark in here.

Wendy: Where's the light switch?

Lemmy finds a candle and lights it.

Lemmy: I got a candle.

Larry: That's better.

The candle goes out and Lemmy lights it again but it goes out yet another time.

Roy: What are we supposed to do?

Larry: Since no one's here, let's just relax.

Ludwig: I'm going to call King Dad.

Ludwig walks over to the phone in the room and picks it up.

Ludwig: Hmm... That's strange, the phone's dead. There's no dial tone.

Iggy: Now what?

Morton: I don't know about you six, but I'm finding the nearest shower and cleaning myself up. I got little dirt stains on me from that fall on the hill.

Morton leaves the room and tries to find the nearest washroom.

Morton: This mansion's the spookiest place I've ever been in. And I still can't figure out what that spirit-like figure was.

Morton continues to walk down the hall and his shadow turns into a different shadow.

Morton: Huh?

Morton's shadow returns back to its own self.

Morton: That was weird.

Morton finds the washroom and goes inside.

Morton: The water is still on. Somebody must've been here before, Oh well. Got to clean myself up.

Morton walks to the sink and splashes a little water on his face before getting in the shower to get his mind off those scary things. He thought it might calm his nerves.

Morton: A nice warm shower is all I need to put all this nonsense behind me.

He steps inside the shower without having to turn on the water because it was already running when he came in.

Morton: I was silly to think that this place was spooky. It's probably my mind playing tricks on me or something.

While Morton is in the shower, the door opens and two round balls of white light enter the washroom.

Morton: I've got nothing to worry about.

The balls of light open up the shower curtain.

Morton: Huh?! Hey! Who are you?!

Meanwhile, the others are playing a game of poker.

Roy: Hmm...

Roy looks at his hand and he has three Kings.

Roy: Ha ha!

Roy puts his hand down and reveals his cards. The others place their hands out except Larry.

Ludwig: Larry?

Larry begins to sweat and throws his hand down. He has five aces.

Roy: What?! Five aces?!

Larry: I win again.

Morton's call is heard in the distance.

Morton: AHHHHH!!!

Lemmy: Was that Morton?

Iggy: What did he scream for?

Ludwig: We gotta check this out to make sure he's okay.

The six other Koopalings go to the washroom but Morton is nowhere to be found. The water is still running.

Roy: This is terrible.

Lemmy: Where'd Morton go?

Larry: I don't know but someone should really turn that water off. That shower is flooded.

Wendy: Morton's gone. We should look for him.

Ludwig: Right. Iggy, Lemmy, and Larry, you guys search around this area of the mansion, and Roy, Wendy, and I will search around the other area.

Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry: Will do!

The Koopalings split up and search for Morton.

Lemmy: Let's check these rooms.

Iggy: I'll check this one.

Larry: I'll check this one.

Lemmy: And I'll check this one.

Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry go inside the rooms they chose.

Iggy: Morton!

Iggy sees a pool table in front of him.

Iggy: Well, since I'm here...

Meanwhile, Lemmy is searching around the room he chose.

Lemmy: Morton! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Lemmy searches the room. He searches behind the furniture, in the closets, and under furniture.

Lemmy: Hmm, Morton's not here.

Larry is searching in the room he chose.

Larry: I see nothing in this room but musical instruments. I'll have to look somewhere else.

Before Larry can put his hand on the doorknob, the instruments begin by themselves.

Larry: This is getting creepy.

The instruments stop playing. Larry leaves his room and Lemmy leaves his.

Larry: Where's Iggy?

Lemmy: He's probably searching in that room he chose.

Lemmy and Larry go inside the room and find Iggy shooting pool on the table.

Larry and Lemmy: IGGY!

Iggy: Hi guys. Morton was nowhere in here so I thought I'd play some billiards.

Lemmy: Come on, Iggy, we don't have time to play around. Our brother is missing and we've got to find him.

Iggy: Okay, okay.

Larry finds a button on the wall.

Larry: I wonder what this button does.

Larry pushes the button and a small door opens on the side of the wall.

Lemmy: Huh?

Iggy: What's that?

Iggy, Lemmy, and Larry walk up to the door and find Morton tied up and with a white cloth over his mouth! Morton tries to speak but the cloth prevents him from doing so.

Iggy: It's Morton!

Lemmy: Looks like Morton's trying to tell us something.

They take Morton's cloth off his mouth so he can speek.

Morton: Boos!

Larry: What?

Little white lights come out from the walls and take the form of the ghosts known as... Boos! The Boos fly around the room and form a circle around the three K2oopas. The Koopalings begin to shiver in fear.

Boos: Make way for the King!

Lemmy, Larry, and Iggy: King?

A Boo walks into the circle. The Boo has sinister red eyes and an evil smile and laugh and even wears a shiny red crown on it's head.

Boo: I am King Boo! Who dares disturb our rest? Look guys! It's his brothers he was talking about! Now it's three times the fun! Or should I say, four times the fun?!

Iggy: What do you want from us?!

King Boo ignores Iggy's question.

King Boo: Ha ha! Let's get going, guys!

King Boo and his gang go through the walls and disappear.

Larry: Who were those guys?

Lemmy: Boos.

The Koopalings get Morton untied.

Morton: That was them! Those were the guys who took me!

Lemmy: Tell us what happened.

Morton: Well... I was just in the shower washing myself up, when suddenly, the shower curtain opened and those Boos grab me and tied me up! After that, everything else is what I don't remember.

Larry: Jeepers! And what are we standing here for? We gotta warn the others!

The four Koopalings go find the other three. On the way to find them, a team of four ghosts jump out at them: a short orange ghost, a skinny tall pink ghost, a big fat blue ghost, and a tall green ghost eating bananas. The four ghosts scare the Koopalings.

Orange Ghost: Boo! We got ya!

Iggy: Hey, you scared me! But you picked the wrong time to freak us out! I'll take you on myself!

Green Ghost: (chewing his bananas) Oh yeah? You and what army?

Iggy: Me and...

Iggy turns behind him and Lemmy, Larry, and Morton are gone. Iggy runs away too. The four ghosts laugh at Iggy's fright. Iggy manages to catch up to the rest.

Morton: Iggy! Look behind us and see if they're coming!

Iggy: You look, Morton! I'm too busy running!

The four Koopalings run into Ludwig, Wendy, and Roy.

Roy: Watch where you're going! This hall needs a stop sign!

Lemmy: Guys! This mansion is full of ghosts!

Wendy: Ghosts?

Morton: Yeah! There were these Boos and... four colored ghosts and then... King Boo...

Ludwig: Slow down, Morton. What are you trying to tell us?

Morton: There are many different ghosts in the house!

Roy: Ghosts?! Heh! I don't believe in ghosts! There's no such thing as ghosts!

Another orange ghost sneeks up on Roy.

Larry: Oh yeah? Then what's that behind you?!

Roy turns around and he jumps in the air in fear!

Orange Ghost: RAWR!!!

The seven Koopalings run away and the orange ghost laughs at their fear. They run inside a room that looks like a dining room with a long table.

Roy: At least we're safe from those ghosts.

Iggy: Who's that?

Iggy points at the table and he sees a giant ghost man eating at the table.

Man: My name is Mr. Luggs! Do you mind? I'm eating here!

The Koopalings get frightened by Mr. Luggs and run into the kitchen.

Morton: That man was scary.

They hear a scratchy noise coming from behind the other door in the kitchen.

Wendy: Go see what it is, Roy.

Roy: Yeah, go see what it is, Morton.

Morton: Go see what it is, Lemmy.

Lemmy: Go see what it is, Iggy.

Iggy: Go see what it is, Ludwig.

Ludwig: Go see what it is, Larry.

Larry: Go see what it is... aw geez.

Roy: And don't come back 'til you get rid of it!

Larry: No problem...

Larry puts his hand on the knob and turns it very slowly. Then he pulls the door in just enough for him to peek outside. He doesn't see what is making the noise outside in the yard so he goes to find out. He shuts the door on his way out.

Larry: I don't see anything out here.

Larry does in fact see a doghouse that has the name "Spooky" on top and the words "Watch Dog" at the bottom. Two little eyes appear in the doghouse. Larry begins to talk to it nicely.

Larry: Hey there, little fella. Come on out. You shouldn't be here with all these ghosts...

Larry looks at the name on the doghouse again.

Larry: ... Spooky.

Spooky comes out of his doghouse and he's a ghost too!

Larry: Ghost dog!!!

Spooky barks at Larry and tackles him to the ground.

Larry: Get off of me!

Spooky barks at Larry again and begins to lick his face all over.

Larry: Ghost dog drool!!!

Larry's screams and shouts are heard inside the kitchen.

Lemmy: Sounds like Larry's in trouble!

Morton: Guess we better go help him!

Roy: No. He's going to get himself out of this problem himself.

The six others wait for Larry.

Larry: Hey!

Larry pulls a bone out and whistles to Spooky. Spooky gets interested in the bone.

Larry: See the bone? See it? Want it?

Larry throws the bone behind Spooky.

Larry: Go get it, boy!

Spooky goes to the bone.

Larry: (wiping the drool off his face) Glad that got rid of him.

Larry makes a run for the door leading to the kitchen. But before he can open it, Spooky returned to Larry with a stick in his jaws.

Larry: I thought I got rid of you!

Larry takes the stick and throws it. Spooky fetches it and brings it back to Larry.

Larry: How am I ever going to explain this dog to my brothers and sister?

Later, Larry lets the dog come with him and his siblings.

Roy: I don't know how I let you talk me into this.

Larry: Relax, he's harmless.

Iggy: Larry! It's a ghost for crying out loud!

Wendy: (with Spooky cuddling up to her) But he looks like a friendly ghost. I think he likes me.

Larry: But hey, I didn't expect Spooky to come along.

Roy: Great! Now he has a name!

Ludwig: Enough talking about Larry's new dog, let's get out of this mansion!

Spooky barks at something behind him.

Larry: What's wrong, boy?

Spooky is barking at fifteen Boos.

Lemmy: This doesn't look good.

Iggy: RUN!

The Koopalings and Spooky run to the front door of the mansion.

Iggy: Open it! Open it!

Lemmy tries to open the door but it's stuck!

Lemmy: It won't open!

Roy: Let me try!

Roy tries to open the door but not even he can open it!

Ludwig: Oh no! And the Boos are getting closer!

Roy: Why won't this door open?!

Morton: Maybe it opens from the outside!

Roy: It's a house door, you idiot! It opens from the inside!

The fiften Boos draw nearer and nearer to them all.

Larry: Hurry up!

Wendy: They're almost here!

They all try to open the door but they all fail!

Boo: Well what do you know?! Scaredy cats! Seven of them! Alright Boos, let's assume our real form and give them a little scare!

The Koopalings are so frightened about what the Boos have in store for them! Iggy and Lemmy hold onto each other as they shake in fear! Larry holds onto Spooky as he shakes in fear with his teeth chattering! The Boos begin to form a circle around the seven Koopalings and Larry's dog, then begin to spin around them all! The Boos then leap into the air and come together as one! They are now one giant Boo! They are now, Boolossus!

Boolossus: Ha ha! How about this?! Come here you little cowards!

Morton: That's the biggest Boo I've ever seen!

Spooky runs over to Boolossus.

Larry: Spooky! No!

Larry grabs Spooky before he can get any closer to Boolossus.

Boolossus: You will come with me!

Boolossus grabs all eight of them and puts them in little handcuffs.

Boolossus: King Boo will be so pleased to meet you all!

Boolossus takes all of them and returns to his master and lord, King Boo.

Boolossus: Your majesty! I have retrieved these little rats that were running around this mansion!

King Boo: Good, good. You have done well. Put them down.

Boolossus throws the Koopalings and Spooky on the ground for KIng Boo.

Roy: Let me out of these handcuffs!

Morton: If you know what's good for you that is! Uh, please sir.

King Boo: Not sir, sire! And I won't let you go! Not after what you have put me through to catch you!

King Boo walks around them all.

King Boo: This is most excellent!

Iggy: What are you going to do with us?!

King Boo: As a king among all Boos, I will torture you!

Wendy: You're going to eat us?!

King Boo: No. Not that. I will be right back with your punishment! But not just this minute! I will give you three hours to spend amongst yourself! That's how long you have and it isn't long! Boolossus! Come!

Boolossus and King Boo go into the back room.

Iggy: Well this is a fine mess we've gotten into.

Lemmy: What are we going to do?

Morton: Roy, since this is my last few hours with ya, I feel I should clear my heart.

Roy: Huh?

Morton: I have to admit, I took some of your weights to work out. I was desperate for a little weightlifting but I never did get a weight to lift.

Roy: No worries, Morton. Since this is the last few hours I'll be spending with you, I suppose I can forgive you. But I have something to confess myself. I've... I've...

Morton: Go ahead, let it all out.

Roy: I've... I've never really hated you. It's just all that talking that I hated about you. Forgive me for being such a bully to you.

Morton: That's fine. Besides, being a bully is your job.

Iggy: Lemmy, I have something to confess too. I was alway jealous of you being able to balance on a ball and I couldn't. The last time your ball was missing, it wasn't, I took it to show that I could balance just like you could. Forgive me for taking your ball without asking?

Lemmy: I forgive you.

Wendy: Ludwig, I was always jealous about you being the oldest and I put one of your chemicals in your drink before.

Ludwig: What?! You put one of my chemicals in my drink?!

Wendy: Yes, I put the one that was labeled...

Ludwig: I don't want to know! I don't want to hear it either!

Wendy: But...

Ludwig: I'm not listening!

While those six Koopalings are busy sharing what they had on their heart, Larry is talking to Spooky.

Larry: Okay, try it.

Spooky bites on Larry's handcuffs.

Larry: Good boy. Keep trying.

Spooky bites through Larry's handcuffs.

Larry: Good boy, Spooky.

Larry breaks up Lemmy and Iggy's moment.

Larry: Hey Spooky, over here.

Lemmy: What are you doing?

Iggy: And how did you get out of your handcuffs?

Larry: Never mind that. Spooky, chew their handcuffs.

Spooky chews through Lemmy and Iggy's handcuffs and the twins are both free. Larry then takes Spooky over to Ludwig and Wendy to set them free. After he gets them out, he goes over to Morton and Roy.

Roy: Morton, after all the trouble I've caused you in the past, I'm sorry I yelled at ya and called you names.

Morton: I'm sorry you did too.

Roy and Morton try to hug each other but they seem to be a little tied up right now. Spooky starts to chew on Morton's handcuffs.

Morton: Huh?

Spooky chews through Morton's handcuffs and then Roy's.

All seven of them are free and now is their chance to escape.

Larry: Good boy, Spooky.

Ludwig: Now let's get out of here.

All seven of the Koopas head for the door. Roy stops Morton however. He gives Morton a bad look.

Morton: What's wrong?

Roy: If you say any of this to anyone, I'll clobber you!

Morton: Okay, okay.

Morton and Roy go out the door too. Boolossus comes in to serve the Koopas their last meal.

Boolossus: Okay you runts, here's your last meal. Huh?

Boolossus sees the door still open. He drops the dishes and runs back to King Boo.

Boolossus: Your majesty! They escaped!

King Boo: What?! They got away?! Send out the army of my other Boos!

Boolossus sends out the other Boos that were left to go find the Koopas. Roy, Morton, Lemmy, and the others see that they are being followed by more Boos. Roy, Morton, Ludwig, and Larry decide to stay and take care of the Boos once and for all.

Wendy: What are you guys doing?! Let's go!

Larry: Go ahead without us! We'll take care of these Boos personally. Take Spooky with you.

Spooky runs and jumps into Lemmy's arms.

Lemmy: Are you kidding?

Iggy: There's an armada of Boos here and you're going to take them all on?

Ludwig: Leave!

Wendy: But...

Roy: He said leave! So go!

Wendy, Lemmy, and Iggy leave and Roy, Morton, Ludwig, and Larry stay behind.

Roy: Let's show those Boos what we can really do!

Morton: Right! Let's show them some of that Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopa Power!

The four of them dress up as the Sneaky Lying Cheating Giant Ninja Koopas (as seen in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 show) and are ready to rumble!

Boo: Ooh! We're so scared!

Ninja Larry takes on one fourth of the army and Ludwig, Morton, and Roy go against the other three fourths.

Roy: There's too many of them, but we can handle it!

The Ninja Koopas show off their roundhouse, uppercuts, and other fighting moves against each Boo. Each Boo that is hurt had vanishes in a poof of white clouds. One by one, the Ninja Koopas knock out the Boo Armada. Soon, the Ninja Koopas have earned a victory.

Ninja Ludwig: I guess we showed them!

Ninja Larry: We sure did.

Ninja Roy: Hehe! I bet those losers practically gave up at the end!

Ninja Morton: Yeah! We rule!

But it was too early to celebrate. Boolossus has come to get them back.

Boolossus: That was fine! But here I come! Or should I say, "Here we come!"

Boolossus seperates into the fifteen Boos he started as.

Ninja Morton: Bring it on!

The Ninja Koopas treat this battle the same as the last one. Soon there is one Boo left to get rid of. Roy swings his nunchucks at the Boo and it vanishes into thin air.

Ninja Roy: Hehe! Yeah!

Ninja Ludwig: That's all of them!

Ninja Larry: We did it!

Ninja Morton: It's still too early to celebrate! There's one more left!

King Boo had appeared in front of the Ninja Koopas.

King Boo: Heh! You may have gotten rid of my friends, but I am not afraid of you! I fear only those weapons you carry! Stupid weapons! But just because you've defeated my minions and Boolossus doesn't mean I'll flee! I'll fight you like a true Boo! I am a King among all Boos! You have defeated my friends but the question is, do you have what it takes... TO PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS?! Now join your other brothers and sister in the entrance to the mansion!

King Boo teleports them and himself to the entrance of the mansion where Iggy, Lemmy, and Wendy had just made it to the front door.

Lemmy: Larry? Roy? Ludwig? Morton? KING BOO?!

King Boo: Now is the punishment you deserve! You picked the wrong house to come in for shelter!

King Boo's eyes begin to glow. Roy, Ludwig, Larry, and Morton get in their battle positions.

Lemmy: Guys!

Morton: Go ahead and leave the mansion while you still can!

Lemmy, Iggy, and Wendy do as they say and Iggy opens the door.

Iggy: Let's go.

Lemmy and Iggy leave through the door but Wendy refuses to leave.

Lemmy: (grabbing Wendy's arm) Wendy! Let's go!

Wendy: Let me go!

Iggy: Come on, sis! We can't help them anymore! We've got to go!

Wendy: No! I'm staying!

Lemmy: Are you crazy? You heard them! They know what's best! They're fighting King Boo! What do you want?!

Wendy: He put us through all this trouble, Lemmy. It was King Boo! He caused us total chaos! Look, he has taken everything from us! He even wanted to torture us! And I am not leaving until I see him die!

Roy and Morton use their pair of nunchucks to try to hurt King Boo but King Boo is moving too fast and they can't hit him.

King Boo: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! You can't get me!

Ludwig and Larry use their staffs but King Boo is still moving too fast.

Ninja Roy: He's too quick!

Ninja Morton: We can't hurt him if he moves that fast!

King Boo: And those other Boos didn't even try to fight back, but I will!

King Boo spits a fireball at them all.

Ninja Ludwig: I can do that too!

Ludwig spits one of his fireballs at King Boo but misses.

King Boo: Ha ha! You can't even touch me!

King Boo spits another one at them and it hits Larry in his chest.

King Boo: Ha! Fool!

Larry gets back up and tries to hit King Boo again.

King Boo: You can't do anything to me! I have no weakness!

Lemmy, Iggy, and Wendy watch as their brothers fight against King Boo.

Iggy: Wait. All ghosts do have weaknesses.

Lemmy: Right! They hate...

Lemmy turns on the lights in the mansion.

King Boo: Ahh! NO! Not the light!!!

Ninja Ludwig: Now's our chance while he's distracted!

All four ninjas use heir strength to attack King Boo and get a direct hit!

King Boo: No! You hit me! No!

Beams of light start to shoot out from King Boo's body. In a flash, King Boo is defeated once and for all.

Ninja Morton: It's over. He's vanished.

The Ninja Koopas get out of their ninja outfits and return to their normal selves.

Larry: It's a good thing Spooky's not afraid of the light.

The adventure of the seven Koopas is now over. They walk out of the mansion without a fear, knowing that King Boo, Boolossus, and the gang are gone. After a few moments, they all return safely to the castle where they belong. Bowser is a bit steamed though and it isn't because they were out late.

Bowser: Absolutely not, Larry! We are not keeping that ghost dog in this castle! We've already got Bagels and Playful to care about! Two pets is enough!

The End

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