Mario Slave

By Lems Big Bro

One day Peach went into Mario's room to find him in bed.

Peach: Mario, dear, time to wake up

Mario: I don't wanna.

Mario rolled to his left, away from Peach.

Peach: Oh come on now, Mario, you must.

Mario: I'm too tired.

Peach: Mario, Luigi and Daisy are playing tennis outside, and if we want to have a chance at beating them you must get up!

Mario: I just wanna sleep...

Peach grabbed his bed and turned it over.

Mario: MAMAMIA! Peach, what d'ya think you're do-


Mario: Yes ma'am!

He ran into the bathroom.

Peach waited outside with the others.

Peach: Just because no one has been bothering us recently and he hasn't had a mission, all he does is sleep!

Daisy: Don't worry about it.

Peach: But I have to! No boyfriend of mine is going to be lazy!

Luigi: Here he is now.

Mario: *yawn* Do we have to play?

Peach: YES! Now get your act together.

Behind the bushes were four Bowser Jrs: Peggy, Calz, Sprite, and Joghti.

Joghti: Daddy has waited a long time...

Calz: Tonight's the night.

Peggy: I can hardly wait...

Sprite: Tonight, Mario works for us, and is our slave!

Peggy: Dont forget, Calz, at 7 PM we attack the castle!

Calz: You always blame me!

Peggy: You're always late!

Joghti: Yeah Calz, for sure, you are the only one who can screw this up...

Sprite: SHUT UP ALL OF YOU! One of the little Mario Friends will hear you all arguing.

Peggy: Sorry, Brother.

Sprite: Whatever, just be there all of you... especially you, CALZ!

Calz: I will I will!

Toad felt bored so he decided to run loose in Gadd's lab.

Toad: HI GADD!

Gadd: You startled me, Toad! You only come in this lab in an emergency!

Toad: B...But this IS an emergency!

Gadd: What is it?!

Toad: I'M BORED!

Gadd: Where's the other Toads?

Toad: Watching the tennis game. I think thats booooooooooooooooring!

Gadd: Please don't disturb me, I'm in the middle of making a lady friend for Fludd.


Gadd: No thank you.

Toad: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

Gadd: No.

Toad: Pretty please with sugar on top?

Gadd: No.

Toad: And ice cream?

Gadd: No.

Toad: Why not?!

Gadd: Because I'm busy!

Toad; You're no fun!

Gadd: I think I'll live.

Toad: Can you make Bob-ombs?

Gadd: Bob-ombs?

Toad: Oh god! I know you haven't been living with us very long, but you've never seen a Bob-omb?!

Gadd: I don't believe so...

Toad: It's a little walking bomb with a winder on its back. Its really cool! But deadly!

Gadd: Hmmmmmm. Interesting.

Toad: Sure is! What time is it?

Gadd: Currently 6:00.

Toad: YAY! The tennis game will be over now, cya!

Gadd: That Mushroom boy...

Toadworth: Tiiiiiiiiimee up!

Peach: Already? Why I havent even warmed up yet!

Mario: Mamamia.

Mario collapsed.

Toadswoth: Congratulations to Luigi and Daisy, who win 34 to 28!


Mario: Huh?

Daisy: It's only a game...

Peach: Yeah right!

She started chasing Mario with her racket.

Luigi: Will those two ever learn?

Daisy: I don't think so!

Toadsworth: Ahem! I believe the Koopas will have dinner ready by 7.

Daisy: We don't have much time!

Luigi: Let's head back.

Everyone was now gathered at the dinner table.

Luigi: Still outa breath, Bro?

Mario: Course I am, Peach is a mean green crushing machine!

Luigi: Heehee!

The Koopas all came in and put all the different foods on the table,

Koopa 1: Dig in!

Mario: Don't mind if I do!

Peach: Mario, knife and fork!

Mario: Grrrrrrrrr!

Suddenly, a Bob-omb came flying through the window. Gadd picked it up.

Gadd: Hmmm... Small, black, feet, round, winder on its back; this is possibly the Bob-omb Toad talked about! Wow! I must take notes!


BOOM! It exploded.

Gadd: Sure is powerful!


The windows were tighly shut. Lights were turned off.

Toad: Look out the window! There's gutta be a hundred Bob-ombs out there! All marching up here!

Mario: I gotta go out!

Peach: Mario, you musn't!

Mario: It's probably those darn Wario Bros! I'm not gunna let them walk all over us!

Luigi: Right behind ya, Bro!

Peach: Mario, I won't allow it!

Mario: I'll be fine!

Peach: Be careful!

Mario: I've dont this stuff before, I'll be fine!

The floor began to rumble from all the explosions outside.

Peach: Mario, I have bad vibes!

Mario: Don't worry!

He and Luigi jumped out the window.

Peach: Why is my heart beating like this?

Mario and Luigi ran up to the Bob-ombs.

Mario: Bob-ombs? No big deal! Fireball and greenball should take care of them!

Luigi: This is gonna be the easiest battle yet!

Mario: Just keep on guard!

As the Brothers jumped over the Bob-ombs, Mario made the first move and made a small round fireball come flying out his right palm.

Mario: Gotcha!

The Bob-omb miraculously jumped up and dodged the fireball!

Luigi: What?! How?!

Mario: HUH?!

The Bob-omb then stopped and stood still. Then a little square opened at the top of its head and out came three Mini Bob-ombs!

Luigi: You gotta be kiddin' me!

One exploded, and appeared to have more effect than a larger one. Then the second one hit, but the duo managed to avoid it. Finally the third one jumped and hit Luigi badly, making him fly hard to the ground.

Mario: Luigi!

Mario grabbed his brother and took him behind a rock for safety.

Luigi: Ah...

Mario: It's okay! You'll be all right!

Luigi: Mario, my leg!

Mario: It's bruised, don't worry.

Mario looked over.

Mario: They're outta Bob-ombs, time for a Mario finish!

Luigi: Be careful.

Mario: I always am!

Mario ran forward.

Mario: Alright, Wario, Waluigi, game over!

Junior jumped out from a bush.

Mario: Junior?

Jr: Bye bye!

Junior grabbed a remote control, and out came a giant Bob-omb.


It chased Mario and exploded about four feet away form him, not hitting him but making him unconscious.
Joghti, Calz, Peggy, and Sprite came out with Junior and gabbed Mario. Luigi tried to run forward but failed as his leg was too sore. They threw him in a truck behind the bushes.

Luigi: Mario!!! No!!!

Jr: Sprite! Get the tape quick before he becomes conscious!

Sprite: Junior, I gave it to Calz!

Peggy: Calz, you moron! Where's the tape?

Calz: Oh yeahhhhhhh! The really really mega strong stuff!

Joghiti: Yes! The strongest tape ever!

Calz: Still in my shell... Hang on, I'll just-

Junior grabbed his brother by the feet, turned him upside down, and made the tape fall out.

Jr: Idiot! Peggy and Joghti, hold Mario still. Spite 'n me will tie his feet and hands. Calz, you drive as fast as you can! And don't screw this up, otherwise you'll be tasting the bitter end of Dad's smoke!

Calz: Ahh! Yes, sir!

Jr: Step on it!

Joghti and Peggy grabbed Mario's unmoving body while Junior and Sprite ripped off the first piece of tape. Calz drove very fast, in fact, as fast as the truck would go. Just then, Mario slowly opened his eyes.

Mario. Wh... wh...

Junior quickly ripped off a big piece of tape and taped his hands.

Mario: You little...

Peggy quickly bit his leg

Mario: Mamamia!

Junior then taped his ankles together.

Mario: What do you think you're doing?!

Sprite: Shut up, you useless human. Your questions are meaningless. You're our slave now!

Sprite then ripped off another piece of tape and covered Mario's mouth. The Mini-Koopas kicked Mario into a corner and laughed as the made desperate attempts to try to squirm his way out.

After speeding for a very long fifty minutes, the van at last stopped. Joghti went over to Mario in his corner, Mario didn't squirm, he'd done enough of that; his beedy eyes just looked up at him.

Joghti: Mario, my daddy will see you soon, heehee.

Mario then began to once again squirm. Sprite hit him on the back of the neck, making him lose all consciousness.

Calz: Heh, thanks to my superb driving, we're here on time.

Peggy: Please! You had a map!

Calz: Like you could do better?

Jr: Shut up!

Sprite: You two argue constantly! All we need is to move this human's sorry carcus inside our manson-base, take Dad's orders on what to do with him, then relax!

Joghti: Let's do it!

After Yoshi found Luigi and took him to the castle, Luigi told the gang what he'd had to watch.

Peach: Oh gosh! I cant believe the Wario Bros. would do such a thing!

Luigi: I've already told you! It was Bowser's possy!

Peach: Oh yes...

Gadd: Hmmm. The Bob-ombs you described could be a big problem for us!

Toad: How?

Gadd: There appears to be a technological system involved with this...

Luigi: And?

Gadd: There's only one way to deafet these things. It's risky but...

Peach: We have no other choice!

Luigi: We gotta save Mario!

Mario opened his even more beady eyes. He was cold. Then he realized he was tied up to a chair that was practically sunk into concrete. He looked around; he was no longer in tape, but in chains! The only piece of tape that remained was the strip on his mouth. This "room" was tiny, only about a square meter in size. Mario squirmed, but it was no good; the Juniors sure tied those chains good! After a while, Bowser flung open the door and visciously ripped the bit of tape away from his mouth, leaving a red mark. Lucky for Mario, his everlasting moustage was missed.

Bowser: Hello, Mario.

Mario: Bowser! What'dya think you're doing? What do want from me?

Bowser: Hah, that's a strange question...

Mario: Let me go!

Bowser: Never! Mario, I have a choice here; I can leave you here for the rest of your life until you eventually die, or I can get payback.

Mario: What'dya mean?

Bowser: How about this; we feed you, and even provide you with a bed.

Mario: What are you talking about? Let me free!

Bowser: Mario, how about you become a slave for the Koopas? You will work for us and listen to our orders!

Mario: I'd rather die.

Bowser: Well that's a choice too, smarty pants!

Mario: Argh!

Bowser: I'll return in two hours, so you can clear your pathetic human head.

Mario: You'd better let me go.

Bowser: Don't make me laugh, punk. Two hours!

Bowser slammed the door after him. Mario thought... working for Bowser was out of the question! But to be left to die in a rotten cupboard? That wasn't fun either...

He had no choice. He had to work, and pray that his friends would find their way in sooner or later...

The only noises coming from Gadd's lab were booms and his screaches. Peach had had enough. She stormed in.

Peach: Gadd! Mario has been with these Koopas for a whole night, so whatever it is you're doing, make it fast!

Peach grabbed him by the collar.

Peach: What are you doing?!

Gadd: It's not that easy, im trying to make Bob-ombs like the ones the Koopas made so I can easily strike back at them if they dare use them against us! But for some reason whenever I wind them they don't seem to go off! It's very frustrating!

Peach: Hm...

Gadd: Please let go of me.

Peach: Very well.

Peach let him go as Baby Mario came in.

Baby Mario: Hewwo!

Gadd: Don't listen to a grown up conversation... No no don't touch that!

Baby Mario grabbed the Bob-omb.

Baby Mario: What you're doing wrong is very simpwle.

Gadd: Excuse me?

Baby Mario: You winding it the wrong way! Trwy winding frwom the right instead of left.

Gadd: Oh...

Baby Mario: Allow me to demonstwate.

He wound the Bob-omb to its right, and it worked perfectly!

Gadd: You're a genius!

Baby Mario: I know.

Gadd: I cant believe I just said that!

Peach: Quick! Make some more and we're out of here!

At the Koopas' hideout, Bowser slammed open to door to Mario's cupboard-prison.

Bowser: Hello human, ready for your decision? I've given you more than enough time, more than I said I would, even.

Mario: You disgust me.

Bowser: So you want to be left here then?

Mario: (hanging his head in shame) ... I'll... work...

Bowser ripped Mario's chains off with a single claw and grabbed him by the collar out of the cupboard. He threw Mario to the kitchen, Many Jrs looked at him with enormous grins on their faces. Bowser grabbed a mop and a hot bucket of water.

Bowser: This would make a good start... slave.

Mario just put the mop on the floor and began to wash. He heard all the Juniors laughing but he kept it in. In spite of everything, he was scared. Mario finally finished the large kitchen floor, then Bowser entered.

Bowser: You missed a spot.

Mario: Where?

Bowser spat on the ground.

Bowser: There.

Mario gave Bowser a viscious look and mopped it.

Bowser: Now, my boy, for task 2.

He grabbed Mario by the collar again, choking him. Soon, he found himself laying just above a carved rock, behind which was Bowser's throne. Bowser put his large green feet above it. The smell nearly klled Mario.

Bowser: Heehee, I'm gonna enjoy this. JUNIOR! GET THE GOO!

Junior ran and got a large bucket of green goo and put it in front of Mario.

Bowser: Simple task, boy, rub my feet with this Koopa goo.

Mario: You gotta be kidding me.

Bowser: Unless you'd like to be chained to a chair... left to die...

Mario slowly put his bruised hands int he freezing, slimy glue and began to rub the Koopa's smelly feet. Nothing had ever smelled so bad.

Bowser: Put more feel into it, boy.

Mario rubbed harder, and heard Bowser's laughter rise. Mario wasn't sure how much more he could take. He hoped the others would get there soon, or he might just lose it...

Yoshi came out of the castle with two large sacks of Gadd's Bob-ombs. Peach, Luigi, and Gadd followed.

Luigi: Daisy's taking care of things in the castle while we're away.

Peach: Can't i ride on Yoshi?

Gadd: No, he's carrying the Bob-ombs.

Peach: Argh... Fine!

Gadd: I have traced Mario with this microchip I have planted in everyone and he appears to be in a building located far east of here.

Peach: Great! They have another new base and we have it covered!

Luigi: Are we gonna walk there the whole way? Yoshi can't carry that much.

Gadd: I also have that covered. Introducing... the... GADDMOBILE!

Luigi: What an original name.

Peach: This guy keeps thinking of more and more things...

From the back of the castle came a hovercar.

Gadd: Yoshi, go in the front with me and put the sacks in the boot. Peach and Luigi, go to the back.

Peach: A princess in the back? Shocking!

They all scurried into the car.

Gadd: Ready?

Peach: It is but a silly car ride...

Gadd: Put on your belts.

Peach: Cut the melodrama.

Luigi: Oh god, he's taking this seriously.

Gadd: 3...

Peach: Just drive!

Gadd: 2...

Luigi: I'm getting impatient...

Gadd: 1!

The car went flying like the speed of light and immediately went shooting far northeast.



Gadd: We're here!

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Peach: That was fast.

Luigi eyes were all swirly.

Luigi: ...

Peach: Say something!

Luigi: ...

Peach slapped him.

Peach: Get a hold of yourself!

Luigi: Oh, oh it's over.

Gadd: Let's go.

The gang went towards the castle, and after a step over a red line, an alarm was raised.

Luigi: Oh no!

Gadd: Just as I imagined!

From the distance, the gang saw many of the Bob-ombs that had attacked the kindom. Yoshi opened both of the sacks they'd brought.

Gadd: Wind from the right, gang, go-go-go!!!

Two Bob-ombs armies marched towards each other and had the same booming effects. The floor shook.

Gadd: Ahhhhhh!

Peach: Ahhhhhhhhh!

Luigi: Mario!

Luigi ran towards the bombing.

Gadd: You can't!

Luigi: I won't wait any longer!

Gadd: You musn't!!!

It was hard to run as the floor wouldnt stop shaking.

Inside, Bowser wasn't amused.

Bowser; No goody-too shoes is going to ruin my foot rubbing...

Bowser got to his feet. Mario threw the gunk on the floor, making the king fall. He then ran weakly out the door.

Bowser: COME BACK!!!

Mario ran down the corridor and kept tripping; his wobbly feeble hungry knees could only take so much. Peggy stood in his way as he fell.

Peggy: Goin' somewhere, plumber boy?

Mario: You are.

He grabbed onto spikes on Peggys' shell and made her fly down the corridor. While this was going on the Bob-ombs kept making the floor rumble; it was hard to hear any of the screaming coming from Bowser's room over all the explosive noises. Mario continued running down the corridor, his eyes half fogged.

Luigi ran through the door. There was a long entrance.

Luigi: Hang in there, Bro.

He ran up.

As Mario continued his way down, Calz stood before him.

Calz: I ain't gunna screw this one up.

He jumped up, trying to get Mario. But Mario ducked and delivered an air punch, knocking the Koopa unconscious. He continued his way down the corridor, not seeing a flight of stairs he had to go down. He tripped.

Luigi ran up the hall panting and panting, determined to find his brother.

Mario shook his head and looked up, seeing Joghti and Sprite before him.

Joghti: Expecting someone else, Human?

Sprite: No way are you ever going to be free.

Mario rolled between them as they tried to squish his head with a body slam. Joghti charged at Mario. Mario quickly grabbed a vase from the side of the hall and smacked Joghti with it.

Joghti: Koopaly Woopaly.

He fainted. Sprite jumped on the back of Mario's head.

Sprite: You're going to pay for this!

Mario raised his leg, grabbed his shoe, and hit Spite, making him faint also.

Mario: Gotta... keep... moving...

Mario could no longer run, so he slowly staggerd on.

Luigi could now see his brother.

Luigi: Mario!

Luigi ran towards him, but as he was a mere two meters away Bowser jumped in the middle.

Bowser: Hahahahahaha! Now I can have two slaves!

Luigi: I don't think so, Bowser!

Bowser: I do! JUNIOR!!!!

Junior came flying through the hole that Bowser had made above him in the roof.

Jr: Did I miss any fun?

Mario: I can't take this!

Luigi: Take it easy, Mario, I'll take care of these two by myself!

Bowser: You cant brush you teeth by yourself!

Mario: We're a team!

Bowser: This should be fun, a Koopa-Human showdown.

Jr: Hahahahahahaha!

Luigi jumped up and kicked Junior off Bowser's head while he was laughing. Bowser then grabbed Luigi by the dungarees.

Bowser: Hahahahahahaha!

Mario managed to jump on Bowser's head and grab on to his face. Bowser started to run around with Mario squeezing tightly, determined not to loose his grip. Luigi was having some trouble with Junior; every time the red plumber's brother tried to kick or punch, the midget kept ducking or jumping over it. He was sure fast. Finally Luigi caught the little rascal, and threw him at the Koopa King. Mario jumped off Bowser in the nick of time. The two Koopas collapsed to the ground.

Luigi: You okay?

Mario: ... Uh...huh...

Luigi: Ready for the finsisher?

Mario: Sure am.

The two Brothers jumped in midair togther, then put both their hands beside each other. Luigi let out a green fireball while Mario let fly one of his regular fireballs. The pyrosphers were deliberately aimed at the still-fallen Bowser's sides, causing him to go flying into Junior and then sending both through a wall face-first. At this time, the plumbers realized the bombings had stopped.

Mario: Let's get outta here!

The gang was all outside Bowser's castle. Peach grabbed Mario and hugged him tightly.

Peach: You okay, my dear?

Mario: Uh-huh, I think so....

Gadd: With this thing, we'll be back soon. I call it the GADDMOBILE!

Peach: I'm not going on that thing.

Luigi: What's the worst that could happen?

After the ride, Peach let out a humungous screech.

Peach: MY HAIR!!!

The next morning, Mario was sitting with Daisy at the breakfast table.

Daisy: Good to be back?

Mario: Got that right!

Luigi ran in and immediately started cooking.

Mario: Someone's in a hurry

Luigi: Peach wants breakfast in bed.

Mario leaned towards Daisy

Mario: Looks like Luigi's the slave now.


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