Lava Pits. Death awaits anyone in the lava. But it also has a diner built into it called The Pit Stop. But Dasher's cameras are not here for any of that stuff. They're here for Fawful Toady. One genius who's at the brink of insanity, searching for a way out...


Fawful vs Popple

By Dashadu Dasher Koopa

Artwork by Fried Rooster

Fawful: Augh... WHERE THE (@#* IS THE EXIT?! I HAVE FURY! I've been here for twenty-four hours!

A rocky part of the ceiling crumbled.

Fawful: ... Of course! Now to escape!

Fawful quickly flew out with his Hover Helmet on (in his normal form) and soared across the skies. He quickly reached the South Side of the Beanbean Kingdom and grabbed the closest Tanoomba.

Tanoomba: Ack! The ghost of Fawful!

Fawful: ...

Tanoomba: Geez, I thought you WERE a ghost...

Fawful: I WAS... AM... but I'm a Toady. I have strong mental powers. So I simply made myself half-ghost, half-Toady when I fell out fo the sky. Now, WHERE is O Great Cackletta?

Tanoomba: Well, she and some thief headed off to invade Beanbean Castle Town... They'll arrive in three days...

Fawful: O Great Cackletta replaced MOI? Impossible! I must find out why... FLY AWAY!

If the timing wasn't worse, Fawful's helmet stopped working. Fawful quickly pulled out the batteries.

Fawful: BLAST! It seems I used Energizer instead of Duracell... Dang. I must travel on foot then!

And so Fawful's quest began...

To Be Continued...

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