The Silver Star


Artwork by Fried Rooster

One nice and pieceful evening, the Koopalings were all eating a huge pizza dinner. Ludwig was eating anchovy and sushi slices, Lemmy and Iggy were eating pepperoni and meatball slices, Roy was eating beef jerky slices, Wendy and Morton were eating oozing cheese slices, and Larry was eating broccoli slices since he likes vegetables so much.

"So what's on the agenda for our big campout in the hallway, Ludwig?" asked Roy.

"I'll tell you when we get back to the tent, Roy," Ludwig replied.

Later, the seven siblings were in the tent out in the hallway.

"I believe King Dad wants us to go to an island. He didn't tell me where, though," Ludwig explained.

"How in the world our we supposed to know where to go if King Dad won't tell us what island it is?!" Roy complained.

"Relax, Roy. In the meantime, I'll play all of us some music," said Lemmy, trying to calm him down.

Lemmy began to play some music he downloaded off Lemmy's Land onto a CD. The song he played was the Super Mario 64 lullaby. The song put Larry, Iggy, Morton, Ludwig, and Wendy to sleep.

"Lemmy, you dolt. *yawn* You put... the... lullaby... on," Roy said softly as he and Lemmy fell asleep.

The next morning, Ludwig was gone and Lemmy and Iggy were in Lemmy's room. The rest were still asleep. Lemmy and Iggy were playing Paper Mario, trying to rescue the fifth Star Spirit.

"Where do you think Ludwig could be?" asked Iggy.

"How should I know? He never tells us anything," Lemmy replied.

Just then Ludwig shouted to his siblings through a loud speaker outside Lemmy's room. "Koopalings! Report to the submarine room at the bottom of the castle at once!" he shouted. The other Koopalings woke up as they and the twins ran down to the submarine room. Ludwig had invented a new submaine with his face on the front of it.

"I give you the KOOPALING SUB 3000! This sub is a special sub for Koopalings only with computerized radar, an automatic engine, comfortable seats, an exact replica of a trailer, and the speed of a dolphin," said Ludwig.

"YAY!", the younger Koopalings shouted in excitement as they pushed Ludwig in the hatch and jumped inside it. The Koopaling Sub swam out of the room and into the sea. Ludwig was steering the sub, Lemmy and Iggy were reading the directions for him since they were the second smartest Koopalings, Roy was napping on the comfortable seats, and Wendy, Morton, and Larry were playing hide and seek. Ludwig spotted the island and parked the sub right into the sand area, scaring away some Yoshi kids, who were playing right at that same spot. Ludwig and Lemmy jumped out of the sub as the latter discovered that they were at Lavalava Island (from Paper Mario).

"Mario is here at Lavalava Island?" asked Lemmy.

"King Dad wanted us to capture... the Silver Star!" said Ludwig.

"The Silver Star?! You mean one of the most powerful stars of the universe? Wouldn't it be at Shooting Star Summit?" Lemmy asked his brother.

"According to Kind Dad, it was at Yoshi's Village having a picnic with the Star Spirits, the Yoshis, Mario, and his party members," said Ludwig.

"We'd better get ready!" both of them said to each other.

A few minutes later, the seven all gathered in a meeting on how to get the Silver Star.

"THE SILVER STAR?!" the uninformed Koopa Kids shouted.

"What's the Silver Star?" Morton asked.

"The Silver Star is one of the most powerful star gods, not only of the Mushroom Kingdom, but also of the whole universe, even more powerful than the seven Star Spirits. It grants you every wish you ask it for. This star is enough to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and the world. It could probably even make King Dad bigger, stronger, and more powerful than that amatuer Star Rod did," Larry explained to his older brother.

"Right, and we have got to figure out a way to catch that star!" said Ludwig, walking around.

Suddenly, Lemmy figured out a way to catch the Silver Star. "I got it! I heard that the villagers grew some bushes near the area that they use to hid from intruders. When we enter Yoshi's Village, we can use them to hide in and when we spot the Silver Star we can ambush him and take him down all together with our wands," Lemmy explained.

"How do we know if the Silver Star will be out in that exact spot, though?" asked Iggy.

"We'll just have to wait until he comes out there," said Lemmy.

The Koopalings fell on the ground in confusion.

"Lemmy's right. If we go out and find him in the open, he'll see us for sure and Mario will attack us," said Ludwig sadly.

"Agreed," Roy, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, and Morton sighed all together.

Later, the Koopa Kids were hiding behind a bunch of bushes in Yoshi Village. They were depressed about the long wait they faced, but quickly cheered up as Mario and his friends soon appeared, riding on their target. The Silver Star was a big huge star, even bigger than Bowser, with shiny silver skin, a huge mustache, bushy eyebrows. It sparkled every time it flew.

"Woah! The Silver Star!" Lemmy whispered loudly.

"We'll have to be really quiet to ambush a huge star like that!" whispered Roy.

"SILVER STAR! WE FOUND YOU!" screamed Morton, who wasn't even paying attention to Roy, as he jumped out and tried to catch the star, but slipped.

"MORTON!" shouted his siblings.

Mario and friends jumped off the star. "THE KOOPALINGS!" shouted Mario.

"LET'S GET THEM!" shouted the party members.

Mario jumped up and tried to whack the Koopalings with his hammer. Wendy kicked Mario away from her brothers.

"Hey, leave Mario alone!" shouted Bombette and Bow as they jumped up to attack Wendy. Wendy jumped up to meet them.

"CAT FIGHT!" shouted Goombario.

Wendy, Bombette, and Bow fought in the shadows, since the battle looked too ugly. Wendy ended up knocked out.

"Man, I wish I had brought some popcorn and candy," said Roy in anger.

"Don't worry. I got it on tape!" shouted Iggy with a camera in his hand.

Kooper tackled Iggy into Lemmy and Larry. Goombario headbonked Larry. Bow slapped Ludwig and Roy in the face rapidly. Watt shocked Morton, causing him to fly into the air and onto Roy. Lakilester threw spiked shells at Lemmy and Iggy. Parakarry flew up and then down into Ludwig. Sushi bellyflopped onto Ludwig's sub and smashed it into pieces.

"MY SUB!" shouted Ludwig. Ludwig had fire in his eyes. The other Koopalings were also angry.

"It took me weeks to build the KOOPALING SUB 3000 and now it's ruined! You're going to pay for this, plumber!" Ludwig shouted in rage.

Ludwig spit out a huge fireball at Sushi for wrecking his submarine. Sushi was burnt to a crisp. Mario jumped up and kicked Ludwig in the face. Ludwig got back up and ran up to Mario. Ludwig punched Mario, sending him flying up in the air. Ludwig spit a fireball at Mario, but unlike Sushi, Mario only received burn marks. Ludwig ran up to Mario, getting ready to finish him off, but Goombario jumped in to protect him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Goombario shouted in slow motion as he headbonked Ludwig.

Ludwig went flying through the air and landed right on the unconscious Wendy, joining his sister. Roy blasted Os at Goombario and Mario with his wand. Kooper tackled Roy with his shell spin attack. Larry kicked Kooper in the chest and bonked him on the head with his wand. Iggy picked up Kooper by the shell and spun him into Sushi. Watt went up to Iggy and shocked him. Lemmy shot copies of his ball with his wand at Watt. Watt got dizzy for a few seconds, then went up and hit the balls right back at Lemmy, causing him to shoot more balls right in Iggy's face. Larry and Morton ran up to Lakilester and punched him right in the face. Parakarry flew into Morton.

"This doesn't look good," Larry said nervously.

Parakarry was about to fly into him too until Ludwig got up and kicked him out of the way and into a tree. Wendy got back up and shot candy rings with her wand at Bombette. Then, she tried to shoot some at Mario, but missed when Bow protected him. Goombario got up and pushed Wendy, then Bow slapped her silly. Roy ran up to the injured Parakarry, but got stopped and knocked unconscious by Kooper. Parakarry steadily got back up and flew into Wendy, who was about to attack Bow, knocking her unconscious for good this time. Sushi, Lakilester, and Bow used a triple tackle attack on Larry, Ludwig, and Morton, knocking them out with the others. Soon, Lemmy and Iggy were the only ones left. Iggy jumped up and shot Os at the already injured Mario. Bombette exploded, knocking Iggy out and leaving Lemmy all alone. Lemmy was getting ready to destroy Mario when Watt shocked Lemmy's hand, causing his wand to fall out of it. Goombario and Kooper kicked Lemmy right in the head and knocked him out as well.

"We did it... *pant, pant* We saved Mario!" said an exhausted Goombario.

The Silver Star was very displeased with Bowser's children. "You seven deserve a real punishment," he said.

The Silver Star sent his power out to Mario, the power to increase Mario abilities and strength. "I feel... I feel... incredible," Mario said in a deep voice.

Finally, Mario and his friends ran up to the Koopalings and tackled them. Bombette blew them up and away.

Later, after the Koopalings fell back into the castle, Bowser sent his children to the dungeon.

"I don't see why we're the ones grounded in the dungeon. King Dad should have done something while he was on that island spying on Mario," said Larry, depressed.

"You know what I would wish for from that star?" asked Ludwig. "The world's biggest laboratory!"

"Ha! That's nothing! I'd wish for the biggest shopping mall on the planet!" said Wendy.

"The biggest Piranha Plant!" said Larry.

"My own sports stadium!" said Roy.

"Over 100 videogames!" shouted Lemmy and Iggy.

"Wedding cake!" shouted Morton.

The Koopa Kids continued to argue as they were stuck in the dungeon for the next two hours.

The End

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