The Mysterious Kid

By Lems Big Bro

Frankie: Dad... It's... you...

Mario: What?

Frankie threw his arms around Mario.

Frankie: I know you don't know me... Thats the way it's supposed to be.

Mario: You wacko?

Frankie: Okay, this'll be hard to understand... but Im here in the past to kill Mini-Bowser. Gadd let me use his teleporter.

Gadd: I didnt do such a thing!

Frankie: No... I mean... um...

Mario: I'm confused.

Luigi: Maybe you need sleep, Frankster.

Frankie: I come from 20 years in the future. I'm the son of King Mario and Queen Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Daisy: Frankie, what'dya mean?

Frankie pulled out little stickers with microchips on them.

Frankie: Everyone, place this on your heads. It'll tell you the story of why I'm here and what my purpose is.

Everyone put a sticker on their head. All their eyes automatically closed, and their minds saw a scene of the Mushroom Kingdom where Bowser the Second did a terrible thing...

Peach, looking older, of course, walks up the stairs. Luigi is coming down.

Peach: Hi there. Do you know where Mario and Frankie are?

Luigi: Out playing golf.

Peach: Heh, surpirse surprise.

Luigi: I was gunna go see 'em. Wanna come?

Peach: They must be nearly finished now. Let's put the kettle on.

At the pitches, Frankie won the game.

Mario: Geez! You just got lucky, son!

Frankie: Yeah, for the millionth time!

Mario: All I can say in my excuse is that I'm old.

Frankie: Not as old as Toadsworth!

Mario: I can't believe that guy is still around. I'll tell ya one thing, 20 years ago we didn't think he was gonna last much longer.

Frankie: Ha! What were Toad and Toadette like then?

Mario: They were only toddlers!

Frankie: Haha! That would've been quite a sight!

Mario: Should have been there!

Toad: I wasn't that bad!

Toad and Toadette, who are now both REALLY TALL, approach them.

Toadette: I wasn't hyper.

Mario: Yeah right. You were as bad as Baby Mario and Luigi!

Frankie: Who are Baby Mario and Luigi?

Mario: The other Mario and Luigi, when they were babies that's what we called them, Baby Mario and Luigi.

Frankie: Wow...

Mario: Let's go back home.

Throughout this conversation, Bowser the Second sits behind a bunch of rocks, watching. He is much larger than Bowser, with wide firey red eyes.

Bowser 2: You're going down.

The scene switches to the castle at dinnertime.

Koopa: Dinner is served.

Daisy: What's the soup?

Koopa: Pumpkin.

Daisy: YAY!!! Three please!

Peach: Your insides must be orange.

Daisy: Shush.

Toad stands up and goes towards Toadette.

Toad: Toadette... Will you marry me?

Toadette: Marry you?! I... I don't know what to say...

Toad: Yes would be nice.

Toadette: YES!

Mario: Congratulations, guys!

Peach: Wow! I'm so happy for you!

Toadworth: When's dinner ready?

Toad: Toadsworth! I'm getting married!

Peach: This is a cause for celeberation!

Suddenly Bowser 2 slams open the doors.


Mario: Bowser!!! Bigger!!!

Bowser 2: No, Mario, you fool; you're just the same as ever.

Gadd: Th...that thing's too big to be Bowser!

Bowser 2: Well the name Junior goes way back!

Mario Gang: THAT'S JUNIOR?!

Bowser 2: Yes, and Im here to kill you, Mario!

Mario: WHAT?

Bowser2 walks towards Mario with hatred in his eyes.

Bowser2: My dad died of heart failure after fighting a useless human too many times... So I'm gonna kill you, Mario!

Peach: You can't!

Bowser 2: Byebye, Princess!

A huge flame bursts from Bowser the Second's mouth and hits Peach.

Frankie: MOM!

Frankie kneels beside Peach.

Frankie: You okay, Mom?

Peach: I'll be ok...

Bowser 2: You're Mario's son? HAHAHAHAHA! Byebye little boy...

The huge Koopa jumps in midair and grabs Frankie by the collar.

Frankie: Put me down!


The Koopa raises his fist, ready to smash Frankie's head.


Mario jumps in the way.

Frankie: DAD!

Bowser 2 laughs evilly. Mario falls to the ground, motionless.

Frankie: You sleeze Koopa! You're going down!

Frankie jump-kicks Bowser 2's shell and lands on the ground. He then creates a fireball in his hand and aims at the Koopa's huge red eye.

Bowser 2: Ahhh! It burns!

The huge son of Bowser takes out a smoke grenade and sets it off.

Frankie: Show yourself!

The smoke fades, and there is no sign of him.

Gadd: Mario's got no pulse, son

Luigi:: Mario...

Peach: Mario....

Frankie: Dad... He died trying to save... me...

Frankie runs upstairs and lays beside Mario's bed. Gadd comes in.

Gadd: I think there's a way... to save your dad... It won't be easy, and only you can do it...

Frankie: Anything.

Gadd: The only way I can think of is to send you back 20 years.

Frankie: With your time machine?

Gadd: Right, you'll meet all of us when we were younger.

Frankie: What do you want me to do there?

Gadd: If you kill Bowser 2 in the past... he can't kill your dad in the future.

Frankie: Wow...

Gadd: Think long and hard, my boy... You must make this decision this time...

Frankie: I don't care! I'll do it!

Gadd gives Frankie special stickers with little red flashing dots on them.

Gadd: Place this on each of our past selves. They'll be able to see why you are and why you're here, and also forget about it once the mission is complete.

Frankie: Gotcha.

Gadd: HELLO PAST ME! I have discovered many things, such as-

Frankie: Can't I just go save Dad now?

Gadd: Be careful... Time is a dangerous thing, and it's possible that you may have amnesia after using this machine.

Frankie: It's worth the risk

Gadd: Good luck.

Frankie goes inside the machine and disappears.

Back at the present time, everyone took off their stickers.

Peach: Wow... Frankie...

Luigi: Everything's going so... fast...

Daisy: Yeah.

Gadd: I can't believe it.

Peach: We know, Gadd...


Frankie: Uh...

Mario: No way!

Frankie: Dad... It's okay.

Mario: I'm not your dad!

Mario ran upstairs.

Frankie: Dad, wait!

Peach: This is a bit shocking. But okay, I'll do my best to come to terms with it...

Frankie: Always accepting... Just like in the future.

Gadd: This is easy for me to accept! I understand future technology and this is perfectly possible!

Daisy: I trust you.

Gadd: After Mario comes to terms with this fact... we must destroy Junior.

Luigi: For Frankie!

Peach: For the future!

Daisy: For Junior! That little runt!

Frankie: For Dad!

Everyone: Let's go!

Mario was sitting by the balcony.

Peach: Hey Mario.

Mario: Hey.

Peach: Well, this is shocking.

Mario: Pfffffffft.

Peach: But our son obviously cares about us.

Mario: He is not my son.

Peach: Mario! For goodness sake!

Mario: What do you expect me to say?! Sure, let's kill Junior; sure, I don't mind getting killed in the future!

Peach: Well this is why he's here! To help us!

Mario: I AM NOT A DAD!

Peach: No, but you will be. Are you not thinking of marraige for us?

Mario: I... don't know.

Peach: It's hard now, but we should make an effort to do this.

Mario: Fine, whatever.

Meanwhile, Luigi and Frankie were outside.

Junior: Heeeeeeheeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeeheeeeeeee!

Luigi: Get outta here, you creep!

Frankie: Bowser Two!

Junior: Bowser 2?! Huh?

Bowser jumped up and smacked Luigi out of the way. Bowser threw his heavy, hard, mace-like fist at Frankie's face. He then threw Frankie in a dirty sack.

Junior: Let's go!

Luigi: Stop!

Bowser blew his burning fire, leaving Luigi with no choice but to run. When he finally looked back, Frankie was gone.

Luigi: This can't be good!

Mario and Peach walked up to Luigi.

Peach: Hey, where is Frankie?

Luigi: Guys! Thank goodness you're here! Frankie is gone!

Mario: Oh no, he didn't run away, did he? Grr, it's all my fault.

Luigi: No! Bowser and Junior took him away!

Peach and Mario: Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha?!

Mario: I'm sick of these overgrown turtles! They're going down!

Peach: We must get Gadd's Gaddmobile!

Mario: Huh?

Peach: Remember? His new invention, the hover car thing... Very fast...

Mario: Oh yeah.

Peach: Luigi, go get Gadd and the others and tell them.

Mario: We got a kid to save.

The Gaddmobile had arrived.

Peach: About time!

Gadd: *yawn* I was sleeping...

Luigi: Let's just go.

Gadd: I've tracked their base.

Mario: Surprise suprise...

Daisy: Let's get 'em.

The crew jumped in the hovercar.

At the base, Frankie found himself tied to Bowser's table.

Frankie: What you doin'? Let me go!

Junior: Don't worry your spiky hair...

Frankie: I'm gonna get you, Bowser Two...

Bowser: Bowser Two? You're mad!

Frankie: Let me out!!!

Junior: Dad, get the machine!

Bowser: I thought you had it...

Junior: Fool! You must have left it outside!

Bowser: Whoops.

Junior: Well go get it!!!

Bowser: Uh... Yes sir...

Junior: Right. Boy, soon you'll be on our side...

Mario: Is this the base?

Gadd: Yes.

The gang looked at the stone cave.

Luigi: Can you track 'em?

Gadd: It's hard...

Peach: Oh no...

Gadd: You need the strongest brain in the whole universe to do this... AND THAT'S ME!!!

Mario: So you can?

Gadd: Yes.

Luigi: Grr... Let's not waste any more time.

The gang went in. With Gadd's torches, they could just see where they were going.

Luigi: Ahhh! Mice! I hate mice!

Peach: Aahhhh! Spider!

Gadd: Let's get outta here.

Mario: No, we owe this kid a favor. Let's go.

The Rest: Right!

They eventually came to a large room- it was carpeted!

Peach: Hardly luxury...

Frankie was in the corner of the huge room, grunting through a large piece of tape that was gagging him.

Mario: Frankie!

The gang ran over; Mario untied him.

Frankie: Ah... Man, my head hurts...

Peach: Let's go home.

Voice: You're not going anywhere...

The gang turned around to see Junior and Bowser, with the brain machine.

Mario glared at the two Koopas.

Mario: Just what do you guys want?

Bowser: Power.... Mushroom Kingdom... Peach...

Peach: Tsssssssk!

Mario: Peach... Take Frankie away

Frankie: No, Dad! I wanna stay here and help you and Uncle.

Mario: Go, Frankie.

Frankie: Dad...

Mario: Go!

Frankie and Peach ran down the creepy cave.

Junior: You're not going anywhere!

Bowser picked up a huge boulder and threw it, blocking the only way in, or out.

Frankie and Peach: Ahh!

Gadd: That rock is huge, your fireballs won't get them out.

Junior jumped on Luigi's right foot, making him hop away in pain.

Luigi: Owowow!!!

Bowser: You're going down, plumber boy!

Bowser got another ball from his shell. Junior and Bowser put on gas masks. Once the ball was thrown, everyone found themselves paralyzed.

Junior: That's right, breathe in this stuff, you're stunned, only for a short while. Don't worry your pathetic  human selves.

Bowser: Mario, we are sick of you, always ruining our plans, always stopping our missions. I'm getting rid of you once and for all!

Bowser swung his fist around, ready to pack a punch.

Junior: Byebye! Heeheeeheeeeheeehee!

Peach: Mario!!!

Gadd: I... can't move...

Luigi: No Bowser! Don't do it!

Frankie screamed, and with all the anger and energy inside him, he jumped out of his paralysis.

Frankie: No!

Frankie jumped in the way of Bowser's strong overwhelming punch. Frankie absorbed the attack.

Junior: Darn it!

Bowser fainted with all his energy lost. Tears ran down Luigi, Peach, and Gadd's faces. Mario's energy and anger snapped him out of his paralysis. He ran to the boy's side.

Mario: Frankie! Kiddo, speak to me! Please speak!

Frankie: You... can move...

Mario: Like father like son, huh?

Frankie: Dad... You must destroy Junior...

Mario: Frankie, don't do this... We can destroy him together... the way it should be...

Frankie: Goodbye... Dad...

Frankie tilted his head.

Mario: No!

To Be Continued...

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