By Axemblue4

Chapter 5: The Koopa Tribe Island

Mario and Luigi got out of the ocean passage and onto the island of the Koopa Tribe. Wait... this was the wrong island! Oh no! ... Just kidding. The Marios wandered around searching for Koopas until they finally came to a village. The Koopa Leader spotted them and walked over to them.

Koopa Leader: Hello. You're Mario and Luigi, right? We fear that a ship is coming near.

Mario: A black one, right?

Koopa Leader: The Legendary Black Koopa Shell! Morton's comin' for us! He said he would return one day. We came here to live in peace. Now his terrible spirit is returning!

Mario: Um... Morton? That's Bowser's kid.

Koopa Leader: Bowser? Is that the evil father of old Morton?

Luigi: Morton Koopa Junior never died... I don't think.

Koopa Leader: I understand now... you must be referring to one named after an ancestor. I am referring to the great terrible Morton that um... killed King Toadstool's brother.

Mario: Bowser might have mentioned him.

Koopa Leader: Who is Bowser anyway?

Luigi: Current King of the Koopas. Morton is one of his children.

Koopa Leader: So he's returned!

Luigi: No, Bowser is coming.

Koopa Leader: No- I mean he is coming... erm... It's hard to explain. They say when someone who swears to return dies, later his son will come is his stead. Basicly, Morton is like... um... inside him.

Mario: That line, "Your father is inside you", is used too much.

Koopa Leader: Anyway, so he has returned?

Luigi: I... guess.

Koopa Leader: Terrible! He killed 2,315 innocents including the king's brother and my great-grandfather. Now he's come to kill more...

Mario: He has some friends. We need to get there, fast.

Koopa Leader: He is close. It's official. Morton has returned.

Word of "Morton's return" spread all over the island. Soon, the Black Koopa Shell got close and Koopas in armor went to fight. They took swords as their weapons. The Koopa Leader required the Mario Brothers, outsiders, to stay away from the battle. They were not permitted to harm foreigners. Hours past, several Koopas came fleeing back, talking about unconscious and possibly dead Koopas. The cowards hid with their families in their homes. If they didn't have a home, they would run into someone else's home. If they didn't have a family, they would do the same without one. Mario and Luigi got tired of just listening to the news. They pulled out their swords and headed to the beach. They didn't realize there were so many members of the Krew. The sight of slaughtered, good people was terrifying and sad. But the Mario Brothers fought. They either killed or knocked out their opponents. The only ones that were a challenge to fight were Sword Brothers. The remaining Krew members fled to the Black Koopa Shell and came back with a machine.

Mario: I didn't know pirates used machines.

Luigi: I hear back on Earth, pirates carry guns now.

Mario: Scary...

The Krew members pressed buttons on the machine, and then suddenly combined into a giant thingamajig. It was HUGE, slightly bigger than a mansion... maybe even a castle. It had a peg leg, wings, a black shell, an eye patch, and tons of other things. Boomba feet, Peg-Troopa face; it was... weird. Or amazing. You would have to see it yourself.

Luigi: What are we going to call this thing anyway?

Mario: Um... How about WCT? For Weird Combined Thing.

WCT was coming closer and was about to stomp on them. The cowards fled back to the village for help.

Koopa Leader: You... what? You slaughtered most of the pirates? And now they combined into...

The leader fainted when he realized what the huge object was. His advisor handed the Bros. 24 Mega Mushrooms. If each of them ate three they would be almost as large as the object. Unfortanately, one stomp sent the Mushrooms flying out of their hands for the WCT to eat.

Mario: Why didn't Captain Koopa just use the machine on himself?

Luigi: Some boring detail that has its reason that I don't care to find out about...

Mario: In other words, a plothole.

Luigi: On second thought, I think I want to find out.

While the Mega Mushrooms went through the air, something flew by and ate most of them. It flew to the Brothers while it was growing.

Koopa Parrot-troopa: Squak. Get on my back. Squak.

The Brothers got on their parrot friend and he gave them the Mega Mushrooms he didn't eat. Now the fight began. The Koopas and Krew Members that didn't get off the ship to fight were the audience. Koopa Parrot-Troopa pecked WCT in the face a few times.

WCT: OW! You stupid parrot!

Koopas: YAY!

Krew Members: No...

Captain Koopa: Bwahahar! This WCT has a few things up its sleeve.

WCT: Face my wrath! Haha!

WCT threw swords at the Bros. Parrot-Troopa dodged them and pecked at it some more.


Captain Koopa: Unbelievable! I hate that traitor! Kill the parrot!

Peg-Troopa: Yes, Captain.

He aimed the cannon and fired. Koopa-Parrot dodged the cannonball and the swords thrown by WCT.

Captain Koopa: Grr... All of you useless fools! Fire the cannons!

The Kew members started firing away. WCT continued throwing swords. Parrot-Troopa dodged them all and pecked WCT a few more times.

WCT: I'm out of swords. Now I am basically defeated. But I'll fight anyway.

It started attempting to punch and kick but Parrot-Troopa avoided the attacks.

Captain Koopa: I hate the world.

Parrot-Troopa pecked WCT again. Meanwhile, the Koopa Leader regained consciousness and watched in amazement at the Bros. winning.

Advisor: Just so you know, we used those Mega Shrooms to do this.

Koopa Leader: ... What? That's all we had! And those Mushrooms are rare, too! But I don't mind, actually. Haha.

Mario and Luigi noticed the machine on the ground. Mario got an idea.

Mario: That machine used to combine them, maybe we can defeat them by destroying it!

Luigi: Not a bad idea. Parrot-Troopa! Destroy that machine!

Parrot-Troopa flew over to the machine and was about to peck it, when WCT stopped him by punching the poor parrot.

Mario: Mamamia...

Parrot-Troopa: SQUAK!

He got mad, pecked WCT a few times, then pecked the machine.

Captain Koopa: That took years to build! Grr...


WCT fell apart and the Krew members that had made it up ending up laying all over the island, tired. They swam to the Black Koopa Shell. Cannons were fired and the Mario Brothers were hit. They shrunk back to normal size. Parrot-Troopa also took some hits and shrunk a little too.

Koopa Leader: Thank you for fixing this problem!

Mario: It's-a not over yet! Parrot-Troopa, to the Black Koopa Shell.

Parrot-Troopa: Squak.

He flew them to the Black Koopa Shell, where he was shot down. The parrot shrunk to his normal size and fell into the sea, dead. Mario and Luigi fell on the ship.

Chapter 6: The Black Koopa Shell

Mario and Luigi looked over to the side of the ship to see their parrot buddy, dead. His small body was floating on the surface of the water. It was quite sad. His body washed onto the beach, where some Koopas would probably find his body and bury it since it had been brave during the war. Mario and Luigi turned around to see two angry Pirate Guys pointing their swords at the Mario Brothers' necks.

Pirate Guy #1: We'll slice your ugly mug off yer neck if ye don't walk the plank!

Mario and Luigi gulped but pulled out their swords and went into a duel with each.

Pirate Guy #2: Ar, ye have good skills. But ye not good en-

His mask was sliced off. He abandoned ship so no one would see his face. Mario sliced his sword through the other Pirate Guy. To avoid making the readers sick, there was no blood. Mario and Luigi selected a random room to enter and a jail cell was in there. Some Bandana Reds and Blues were in there watching in horror as some Boombas were firing cannonballs at Bandana Reds, Blues, and Johnny. Mario and Luigi beat them up and they ran away crying. They freed their friends and escaped. A battle started as Krew Members ambushed the Shark Pirates and Marios outside of the room. There were sword duels, cannonballs, anything you could think of in a battle between pirates.

Mario: While they are fighting, let's search for the captain.

Luigi: I agree.

They wandered through rooms searching for the captain. They eventually found a room with Peach tied up.

Peach: Mario! Luigi!

Captain Koopa: Bwahaha! So you found me! Now let's get to the fighting. But first, here's a special guest: my daughter, Wendy!

Wendy walked out from behide some crates. Captain Koopa and his daughter laughed. Peach was panicking and Mario and Lugii were just staring, wondering when the fight would start. After the laugh was over, it began...

Captain Koopa: Get out your gun thing, Wendy.

Wendy: Why?

Captain Koopa: Because I am not very original.

Mario: Why is there a separate part for this chapter? How un-

Stop talking about the story and making me have to speak to you! Anyway, the battle began. The captain threw his pirate hat like a boomerang, Mario jumped on his head. Captain Koopa screamed. He ran to the other side of the room. This same thing repeated a few times until the captain was tired of doing the same thing over and over again.

Wendy fired a cannon ball out of her gun thingamajig and made it start blowing out air. She was able to go to the other side of the room. Luigi grabbed the cannonball and threw it in her cannon. BOOM. It exploded in the gun and shot out. Then Wendy shot out two of them and went across the room thrice. Luigi threw them into the gun and BOOM BOOM. They shot out and she fell over.

Captain Koopa was still up, stomping and jumping across the room. Mario had to avoid this and random junk falling from the ceiling. Then Captain Koopa threw his hat like a boomerang again. Mario jumped on the captain's head and he repeated the process. He changed his strategy after getting annoyed with Mario jumping on his head.

Wendy got up, preventing Luigi from helping his brother. She fired cannonballs in random places, faster than before. Because of this, they didn't land and just made holes in the wall. Luigi randomly grabbed a crate and stopped one with it, He threw it into the gun and BOOM. She then started shooting bouncy cannonballs. Luigi just caught them and threw them back into the gun. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Captain Koopa began to jump across the room. Mario got sick of these ripoffs and just grabbed him, pulled his hat off, and bonked his head. Captain Koopa was angered by this. Mario threw the hat at Wendy, who was getting up again. She took damage and fell back onto the ground. It was now Mario and Luigi versus Captain Koopa. They kept jumping on Captain Koopa until he ran out of the room screaming. Mario and Luigi chased him. Mario grabbed his tail and threw him into the air. Johnny threw his skewer at the airborne Captain Koopa. He took some damage from this and landed.

Captain Koopa: We be fightin' like any pirate fights! Arr, en guarde!

The swordfish from the DK series swam to the side of the ship.

Captain Koopa: Not- not you, ye waterlubber. Go back to your horrid monkey series!

Enguarde swam away.

Captain Koopa: Now, we be in a duel!

Mario and the captain pulled out their swords and got into a duel. The Bandana Pirates had now defeated all of the Krew members and were cheering for Mario. The remaining conscious Krew members cheered for Captain Koopa.

Luigi: This fight is getting rough.

The duel continued for hours until Mario hit Captain Koopa's sword so hard that it was flung into the sea. Mario could now kill Captain Koopa, but...

Mario: I'll give you a chance. You can stop terrorizing islands and kidnapping princesses, or you can be stabbed.

But, just then, Luigi got hit by a cannonball.

Luigi: Mamamia!

Behind him, he saw Wendy with her gun. She fired random gooey stuff but Luigi was tired of the ripoffs now. He grabbed a cannonball, threw it in the gun, and... BOOM! Wendy's gun exploded and she went airborne and landed in the sea. Captain Koopa used this time to take Peach and get in his Clown Copter.

Peach: Mario! Luigi! No!

Mario: Who's No?

Johnny: No one! Harhar! Now let's chase after this fool.

Johnny took control of his ship and sailed after the Clown Copter.

Luigi: How did you get this ship anyway?

Johnny: Long story. I killed Morton, former King of the Koopas; the ship was mine, I hid it, blah blah blah, other ship sunk, escaped, blah blah blah, got back in this ship, headed to Toad Town for a reason that I forgot, blah blah blah. Now let's chase that Koopa King!

And the ship made it to land. A very dark land, indeed. In fact, it WAS Dark Land!

Chapter 7: Dark Land
Part 1: Dark Land

Johnny: You go on ahead.

Mario: Aren't you coming?

Johnny: No... we are too *cough*lazy*cough* tired.

Luigi: Okey dokey. Wow, Mario. This stupid adventure has almost reached its end. I thought many parts of this journey was stupid. Can we say we never went on this adventure when we are done?

Mario: Yeah. And don't be so sure about it being the end. We thought it would end on the Black Koopa Shell. Now let's get going.

They traveled for miles and miles until they came to an amusement park.

Luigi: Hey, let's get on that rollercoaster.

Mario: Okay, why not?

Luigi: Then we can beat those two Koopalings on it.

Mario: Aww... I thought it was for the fun.

Luigi: I think you need to take your pills.

Mario and Luigi got on and started punching off random Koopas and Goombas. Mario then grabbed Morton and pushed him over the edge of the rollercoaster.

Morton: I'm done! It's the end of me! Someone will need to get a new emperor of Donut Plains and-

Luigi kicked him in the nose and he let go and fell into a tree.

Morton: This is just plain great! Did anyone know I was being sarcastic? Anyone? A Goomba? A Koopa? A sibling? ANYONE?

He continued jabbering. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi made it to the next Koopaling on the rollercoaster. They grabbed Larry and threw him to the edge.

Larry: HA! I am not going to be defeated so easily! Let me show you my secret weapon that will make this chapter even long-

The rollercoaster made a sharp turn and Larry lost his balance and was thrown off into the same tree as Morton.

Morton: It's the end of you, too! We are either gonna rot or get eaten by birds which is painful and I can live without food and water so it would be like a nightmare but real but I've never had a nightmare that involved-

Larry: AAAAH! It is a nightmare!

Morton: Really? Someone who agrees with me? For once! Thank you, my younger sibling, Larry.

He continued to jabber. Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi made it out of the amusement park and landed in a trap made by Kammy and Kamek.

Kamek: Now you won't pester us anymore! We will rule Plit!

Kammy: We will?

Kamek: ...

Mario pulled his shoe off his foot and threw it at Kamek. He dropped his wand and Mario caught it. Mario used it to get him and Luigi out of the trap.

Kammy: Well that was a waste of time. I hate making traps! Let's turn against our captain.

Kamek: I like mutiny. Mario, I will take you to the last Koopaling out here, then you can enter Koopa Castle.

Mario: Okey dokey.

Luigi: What about me?

Kamek: We'll leave you here since you're a nobody.

Just as Kamek fired a spell at Mario, he grabbed Luigi and they were both blasted to the entrance of Koopa Castle. Roy jumped down.

Roy: Duh... You gonna get a pounding!

Roy stomped the ground and some bricks fell off of the castle and landed on his head. He fell unconscious.

Part 2: Koopa Castle

Mario: Our adventure has finally come to an end!

Luigi: Now, why does this place look so empty? Where are the rooms?

Captain Koopa: Nowhere.

Mario and Luigi: Captain Koopa!

Captain Koopa: Haha!

Captain Koopa's head was seen. His body was in a cannon.

Mario: So, are we going to fight? And what are you doing in that cannon?

Captain Koopa: I am going to fire myself at you as the first attack.

Luigi: Okay.

Captain Koopa: Okay... Now I must position this right... *turns left* ... Wrong way... *turns facing the ceiling* ... Darn it! ... You stupid thing! Aim yourself toward Mario and Luigi!

The cannon finally begins to aim towards Mario and Luigi. When it was about to pint down and face Mario and Luigi, the cannon accidently fired and Captain Koopa was shot out the window.


Mario: Now that he is taken care of, we can enter the next room.

They did so and saw Peach tied up in a robot thing.

Ludwig: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now with this new Ludwigbot, I can finally crush you two!

Luigi: Captain Koopa is defeated, so...

Mario: We are fighting Captain Ludwig!

Captain Ludwig: That's right! Now, onto the fight!

The Ludwigbot raised its foot and stomped the ground. Mario and Luigi jumped over the shockwaves and threw their shoes and swords at the Ludwigbot.

Ludwigbot: Blurrzzzttttttt...

Captain Ludwig: NO! NO! NO! NO! WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW?

Mario: Okaaaaaay.

Captain Ludwig: Ha! So if this thing explodes, then Peach dies!

Luigi: Who said it would explode?

Captain Ludwig: No one, but if I push this button *does so* this robot will explode!

Mario and Luigi jumped up to the glass where Ludwig could be seen, broke it, got the princess, and jumped out.

Captain Ludwig: What was that?

Ludwigtbot: Self Destruct in 3... 2...1...

Captain Ludwig: NO!

Ludwigbot: ...0... -1... -2... -3...

Captain Ludwig: Haha! Now I will snatch that princess back!

Ludwigbot: ...-4... -5... -6... -7...


Captain Ludwig: NO!

Ludwig became airborne as he was blasted out of the bot and into space. The Mario Brothers untied Peach.

Peach: Mario! Luigi! You saved me!

Mario: Yahoo!

Luigi: Now this stupid adventure is over.

Mario: Hey look! Another door!

Luigi: Mario, wait! No...!

Part 3: The Vault

Mario: Hey, look at all of this money!

Luigi: Wow. Those Koopas are really rich with all of this.

Peach: So should we try to figure out who was robbed by Captain Koopa and return the money?

??? and ???: No!

Mario: Who was that?

??? and ???: It's... Hip! And... Hop!

Luigi: I almost forgot about Lemmy and Iggy...

Lemmy was on his ball, to be more descriptive.

Lemmy: Now you can taste defeat! Bob-omb Throw!

Lemmy tossed Bob-ombs but the Brothers dodged them.

Iggy: Punch!

Iggy punched Mario.

Mario: Ow!

Lemmy threw a Bob-omb at Luigi and it exploded on him.

Luigi: OW!

Peach: You cruel Koopas!

Iggy: Cruel? It's cruel for these idiot plumbers to always be defeating us!

Lemmy: Yeah!

Lemmy got a huge Bob-omb. Mario shoved his ball and made him lose his balance. Lemmy landed on the pile of coins and the large Bob-omb he was holding fell out of his hands.

Everyone: AAAAAAH!

They ran out and the Bob-omb exploded. The vault ended up in pieces and the coins just so happened to land where they had originally come from. Mario, Luigi, and Peach got aboard the Black Koopa Shell and sailed back to Toad Town. They got off and said their farewells. Back at Dark Land, Captain Koopa was getting chased by all of his minions and crew.

Peg-Troopa: Haha! You idiot, Bowser! This is revenge!

Boomba: Revenge for treating us poorly!

Captain Koopa: I am CAPTAIN KOOPA! Not Bowser!

Bowser... um... I mean, Captain Koopa, was going to fry Kammy and Kamek when he got the chance but was being chased right now.

Captain Koopa: I HATE MUTINY!!!

Epilogue: Back at Toad Town

Mario and Luigi received special awards for the good deeds they'd done. They were also happy to see Koopa Parrot-Troopa fly by one day. It turns out that he wasn't dead after all!

Mario: This is one adventure I'll remember.

Luigi: One I'll try to forget! I thought it ruined it, talking to the narrator.

Mario: Get over it! At least you won't have to go on one like this for a while.

Luigi: Yup, it's over. I wonder what happened to Lemmy and Iggy.

Mario: Well, they escaped too. They are probably going to revive the other Koopalings and the Koopa Krew and Bowser and start some stupid sequel.

Luigi: I hope not.

Mario: I bet there will be one.

Parrakary: Mail call!

Mario: I'll get it.

Luigi: Awwwwwww.

Mario got the mail and came back. The first letter was from Kammy and Kamek.

Well, we got the Koopa Krew to chase Bowser. I like Mutiny. ~ Kamek

Remember to take items when you go on an adventure! ~ Kammy

Mario: Yay. Mutiny. Hey... what's this other letter? It's from the Toad Town bank.

Mario! Luigi! Where's our money?

Mario and Luigi: ...

Looks like Mario wins the bet. This is it. Enjoy the credits.


Cast: Everyone that appeared in the story
Narrator: Axemblue4
Director: Axemblue4
Author: Axemblue4
Filmed: Plit
Best Boy Grip: The Best Boy
Special Thanks: Lemmy Koopa and maybe more...

The End until the sequel

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