Yoshi's Revenge

By Agahnim Koopa

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Artwork by Fried Rooster


Yoshi was laying outside his house, thinking. Why had he ever saved Mario from Kamek, all those years ago? It had never been recognized by Mario, and he had grown up to simply use him, like a mere Mushroom. Yoshi dwelled on the memory of the most recent example of this.


Mario and Yoshi were zooming through a Donut Plains level without any trouble. Yoshi had eaten a lot of fruit, and he had just given birth to a Mushroom. Mario took it, became big, and did an evil deed. He got back onto Yoshi, and rode him directly into a Koopa. Yoshi had run into a pit, leaving Mario to complete the level in peace.


What was the point of saving him? He had grown to become a slave-driver, while Yoshi had simply turned into a power-up. He decided there, outside his house, that he would get revenge...

Chapter 1: Betrayal

Mario was rushing through a level, and suddenly hit a ? Block. It would normally give Mario a Yoshi, but now it gave him... a coin.

Mario: What on earth?!

He ran to the next Yoshi block and hit it. A coin popped out.

Mario: What's going on?!


Bowser: What?!

Yoshi: Yes Bowser, I want to join your forces.

Bowser: Well, I never thought I'd see the day when an ally of Mario joins our glorious forces! But, I'm not quite sure I can trust you. After all, you have been his ally for several years, and you could just be a spy, for all I know.

Yoshi: I'm no spy. But if you want to test my loyalty, so be it.

Bowser: Follow me...

Outside Yoshi's House...

Mario: Yo...

Luig: Shi!

Mario: Where could he possibly be? You don't think Bowser's kidnapped him instead?

Outside Bowser's Castle...

Bowser: You see over there?

Yoshi followed his gaze and saw a pile of chili peppers as big as himself.

Yoshi: Peppers, eugh!

Bowser: If you eat all the peppers, I will know you are loyal to me.

Yoshi took a deep breath, and dived into the pile.

Yoshi: Disgusting!

Bowser: Keep going!

A few minutes later, Yoshi had finished eating.

Yoshi: I need water!

Bowser: That was the physical part of the test. Now for the mental part. Yoshi, there's a cool, refreshing spring over there, but to get to it, you must swear on DAD that you will be loyal to me, no matter what.

Yoshi: I swear on DAD that I will be loyal to you, no matter what!

Yoshi dashed over to the spring and drank it all in a single gulp.

Bowser: I can trust you, but be warned: if you go back on your oath, the full wrath of my army will be unleashed. But, enough of that. I'm now going to send you on your first assignment...

Chapter 2: Discovery

Bowser: Yoshi, Kamek tells me that you can eat enemies and turn them into eggs. Is that right?

Yoshi: Yep, that's right.

Bowser: Well, here's a gigantic pile of Shy Guys. Here's what to do: 1: Eat them all; 2: Load them into the Egg Blaster; 3: Go to the Mushroom Kingdom; 4: Fire eggs to destroy it. Any questions?

Yoshi: Nope.

Bowser: I will lend you my Clown Copter to get there.

Yoshi: Thanks. But I want to pay a visit to an old friend...

Outside Yoshi's House...

Mario: He isn't anywhere around here, Luigi!

Luigi: Here look, it's the Clown Copter!

Mario: And who's that in it? It isn't Bowser, is it?

Yoshi got out of the copter.

Mario: Yoshi! What are you doing in that thing?!

Yohsi: I'm a member of Bowser's army now. When I destroy Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser will promote me to his right hand man! See you later, losers!

Yoshi got back into the copter and flew off into the sunset.

Mario: I never thought that would happen.

Luigi: Why do you think he did it?

Mario: Dunno...  Maybe Bowser told him some awful lie, maybe it's a robot, maybe it's mind control. I have no idea...

Chapter 3: Destruction

Mario and Luigi were thinking. How can they stop Yoshi from destroying the Mushroom Kingdom? Mario spoke first.

Mario: I have some theories on why he did it, but I don't know. We must go there and find him.

Luigi: And then?

Mario: I find out why he turned traitor, and convince him to rejoin us.

Luigi: Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go to the Mushroom Kingdom. Thank God the balloon wasn't destroyed!


Yoshi: Grass Land won't take long to demolish with my eggs. Soon all lands will bow to me and Bowser!

Yoshi started blasting holes in all the houses and castles in Grass Land. Soon he was finished. People were dieing in the streets. A few tried to stop him. None succeeded. Similar things then happened to Desert Land.

Yoshi: Piece of cake! The other worlds may be a bit tougher though. Maybe I should send a message to Bowser...

At Kastle Koopa...

Bowser: Sitrep Yoshi?

Yoshi: Huh?

Bowser: Situation report.

Yoshi: Oh. All residents of Grass and Desert Land are preparing tributes to you as we speak. The other worlds may be slightly tougher, considering their size. Could you prepare another pile of Shy Guys?

Bowser: Sure. Unknown to everyone, I have two Clown Copters. Just say the word and I'll send some Shy Guys to your location. Now, go out and conquer the Kingdom!

Chapter 4: Journey

Mario and Luigi landed the balloon in Grass Land.

Mario: What on Plit happened here?!

Luigi: These holes... they look like eggs have hit them.

Mario: Yoshi! He started already! I thought he would wait a bit. Still, he can't have got through Desert Land yet, can he?

Mario and Luigi walked to Desert Land.

Mario: What did Bowser do or say to Yoshi to make him speed this fast?!


Yoshi was cleaning the egg shell off his blaster.

Yoshi: Water Land was easier than I thought it would be, even with the water blockading the way to the fort. On to Giant Land!

Yoshi flew to Giant Land and released eggs everywhere, until...

Yoshi: Gone! All gone! Hang on, Bowser'll have some for me. If he doesn't, I'm a sitting dino.

Yoshi turned on his phone.

Yoshi: Bowser! Eggs!

Bowser: On their way!

Bowser loaded several hundred Shy Guys onto the copter and pressed the button marked Giant Land. The eggs flew off into the distance.

A few minutes later...


Suddenly Mario and Luigi appeared.

Mario: Yoshi! Luigi, follow me!

Yoshi quickly jumped into his Clown Copter and flew to Sky Land.

Mario: After him!

Mario and Luigi loaded into the other copter and pursued Yoshi. However, above Sky Land...

Mario: I'd better land. I'll find Yoshi down here.

Mario landed and looked around.

Mario: Where'd he go?

He looked up and saw Yoshi in his copter, launching eggs from above at Sky Land.

Mario: You trickster!

Mario jumped into his copter and went up to Yoshi. Yoshi flew away, and Mario followed closely.

Chapter 5: Reason

Mario was chasing Yoshi across the chilled airspace above Ice Land. Yoshi, as slowly as he dared, got out his egg blaster and fired eggs down at Ice Land.

Mario: Oh no you don't!

Mario zoomed up to Yoshi. Yoshi fled, firing eggs at the ground as he did so.


Bowser got out of his personal doomship, landing in Grass Land.

Bowser: Good, Yoshi has destroyed the Mushroomers here. I'll skip to Pipe Land and meet him there.

Above Pipe Land...

Mario: He's going faster than Koopa T. Quick! Just a sec!

Mario fished in his pocket and found a Fire Flower

Mario: Ok!

Mario fired a fireball at Yoshi's copter, which, because it was in a bad state, crashed to the ground. Mario landed his copter there.

Mario: Yoshi! Why are you doing this to the Mushroom Kingdom?

Mario tries to jump on him, but Yoshi dodged.

Yoshi: You abused me, and I am getting my revenge on you, my nemesis!

Yoshi fired an egg at him, but he dodged it.

Mario: I'm not your nemesis, how you can say that?

Mario tried to shoot him with a fireball, but it missed.

Yoshi: You killed me deliberately, you used me like a simple Mushroom, you beast!

Yoshi swallowed a Shy Guy and spit it at Mario, but he jumped on top of it.

Mario: When?!

Yoshi: That Donut Plains level.

Suddenly, it all came rushing back. The level, Yoshi, the pit, Lakitu... Lakitu!

Mario: Yoshi! That was a Lakitu!

Yoshi: Liar!

Mario: I'll prove it! I'll go find it. But I need Luigi...

Yoshi: Your little friend? He's probaly seen a Boo and run screaming to his...

Luigi: I'm right here!

Mario ran over to Luigi.

Mario: Luigi, keep Yoshi here. I'm gonna find that Lakitu.

Luigi: Sure. Hang on...

Mario: Great. Good luck!

Chapter 6: Search

Mario quickly went to Sky Land. He got out and started to investigate.

Mario: Did you attack me in the Donut Plains and kill my Yoshi?

Lakitu: No...

Mario: This could take a while...

Meanwhile, several doomships and doomtanks arrived near Luigi and Yoshi. Luigi tried to destroy them, but it was taking out a lot of his energy.

Mario: Did you attack me in the Donut Plains and kill my Yoshi?

Lakitu: No, die!

Luigi: Yes, one tank down, 24 tanks and 5 doomships to go...

Mario: Did you attack me in the Donut Plains and kill my Yoshi?

Lakitu: Yeah, that was cool.

Mario: Great, come with me!

Lakitu: What's my motive?

Mario: I'll kill you.

Lakitu: Lead the way, dude.

Luigi: 10 doomtanks down, can't last much longer...

Lakitu: Nice ice, dude!

Mario: Follow me, please.

Luigi: Can't live much longer...

Mario: No need, bro! It's-a me, Mario!

Bowser: You! Kill him,Yoshi!

Mario: Wait!

Lakitu: Yosh dude, I attacked Mazza here meself. I think that, like, totally killed ya, dude.

Yoshi: Oh yeah, right. How much threatening did it take to make you say that?

Mario: None. It's truth.

Yoshi: Liar!

Mario ran over to Yoshi and pulled out a bit of Spiny egg.

Yoshi: So? That was probably there before.

Mario: E. Gadd!

E. Gadd came running.

E. Gadd: Heki heki, what do you want, Mario?

Mario: Do a scan on this bit of Spiny egg I found on Yoshi's back.

E. Gadd: Sure, yaboo!

One scan later...

Computer: Spiny egg embedded at 10:00 in Donut Plains 3. Thrower Lakitu 29.

Mario: Lakitu, what number are you?

Lakiu: No. 29, lil dudes!

Yoshi: Oh Mario...

Bowser: What ya wating for?! Kill him!

Mario: Ready for some old-fashioned killing?

Yoshi: Never been more ready.

Mario got on the doomships and started to blow them to bits. Yoshi took out the remaining tanks with his eggs.

Bowser: No!

Mario and Yoshi went to the middle, got back to back, and fired eggs and fireballs nonstop at Bowser. He collapsed.

Mario: Yee-ha! We beat him! Yeah! What's wrong, Yoshi?

Yoshi was very quiet. Then he spoke softly.

Yoshi: I have crippled the Mushroom Kingdom on a false belief. I didn't trust you when you spoke truth. You may forgive me, Peach may forgive me, the Kingdom may forgive me, but I will never forgive myself for this. I'm going away. You'll never see me again. Goodbye, Mario.

Mario: Wait, Yoshi. It's not that bad. These mistakes on both of our parts can be redone. No need to leave.

But it was no use.The Yoshi hovered away, into the moonlight, never to be seen again.

The End

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