Two Kingdoms and Two Screens

By Fawfuls Friend


Mario and Luigi are once again trying to stop Bowser from taking over the Mushroom Kigdom for the 50th time total. But Bowser did get smarter from his defeats. Mario and Luigi are running up to Bowser's throne room but they fall through a trapdoor and land in a room full of red hot Chain Chomps with a breaking chain.

Bowser: Hahahahahaha! You see? Ever since you first stopped me from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, I told you I would get my revenge, and that day has finally come!

Mario: Only one thing Bowser: we're not dead yet.

Bowser: You will be in two seconds!

Luigi: Actually, we could just jump right out of the trapdoor.

The trapdoor closes.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: What?

The Chain Chomps' chains break.

Mario and Luigi: Ahhh!

Bowser: See? I told you this plan would work! You owe me ten bucks.

Peach: I can't believe it!

Bowser: Yes, that's right. The Mario Bros. are dead! Hey, while we're here, let's go throw Mario's dead body in the trash.

Bowser opens the trapdoor and Mario and Luigi and Luigi jump out the second Bowser does so. Bowser tries to close the door on Mario and Luigi but misses. He slams it so hard it shakes the room, revealing a hidden ? Block. Mario ends up in another fight against Bowser while Luigi jumps to get the ? Block. Mario hits a POW Block and stuns Bowser and Luigi. Luigi hit's the ? Block and a Star comes out, but he can't get the Star because he is stunned. The Star hits an empty Koopa shell and Luigi gets unstunned.

Mario: (sarcastically) I don't know, Luigi. What should I do?

Luigi: What are your choices?

Mario: Should I kick this really powerful Koopa shell at Bowser or shouldn't I?

Bowser: No wait! We could have a, uh... compromise!

Mario: A compromise? With you?

Bowser: Yeah! I could, umm, take over another kingdom!

Luigi: I don't think we should trust him, Mario.

Bowser: I'll, um, take over Sarasaland!

Peach: Well, I do hate Daisy now.

Mario: I think it might be okay.

Luigi: Okay fine. But you need to promise never to try to take over OUR kingdom again.

Bowser: Okay, I promise.

Although, he didn't really mean it.

Chapter 1: The Invention

Mario: I'm actually glad we made that compromise with Bowser. He was really starting to get on my nerves. I'm just glad that we won't have to worry about Bowser anymore.

Luigi: I wonder what Peach is doing.

Mario: Why don't we check on her?

Mario and Luigi go to Peach's Castle, but find a surprise that is, well, pretty big.

Peach: I've got some good news and some terrible news.

Luigi: Let's hear it.

Peach: The good news is, Professor E. Gadd has invented a new invention. Theft.

E. Gadd: It lets you take any item from the Real World and bring it to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Peach: The terrible news is that me and Daisy are friends again! Now how will I live with a friend's palace being ruled by Bowser?

Luigi: I don't know. Maybe we can help her.

Peach: It's too late! Bowser already ruined the place! *cries*

Mario: We'll think of something overnight.

Chapter 2: Something New

Later, at night...

Luigi: Mario, are you awake?

Mario: Well because of you I am.

Luigi: Mario, that new invention was really amazing.

Mario: Your point is?

Luigi: Let's say we test it out for ourself.

Mario: Luigi, I'm sleepy. And there's a storm outside.

Luigi: Think of it Mario, we might get pasta.

Mario: Let's go.

Mario and Luigi sneak into Peach's castle and find Theft.

Mario: How do you think it works?

Luigi: Maybe you press this big red button...

Luigi presses the button. The machine shakes and makes sparks.

Mario: Oh now look what you did, Luigi!

Luigi: Hey! It's not my fault! I didn't kn-

Something comes out of the machine.

Mario: What's that?

Luigi: Looks like some kind of folded Gameboy Advance.

Mario: (reading back) It's a Nintendo DS!

Chapter 3: Discoveries Get Popular

In the morning...

Mario: Hey Princess! Maybe this would cheer you up!

Peach: What is it?

Luigi: A Nintendo DS!

Peach: What's a Nintendo DS?

Mario: A folded Gameboy Advance!

Peach: Let me see!

Mario opens it up.

Pech: Are you sure this is a Gameboy? It has two screens!

Luigi: Woah.

Mario: Well, let's try playing it.

Mario presses the power button.

Luigi: What game is it?

Peach: Looks like Super Mario 64 DS.

Mario: It says to touch the bottom screen.

Luigi: Try it with this pen.

Luigi hands Mario the stylus. Mario uses it to touch the bottom screen.

Mario: Woah! Now what?

Peach: Choose your file.

Mario touches File A. Mario, Luigi, and Peach both play on the Nintendo DS and start to get used to the game.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's new place in Sarasaland...

Ludwig: Bowser! Mario and Luigi seemed to have used this machine named Theft to create some sort of Wireless Gameboy called a Nintendo DS. Do you want me to abduct it for you?

Bowser: Ooh. Sounds valuable. Wait... Give me, a copy.

Ludwig: Do you really confirm to that answer? I could steal it instead. You would still have the mysterious device but you would also spread some misery onto the Mario Bros.

Bowser whispers his evil plan to Ludwig.

Ludwig: Brilliant Idea! I'll go use my copying machine this instant!

Ludwig goes to laboratory and comes back with a Nintendo DS.

Bowser: Excellent!

Chapter 4: Uh oh

Bowser: Ready with that hypnotizing machine, Ludwig?

Ludwig: Affirmative!

Bowser: Okay Ludwig, it's on. Go!

Ludwig turns on the machine.

Later, at Mario's house...


Luigi: What's wrong, Mario?

Mario quits the game.

Luigi: What did you do that for?

Mario selects Pictochat.

Luigi: Why are you playing Pictochat? We're the only people in the Mushroom Kingdom who have a Ni- What the, someone else is playing!

Bowser (on Pictochat): Let's play multiplayer on Super Mario 64 DS.

Mario (on Pictochat): Okay.

Bowser: But let's make this interesting. If I win, I get the Mushroom Kingdom AND Sarasaland. If you win, you get back Sarasaland.

Mario: Okay.

Bowser: Just sign your name on the DS.

Mario writes his signature.


Mario selects Multiplayer on Super Mario 64 DS. Bowser and Mario appear on the screen.

Bowser: Yes! Mario and me are now playing! Isn't that great, Ludwig? Ludwig? Where are you?

Ludwig: Bowser, there's been a slight error-


Ludwigs hypnotizing machine starts to make lights and break. The wire conecting to Bowser's Nintendo DS makes the DS start to rumble.

Bowser: AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhhh.

Bowser disappears into the DS. Mario, now unhypnotized, does so as well.

Luigi: Mario, where are you?!

Mario: Luigi! I'm right here.

Luigi looks at the top screen of the DS.

Luigi: Mario! How did you get in there?

Mario: I was going to ask you the same thing. *looks at clock* Hey! A minute passed just like a second!

Luigi: Well, it looks like you were hypnotized into playing a Multiplayer Super Mario 64 DS game with Bowser for the Mushroom and Sarasaland Kingdoms!

Mario: !!!

Chapter 5: A Fight to the Finish

Luigi: It looks like you have to get the Power Star before Bowser.

Mario: That will be just too easy.

Luigi: I don't think so. If you got sucked inside the game, Bowser probably did too. And Bowser probably knows the location.

Mario: Well, I'd better start looking now.

Luigi: I'll guide you, since the bottom screen is a map. The Star is ontop  of that mountain.

Mario tries to climb the mountain. There are five Bob-ombs. The first Bob-omb is running right towards Mario. Mario runs away right into another Bob-omb. Mario jumps and the two Bob-ombs collide. The next three try to go where Mario lands, but Mario grabs onto a cloud. He then jumps down. The Bob-ombs
light their fuse too early and explode before Mario lands. Instead of landing on the ground, he lands on Klepto. Klepto flies straight to the sea but Mario jumps off and grabs the edge of the mountain. Mario pulls himself up to see he is face to face with a Whomp. The Whomp jumps at Mario but Mario dodges and the Whomp lands face down and floating on the sea. Mario jumps on the Whomp and it floats over to an island witha Wing Cap. Mario uses it to fly to the top of the mountain, but finds Bowser riding on the Klepto heading straight to the Power Star.

Mario: Not so fast, Bowser!

Bowser: Huh?

Mario zooms up to Bowser ands flies around, making him dissy.

Bowser: Yetletef...

Klepto: Left? Okay.

Klepto turns left.

Bowser: Ahh! Yetif.

Bowser is heading straight for the Power Star. Just then, Ludwig's machine starts to break and Luigi gets sucked into the game. He lands on Bowser, knocking him off Klepto. Bowser lands right next to the Power Star.

Klepto: RAA! How'd you get on my back? Get off!

Klepto starts to shake. Luigi somehow is able to stear Klepto into Bowser. Klepto picks Bowser up and heads straight at Mario. Mario loses his Wing Cap but lands right under the Star. Bowser is coming really fast on Klepto and Mario closes his eyes and jumps.

Mario opens his eyes...

Mario's DS: Congragulations Mario and Luigi! You defeated Bowser!

Mario: Luigi! We did it!

Luigi: We did?

Mario: See for yourself.

Luigi: (looking behind himself) Yeah!

Bowser's DS: Oops, you lost to Mario. Try again? Too bad! You lost Sarasaland.

Bowser: How could I lose?

Ludwig: Don't fret about that silly problem. There isn't a way to get you out of the cursed video game.

Peach: Mario! Luigi: How'd you get in there? Don't worry, I know what to do.

Peach turns off the DS. Mario and Luigi appear in their house out of nowhere.

Peach: Guess what? We won back Sarasaland!

Luigi: We know!

Peach: YAHOO!

Mario: I wonder what Bowser's doing.

Ludwig: Don't worry, father, I'm installing a program that will let you escape.

Bowser: You idiot! That's my CD!

(Bowser's DS starts to play music and someone appears onscreen and dances with Bowser.)

Bowser: Stop! Let go!

Ludwig: Oops!

Bowser: When I get out of here, I'm going to kill you.

Ludwig runs away.

Bowser: Hey! Come back here! Uh oh, not the Ch- AAAA!

The End

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