Super Mario RPG 2

By Extreme nintendo master

Part 8: The Haven's ??? Tower

Last time on Super Mario RPG 2, Mario and the gang received a new partner, Princess Vanilla. And, ??? got even angrier about losing another Piece... again! At the Star Volcano lay the next Star Piece, which led to battling a dragon, and a fusion. After the dragon StarBone explained the whole thing, Mario got another Star Rod Piece. But he then got a call from Eldstar, who faed out before saying where the last Piece was being held.

What will our heroes do now?

Outside of Star Volcano...

Mario: Now what are we going to do now? We already have six of the seven Star Rod Pieces, but now, we have no idea of the last and final Star Rod Piece is. We couldíve known, but Eldstar faided out, on us so now we're going to be hopeless finding the last Piece

Mallow: Maybe if we go back to the Mushroom Kingdom again, then we can
see what to do next.

Geno: Yes, but thatís a LONG way to get back there though.

Vanilla: And of course, we could just either walk, or take the Tuna thingy.

Mario: Whale...

Vanilla: Same thing.

Geno: Yes, but getting back there would mean going back to the port.

Mallow: Yes, but still, it's either that or Plit will be taken over by that weird guy who we STILL don't know...

But, what they don't know is that ???? is spying on them, and heads back quickly back to the Haven.

??? Haven...

Yes, ??? is on his thrown, sleeping, but...

????: SIRE!!!

???: (waking up) Huh?! What is it now?! I've already had enough of this Star Rod Piece talk already, so what is it now?!

????: Umm... Well...

???: Go on, tell me.

????: Well, I think everyone should come to the Meeting Room to hear this, with you as well.

???: Fine fine...

Five minutes later, in the Meeting Room...


????: Um... yes... Mario and Gang now have the sixth Star Rod Piece...

Axem Black: What? Why is everyone looking at us?

Axem: You moron, we lost, remember?


Lord Shy: Maybe you should've gotten them BOTH to fuse together! Thatís what made them into the big one which tried to stop Mario and the others from making it to the top of the mountain... Oops!

Axem Pink: Oh great, way to tell the boss.

???: And now you tell me that you stopped when you nearly stopped them from coming up that hill?!

????: But Sire, there is no way they'll be getting that final Piece from you.

???: Yes. Though I hold that final Piece, I have two guards already planned out.

Goom: But, when shall that time be?

???: When Mario and the rest make it into the Haven. Thatís when.

Back in Snow Town...

Mario, Mallow, Geno and Princess Vanilla have all made it back to Snow Town. Mallow and Vanilla both put on their scarfs.

Mario: Uhhh... Which way was it to the warp pipe?

Geno: Mario, it's right ahead of us.

Mario sees the warp pipe.

Mario: Oh...

They all make it to the warp pipe, and make it back to the docks of Seaside Shore. They spot the whale from Paper Mario, though he's underwater, except for his back again. They all make it onto the pier and Mallow gets on the whale.

Mallow: So, now what?

Whale: Hmmm, huh? What?

Mallow gets off of the whale, and the whale rises up. The whale sees the four.

Whale: (waking up) Hmm? Oh, Mr. Mario, how nice of you to be here. What brings you and your friends here?

Vanilla: Umm... Well, we were wondering if you would take us back over to Toad Town. Thereís also a longer way, but of course the ocean here is also connected to the one at the Toad Town Docks.

Whale: Well, I guess so. Hop on, you four.

Mario jumps on the whale, then the others follow. The whale then goes off onto the sea. So far, this seemed like an adventure that would be over soon, once they would find out where the last piece is at. They soon make it to Toad Town in 30 Minutes. The Whale drops them off at the Dock, letting Mario and the gang off.

Geno: Well, we must be off. To Shooting Star Summit.

Mallow: But shouldn't Mario be seeing Luigi, his brother?

Mario: No, he's on another adventure. He told me that he had to go to the Strawberry Kingdom to save Princess Strawberry.

Vanilla: Well, Mario, you lead us to the Summit.

Well, if you've played the first Paper Mario, you would know what I mean. But if you havenít, then you should play the game to know what I'm talking about.

Mario: But first, we should check on the castle.

Geno: A great idea, Mario.

And so, they walk toward the entrance to the pathway to Peach's Castle, but there seems to be smoke coming, and a red sky coming clearer and clearer. Once they all make it, they see Peach's Castle, and...

Vanilla: AHHHHHH!!!

The Castle is in flames, and broken down, with stuff everywhere, stuff in danger. And, the sky is red.

Mario: What happened here?!

Toadsworth: M...aster... Mario...

Toadsworth is seen rushing up to Mario, knocking into Mario, Mallow, Geno and Vanilla as well.

Geno: Watch were your going!

Toadsworth: Err, sorry Master Geno. Master Mario! One thing is for sure, that I'm glad that your back! The other thing is, that your too late!

Mario: What happened?!

Toadsworth: L-let me explain here. It all started like this... Just when you were about to leave, I forgot to mention about giving you an important piece of information, that you needed for your journey. But, it was to late. I thought that you wouldn't be back for awhile without getting the Pieces of the Star Rod. However, about three days later, while you were still gone, a Toad told me about an attack on the Kingdom. I tried to call for your brother, Luigi, but he was already out on an adventure. Probably without Master Mario. However, there was nothing else for me to do but wait for the attacks. Then, about another day later, we found out that we were being attacked on the day that you had the sixth of the seven Star Rod Pieces. We were suprised that you had even got some of them. However, we trusted that you would get them, though we would be attacked. Later on, it was about two days late, which is today, we found out that you had found the sixth Star Rod Piece and we were attacked, a few hours before you had arrived which was now. One of them said that Mario isn't here, though I was down on the floor. I also hear that the Boss is not going to like this now. When I had woke up, I had seen your arrival. Now, it is only a short time of what is going to happen next to our fair Kingdom now.

Vanilla: Wow, so that is what happened? Goom and he others thrashed this place up?

Mallow: So, let's get to the point. what was that Message that you wanted to tell us that was so important?

Toadsworth: Ah yes. Now. If I remember correctly, the Last Piece is WAY up the in Star Haven in a tower.

Mario: So, we have to go back up there? Well, I was there before.

Geno: So, we must be off to the summit. Thanks and goodbye.

Soon then, Mario and the Gang go off to the Shooting Star Summit.

Shooting Star Summit...

The sky, is now deep dark, a very blackish dark, with no starts at all.

Mario: Strange... there were stars last time I was here.

As soon as Mario and the Gang make it up to were the Seven Star Sprites Symbols are at, they are changed to darkish colors.

Eldstar: Mario... Mallow... Geno... and Vanilla... You must come to the Haven Imedently...

The way to Star Haven is opened. Mario and the others go in it, transporting them up to the Way.

Star Haven Way...

If you have played the game, you would remember that the Sky's was a dark blueish with stars, correct? Not this time, it's pitch black with no star, yet again. The path way has changed from Blue to a Light Black. They keep on walking through the pathway until they make it to the Entrance of Star Haven...or should I say, ??? Haven... Mario and te gang enter.

??? Haven...

The sky is in a deep red, with no trees, only broken and wilted trees with a white glow.

Geno: The Haven! What has happened to it?!

Meanwhile, back where ??? is at.


Lord Shy: SIRE! SIRE!!!

??? is sitting on the throne once again.

???: What is it now?!

Lord Shy: Its Mario! Heís here!!!

???: WHAT?!! HERE NOW?! Goom, Axemís, and Second hand to me, come here now!!!

????: You called?

???: What were you guys doing?!

Axem Pink: I was just putting on Lipstick.

Axem Black: I was resting.

Axem Red: I was training.

Axem Green: I was watering my plants.

Axem Yellow: I was hungry, so I went to get a snack.

Goom: I was right here.

????: I was just checking if they were coming.

???: Lord Shy has just improved me that Mario and the others have just arrived to the Haven.

????: So, what do we do now? Do we go into the secret plan?

???: Exactly. We need to go and to go up to the tower that you people were building.

Axem Red: So, who is doing what?

???: Well, this is pretty early that Mario and them would get up here so quickly and so fast. And another thing questions me is that HOW did they get up here? Anyways, get into your positions inside the Tower. Mario won't be able to make it all of the way in the Tower. I'll be surprised if he can make it to the last test.

Peach's Room...

Peach is sound asleep at her bed, thinking about what has been happening with Mario and Mallow. Twink however, is not there. Twink then taps on the window of Peach's.

*Tap tap tap....Tap tap tap tap.....*

Peach then wakes up, and goes over to the window and lets Twink in.

Twink: Princess, Mario is now here!

Peach: Already? This is good news Twink. When did he get here?

Twink: Well, I'm not sure, about a while ago. Mario seems to have the Six Pieces already.

*Knock Knock.*

And with that, Twink hides somewhere. The door opens and reviles to be Goom.

Goom: Peach, your time has come to see the Boss.

Peach: What?! What are you talking about?

Goom: Must I repeat myself? Your time has come to the Boss. I'm taking you with me to see him. Axem Red and Pink. *Snap Snap*

The both Axems come and tie Peach up faster then Wario running for a coin at top speed.

Twink: I'll go tell Mario what to do!

Goom: Huh? What is that piece of confetti?

Goom kicks Twink out of the Room.

Peach: TWINK!

??? Haven...


Mario then collides onto Geno, then Mallow, then to Vanilla, making them fall down.

Mallow: Ow! What was that?!

Mario: Hey, its Twink.

Twink: Huh? Oh its you Mario! I finally found you!

Vanilla: Hey, whatís wrong?

Twink: Princess Peach in a Tower!

Mario: Where at?

Twink then leads Mario and the others to where the Scandium used to be.

Vanilla: What happened here?

Twink: Some guy just destroyed it here! And look what that person created!!!

Mallow looks up and sees the Tower. So do Mario, Geno and Vanilla:

Vanilla: Now THAT'S a big Tower.

The Tower is about a deep Brown, with Yellow and Blue. And strangely there some pink on it. The tower seems to be very big, just a Vanilla said that it is.

Geno: Well, I guess that we'd better go inside it.

Twink: I guess I'm coming with you guys, since I already know some of the areas of the tower.

Mallow: And, so we just have to go up it and climb it?

Twink: No, there are also some dangerous areas in there, like a bridge without lava, Ice that contains spears, and even arrows coming from the walls at different places.

Geno: And you didn't tell us earlier because?

Twink: Never mind that, the entire world is in danger. You four are our only  hope for defeating this evil guy.

Mario: So let it be. Come on guys, lets go in.

??? Tower Entrance...

Inside the first floor is nothing but stairs leading up.

Mallow: Well, isn't this mostly wonderful?

Geno: Oh stop being so sarcastic.

Mallow: No, not that, that!

Mallow points to a wall with a piece of paper on it. There it reads "Notice- Be sure to guard the Seven Star Cards."

Everyone looks at Twink.

Twink: Oh... Oh yeah. The Star Sprites were trapped as well. If you guys can release them, they'll be sure to help you out a lot.

Mario: So, I guess we're ready to keep on moving.

??? Tower...

After climbing up the stairs, they find a room where there are nothing but Bob-Ombs that are already lit, but are also sleeping.

Twink: Wow, that guy sure does have lots of men here. Though, they're only Bombs.

Bob-Omb: Huh? HEY GUYS!

All of the Bob-Ombs wake up, spotting Mario and the Party.

Mallow: Uh oh.

Geno: This sounds like a fight to me.

All of the Bob-Ombs fuse up into one big lit up Bob-Omb. It has red eyes.

*Commence Battle!*

Mallow: I'm staying behind to watch for now.

Giant B.B.

Hp 89/89
Attack: Super Masher
Enemy: Giant B.B
*Ker Smash Smash Smash...Smash!*
Giant B.B takes 122 damage!

Hp: 87/87
Attack: Hard Shot
Enemy: Giant B.B
Giant B.B takes 124 damage!

Hp: 88/88
Attack: Princess Mace
Enemy: Giant B.B
*Ker Ker Scratch!*
Giant B.B takes 103 damage!

Giant B.B
Magic: Reploshion
Enemies: Mario, Vanilla and Geno.
*Ker ker ker BOOM!!!*
Mario takes 49 damage! Geno takes 48 damage! Vanilla takes 46 damage! Giant
B.B takes 104 damage!
Giant B.B is defeated!

Mario and Party win!

Level Up!

Att- 49
Spd- 79!
Mario now learns Spinning Hammer as a new Magic. Attacks All enemies!

Hp- 28!
Mallow now learns Snowy as a new Magic! Attacks all enemies!

Hp- 25!
Att- 47!
Geno now leans Geno Stomp as anew Magic! Attacks all enemies!

Vanilla now learns Princess's Storm as a new Magic! Attacks all enemies!

*End Battle!*

As soon as the Bob-Omb explodes, the is a Box, containing something inside of it. Geno goes to open it, reviling... A Star Card!

Twink: Wow, its our first Star Card! Lets just keep on going until we get them all.

They all climb the next set of stairs, containing a lava room. There is a bridge, but there are no sides to it, which means no easy hanging on to.

Vanilla: This looks dangerous.

Mallow tries to go across it first, but it starts to wobble, making Mallow lose his balance and making him fall down onto the bridge.

Geno: Good idea Mallow. Lets crawl to the other side.

Mario follows Mallow and they both make it across. Geno crawls as well the other side, and Vanilla. Soon, they all make it to the other side wit no problem.

Mario: Whereís Twink?

Twink: In your pocket. I decided to stay here for awhile.

Mario: Ok then.

They all climb the set of stairs, and make it to the next room. The next room contains an ice room, which is very slippery with no wall, just a straight path.

Vanilla: Now THIS looks hard.

Magic: Snowy
Use on: Ice.

Soon, Mallows creates snow onto the Icey line, making it easier to cross.

Vanilla: So, what now?

Mallow: Just step on the snow.

They do so, making it to the next room. The see a door and open it to see Axem Pink with a Box, containing another Star Card.

Axem Pink: Oh lookie here, its Mario and the others.

Vanilla: Just give us the Card now!

Pink: I'll consider a trade.

Vanilla: Vanilla Lipstick?

Mallow and Geno: You had THAT with you?

Vanilla: Yeah, I do. It makes me more cuter, just for Mallow. *Winks at Mallow.*

Mallow Blushes.

Axem Pink: Yes yes yes yes yes! Give me that Lipstick!

Princess Vanilla trades with Axem Pink. Axem Pink goes off into the tower.

Mario now gets the second Star Card!

They go into the next area, containing a Donkey Kong game thingy. You know, the one where Mario has to save his first Girlfriend from Donkey Kong where Donkey throws barrels at Mario which he wants to stop him. However, Donkey Kong is not there, but a Barrel Machine is there.

Twink: In this room, one of you must take turns getting to the top of the platform of where that Red flag is at, containing the next Star Card and containing stairs.

Mario: Who's going to go first?

Geno: I will.

Geno goes off and climbs the latter, then sees a barrel. He jumps over it. He then climbs the next latter, but there is a Barrel coming down, making Geno falls down.

Vanilla: My turn.

Vanilla does a good job until she makes it to where Geno was at. She makes it up the next latter and makes it past of where Geno was at. She then sees two Barrels coming for her. She get ready to jump when the first one goes down the latter and Vanilla jumps and she hits a barrel and falls down on top of Geno.

Geno: Ahh!

Vanilla: Oops, sorry.

Mario I'll go next.

Mario makes it past of where Geno was, then Vanilla was at. He sees two barrels coming for him. He waits for them to fall down the latter, which does so. He then Makes it up to the next part of where there are three Barrels. A Barrel comes down at Mario and hits him, and falls down where Geno and Vanilla are at. Vanilla gets up just in time of when Mario is about to hit. Geno is about to get up when Mario falls hard on Geno... again.


Mario: Sorry.

Mallow, already climbing up the latter, jumps on the broken ones and making it up quicklier. In about a few minutes, Mallow make it to the top and shuts the Barrel thing off. Mario and the others then make it up where Mallow is at and get the Star Card. They see Goom running off and chance after him. Goom drops the next Star Card and Mallow picks it up, making them get Four of the Seven Star Cards.

Mallow: Hmm...I wonder why he dropped it...

Vanilla: Maybe he's luring us to a trap.

They all climb the next set of stairs to the next area...again. The next area is just a hallway leading to the next door.

Mallow: This is it? Thatís all?

Mallow starts to walk across the hallway.

Mallow: This is just easy. Now this is going to be ea-


And arrow shoot from the side of Mallow's face, nearly hitting him.

Mallow: -sy... Oh boy....that was close.

Mario: We're going to have to be careful.

2 minutes later...

Geno: Well, since there was only one trap, that was easy. And, easy for the Fifth Star Card.

They climb the Stairs AGAIN and see Goom and ????.

Mallow: Goom... and that other guy whom which we don't know of...

????: That shall be no longer my friends.

Geno: Just what have you done with the Star Sprites?

Goom: Oh nothing much really. We, or the boss, has just taken of this Haven and had put these Seven Star Sprites into the Star Cards.

Vanilla: Who is this guy?

Mario: And where is Peach!?

????: Other questions will not be answered.

Mario: Then at least tell us this. What do you guys want with the Star Rod Pieces?

Goom: The boss require the pieces for more power. The boss has already have most of the power from the Star Rod itself. Once the boss gets all of the pieces, then Plit will be no more for the good! The evil shall rule all and the Good will tremble in the fear of us evil!

Geno: Thatís not going to happen!

Mallow: And besides, whatís something that you two arenít going to lose at? We've already defeated Goom once.

????: How true, though you and Mario have only lost to me.

Geno: Well we'll see now you two!

????: Goom, did you just hear that? They want to fight us?

Goom: How so it is.

Vanilla: Ok boys, lets go!

*Enter Battle!!!*

Mario: We should all fight this time, since that this could be our last time here!


Commence Battle!

Hp: 118/118
Attack: Spin Smash
Enemy: Goom
*Wooosh woosh woosh Smash!*
Goom takes 148 damage!

Hp: 115/115
Magic: Snowy
Enemies: Goom and ????
*Mallow then casts a snow attack on both Goom and ????, and covering them with snow. When the snow is gone, all there is left is ice.
Goom takes 158 damage! ???? takes 159 damage!
*Goom and ???? are frozen.*

Hp: 116/116
Magic: Geno Stomp
Enemies: Goom and ????
*Bash, Stomp!*
*Somehow, the enemies are all stomped, leaving damage.*
Goom takes 200 damage! ???? takes 209 damage!
*Enemies are now unfrozen.*

Hp: 115/115
Magic: Princess's Storm
Enemies: Goom and ????
*Ker ker ker ker ker ker CRASH!!!*
Goom takes 129 damage! ???? takes 130 damage!

*End Battle?*

The scene then goes to the top of the tower, where ??? and the Axems and of course Lord Shy.

???: Soon, everything will be going my way.

*Some load crashes, bangs and explosives are heard from the battle.*

Lord Shy: Wow. It seems that Mario and the others must be at the guys

Axem Green: Though I do hope that their training went ok and didn't tire
them out already.

*Some wind can be heard, along with flames*

???: Hmm.....this doesn't seem good. By now there should be at least some
defeating and winning from our side!

*Thunder can be heard.*

Axem Yellow: Was that just thunder?

*Lightning can still be heard, but its from outside.*

Now, back with the others...

*Return to battle.*

Hp: 5/115
Magic: Geno Quake
Enemies: All.
Goom takes 219 damage! Goom is defeated! ???? takes 189 damage! ???? is

Mario and party win!

Level Up!!!

Everyone gets the same amount of stats of 40, though Mario's Hp is now 150,
Mallow's Hp is now 143, Geno's Hp is now 148 and Princess Vanilla's

Hp is now 140.

*End Battle.*

????: Ohg! And you four only had under 50 Hp.

???? faints. So does Goom and they both drop their Star Cards and a Star Rod
Piece is dropped from ????.

Vanilla: Go on Mario, its yours now.

The whole Star Piece thing is taken. Nothing happens.

*Mario now has all Seven Pieces! The Star Rod is now created!*

And so, after going through trouble with mazes, going through Arrows and through rocks along with stealing Pieces, and after going through all of that until now. Mario, Mallow, Geno and Princess Vanilla have now recovered all of the Seven Star Rod Pieces, making the Star Rod come into one. Mario and his friends had a lot to go through, but their adventure has not ended quite yet.

Geno: Well, lets go up these stairs.

After going up stairs, though they are spiral stairs, they finally make it up to a big yellow door.

Mario: Well, we might as well go through this door and face this guy then guys.

Mallow: And defeat this person who has destroyed and ruled over many things.

Geno: And has taken the power of the Star Rod which ended up breaking into Seven Pieces.

Vanilla: And we have come through many challenges and many fears to make it this far.

*Mario opens the door to then see a big person with a big black cloak that you cannot see that person.

Mario, Mallow, Geno and Vanilla: You!!!

???: Ah, how nice of you to join me. After you had come into this tower and of course past through many tests. I did not think that you could come this far into here.

Mallow: Have you not seen what you have done!?

??? walks towards a wide window, though there is a window that goes across the whole room. It faces the opposite directions of our heroes.

???: I have seen many things. I have seen the power within the Star Rod, which I have foolishly taken into Seven Pieces. Though I leave the hands of those fools, you four have come a long way.

Geno: So what do you want now? And where is Peach?

???: I want......the Star Rod.......and somewhere else.........

Vanilla: So....who are you?

??? turns around to face our heroes.

???: Foolish should know me well......and it is time for my revenge to be taken on you Mario.

Mario: What is it that you want.

???: .....................Revenge..............................

Soon then, lightening starts to begin, and ??? begins to chuckle. Then it turns into a bigger chuckle which then he laughs. His laughter begins to grow loaded and loader.

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