Larry's Rescue Mission

By Agahnim Koopa

Chapter 17

In Kastle Koopa, a panic is going on. Clawdia is running about the house, calling for Larry. Bowser suddenly realizes...

Bowser: He never got back. Only explanation: he gave himself up to save us.

Roy: If he gets back, Iíll never beat him up again!

Iggy: What about me?

Roy: Shaddap!

Bowser: Send KTQ up. He should be able to rescue Larry.

KTQ rushes off towards Marioís castle.

Larry is in a fitful sleep when the door creaks open. A heavily armored guard enters the room.

Guard: You are wanted in Marioís room.

The guard takes Larry to a majestic room with bright red curtains, a large TV, and a state-of-the-art telephone. Mario is sitting on a sofa at the other end. At Larryís arrival, Mario stands up.

Mario: Here you are Larry. Edward, you can leave.

The guard leaves.

Mario: So, Larry. Letís look at your journey. You defeat 50 mighty warriors, a royal Boo, DK, Wario and Waluigi in a dream, Wayoshi in reality and dreams, Ben and Aidan, and then you fall to a few Boos? Whatís becoming of this world?

Larry: You forgot someone on that list.

Mario: Who?

Larry: YOU!

Mario: I have wanted to end this with a duel between us. Take your measly weapons. They wonít help you.

Mario presses a button and a safe opens up, revealing a sword and poisonous darts. Mario tosses them back to Larry.

Mario: Prepare to die.

Larry lunges at Mario, who quickly dodges.

Mario: I suppose, since I gave you weapons, I can have some too.

Mario presses a second button, and a second safe opens with (Larry strains his eyes to see) a Fire Flower, Cape, Raccoon Tail, Hammer Bro. Suit, Frog Suit, Metal Cap, Wing Cap, and Vanish Cap.

Larry: No fair!

Mario touches the Fire Flower.

Larry: How about we do this thing with a bit of an audience? I abandon my weapons, and we each use one of your weapons. The person who wins the most rounds wins!

Mario: Thatís an idea.

Mario claps his hands.

Chapter 18

Larry and Mario are inside a massive stadium, with an audience of thousands watching.

Announcer: Welcome to the show! Here, you will see Mario take on some Koopa scum with his own weapons! To make it more exciting, Mario will pick the arena the duo fight in! The person who wins the most rounds wins! Letís go!

Round 1: Fire Flower

Mario and Larry are given a Fire Flower. Mario whispers something to a judge.

Announcer: Fight!

Mario and Larry are taken to a massive warehouse filled with flammable liquid.

Larry: Mario, you idiot!

Larry jumps towards Mario, who leaps out of the way. Mario sees a long passage behind him, and creates a plan. Throwing a fireball, he then turns around and runs down the passage. When the flame hits the liquid, it explodes, igniting the next one. The flames start to rush down the passage where Mario went, while a monster mushroom cloud appears.

Larry: ARGHH!

Larry speeds down the passage. Soon he catches up with Mario.

Mario: Loser!

Larry grabs Mario and throws him backwards into the flame.

Mario: ARGHH!

The warehouse turns swiftly into the stadium again.

Announcer: Larry is winning 1-0!

Round 2: Cape

Mario and Larry are both given a Cape. Mario does some whispering. Larry suddenly realizes Marioís plan. He is trying to make it as hard as possible to knock Larry out. He apparently thinks that he can withstand anything.

Announcer: Fight!

Mario and Larry go to a floating course with hard-to-avoid walls. Mario sets off, quickly managing to dodge the walls from experience. Larry accidentally bumps into a wall and plummets towards the ground.

Announcer: 1 all!

Round 3: Racoon Tail

Mario is given a Racoon Tail, as is Larry. After the typical whisper, they both disappear and arrive at a platform with walls blocking the way, but with platforms on which to run and charge up again. Mario instantly takes off, as (after a bit of running) does Larry. They both fly along to the next platform. Mario keeps flying, while Larry stops and runs about a bit. While he is about to take off,  Larry starts to think. As he flies after Mario, he stomps on him, who lands on a platform again. He instantly takes off again.

Larry: Thatís it! Thatís a P-Wing, that is!

The sky turns back to the stadium.

Announcer: What?! Larry is right! Mario, you are disqualified from this round! Larry is in the lead 2-1!

Round 4: Hammer Bro. Suit

Mario and Larry both put on a Hammer Bro. Suit. After the whisper, they both arrive in a plain area with no obstacles. Mario throws a hammer at Larry, who quickly dodges. After a lot of jumping and a lot of near misses, Larry gets hit.

Announcer: 2 all!

Round 5: Frog Suit

Mario and Larry pick up a Frog Suit, and Larry waits for Mario to stop whispering. In an instant, they are in a volcano.

Larry: Whatís the point of this, Mario?

Mario: To kill you!

Mario leaps towards Larry. Larry leaps out the way. After this continues for a long time, Larry has a plan. Mario charges at him, but Larry dodges and Mario falls into lava.

Announcer: 3-2, Larry!

Round 6: Metal Cap

They both get a Metal Cap. After the whispering, they are both transported to an ocean. They both sink to the bottom. Mario jumps towards Larry, but misses.

Larry: Nyah nyah!

Mario walks about and numbers come out of the ground. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Larry: What?!

A Star comes out of the ground! Mario picks it up, and throws it at Larry. Larry is knocked out.

Announcer: 3 all!

Round 7: Wing Cap

Both fighters get a Wing Cap, the traditional whispering occurs, then they are both taken to a normal battle arena again. Larry tires to take off, but then realizes he is stuck on the ground.

Larry: Cheater!

Mario starts flying above Larry, ready to drop down and attack him. Larry pulls and pulls, and eventually gets out. Mario, ignorant of this, comes crashing down and knocks himself out.

Announcer: 4-3, Larry!

Round 8: Vanish Cap

Announcer: If Mario wins, we go to a deciding round. If Larry wins this match, he wins and gets to go home! And this time, I pick the arena!

Mario and Larry are given a Vansh Cap, and go toÖ

Larry: A prison cell?

Marrio and Larry both walk through the walls, and an alarm goes off. Thousands of guards come and attack Mario and Larry. Mario fends them off, with some help from Larry. Then, the pair start to fight. Mario charges at Larry, who quickly dodges. Larry finds a loose bar on the prison cell, and prises it out.

Mario: Fool! Nothing can touch me, or you!

Larry throws the metal bar up at the stone ceiling, which starts to crumble. Larry quickly walks back inside the cell. Then, the Vanish Capís powers wear out! Larry watches Mario smugly as the ceiling collapses on top of the helpless Mario.

Announcer: 5-3, Larry! Larry wins!

Larry gets up, to see all the audience blocking the exit.

Announcer: Let him out, he won fair and square. Come on, Larry, letís go.

Larry and the announcer walk out of the city.

Larry: Why are you here?

The announcer removes his outer body. Inside isÖ KTQ.

Larry: KTQ? What are you doing here?

KTQ: Bowser sent me to rescue you. Letís go now, before they realize we tricked them.

Mario: Too late.

Mario and thousands of guards are standing behind the two Koopas.

Mario: Hidden cameras. Donít move.

KTQ: Larry, get on my back.

Larry complies, and KTQ runs off.

KTQ: You could never outrun me, Mario.

Mario: Guards, after them!

Chapter 19

At Kastle Koopa, everyone is waiting anxiously for a sign of anything. Then a Koopa appears from the horizon. Larry dismounts KTQ and runs to the castle.

Bowser: Larry!

Larry: Wait, Marioís forces are on his way. Hereís what we doÖ

A little later, Marioís army is at the entrance to the Kastle.

Mario: In, men! Nothing can stop us now!

The army marches forward, to find that they are slowly being fried. Unknown to them, all the Magikoopas in the castle had turned the whole patch of land where the army is into an active volcano, about to erupt!

Mario: Men, forward!

The remaining members of the army march onward with Mario, to find themselves being blown back. The Magikoopas had banded together to make several tornados rage beneath the ground.

Mario: Men, retreat!

As the few members of the army run away, they get shaken about from the magical earthquake made by the Magikoopas. Now only Mario is left. As he runs from the castle, the ground really does open up, dropping Mario into a pool with several Boss Bass. All the Koopas emerge.

Bowser: Great job, guys! We beat Mario!

Epilogue: Five Years Later

Several changes happened in the last five years. Ludwig is now the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, with Bowser having died in a furious battle with the residents of Sarasland. He is also married to Karma. Larry is the greatest hero of the Koopas for his deeds five years ago, which are the stuff of legend. He decided that being a king wasnít to his likings, and he now tours Dark Land giving talks on his adventures. The Koopalings, along with Ludwigís son, Matthew, live in a second castle in the newly conquered Sky Land. Kastle Koopa is now a tourist attraction. People flock in the thousands to see the legendary "Elemental Traps", and Marioís corpse in the pit of Boss BassÖ

The End

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