Koopa Fire Flower Fighters

By El Chico Koopa

Ludwig, Roy, and Morton are in the throne room of Bowser. Ludwig's reading a book and Roy is getting ready to throw a ball at Morton. Morton notices the ball coming for him and ducks down so he doesn't get hit. Bowser walks into the throne room and sits in his throne.
Bowser: I lost to those pesky Mario Bros. again! It's all because they get those stupid powers from those Fire Flowers!

Ludwig, Morton, and Roy stand in front of Bowser.

Ludwig: It seems that these Mario Bros. can use these flowers against you and get fire powers. It makes them very powerful.

Bowser: If they didn't have those things, I could've easily defeated them.

Ludwig: Yes, if only those things were never gardened in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Morton, Ludwig, and Roy think of an idea to get back at the Mario Bros. for a moment.

Bowser: Got any ideas? I know you have some, Ludwig! You're the genius around here!

Ludwig: Sorry, King Dad, but I don't.

Roy: I don't have a single idea either.

Morton continues to think and the others wait for him to say something.

Morton: I've got an idea! It's a very splendid one too! It's splendid, wonderful, great, good, magnificent...

Roy: Shut up and tell us already!

Morton: Everyone knows that fire can be extinguished. Maybe we could extinguish all the Fire Flowers in the entire kingdom and rid them of fire power. Even if Mario and Luigi get one, they won't gain power from them! No fire, no power!

Bowser: That's not bad. Not bad at all. It's rather the best idea ever! I'm glad I thought of it!

Morton: But I thought of it.

Roy: How are we going to do that?

Ludwig: Leave it to me and my genius brain.

Later, Morton, and Roy are in Ludwig's lab waiting for Ludwig to finish his invention.

Ludwig: Here we go.

Morton: Now?

Ludwig: Not yet, Morton.

Morton: How 'bout now?

Ludwig: Nope.

Morton: Now?

Ludwig: I said "no" over and over ever since I just got started!

Morton: Does that mean you're done now?

Ludwig: NO!!!

Roy and Morton wait a bit longer. They wait and wait and wait some more, until, Ludwig is finally done building his invention. It looks like a big firetruck shaped like Bowser.

Ludwig: It's done!

Morton and Roy were bored so much by the wait that they fell asleep.

Ludwig: WAKE UP!!! I'm done!

They both wake up and look at Ludwig's work.
Ludwig: This is a Fire Flower Extinguisher! It will extinguish the Fire Flowers so the Mario Bros, will not be able to gain power from them! We will finally show those plumbers!

Bowser walks into Ludwig's lab.

Bowser: Congratulations, my evil descendants! You have finally finished the machine! Let's put it to the test! But just to make sure Ludwig didn't mess up again, let's try it out.

Ludwig takes his machine and Bowser gets a Fire Flower.

Ludwig: I hope this works.

Ludwig extinguishes the flower.

Ludwig: It's working! We'll make sure the rest will be extinguished!

The Koopas, dressed as fire fighters, drive the huge green truck to the Mushroom Kingdom's Fire Flower gardens. On the way, Roy starts to talk to Ludwig.

Roy: Ludwig, couldn't we have just used a regular extinguisher? The regular ones would work just fine and you didn't have to make an extinguisher of our own. You could've just made the truck.

Ludwig: Roy, you just don't understand genius, do you?

They continue to drive the truck down to the gardens. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are getting some of the Fire Flowers as the Koopas drive the truck over there.

Toad: I never knew we grew so many Fire Flowers here.

Mario: These will work just fine against the next attack Bowser has against us.

Luigi: These never fail.

The truck pulls over to the garden and Roy and Morton grab the long hose attached to Ludwig's Fire Flower Extinguisher. They all drop the Fire Flowers as they see the Koopas come.

Morton: Turn it on, Ludwig!

Ludwig turns on the machine and Roy and Morton start to extinguish the flowers. Every flower they put out turns into a pitiful gray color.

Toad: What's the big idea?!

Bowser comes out of the truck.

Peach: Nice outfit.

Bowser: We're fire fighters! We're going to extinguish anything in this kingdom that's flammable!

Mario: Then why don't you use that machine on your breath?

Bowser: WHAT?! Get those flowers extinguished!!! NOW!!!

They continue to extinuish the Fire Flowers.

Morton: Over here!

Roy: No! We're going this way!
Morton: But there's some of them we didn't get yet!

Roy: There's more over here than there are over there!

Bowser: Morton! Roy! Stop arguing and get rid of those things now!

Mario: Forget it, Bowser Koopa! You're not getting away with this! Come on, Luigi!

Mario and Luigi pick up two Fire Flowers but they don't get their fire power.

Mario: Huh?

Luigi: These have already been put out.

Bowser: And we're going to keep putting the rest out! Roy! Morton! Shake a tail scale!

Luigi: Now what are we going to do?

Mario: We can still get them even without the Fire Flowers to help!

Mario and Luigi attack the Koopas.

Bowser: Get them, Sledge Bros!
The Sledge Bros, also dressed as fire fighters, jump out of the truck and attack the Marios.

Sledge Bro: We'll show you, Mario!

That Sledge Bro. throws his sledge hammer at Mario but misses. Mario jumps on his head and then on to another's.

Luigi: Yikes!

Luigi sees two Sledge Bros. coming for him from his left and right sides. He jumps and the Sledge Bros. hit each other in the center.

Bowser: They can't do that to my Sledge Bros! Hurry up, you two reptiles!

Morton and Roy continue to extinguish the other Fire Flowers.

Morton: Didn't we already get those?

Roy: You're right! Let's go over there!

They move to another section of the garden and extinguish the flowers there.

Peach: Oh no! We've got to do something!

Toad: But what can we do?

The Mario Bros. continue to do battle with the Sledge Bros. Two of the Sledge Bros stomp the ground and cause Mario and Luigi to lose their balance, but they get back up. Mario attacks the Sledge Bro. on the right and Luigi attacks the left. That is all fir the Sledge Bros, but Morton and Roy already finished extinguishing all the Fire Flowers. They are gray like they are supposed to be when they're extinguished.

Mario: Oh no! We're too late!

Roy, Morton, and Ludwig: Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah! *raspberry tongue*

Bowser: Now you can't use those Fire Flowers against me anymore! Ha ha ha ha!

They drive the truck away and go back to the castle.

Luigi: Oh! Those Koopas extinguished the Fire Flowers and got away! Now what?

Mario: We'll follow them!

Later, the Koopas have just made it back to the castle.

Bowser: Congratulations again, Koopalings.

Morton: Now that the Fire Flowers have been extinguished, what do we do now?

Bowser: Just sit back, and wait for the fun to begin! The Mario Bros. will never get fire power again!

The Koopas share an evil laugh and the scene darkens to a black color.

What will become of the Fire Flowers? Will the Mario Bros. succeed in their mission? Or will the Koopas get away with the scam? Find out in Koopa Fire Flower Fighters Part 2!

To Be Continued...

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