Bowser's Missing

By El Chico Koopa

Bowser is in his throne room searching for his lost fire orb.

Bowser: It has to be in this room. It's the only place I was in.

Before Bowser could continue his search, a dark shadow casts over him, snags Bowser, and runs away.

Two of Bowser's children, Ludwig and Larry, run into the throne room.

Larry: King Dad! Ludwig won't give me my Piranha Plant back!

Ludwig: He's lying!

Larry and Ludwig stop in their tracks and find that Bowser is nowhere in sight.

Larry: Where's King Dad?

The other Koopalings run into the throne room.

Wendy: What's going on?

Larry: King Dad's missing!

Morton: Missing? You mean he's gone, missing, misplaced, taken, kidnapped, koopanapped, stolen...

Roy shuts Morton up by shoving Lemmy's ball down his throat.

Roy: Good, now we can get something done without Big Mouth's big mouth. What do you mean he's missing?

Larry: We don't know where he is. We saw him walking in here earlier and he never came out. But once Ludwig and I got here, he was gone.

Lemmy: (trying to yank his ball out of Morton's mouth) That's a shame.

Ludwig: It's simple. Dad's been kidnapped.

Iggy: How do you know?

Ludwig: I am a genius.

Roy: What do we do?

Wendy: Do we look for him?

Larry: I guess we have to.

Lemmy finally gets his ball out of Morton's mouth.

Morton: There's only one person that could've done this.

Roy: That's right. It was the one we know who is an enemy of King Dad. The only one who stops King Dad from conquering the Mushroom Kingdom. That someone is... Mario.

The Koopalings run downstairs and assemble an army of Goombas, Bill Blasters loaded with Bullet Bills, and Magikoopas.

Ludwig: Since I am second in command, I'll be leading the way to the castle! Charge!

The Koopalings and the army march to Peach's Castle. At Peach's Castle, Peach had invited Mario and Luigi over for dinner.

Peach: Please have some more pasta, Mario.

Mario: Don't mind if I do.

While Mario, Luigi, Peach, and their other friends are eating, a Toad is looking out the castle's window. He sees the Koopas and their army coming straight for the castle.

Toad: Uh oh. I have to warn the princess!

The Toad hurries to Peach and tells her the bad news.

Toad: Princess Peach, we have company! It's Bowser's kids! And they have an army with them!

Peach: Oh no!

Mario: We'll handle this, Princess Peach!

Luigi: Yeah! We'll show those Koopalings some of that Mario Bros. power!

Mario and Luigi rush to the entrance to the castle.

Peach: I hope they can pull it off.

Toad: Don't worry, Princess, they'll win. There's no stopping the Mario Bros.

Peach: I hope so.

Ludwig: We're here! It's time to show Mario some of that Koopa power!

Roy runs over to the Bill Blasters and aims them at the castle's entrance.

Roy: Ready! Aim! FIRE!

The Bill Blasters fire Bullet Bills at the castle's entrance and break the door down. The Mario Bros are ready to do battle with the Koopas and their army.

Goomba General: Let's get them, Goombas!

The Goombas attack the Mario Bros. but they seem like the weakest force for the plumbers to take on.

Mario: These Goombas aren't that tough!

Mario and Luigi use teamwork to stomp on each Goomba.

Goomba: AHH!

Another Goomba: Oh no!

The Marios stomp on the Goombas' heads like crazy!

Mario: Is that all you got, Koopas?

Luigi smashes the Goombas with a hammer. That flattens the Goombas into thinner pancakes.

Mario: That's all of them.

Luigi: Not quite.

The Mario Bros. notice the Goomba General still standing.

Goomba General: Uh oh...

The Mario Bros. use one of the Bros Attacks they learned in Superstar Saga. They perform the Splash Bros attack. Mario jumps off of Luigi's back and then jumps into the air. Luigi then jumps up to Mario and grabs his legs. They then dive down at the Goomba Genral and flatten him into a pancake.

Mario: Bring it on, Koopas!

Ludwig: Roy! Morton! Lemmy! Iggy! Fire the Bill Blasters!

Roy, Morton, Lemmy, and Iggy fire Bullet Bills at the Mario Bros, but Mario and Luigi kick the Bullet Bills away as they come. The Bill Blasters fly back into their cannons. The Koopalings run away because the Bullet Bills make the blasters build up pressure inside. The Bill Blasters then explode!

Ludwig: Grr! Magikoopas! Attack!

The Magikoopas use their magic wands to zap the Mario Bros.

Magikoopa: Let's get them ice cold!

The Magikoopas cast a spell that will freeze the Mario Bros.

Mario: Magikoopas. Watch out, Luigi!

Luigi and Mario dodge the attacks as they come. They then take a shield from the nearby knight armor and block the magic attacks. The spells reflect back at the Magikoopas, causing them to freeze instead. The Magikoops then shatter into little chunks of ice.

Ludwig: Fine! We'll fight you ourselves!

Lemmy and Iggy run at the Mario Bros to attack. Lemmy throws his ball at the Mario Bros. to throw them off-guard.

Mario: Luigi! Look out!

Luigi: Yikes!

With the Mario Bros' guard down, Lemmy and Iggy attack from behind by piledriving them against the walls.

Roy: Hold them there!

Iggy and Lemmy hold onto Mario and Luigi as best they can. Roy charges at the Mario Bros. and hurt them very badly. Wendy tosses her rings at Mario and Luigi. They constrict them so they can't get away.

Morton: Ha! Take this!

Morton kicks Mario in his chin.

Larry: Let me join you, bro.

Larry kicks Luigi in his chin.

Mario: Luigi. They're tougher than the last time we fought them.

Luigi: I heard that.

Roy jumps in the air and smashs the ground, causing the whole castle to shake. Mario and Luigi are unable to keep their balance and fall.

Roy: Heh heh!

Morton: You are the losers this time, Mario Bros!

Wendy: With my rings strapped around you, you can't get back up.

Ludwig: And now to finish you off...

Ludwig inhales a lot of air and exhales a giant fire flame. He fries the Marios, and it would seem that the Koopalings have won.

Mario: Koopas...

The Mario Bros, too weak to continue, faint right there on the ground.

Ludwig: It's over. Good job, my siblings.

Roy: I did most of the work.

Lemmy: You did most of the work?

Iggy: We held onto them and even piledrived them into the walls and got them off their guard.

Roy: So?

Ludwig: Who cares who did the most? All that matters is that we won and not them.

The Koopalings share an evil laugh.

Larry: What about King Dad?

Ludwig: He must be in the castle somewhere. Let's go find him.

Before the Koopalings can begin their search for their dad, a giant Bonzai Bill comes their way and almost hits them.

Lemmy: What was that?

Iggy: Who did that?

The Koopalings turn around and find Bowser tied up with a cloth around his mouth, keeping him from talking. Standing around Bowser are Mouser, Triclyde, and Fry Guy.

Koopalings: Huh?

Another Bonzai Bill fires at them but they duck down and dodge the Bonzai Bill.

Koopalings: What's going on?

Stepping out of the shadows is the Ruler of Sub-con. It is none other than Bowser's older brother and the Koopalings King Uncle... King Wart Koopa.

Wart: Ha ha ha!!!

That's right. The Mario Bros were innocent. Wart kidnapped Bowser, not them.

Part 2

Previously on Bowser's Missing, Bowser was busy looking for the fire orb he lost when a shadow casted over him and kidnapped him. Larry and Ludwig arrived at the scene of the crime and found their dad gone. The Koopalings suspected Mario as the kidnapper so they assembled an army of Goombas, Bill Blasters, and Magikoopas to rid the Mario Bros and get their dad back.

Toad saw the Koopalings making their way to Peach's Castle and told her the bad news. Mario and Luigi insisted on keeping the Koopalings out and went into battle against them. The Mario Bros successfully defeated the Goombas, Magikoopas, and Bill Blasters. But when they battled the Koopalings, they were finally outclassed. The Mario Bros. fainted and the Koopalings began looking for Bowser in Peach's castle.

To the Koopalings surprise, the kidnapper was not the Mario Bros. as suspected. The kidnapper was actually the ruler of Sub-con, older brother of Bowser, oldest son of Morton Sr, and their uncle, King Wart Koopa.

This is the next part of the story!

Wart: Ha ha ha! I am the kidnapper, not those pathetic Mario Bros!

Larry: You kidnapped our dad?

Wart: It would seem that way. Yeah.

Ludwig: But King Uncle, why?

Wart: Why? WHY?! I'll tell you why. I was supposed to be the Koopa who got the throne but a science experiment transformed me into a frog. Your grandpa, Morton Sr, came to the conclusion that the King of Koopas could not be a frog so he kicked me off the throne and gave it to Bowser. I wanted to get revenge and here I am getting it!

Morton: It's so clever.

Wart: That's right! Now if you'll excuse us, we must return to Sub-con! But here's a little present from Mouser to you, my nephews and niece.

Mouser: Here you go!

Mouser throws a bomb at the Koopalings.

Wart: Ha! Have a blast! So long my nephews and niece!

Wart and his gang hightail it out of there and take Bowser with them.

Ludwig: Get rid of that!

Iggy and Lemmy try to put the fuse out.

Roy: Uh oh. RUN!

The Koopalings scatter and the bomb explodes.

Ludwig: Is everybody okay?

All Koopalings are fine but they need to find a way to get Bowser back from Wart.

Wendy: How do we get King Dad back from King Uncle?

Morton: We don't even know where Sub-con is.

Ludwig: Don't look at me. I may be smart but I don't know where Sub-con is.

The Koopalings try to think of a plan to get Bowser back from Wart. Meanwhile, Wart has already returned to Sub-con, with Bowser still tied up.

Wart: Ha! My little brother, you are not going to be the King of Koopas anymore! From now on, I am the King of Koopas! Once I am through with you, I will take over the rest of Sub-con and then your castle and then the Mushroom Kingdom and then the entire planet of Plit!

Clawgrip takes the cloth off of Bowser's mouth.

Bowser: You will never get away with this, Brother!

Wart: That is where you're wrong, Bowser.  After all, you're kids don't even know where Sub-con is! How will they save you now?!

Bowser: They will get here! Trust me!

Wart: Ha! I say "Ha!"! I laugh at the thought you have of being rescued! At least you know how Peach feels when you kidnap her!

Wart laughs very sinisterly. Bowser is very angry. Meanwhile, the Koopalings are thinking of how to get Bowser back from Wart. Ludwig is looking through a book that has all the information about Sub-con.

Morton: What do we do? King Uncle's got King Dad and there's nothing we can do.

Lemmy: If only we knew-

Iggy: -where Sub-con is.

Larry: Any luck finding out where it is, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Yes! I have found out where we can get to Sub-con and rescue King Dad from King Uncle.

Ludwig puts the book down so everyone can see.

Ludwig: We must go through the Forest of Illusions and find a hidden cave. Once we've reach the cave, we should get to Subcon.

Wendy: Should we go now?

Ludwig: You bet ya. Let's go!

The Koopalings travel through Donut Plains, through the Vanilla Dome, over the mountains, and into the Forest of Illusions. Larry bought along his magic wand so they can communicate with Bowser through his own wand, which he fortunately has with him.

Larry: I'm going to try to contact King Dad.

Larry uses his magic wand to communicate with Bowser, who Wart has just placed in a cell.

Bowser: Grr... Once I get out of here, that older brother of mine is going down!

Bowser's magic wand gets Bowser's attention. He takes his wand out and finds that he's talking to Larry.

Bowser: Larry?!

Larry: King Dad!!! It's you!

Bowser: What are you Koopalings doing?

Larry: We're going to save you from King Uncle, Wart.

Bowser: That's very heroic of you, but Wart's dangerous! Do you even know where Sub-con is?

Larry hands Ludwig his magic wand.

Ludwig: We just figured it out and we're on our way.

Bowser: Be very careful once you get here.

Wart and Clawgrip walk in and find Bowser talking to his children through his wand.

Clawgrip: What do you think you're doing?!

Bowser sees Wart and Clawgrip.

Bowser: I'm talking to my children! You're interrupting me!

Clawgrip: Sorry.

Wart: Don't appologize, you seasick goon!!!

Clawgrip: Sorry.

Wart walks into the cell and takes Bowser's wand out of his hand. Clawgrip holds onto him so he won't escape.

Wart: Listen up, nephews and niece!

Koopalings: King Uncle?!

Wart: If you think you're going to get your dad back, you're all foolish! I hate to say that to my own nephews and niece! But stay away!

Wendy: King Uncle! We want our King Dad back!

Wart: Ha! Ha I say! I laugh at you, Wendy! You'll never get him back!

Wart thinks for a minute, and then continues speaking into the wand.

Wart: Okay, you can have your dad back.

The Koopalings cheer, happy to get their dad back.

Wart: Stop celebrating! There's more! I'll give you your dad back in exchange for the key to Bowser's Castle!

Bowser: WHAT?!

Koopalings: WHAT?!

Wart laughs extremely evilly.

Wart: That's right! If you ever want to see your King Dada again, you'll give me the key to his castle! You have to contact me once you've entered Sub-con!

Wart ends the communication. He locks the cell on Bowser again but keeps his wand so Bowser can't try anything tricky.

Morton: He demands a ransom of the key to the castle?!

Ludwig: I guess we have no choice.

Ludwig had already taken the key before they set off to find Bowser. After a few hours, the Koopalings arrive at the cave.

Roy: Are you sure this is it?

Ludwig: Positive.

Lemmy and Iggy: What are we waiting for?! Let's go!

All seven of them walk into the cave. Instead of coming to a dead end, they end up coming out of a warp pipe which is the entrance to the mysterious world of Sub-con.

Larry: We made it. I've heard a lot about Sub-con. They say it has vegetables in it.

Larry pulls a vegetable out of the ground.

Larry: See?

Roy: There's no time to do all that, Larry! Let's get going!

Morton: But wait. King Uncle said that we have to contact him once we enter Sub-con.

Larry pulls out his wand. They contact Wart.

Larry: King Uncle, we've made it into Subcon.

Wart: Ah, you made it, eh? Very good. Now bring me the key and you'll get your dad back. Get to my castle. Once we meet each other, we will exchange and get we wanted. That means that everyone's happy, you, me, and your dad. I'll be waiting.

They end the conversation. The Koopalings head toward Wart's Castle.

Morton: But isn't King Uncle's castle in the sky?

Roy: How are we going to get up there?

Ludwig: Don't worry. I have a way.

Lemmy: What way is that?

Iggy: What do you have in mind?

Ludwig pulls out a small tube.

Ludwig: With Hot Air Balloon in a Tube.

Roy: That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard of but it's worth a shot.

Ludwig breaks the tube and tosses it far ahead of them. Out of the tube comes a giant hot air balloon with a basket big enough for them all to fit in.

Ludwig: Sometimes, my inventions just amaze me. Oh, I am so smart. The only thing I don't know is how to get it back in the tube.

Roy: Who cares? Let's get in there and up there!

The seven Koopalings get inside the hot air balloon basket and fly up to the castle in the sky that belongs to Wart.

Morton: Isn't that King Uncle's sky castle over there?

Morton points, revealing Wart's castle.

Ludwig: It is. This is our stop.

The Koopalings get out of the basket. Wart is nowhere around.

Larry: Where's King Dad and Uncle?

They wait for Wart to come out of the castle. He probably does along with a tied up Bowser and Clawgrip, Mouser, Triclyde, and Fryguy.

Wart: Well, well, well. If it isn't my little nephews and niece. I thought you wouldn't show up.

Iggy: Oh no, King Uncle. We showed up alright.

Wart: Good. Now let's get down to business. Hand over the key to Bowser's castle and I'll hand over your dad to you.

Morton stands still with the key in his hands.

Morton: Umm...

Wart: Well? What will it be?

Roy swallows hard. Lemmy and Iggy cuddle up to each other.

Morton: Uh...

The Koopalings look at Bowser and Bowser looks at them.

Wart: Make your choice, nephews and niece.

Part Three

So far on Bowser's Missing, the Koopalings have figured out that the real kidnapper was indeed their King Uncle, Wart. Wart explained why he kidnapped Bowser and had Mouser leave them a little surprise. Ludwig spent time researching a book that had the information of Sub-con. It even told them how to enter Sub-con. They were off to get Bowser back. As soon as they reached the Forest of Illusions, Larry used his magic wand to contact Bowser to make sure he was fine. Bowser was indeed okay until Wart and Clawgrip saw him talking to his kids. Wart took his wand and demanded a ransom. His plan was he to give the Koopalings their dad back only if they gave him the key to Bowser's Castle. However, the Koopalings didn't feel safe exchanging the keys for Bowser. Will they agree to the trade? Let's find out...

Wart: *clearing his throat* Well? Do we have a deal or what? Come on, Nephew Morton! Give me the keys and you'll get your dad back! You have my promise! Cross my heart!

Triclyde hisses, Mouser stomps the ground rapidlly, Fryguy gets even hotter, and Clawgrip cracks his claw knuckles. Morton still isn't sure and neither are his other brothers and sister.

Wart: Heh! If you don't agree to trade, I'll have my minions, Triclyde, Mouser, Fryguy, and Clawgrip demolish you and your dad.

Wart's minions come to his side, leaving Bowser behind them.

Bowser: I'm afraid you have no choice, my little Koopalings. Give him the key.

Morton steps ahead two times. He turns his head and looks at his brothers and sister. They look a bit worried too.

Morton: *sigh* Okay, King Uncle...

Wart: I knew you'd see it my way, little nephew.

Morton looks at Wart and his minions. The sneakiest Koopaling, Larry, had sneaked over behind them and winks his eye at Morton. Morton gets the idea and winks his eye back.

Wart: What's wrong? Got something in your eye?

Morton: King Uncle, I've come to a conclusion about the key and our dad...

Larry, being his sneaky-self, unties Bowser.

Wart: And what conclusion is that?

Morton: That you can't have either!!!

Bowser and Larry jump over Wart.


Bowser: Hurry! Let's make a run for it!

Wart: Grr!!! I'll get you!!!

Wart chases after them but then stops.

Wart: Why are you four just standing there?! LET'S GO!!!

Wart and his minions chase after the Koopas.

Ludwig: Quick! Into the balloon!

They all get into Ludwig's hot air balloon and fly away.

Wart: GRRRR!!! NOT AGAIN!!! *whistles*

Wart summons his aircraft machine and hops aboard. His minions hop oaboard too.

Wart: They'll never escape the wrath of King Wart Koopa!

Larry notices Wart on their tail.

Larry: They're coming!

Roy: Can't this thing go any faster?!

Ludwig: No!

Wart: Let's see how they like my Pidgit, Albatoss, and Tweeter flock! GO!

The Tweeters, Albatoss, and Pidgits fly towards the Koopas. The Pidgits are on magic carpets of course.

Ludwig: Oh no! They're pecking the balloon! They're going to pop it!

Wart's flock pecks the balloon until it's completely filled with holes. The basket drops down from the sky and onto hard land.

Wart: Ha ha! I knew my flock army would come in handy. Now! Destroy them all!

The flock flies down to the Koopas. Bowser and Ludwig stop and breathe flames at them as they come. The others aren't having much luck though. Bowser and Ludwig practically fry the birds.

Wart: I'll show those show-offs!

Wart lands his machine and chases after them.

Bowser: Quick! To the Sub-con entrance!

The Koopas jump into the pipe they took when they arrived at Sub-con. The Koopas are back in the Mushroom Kingdom but Wart is even madder than ever.


Fryguy: Calm down, your majesty. Your temperature is getting as high as mine.

Wart: Grr...

Triclyde: Should we follow them to their castle?

Wart: ... No.

Mouser: No? What do you mean, your majesty?

Wart: Let's not follow them. Instead, we will go to Princess Peach's castle.

Mouse, Triclyde, Fryguy, and Clawgrip: Huh?!

Wart: Heh heh heh!

Aa Wart is enjoying his moment, the Koopas are back at Bowser's Castle.

Bowser: It's still not over. He's still coming, I can tell. The way he was, I can tell he wants to get me back and not only me but all of you too.

Roy: No sweat, King Dad. We'll be ready for him and his four lazy goons.

Morton: Yeah! We'll pulverize them, destroy them, demolish them, finish them, cream them, clobber them...

Roy shuts Morton up again. Ludwig has Wart on a radar.

Ludwig: It's okay. He's not coming here yet. In fact, he's nowhere near this castle. It looks like he's going to...

Bowser and the other Koopalings look at Ludwig's radar computer.

Bowser and Koopalings: Peach's Castle!

Iggy: Why would he be there?

Lemmy: That's strange.

Wendy: Does he want something from them?

Bowser: Hmm...

Wart and his gang have already arrived at Peach's Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. Wart is doing a little "redecorating" in the castle.

Triclyde: You're a genius, your majesty.

Wart: Yeah! And with those Mario Bros. out of the way, thanks to my nephews and niece, they can't stop us from taking over this castle! Nobody can! HA HA HA!!! Hit the switch, Fryguy!

Fry Guy: Yes, sire.

Fry Guy presss a switch and Peach's Castle (at least it used to be her castle) flies up into the air. Wart and his minions have remade Peach's Castle into a destructive doomship of their own.

Wart: And who said my brother was the only one who could have a doomship? HA!!! Little Brother! Here I come!

Wart flew his doomship all the way to Bowser's Castle. There, the Koopas were still watching Wart on radar.

Ludwig: That's funny. The radar indicates that we are under attack by a doomship.

Bowser: But how? Nobody's even driving the doomship.

Wart fired Bullet Bills and bombs at Bowser's Castle.

Bowser: What is that thing?!

Wart: Heh heh heh! Do you like it?!

Bowser: He's got a doomship too?!

Wart: And it's much better than yours! Did you know this used to be Peach's Castle?

Bowser: How dare you pull off such a pure evil plan!

Wart: Of course I dare!

Wart's minions are at the tip of the bow.

Wart: Triclyde! Fryguy! Get to work!

Fryguy and Triclyde attack the Koopas.

Triclyde: As I said before, "Step right up! If you're ready to get toasted!"

Fryguy: And as I said before, "I'm too hot to touch!"

Triclyde and Fryguy shoot fireballs at the Koopas. One of the fireballs hits Roy in his chest.

Roy: You dare hit the strongest Koopaling?!

Roy charges at Triclyde and knocks him down.

Roy: How do you like that?

Ludwig shoots fireballs at Fryguy but it gives him more power than before.

Ludwig: Uh oh.

Fryguy: Ha ha! *shoots fireballs*

Wart: Give up, Brother! There's no way you can stop us!

Bowser: Quick! Retreat to the doomship!

The Koopas retreat to the doomship.

Bowser: Ludwig! Take the wheel! Roy! Morton! Larry! Prepare to fire the Bill Blasters! Wendy! Lemmy! Iggy! Keep a sharp eye out for their next attack.

Wart: What do you think you're doing?

Bowser: We're fighting fire with fire! Or in this case, doomship with doomship!

Wart: You'll never win!

Roy, Morton, and Larry aim the cannons at Wart's doomship.

Roy: Ready?

Morton: Aim.

Larry: FIRE!

The three of them fire Bullet Bills at Wart's ship.

Wart: We're under attack!

Mouser: Let's see how they like this.

Mouse loads a giant cannon with his bombs and fires them at Bowser's ship.

Iggy: Incoming Mouser Bomb Projectiles!

Ludwig steers the doomship away from the bombs.

Mouser: Missed! They got lucky!

Wart: Clawgrip! Send out the army of Snifits!

Clawgrip has the Snifits stand at the bow firing Bullet Bills out of their noses. They hit Bowser's doomship and cause it to break apart.

Lemmy: We're breaking up!

Bowser: General Guy!

General Guy (he's a boss in Paper Mario) drives his tank up to the bow of Bowser's doomship and fires missles at Wart.

Wart: It's not over yet, Brother! I have not yet begun to fight! Beezos! Attack!

His army of Beezos attack Bowser's doomship.

Bowser: Ha! They missed!

Wart: That's what you think. Look down, Brother.

Bowser looks at the Beezos and sees them drilling through the doomship.

Bowser: Grr...

Roy, Morton, and Larry handle the Beezos by firing missiles at them.

Ludwig: Let's send out the Gunner Guys!

Ludwig sends the Gunner Guys to shoot Wart (not his doomship).

Wart: What are you... AHHH!!!

The bullets kept hitting Wart over and over again.

Wart: AHHHHH!!!

Bowser: He's off-guard! Fire the Bonzai Bill!

Roy, Morton, and Larry push a giant Bill Blaster to the bow and fire a Bonzai Bill! Wart can't see through the smoke left from the bullets. Once it clears up, he sees the Bonzai Bill coming for his doomship.


The Bill hit Wart's doomship and causes it to explode.

Wart: No! My beautiful doomship!!!

Wart and his minions blast off.

Bowser: Ha! That'll teach you to mess with the Koopas, Bro!

The Koopalings cheer and gather around Bowser.

Bowser: Sometimes, it just pays to be the King of Koopas.

Bowser has his minions fix the damages done to the castle by Wart and his crew.

Bowser: It's good to be home again.

Morton: I wonder what happened to King Uncle.

If the rest of you are wondering what happened to Wart, well...

Wart: AHHHH!!!

Wart lands headfirst on a solid surface.

Wart: Oh my aching... huh?

Wart sees a sign.

Wart: *reading sign* Chain Chomp Alley. Chain Chomps?!

Wart hears some growling noises coming from behind him. He turns his head around very slowly. And of course, you know what he saw.


To Be Continued...

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