The Journey Home 2: The Village Project

By Double D

Prologue: A Flashback

Hey there, everyone! It’s me, the mysterious, unnamed narrator *coughDoubleDcough*! Before our story begins I would like to give a brief recap. If you haven’t already read my original story, The Journey Home, then don’t read this! It will spoil it! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?! *the narrator runs out of breath and breaths heavily* Ahem, anyway, the story started when a lost, young Yoshi named Gloshi found his way into the Yoshi Village. After being rejected, Yoshi and two others decided to help the kid find his way home. Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi and Peach were taking a vacation when suddenly Peach was kidnapped by a mysterious figure. After both groups had a few adventures, they met and teamed up to find Peach, beat the unknown bad guy, and get Gloshi (the back home. After battling two Boos, they found out that the mysterious figure was King Boo, who planned to kidnap all the inhabitants of Yoshi Village for an unknown boss. Between the Mario Bros, the Yoshis, and a little help from a traitor ghost, they were able to beat King Boo and expose him for who he really is: the ghost of King Morton Koopa Senior! They also found out that Gloshi didn't really have a home. Yoshi had compassion for him and took him in. However, Morton’s army of Boos were scattered and are still out there somewhere, and there is the matter of the unnamed boss. Who is he? Is King Boo really defeated? Are the Yoshis really safe? Find out in The Journey Home 2: The Village Project!

Chapter 1: A Vacation, a Plot, and a Little Yoshi

“Okay, you have the tickets, right?” asked Noshi.

“I thought you had them!” replied Doshi.

“Relax, they’re right here,” said Yoshi, holding them in the air.

“Wow! I can’t believe we’re actually going to the Mushroom Kingdom!” said Noshi excitedly.

“I’m glad I could get tickets for you! I can’t wait to show you the sights!” said Mario.

“Well, the Mushroom Airways plane is waiting!” said Luigi, poking his head in.

“Everybody has their stuff packed?” checked Yoshi.

“Yep!” was the unison answer.

“I’m glad I’ll have a chance to show you everything!” said Princess Peach as she grabbed a bag.

They all stepped out of Yoshi’s hut and saw the small, personalized plane waiting for them. Gloshi and the other Yoshis were waiting for them. They stepped onto the plane as Gloshi waved. “Have a nice trip!” said Gloshi as they all got into their seats.

“Bye!” said Yoshi to the others.

The door closed, and the plane gathered speed across the long beach before it finally took off. Gloshi walked back into his and Yoshi’s hut with a strange feeling that something was wrong. There was.

As the plane left, a figure watched from some overgrowth about 100 yards away. The plane flew over his head, and he took out a walkie-talkie. “Houdini to Monarch! Houdini to Monarch!” said the figure into the speaker.

“Yeah, what is it?” growled a voice on the other line.

“The Yoshis have left. Everything proceeding as planned.”

“Excellent! Proceed with the plan immediately!”

“Yes, Sire.”

“Oh, and by the way, quit it with the corny codenames! Last time it was Little Blue Riding Hood to Big, Bad Wolf!

The figure rolled his eyes. “Yes, Sire.”

He folded up his walkie-talkie and sat down in a place where he could clearly see the beach.

“Fifty-six. Fifty-seven. Fifty-eight. Fifty-nine. Sixty,” counted the cloaked figure as he sat in the bushes, looking at his watch. “Why isn’t he here yet?” he said impatiently to himself. Taking out his binoculars again, he scoured the open water. Coming up fast was a small speck, heading towards the island. As it grew, the figure could see that it was the boat he was waiting for.

“Finally!” he said as he walked up to the beach, careful to make sure nobody was watching. The boat slowed down and breached about twenty feet from the other figure. The hatch on the top opened, and out stepped none other than Bowser, King of the Koopas.

“So, have you contacted Dad yet?” said Bowser bluntly.

The figure pulled back the part of the cloak covering his head to reveal Kamek. “I tried to. It’s strange… He always answers my messages… In any case, we must proceed into the caves so we can discuss the plans personally,” said Kamek.

Kamek raised his wand and warped them to the entrance. Bowser took out a map. “Let’s see, according to Dad, after we enter, we go straight twenty paces,” said Bowser as he did that, “then turn left and see a oddly colored slab of rock. Well, where is it?” Bowser looked around.

“Uh, Sire? Look!” said Kamek as he pointed to an open doorway. A piece of cloth with a quarter of an M on it was laying just inside the doorway. Bowser grunted in disgust.

“Mario’s been here. And Dad was supposed to be waiting for us. I think it’s more than a coincidence.”

“Well, let’s find out what happened to Morton.”

“Don’t call my dad that! Say “your highness”!

“But, Sire, he isn’t king anymore.”

“Then say “sire”!”

“That’s what I call you.”

“Oh. Then just call him Morton.”

Kamek sighed and proceeded with Bowser into the Boos’ lair. They explored the numerous cavern rooms until they came upon one with the door blocked by bars glowing the same color as the lights. Bowser threw a switch cleverly concealed behind the rock wall. They both looked inside and saw King Boo and another Boo playing bingo. “DAD!” yelled Bowser.

King Boo, a bit startled, turned around and floated up to Bowser. “What took you so long?” said King Boo.

“YOU were supposed to meet us by the entrance! Instead I find you horsing around with your friend here, playing bingo!” yelled Bowser.

“Let me get this straight,” said the Boo. “King Boo is Bowser’s dad?”

“Yes,” said King Boo as he transformed into his other form, “I am.”

“You…You’re King Morton Senior!” said the Boo.

“He’s not king anymore,” said Bowser as he chased the Boo out with a hammer he pulled out from under his shell.

“It’s a long story,” said Morton as he explained the entire story to Bowser.

“I knew it! This had Mario’s stink all over it!” said Bowser.

“And those Yoshis! Boy, they’re annoying!” added Kamek.

“How can we get revenge on Mario and Luigi?” Bowser asked himself.

“Well, actually, Mario left with the Yoshis,” said Kamek.

“What about that little one, Gloshi?” asked Bowser.

“Um, I don’t believe he left with them,” stated Kamek.

“In that case, we can kidnap him with the rest of the village,” said Morton.

“Then it’s settled! Use that spell of yours and get your army back here! We attack in an hour!” said Bowser as he left with Morton for the large room where he could summon his army.

“Hey, why are you the boss anyway? I’m more powerful than you, Bowsie!” said Morton.

“One, don’t call me that, and two, because I’m the king, not you,” said Bowser impatiently. Morton rolled his eyes and started his spell to bring his army back.


Gloshi and another Yoshi about his age with red skin sat inside the red Yoshi’s parents' house enjoying lunch. Although the other one seemed pretty carefree, Gloshi still couldn’t shake off the feeling that something was wrong. “Hey, Roshi,” said Gloshi.

“Yeah?” answered the red one.

“I think something’s wrong.”

“Yeah, me too.”


“Yeah. I think these bananas aren’t ripe enough.”

“No, not that. I mean, don’t you have a feeling of calm before the storm?”


“You know, when you feel as if it’s too peaceful and something is just waiting to happen.”

“Nope. If you ask me, you’ve spent too much time on that journey of yours. You know, not everything is just waiting for you to fall into its trap.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. You know I…” started Gloshi, but he never finished as a small bolt of purple lightning struck Roshi. Gloshi didn’t even turn around, he just made a light. There was a screech, and Gloshi turned around to see a puff of smoke disappearing. A frown came to Gloshi’s face. “Roshi, are you all right?” said Gloshi frantically as he shook the red Yoshi's shoulders. He didn’t move. He seemed to be paralyzed. There were some screams and yells from outside. Gloshi ran outside, and was immediately hit by something. He fell unconscious.

Chapter 2: Sight-Seeing

Noshi gasped as they stepped off the plane after the short flight. The Mushroom Kingdom was better than he or Doshi had imagined (except for a strange fantasy about having streets paved with fruit). “I told you it was this good!” exclaimed Mario in a told-you-so tone.

“Can’t argue with you there,” added Doshi.

“If I remember right, somewhere around here is a…” started Yoshi, but they all completely forgot what they were thinking about when they saw a picture of fruit on a store. They immediately rushed inside. Everyone ordered a little tray and some refreshments and enjoyed themselves.

Mario then showed them to the hotel where they would stay. They made themselves comfortable. “Hey!” exclaimed Noshi. “Since we’ve never been here before, how about showing us some sights?”

“Right now?” replied Luigi.

“Why not?”

“We just got here, and we’ll be here for a few days. Don’t want to rest up a bit?”

“Nope. Plus, carrying all that luggage around made me hungry. Let’s go down and check out the menu! I haven’t eaten anything for an hour and a half!”

“You’re starting to remind me of Mario.”

“Hey, don’t push it!” said Mario. They had a chuckle and went downstairs for a snack, then headed out. As they rushed past, Peach stopped them.

“I’m going to head back to the castle. If you need me, give me a ring.”

They nodded and ran away, but Peach held Mario aside. “Oh, here’s a little something the Yoshis might like,” said Peach, holding up tour tickets for the castle. Mario smiled and put them in his pocket, then ran to catch up with the others.


“Wow! We don’t have anything that big on the island!” exclaimed Noshi as they all admired the huge statues in the royal courtyard sometime later.

“If you think these are big, wait ‘til you see inside the castle!” said Mario excitedly. Mario pulled out the tour tickets for the Yoshis.


“See? The inside is better than the outside!” said Mario, leading them through the castle.

“Oh… my… gosh…”

“Does this place have a rec room?”

“This is better than I remember.”

“Where’s the bathroom again?”


When they were done, Mario, Luigi, and the Yoshis walked out of the castle. “Hey, Mario, show Noshi and Doshi Mushroom Bridge!” said Yoshi.

They walked for a bit and eventually saw the highway, leading all the way to the famous crossing point. “Did you know that this highway runs all the way to Grass Land? You can see the castle of Grass Land from the top of the Bridge,” said Mario, pointing to a small tourist platform. They rode all the way to the top through an elevator and stood on the top. Indeed, they could make out a castle.

“Can we see Grass Land?”



“Did you know,” said Mario from inside the taxi they founds themselves in later, ”a few years ago, all that was here was an old gate and bridge, and a path leading to Grass Land? That was the path I took on my first adventure there.”

“Too bad they made the highway here…” said Noshi.

“Actually, I’m glad. It makes getting there much easier, since there are no warp pipes there anymore.”


“There’s so much grass here!” exclaimed Noshi when they reached their destination.

“Oh, really? I would have never guessed from the name GRASS Land…” said Doshi sarcastically.

“Hey! Don’t start that here! We’re on vacation!” said Yoshi.

“Well, I’m beat,” said Mario unenthusiastically after they had explored for a while and returned to the hotel.

“I could go for a smoothie to drink while I watch the last glow of sunset,” said Yoshi. Doshi and Noshi went to their rooms in the multi-room suite, while Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi started unpacking the stuff. The buzzer rang. Mario opened the door. There stood a Mushroomer with a green cap.

“Telegram for Yoshi Dino and company.”

“I’ll take that.”

Mario closed the door with an odd look on his face. “Hey Yoshi. You got a telegram.”

Yoshi turned around with the same look on his face. “What? The only people who know we’re here are the others at the village, and they have no way of communicating with us.”

Yoshi opened the letter. It read in an eerily glowing blue ink:

We have you-know-who and all the rest. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll come back to where you came from, and watch your back. Signed, your worst nightmare.

“Woah! Sounds like somebody has a bone to pick with us,” said Yoshi after reading it.

“Let me see that,” said Mario as he swiped the letter from Yoshi’s hand. He called Luigi, Noshi, and Doshi and everybody read it.

“If this is real, then we have to get back to Yoshi’s Island, and fast. I have a hunch about who you-know-who is,” said Luigi.

Mario pulled out his flight brochure. “There’s a flight to Yoshi’s Island tonight in one hour on the same plane we rode here,” said Mario.

“We’d better get there pretty quick, then, if we want to make it back by tomorrow,” said Noshi.

They packed up what they had unpacked and were headed for the door when they heard a window break. Mario looked back into the room it came from and saw a red Koopa with a mask on. “Just what do you think you’re do…” Mario started but quickly stopped and moved out of the way when he saw that the Koopa meant business. The Koopa retracted into his shell and started spinning. Mario got the idea and jumped out of the way as the koopa shot over the floor, hitting and breaking a few things in the process.

“What in the world is going on?” said Noshi as Mario came running into the main room.

The Koopa got up and this time aimed himself at the others. They dodged as more things broke on impact. “Does that answer your question?” said Doshi as he dodged more rounds.

“I’ll handle it,” said Yoshi. He stepped up and dodged the shell, then quickly ate it when the Koopa got back out. He went into the bathroom, closed the door, and spit him back out. He quickly grabbed the Koopa by the collar and brought him out.

“All right, bucko, what are you doing and who hired you?” said Mario with a fireball in his hand.

“I was hired to assassinate you by Houdini,” said the Koopa fearfully, eyeing the fireball in Mario’s hand.

“Who’s Houdini?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

Mario put the fireball closer to the Koopa’s face.

“I’d rather die than face the boss.”

Mario backed off, still holding the Koopa’s collar.

“What do you think?”

“We should turn him in, and hurry on to that airplane before we run into more trouble.

“Good idea. Let’s- OW! HEY!”

Mario turned around to see the Koopa running for the broken window. Mario ran after him, but the Koopa jumped back out. They saw one last glimpse of him was running down the street and behind a building. Mario considered going after him for a second, but then ran back out.

“I was wondering when we were going to see some action on this trip,” said Doshi.

“We’d better get to the airport. If that plane leaves without us, then we just might not be alive for the next flight. There’s got to be more assassins out there,” said Luigi.

They got their bags and told the front desk to have them at Fungus Airport in half an hour. Then they left.


The five vacationers ran down the dark streets. Not many people were out that late, and at every dark alleyway they would cringe. Not even any windows seemed to be lit.

“Ugh,” said Noshi as they passed another dark road.

“Would you stop doing that? It’s getting on my nerves!” said Doshi as they continued running toward the airport.

“Shhh! Quiet! If we wanted somebody to hear us then we’d be looking for a taxi!” whispered Luigi.

“There’s the airport. Let’s hurry! We have 20 minutes until the plane leaves!” said Mario, pointing to a large structure with lights on. There was a slight noise, something like a can falling over. “Keep going. I’ll check it out,” said Mario as he slipped into the shadows.

There was another noise. A small orange flicker was reflected off the walls. Mario busted out of the small lane, tumbling along the ground with a Hammer Bro. The Hammer Bro whacked him aside and threw a hammer straight for Yoshi. Yoshi ate it and spat it back out at the Hammer Bro, which hit his helmet and knocked him over. Mario tossed a fireball at him, but the Hammer Bro batted it away, then stood back up. He prepared another hammer, but Mario took it from his hand and banged him on the head with it. The dazed Hammer Bro stumbled around a bit. Doshi walked over and gave him a good whack in the mouth. He fell over, unconscious.

“Whew. Looks like we’d better stay on our toes. If he hadn’t made that can rattle, we sure wouldn’t have gotten him down easy,” said Mario.

There was a loud screech. Mario turned around to see three Boos racing at him. He tried a fireball, but it went through the Boos. They prepared lightning, and got ready to shoot it at Mario. Mario backed into a corner and braced himself. He heard a WHRRR sound and saw the Boos getting sucked away. Mario turned and looked to see Luigi with a vacuum cleaner in his hand, sucking up the Boos. They disappeared into the vacuum, leaving a sparkling trail behind them.

Luigi smiled. “You didn’t think I was going back to those wretched caves without one of these babies, did you?”

“But, how did you…”

“After I read that letter, I went into the closet in the hotel and got the vacuum. It’s not as good as a Poltergust, but hey, it works.”

“I thought I was going to be fried for a second there. Good thing you thought of that.”



“C’mon! Let’s go! We only have about ten minutes!”

Luigi put the vacuum back in his bag, and they raced into the building close by. After buying five tickets with the money they had for the return trip and navigating the complex hallways, they heard a voice over the intercom.

“All passengers for flight 707 to Yoshi’s Island, please board immediately.”

“Hurry up! The plane is going to leave in one minute!” cried Noshi as they raced toward the entrance to the plane. The guard was just about to close the door when they got up to him.

“Sorry, guys. Can’t let you on. You’ll have to wait for the next flight.”

“Please! We have to get on this flight! It’s a matter of life and death!”


“Hey, what’s that?!”

The guard looked the other way. Mario hit him from behind and they jumped through the door just as it was about to close. They sat down in their seats and sighed a breath of relief.

“Next stop, Yoshi’s Island!”

Chapter 3: Not Your Average Day on Yoshi’s Island

Gloshi opened his eyes. He couldn’t really tell if they were open or not, as it was so dark. For a moment he considered the possibility that he had died, but shrugged it off, as it was much too gloomy. As his eyes started to adjust, he saw that there were others in the same room he was in. In fact the whole village seemed to be there, in that room and a few rooms nearby. He looked over and saw his new friend, Roshi, over in a corner, still unconscious. Roshi tossed and turned a bit.

Gloshi looked around a bit. All the other Yoshis seemed to be unconscious. He strained to see more, then realized what he could do. He quickly lit up. The darkness almost seemed to cringe at the light. Gloshi took a good look. Now he knew where they all were: the caves. Roshi stirred a bit and opened his eyes.

“Boy, it sure got dark out fast,” said Roshi sleepily.

“Roshi, are you okay?” said Gloshi eagerly.

“I’m fine. Hungry though. Got any more fruit?” said Roshi, still half-asleep.

“Look, we’re in the caves. You know, the ones on the other side of the island. If we don’t get out of here something (though I’m not sure what) really bad is going to happen to us and the rest of the village,” said Gloshi.

“What are you talking about?”

“Just listen. We need to find a way to escape, and get the others out.”

“Why? So what if we’re in a dark cave? What’s gonna happen?”

“There are ghosts in these caves. I’ve been here before. They are really scary, really strong, and they can do just about anything they want with us. That’s how we got here. They must have kidnapped everyone in the village and brought us here, to their lair.”

“But how are two kids going to save the entire village, beat a bunch of ghosts, and escape a huge underground maze?”

“I had to do it.”

Roshi sat there, stunned. Gloshi immediately got to work. “First, we have to wake everyone up. We can’t go anywhere knowing that the rest of the village is in the hands of the Boos,” Gloshi said, trying to awaken some of the Yoshis.

“Uh, right. Okay,” said Roshi, still a little uncertain. Roshi walked towards an adult.

Voices were heard. Gloshi quickly turned off his light. “Act like you’re still asleep!” whispered Gloshi as he and Roshi closed their eyes and lay down. Gloshi slyly kept an eye open to see what was going on.

Around the corner floated a Boo with a glowing key. “Let’s see how we’re doing!” said the Boo as he put the key into a small hole in the rock, thus showing an invisible force field and turning it off.

Phew. Good thing we didn’t try to escape or we’d have been fried, thought Gloshi.

The Boo floated around, carefully looking over each room. “Still asleep… perfect. Not long before the big plan,” said the Boo as he floated away, turning the force field back on.

Gloshi and Roshi got back up. “Wow! You’re right! We have to get everyone out of here!” said Roshi, the extent of the danger finally hitting him.

“I can’t wake any of them up! It’s like they’re paralyzed!” said Gloshi, shaking another kid vigorously.

“Then, I guess we’ll have to get some kind of help first. Is there any way to get out?” asked Roshi.

“Hmm. I’ve been here before, but never in this room,” Gloshi said as he examined his surroundings. He saw no openings of any kind except the door with the invisible force field. There was a strangely colored rock, and Gloshi tried with Roshi to push it, pull it, or touch a secret button, but nothing. All around them was rock.

Suddenly, Roshi noticed something. “Hey Gloshi,” he said, “there’s another rock that looks just like the other one.”

“That certainly smells fishy. Try doing something to it.”

Roshi did indeed push it, and it glowed. Seconds later, the other rock joined in. They pulsed a bit, then the glow disappeared. Suddenly a huge, visible force field shot across the room, separating Roshi and Gloshi, and luckily not hitting any of the unconscious Yoshis.

“Great. Now I’m stuck in the back of the room and you’re stuck in the front,” said Roshi.

“Hey! I think we can use this to our advantage!” said Gloshi. “Let’s lure that Boo back, then I’ll back him into the force field and we’ll get his key. Then I can turn both force fields off and we can get out of here.”

“Geez, how did you figure that out?”

“Oh, I know more about survival then you know… OH NO, WHERE ARE WE?”

Roshi, getting the point, did the same.



It wasn’t long before they heard a voice again. “Hey, they’re awake! Better quiet them down.”

Gloshi looked at Roshi and made the asleep sign. They both dropped to the floor and pretended to still be asleep. The Boo came in.

“What in the name of…” said the Boo, observing that everyone was still asleep and the force field was on. He pulled out his key, turned off the door’s field, then reached outside and turned it back on, pulling his fin away at the last minute. He floated right behind Gloshi. At that moment, Gloshi sprang up and glowed just enough to keep the Boo at bay. Gloshi slowly stepped forward, keeping the Boo ahead of him. Finally, the Boo hit the force field, screeched, and vanished in a puff of smoke. His key dropped to the floor in front of the field. Gloshi picked it up and inserted it into a hole in the strangely colored rock. The force field in the middle of the room turned off.

“Phew. Glad that’s over,” said Roshi. Gloshi searched for another hole to turn off the door. There was none except the one on the outside. Roshi noticed another Yoshi in the room next to them, looking around. “Hey! Over there!” said Roshi at the other Yoshi. The other Yoshi looked at him. “Mister, don’t go out the door!” said Roshi.

“Why not, and where are we?” asked the other one.

“I’ll explain later. Give me a second and we can get out you out of there,” Roshi said. “Hey, Gloshi. We need that key,” said Roshi. “Toss it at the hole in the other room and open the door. Somebody is awake in there. He can then let us out if the key dosen’t get destroyed the field.”

“Well, I guess I can try. It’s a long ways, though.”

Gloshi stepped back, aimed, and tossed the key. Luckily, the key glowed brightly and passed straight through the force field and barely went inside the keyhole. The force field flickered and went out. The other Yoshi stepped out. “Now, could you grab that key and put it in the hole by our door?” The Yoshi nodded and did so. The other force field flickered off. Gloshi and Roshi stepped out.

“Wow. Thanks,” said Gloshi.

“Now, you kids better tell me what everyone is doing here, and where exactly here is,” said the adult.

“All right. We’re inside the island caves. You know, the ones on the other side of the island. We need to get everyone out of here because there are ghosts in here and they want to do something to us. The problem is, most of them haven’t woken up yet, so we have to get out of here and find help,” explained Gloshi.

“Woah there! Slow down! We’re in the caves, and there are ghosts that want to kill us?” said the adult Yoshi, puzzled.

“Uh, yeah. Basically. What’s your name, Mister?” asked Roshi.

“Uh, Quoshi. Usually only other adults call me this, but I guess, in light of the situation, you can call me Quo,” said the yellow Yo’ster, Quoshi. “So, I guess if our first goal is to get out of here alive, we need a plan,” he added.

“Don’t worry. I have one,” said Gloshi reassuringly.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to land. Thank you for choosing Mushroom Airways!” said the voice over the intercom.

All five distraught heroes did as they were told. Mario looked out the window and saw the figure of Yoshi’s Island right below them and the small strip where they were to land. “Won’t be long now until we figure out who’s behind this whole thing,” said Yoshi as they touched down and came to a halt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you may now depart. Enjoy your stay on beautiful Yoshi’s Island!” said the voice again.

Most of the people that stepped off headed straight for the beach, not noticing how strangely quiet the village was. Of course, this minority mentioned did not include our five heroes. They headed for the village.

“I don’t like this,” said Noshi. “There’s no noise, which there should be because this is lunchtime. There’s also no fire in the center of the village, which is always lit until very late at night.”

“I know. This is very fishy.”

“Hey, look!” Luigi pointed to a small piece of paper lying on the ground. Mario ran up and grabbed it. This is what it said:

The *smudge* are here. I don’t know *smudge* want. They are att*smudge* friends. If you are reading this, then *smudge* only hope. Help!

“Woah! This is serious! Sounds like somebody…

“Or something…”

“…attacked them and kidnapped the entire village! But, why?”

“This has the Boos' stink everywhere. And yet, Boos don’t normally kidnap. That note we got at the hotel sounded almost like Bowser’s style.”

“And we all know why Bowser and King Boo would get along…”

“So Bowser and his father are in league again.”

“… I’ll get my vacuum.” Luigi ran back to the plane, picked up one of their bags, and came back. He took out his hotel vacuum. “I think we’re going to need this.”

“So, I guess we’re off to the caves.”

“Geez, I was hoping we’d get a rest from the adventure WE JUST HAD FOUR DAYS AGO!”

“Aw, bring ‘em on! I can take that scum and his son any day! What exactly does his little baby look like anyway?”

“Well, he’s about seven feet tall, has spikes on his back, tail, head, and wristbands, and breathes fire like his old man.”

“Phew. I guess we have our work cut out for us, eh?”

“Oh, don’t worry. Bowser’s a pushover. The one we really need to worry about is Morton Senior.”

“I beg to differ.”

All five turned around and saw a robed Koopa with glasses and a wand standing next to them.

“What’s this old geezer doing here?”

“OLD GEEZER?! I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT I *wheeze* Oh, my aching… Fine! I’ll demonstrate what I can do!”

Kamek raised his wand as it glowed brightly. “Get out of the way!” shouted Mario as Kamek pointed his wand at Doshi. The ground rumbled a bit and Doshi dove out of the way as a sharp crag of rock shot up out of the ground. Doshi dove this way and that as more came up. He looked in all directions and soon found himself trapped by the huge, sharp rocks that were too tall to flutter jump over. Kamek warped into the large circle.

“Bring it on, ya old koop!”


And so the fight was on.

Chapter 4: Road to Victory and Path to Defeat

“Why in the world would you tell them to come back to the caves?! Nobody would have known until it was too late! Now you have your very own advisor out there fighting those five, and you know he can’t take all of them at once!” said King Boo, or rather Morton Senior as he paced, or rather floated back and forth across the room.

“Hey, come on! What’s a victory without a little drama? I always drop little hints when I’m up to something!” said Bowser, defending himself.

“Let’s see, ever wonder why you always get defeated?! If you don’t leave any clues, they’ll never know! Now we very well might have to fight them ourselves, and that would delay the plan! Even if we did defeat them, we’d have to reschedule the whole thing. Now it’s ruined,” said Morton, shaking his head.

“Don’t worry. I won’t rest until the plan is carried out. I want to see the result as much as you do,’ said Bowser reassuringly. “Even if we do have to reschedule, it’ll get done.”


“Well, we know they certainly don’t like us,” said Gloshi as he, Roshi, and Quo moved on after eavesdropping on the above conversation.

“Well, I had already figured that out. The problem is how to stop them from doing whatever they are planning. You know the plan, right?” said Quo.

“I made the plan!” said Gloshi, trying not to sound annoyed.

“Oh… right. What should we call it?” asked Quo.

“How about the Village Project?” suggested Roshi.

“Well, I like it,” said Gloshi. Quo nodded.

They walked down the dark, cold hallway for a minute before they came to a stop. The path now split in two directions. The other two looked at Gloshi. “Hey, don’t look at me! I’ve never been in this part of the caves!” he said as the others sighed.

“Well, we’ll have to pick one,” said Roshi. He sniffed the air for a second, then pointed to the right. “I think I can smell fresh air,” said Roshi as he took a step toward that passage. Gloshi and Quo nodded and also started in that direction.

Roshi boldly charged forward. That was a mistake. As he took a step forward the ground gave out and Roshi fell into a room below. Gloshi pulled his hands over the edge and peeked down, soon followed by Quo. “Are you okay?” asked Gloshi.

“Yeah, I think so. There’s a small hallway down here,” said Roshi in reply.

Gloshi jumped down and fluttered to the bottom. Quo climbed down. Gloshi went to the end of the small hallway and peeked around the corner. Plenty of the Boos were milling about, most of them were in the middle, playing bingo at a small rock table. “Did you hear something just a minute ago?” asked one.

Gloshi’s eyes widened. “Stay down! Some Boos heard us!”

Another Boo looked at the first. “A piece of rock probably caved in, that’s all,” he said.

“You don’t think somebody else is here, do you?” the first said.
B“Are you kidding? All the prisoners are locked up good, and nobody else is on the island,” said the second boo.

“What about those others, you know, the ones on vacation?”

“Don’t worry, they’ll be taken care of good by King Boo. Plus, they could never take all of us at once.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

The two Boos went back to their game as one shouted out another number. “BINGO!” shouted one. The others grumbled as they handed over their bets.

“Phew, that was a close one,” said Gloshi.

“Should we stay and try to learn more?” asked Roshi.

“No, that would be too risky. They would discover us sooner or later,” said Quo.

They climbed out, carefully replacing the stone over the entrance. “Let’s get out of here. The sooner we get the Village Project into action, the better,” said Gloshi.

They kept forward, and soon came to a small entryway. Gloshi noticed a small piece of red cloth that looked like it had been tossed aside. “I know where we are now,” said Gloshi.

They headed forward, Gloshi directing the way. They finally found the entrance. and walked out. “Fresh air, finally!” said Quo as he sniffed the clean scent.

“Okay, now we have to get Yoshi, Doshi, Noshi, Mario, and Luigi back here. But, first, let’s lay our trap,” said Gloshi.

The three climbed to the top ledge on the above ground part of the caves and found where the entrance back inside was. They opened the top and found a fruit. Quo took a bite out of it, then dropped it inside. Then Gloshi quickly walked into the nearby prisoners' room where the other Yoshis were and saw some awake. He quietly gave them the key to the outside and told them how to escape, and when to in order to keep with the plan. Then he went back outside.

“Well, that’s done,” said Gloshi. They climbed back down and walked towards the village as they all grabbed a fruit to munch.

Doshi circled around Kamek in the relatively small rock arena. Finally, Doshi chose his moment and charged. Kamek held the wand in the air for a second, letting it glow, then whacked him over the head with it. Doshi went flying backwards from the magnified force. He landed on the ground and slid a bit. He quickly got back up. Kamek licked his lip and quickly held up his wand again. A ripple in the air flowed into the jewel at the end of the wand. Kamek lowered it and slowly pointed it at Doshi. The wand tip glowed brightly, then stopped. Then a beam of light shot out and smacked into Doshi. Doshi flew back on impact with the laser. He slammed into the razor sharp rocks and felt them tear into his skin. He winced a bit and felt his back. It was bleeding. He saw the slightly burned skin where the laser had hit him, then looked up and saw his opponent at the other end of the arena, smiling evilly.

Doshi growled and stood up. Kamek laughed and raised his wand again. He did not notice, however, the enraged orange Yoshi about to collide with him. Doshi slammed into Kamek full force and they tumbled into the rocks. Unfortunately, Doshi ended up on the wrong side and hit the jagged edges again. They cut even deeper into his wounds, and made new ones. Doshi yelled and punched Kamek out of the way. Kamek stood up, rubbed his neck, and clenched his teeth, then extended the wand again, this time in the direction of Doshi. A wave of energy shot out and trapped Doshi inside, acting like a bubble. Kamek swung his wand back and forth, slamming Doshi repeatedly into the rocks. He nearly had to force himself to get up. He winced as the pain in his back pulsed. Kamek grinned and shot a ball of electricity into the air. It headed toward Doshi, but was batted away by a yellow object.

Doshi sighed a breath of relief as he saw a yellow cape flowing in the wind and Mario standing beside him. Mario held up a Feather and smiled. Then he turned around and locked eyes with Kamek. Kamek clenched his teeth and fired a red blast at Mario. Mario jumped over it and was lifted up by the wind. He flew past Kamek, kicking him in the process. Kamek fell over and mumbled something, which seemed to ease the pain.

“Fast Food!” yelled Mario as he tossed Doshi a melon. Doshi ate it and felt himself being healed a bit. He squeezed himself and out popped an egg. Doshi gripped it and took aim. Kamek threw a small energy ball, but Mario quickly batted it away with his cape. He gathered a fireball and was about to throw it when Kamek warped away. Mario threw the fireball, but Kamek batted it away with his wand. Kamek held the wand up high. Mario ran towards him and was about to hit him when a large bolt of lightning crashed onto him and he lost his cape. Kamek even got hurt a bit by the heat of the lightning.

Mario fell back and jumped over, flipping twice in midair before landing on his feet. He jumped up and flipped a few times. Kamek fired a blast at him, but Mario was going to fast to be hit. Mario hit a rock with his feet, jumped off of it, and hit Kamek with his feet, the force carrying him in midair. Kamek hit another rock on the other side, and was pressed against it by Mario’s feet. Mario then jumped off of Kamek, flipped a few times, and landed back on his feet. Kamek tried to get up but was hit square in the face by an egg.

Mario and Doshi high-fived. Kamek waved his wand and warped out of the arena. Mario grabbed Doshi and triple jumped out. Kamek stood atop an empty house in the village. He addressed the five.

“Hear me! King Bowser cannot be stopped! You have succeeded in besting me for now, but you will have no such luck in the future. If you know what’s good for you, you will stay away from us, but you certainly don’t, so be prepared for your demise when you enter. The striking time is soon, and we will strike!”

And with that, Kamek waved his wand, and was gone.

“Wow, where did you find that Cape Fea…”

“They’re all over the island! It’s wasn’t hard to just find one and use it!”

“What about Kamek’s message? Should we go the caves?”

“Most people would know what’s good for them, but we sure don’t, do we?” said Mario jokingly.

“Nope! Let’s go!” said Luigi, and they headed for the caves.

Chapter 5: Rendezvous by the Rocks

A few boos floated along, checking the corridors. Something caught one of their eyes: a half-eaten fruit. “What the…” said the observant Boo as he picked it up. If there is fruit here, then Yoshis have been eating it, and if Yoshis have been eating it, then they are in the caves. And the only Yoshis in the caves are… the prisoners… thought the Boo, his eyes widening. “Back to the prisoner rooms!” yelled the Boo as he showed the rest the fruit.


The Boos floated inside. They checked the cells. They were empty. The key was in the hole. “THEY’VE ESCAPED!!! SEARCH EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY! I’LL GET SOME MORE TROOPS AND WE’LL SEARCH THE AREAS AROUND THE CAVES! GET TO IT!” yelled the leading Boo, enraged. He found the break room.

“The prisoners are gone! I need two more troops to help me search the area around the caves!”

There was a huge commotion among all the Boos. Two immediately floated up with the first Boo and started searching.


“All right, on my signal, run out the door,” said a purple Yoshi as he instructed all the Yoshis behind him. They were hiding in a small room with caldrons bubbling everywhere. Some Yoshis were hiding behind the caldrons, some were standing in small cubbyholes near the ceiling.

Three Boos floated in. They looked around. They seemed annoyed and exited.

“Go!” whispered the purple Yoshi. They all bolted for the door and ran to the left. They kept running. All of a sudden, the three Boos materialized in front of the them after hearing their footsteps. The lead Yoshis were quite startled and fell down. The three Boos cackled and started dancing around the Yoshis.

“Silly Yoshis are caught in our trap! FOOLS! Once you come in, you don’t go out!” said the Boos as they turned to face the huddled, scared mass of Yoshis. Quickly, the Boos shot out lightning at the same time and temporarily paralyzed the Yoshis and carried them back into their cells.

“It won’t be long until the hour has come…” said one of the Boos gleefully as he locked up the cell and floated away.


“Well, we’re almost there,” said Mario as they all made their way under a mass of tangled overgrowth.

“Yeah, I’m ready to show those Boos that Yoshis are made of tougher stuff than they look,” said Doshi.

“Ha! You couldn’t even beat Kamek alone!” said Yoshi.

“Hey, just shut your mouth about that. If you ever tell the others, then you won’t sleep well at night,” said Doshi, holding a fist. Yoshi laughed and shook his head. Doshi growled and looked ready to fight before an object flew just to the right of him and incinerated a bush. Doshi quickly looked around. There seemed to be nothing.

Just then, another blast came from behind him and hit the ground right behind his foot. Doshi jumped up and turned around, keeping his fist ready. There was a cackle. “Look!” said Noshi. The others turned around to see something white vanish.

“I’ll handle this,” said Luigi as he got his vacuum ready. A few seconds later, another ball of energy flew through a hole in the underbrush. Luigi turned 45 degrees and sucked it into his vacuum. It was too big to fit in the hole, and stayed on the vacuum. He heard another cackle and turned around, switching the vacuum to reverse and blowing the energy back out in front of him. It hit its target. A Boo fell backwards and materialized. Luigi switched his vacuum back to normal and sucked the Boo up.

Suddenly, two more energy balls flew at Luigi. He got one in his vacuum, but the other one hit him and he flew backwards, the ball making a mark on his shirt. Luigi grit his teeth and got up. He aimed his energy ball in the vacuum. A Boo materialized about ten feet in front of him, with an energy ball in hand. The Boo shot it, and Luigi shot his. They collided and created a small explosion. Luigi quickly turned the vacuum on, and slowly sucked the Boo up.

Another Boo appeared right in front of Luigi. Unfortunately for the Boo, Doshi was right behind him, and gave the Boo a whack. He went flying… right into Luigi’s vacuum.

Everyone stood ready, but there were no other noises. They sighed.

“We’d better watch our back from now on. Who knows how many we’ll have to deal with before we get to Morton?” said Yoshi. They continued for the caves, having no idea they were still being watched by someone they were all too familiar with.


Seedlings were already sprouting where the jungle had been burnt down days earlier, only to be trampled by the shoes of two young Yoshis and an adult. Gloshi looked around.

“Okay, the next plane flight was supposed to be the day when they left, but that’s undoubtedly come and gone. So, the next flight is in about… three hours from now based on what you say Mario told you,” said Quo, judging the time by the position of the sun.

“So, we need to go left at the end of the this jungle, then keep going until we find the beach, then we turn left again until we see the village. The strip is right about there,” said Gloshi. Quo and Gloshi continued gabbing about flights and vacations and such, when Roshi interrupted.

“Psst! Guys!”



“Keep your voices down! There’s something on that hill up there!”

Gloshi and Quo struggled to see. At first, there seemed to be only trees. Then they saw it. Red hair. White spikes. Green shell. One mean-looking Koopa.

“Who is it?” asked Roshi quietly.

“Bowser…” whispered Gloshi, his eyes fixed on the King of the Koopas. “Why is he here?” Gloshi asked himself.

“Who?” asked Quo.

“Huh? Oh, right. That’s Bowser, King of the Koopas. Remember him from that conversation we listened in on? King Boo is the ghost of his father. Mario tells me that Bowser has attacked Mario so many times that he lost count, but Mario has always beat him in the end. Sometimes Bowser won at first, though,” explained Gloshi.

“Okay… How do we beat him?” asked Roshi, getting to the point.

“Uh, I don’t exactly know. We should probably get Mario back first,” said Gloshi.

They proceeded quietly, every few seconds stealing a glance to make sure Bowser was still there. They had come about 50 feet when they looked back again. Bowser wasn’t there.

“Where’d he go?!”

“Uh oh. If he found us out, we’re done for.”

“Keep moving, and keep your eyes peeled! If you hear or see anything then get behind a bush!”

Gloshi and Roshi nodded warily. They were constantly looking behind them, when they saw Bowser coming near to them. They gasped and ducked into a tree. Bowser didn’t even notice them and kept going back in the direction the Yoshis had come from. They kept listening and heard his heavy footsteps stop. Another voice was talking to him.

“I’m sorry. I was about to beat one of them when you-know-who managed to get in the fight. I couldn’t take on both at once.”

“You fool! It’s because of minions like you that I lose! You gave them the message, right?”

“I did. They seemed quite puzzled before I left.”

“Good. At least you did something right. Any extra time we can get will help. Dad hasn’t finished all the traps yet. I saw them only about a mile away from here, so stalling them will help.”

“Don’t worry. Even if they get here before the appointed time, I’ll make sure they don’t get far.”

“Good work.”

The talking ceased for a moment and then the Yoshis heard a vroOoOOOOP sound, and Bowser’s heavy walking started again, fading into inaudibility.

Quo wiped his forehead. “I thought he was after us for sure!” he said.

“If he had caught us, he would have surely returned us to the cells. And then they would question us. Or even worse,” said Gloshi, making the “kill” sign.

Roshi gulped. “Well, he didn't, so let’s just go! We can’t be too late!” he said.

“Who was he talking to, and who were they talking about?” asked Quo.

“No idea,” said Gloshi, smiling.



“Shh! I hear something!” whispered Mario. The others stopped and listened. There were footsteps. They were getting closer. Mario slyly got a fireball ready in his hand. The footsteps were closer… closer… CLOSER…


Mario yelled and jumped in front of the newcomers. He dropped his fireball. It was Gloshi, Roshi, and Quo.

“Oh, man, I’m glad you guys are all right!”

“Wha…? We were just on our way to get you to come back! How did you…”

“Bowser left us one of his cheesy death notes. It was easy to tell that we had to come back. We almost didn’t make it.”

“Just another testimony to why Bowser always gets beaten.”

“Give me the lowdown.”

“Well, it turns out Morton came here for more than just spooking Yoshis. He plans to do something really bad to all of us, and Bowser is helping him. They had us all locked up, but we escaped and I hope the others did the same. We set a trap for the Boos.”

“Then there’s not much time. We have to go, or else we may all end up ghosts.”


Chapter 6: Journey to the Center of the Caves

Mario stepped around a corner, and out of the light from the entrance. If anything should happen, now there was no chance of anyone seeing it. Mario looked back, gave a nervous sigh, and pressed forward. “Be constantly on the lookout, guys. There are probably traps everywhere,” he said, hiding his own nervousness, knowing exactly what they were up against. Yoshi held an egg at his side, just in case. Doshi kept his hands in fists, Noshi looked everywhere, teeth clenched, Roshi looked somewhat stunned, Luigi kept a fireball ready, Quo appeared deep in thought, and Gloshi looked straight ahead, showing practically no emotion.

They moved ahead at a fair pace. It was very quiet: no rocks falling, no telltale signs of being followed, no bugs crawling around; nothing but their footsteps and the seemingly weak light Gloshi produced. It was obvious to them that they were probably being watched, followed, or heard regardless, but there was nothing else for them to do.

Luigi gasped as two eyes glaring in his face when he turned it around, only to find it was a bat on its way out. “Look out!” said Luigi as a large swarm of bats followed and flew away for the entrance, then silence again. They knew what the preceding event meant. Something had spooked them.

They heard a shout of surprise from behind them. They all wheeled around and saw the last of Noshi disappear into a trap door. Another yell. Luigi fell down into another. Doshi growled. The floor caved in under him, taking Roshi and Quo with him. Yoshi jumped up as he felt the ground cave in under him. He grabbed onto a stalactite as he saw the pitch black hole beneath him. He heard two cracking sounds. One was the ground under Mario collapsing, and the other was his stalactite snapping in half. Both plummeted into the holes. Gloshi was left all alone. He heard a cracking sound and jumped off and into the wall, accidentally hitting a secret panel and making the wall flip over, taking him with it.

Kamek warped to the spot. Seeing six holes and no one there, he smiled and warped back away.


Yoshi looked around. He would have to be very careful, especially without his egg. A few pebbles tumbled down into the hole about 15 feet above him and landed next to him. It was very hard to see without Gloshi’s light. He looked around. It was a one-way passage; the hole was not big enough for him to flutter jump out of. So, he had to go down the passage.


Noshi came to. It was very dark. There was a hole 15 feet above him. He shivered with cold and fear, and walked down the passage provided. He couldn’t see much without Gloshi. He gasped as he saw a light coming around the corner of the alley. Noshi flattened himself against the wall, glancing curiously and fearfully at the light. He soon saw its source. Quo had found a Boo lamp and was using it. Noshi let out a sigh of relief and walked up to him, Roshi, and Doshi. They conversed for a second, and moved on. They soon saw a strange, wooden door…


Mario found himself on a small rock plateau, with crude steps going down. He looked up at the hole; it was too high to jump out of and there was not enough space to triple jump. Wall jumps might work, the plumber thought. However, he wanted to see where the passage led to. He followed it for about ten yards until he came to a door. It was just a plain, simple wooden door. It was way too obvious. Mario picked up a stone and threw it at the door. The door glowed. Then the following happened in about five seconds. The door glowed, charring the rock; the door slammed open, slamming the rock against the wall; Mario saw a passage behind the door; the door slammed back, letting the rock fall back down; and a previously unseen boulder dropped onto the stone. Mario smiled. What kind of fool did they think he was? Mario walked back to the hole, wall jumped between the walls (how surprising), and jumped out of the hole and back into the main passage.


Yoshi looked in front of him. A door was at the end of the passage. He knew enough to see that there was a trap attached. Since there was no other way, Yoshi walked up to the door and touched the knob. He saw a light and immediately jumped out of the way, just in time to avoid the door slamming against the wall. He heard a noise and looked up. A boulder was tumbling down a large passage above him. He dove out of the way and into the closing door. It shut behind him. Now he was in a long corridor with Boo lights lining the wall. Yoshi breathed heavily. He tiptoed along the stone floor and made his way around the corner.


Gloshi pressed against the trap wall. It wouldn’t budge. He had already seen a dead end on the other side. He suddenly heard a voice. He ducked into a small alcove in the wall. A Boo floated by talking to himself. Gloshi peeked out. The Boo held a lantern in his hand. The Boo placed it on the hook for lights in the wall, and it sunk down. The wall whirled around and shut again. Gloshi was puzzled. He walked back to the other side again: still a dead end. He scratched his head and leaned against the wall. He fell through it, and realized what had happened before he hit the ground. A hologram. There were now stairs leading up…

Luigi woke. He sat up. He was in a long passage. He grabbed his vacuum, and started walking along. He heard a voice and froze. He flattened himself against the wall. The voices didn’t come nearer. Luigi sidestepped along the wall and peered into the next room. About a hundred Boos were floating around. A few were playing bingo on a small rock protrusion. Another Boo floated into the room. “IT’S TIME! KING BOO SAYS TO COME TO THE CAULDRON ROOM!” yelled the Boo.

The whole room went into an uproar. Seemingly every Boo screeched with delight. They all started quickly floating out of the room. Luigi pulled his head back. Oh no. It must be time for King Boo to execute his plan… whatever it is… I HAVE TO STOP THEM! thought Luigi.

Luigi jumped right into the middle of the room. No one was there. Luigi held his vacuum close; still no noise. The room was empty except for a bingo wheel and Boo lights on the walls. Luigi gulped.



Luigi jumped about five feet in the air, his hair standing on end. His hat flew off. Luigi turned himself around on the floor. The whole army was filing in, surrounding him. Luigi’s teeth chattered. A Boo picked up Luigi’s hat and put it on himself, doing a silly dance. All the Boos laughed. Luigi’s fear turned to rage. His teeth stopped chattering, but stayed in the same position. Luigi jumped up with a yell and turned on the vacuum. The Boo screeched as he flew into Luigi’s cleaning device. Luigi snatched his hat out of midair and put it back on his head. All the Boos were silent. “All right, that’s it.,” said Luigi, turning around.


The Boos all started screeching. It was a deafening sound. They circled around Luigi, then stopped, and charged.


“Why aren’t they here yet?! I thought you said you had a competent army!” yelled Bowser above the muffled noises the Yoshis made, the best they could do with gags in their mouths.

“They will come! Don’t tempt me, Bowser!” shouted Morton in reply.

“It’s KING Bowser now! Don’t let your being my father get to your head! I’m still the boss of this operation! Now pipe down, and get your army of numbskulls in here!” yelled Bowser. He paced back and forth, growling.

A Yoshi tore his gag off. “You may have us right now, but we will triumph in the end! You can’t succeed!” shouted the Yoshi in defiance.

Bowser slowly turned around, angry from head to toe. “I have a mind to roast you for that, but it just wouldn’t be proper to kill you before the proper time, would it?” replied Bowser, getting right into the Yoshi’s face. The Yoshi gasped. “However, if you continue to do such things, I just might forget the plan and kill you now,” said Bowser, his angry smile turning to a disgusted face.

Bowser got up. The Yoshi opened his mouth to speak, but Bowser silenced him with a hand held high. Bowser began his pacing again.


Noshi reached forward to touch the door. His finger touched it and he got shocked. He pulled his hand away just in time to avoid getting slammed against the wall. He heard a rumble. A giant boulder was crashing down a passage above them. “LOOK OUT!” yelled Noshi. They dove out of the way. The boulder slammed the ground, then was slowly pulled back up by a rope and some levers. They wiped their foreheads.

“So, what do we do?” said Roshi, waiting for an explanation. They stood there for a second.

“I have an idea! Noshi, do you still have that half-eaten fruit we found at the entrance?” asked Quo.

“Uh, yeah,” said Noshi, holding up the melon.

“Make an egg out of it,” ordered Quo. Noshi did so. “Doshi, grab the egg. Roshi, I need you to be ready to say when the door opens.”

Roshi nodded, still not exactly sure what the plan was.

“I’m going to activate the door, then we’re going to sabotage the system. Here’s what we do: when Roshi says the door has activated, Doshi will throw the egg where the door is going to slam. It will get fried, and will act as a sort of glue, keeping the door open. That means that whatever activates the boulder will get stuck, and it won’t release. Then, Noshi needs to climb up the passage and cut the cord. Then the boulder will release, with Noshi above it, of course, and the door will no longer try to get away from the wall. Then we'll just walk around the boulder, through the door, and to freedom.”

Doshi sarcastically shouted,“Encore!”

Noshi had a paniced look on his face. “You mean I have to climb up the passage and get on top of the boulder, all the while risking that the boulder will release and fall on top of me, and then, after I’ve cut the cord, which won’t be easy, I’m stuck at the top?!”

“You can flutter down. Plus, that cord is really thick. I promise you it won’t snap. As for cutting it, just use this!” said Quo as he reached down and grabbed a sharp rock from the floor. He handed it to Noshi, who gulped.

Roshi stood at an angle to the door, Doshi aimed his egg and got ready to throw, Noshi stood off to the side, and Quo picked up a stick and threw it at the door. Roshi yelled out. Doshi threw his egg. The door swung open just as Doshi threw it. The egg hit the wall and bounced off, but was only crushed against the wall again as the door slammed on it. Sure enough, the door stuck, and struggled to get free. Noshi gulped again and started climbing the rocks. He squeezed past the boulder and started working on the rope. The door strained more. “Hurry up, Noshi! The door is about to break!” yelled Quo.

Noshi clenched his teeth and cut faster. Finally the rope snapped. The boulder flew down, and the door stopped fighting. However, something happened that was not in the plan. The boulder hit the ground with much more force than had been expected, causing a miniature earthquake. Noshi, still hanging onto the cut rope, was hit by falling gears, levers, and such. The rope, now not being held up by anything, fell to the ground. Noshi had the mind to break his fall with flutter. However, now that the rope was gone, the entire mechanism holding the boulder up failed and tumbled down the passage with a huge clatter. It hit the ground, causing another earthquake. This one persisted.

“Uh, guys, I think we’d better get out of here, now,” said Roshi.

They ran for the door. Rocks caved in ahead of them, blocking the door. They wheeled around and ran back down the passage. The entire cavern started falling behind them. They stopped at the dead end. “We’re done for!” yelled Noshi, seeing the chain reaction of cave-ins not more than 20 yards behind them.

They all turned around, and prepared for the worst. Rocks started filling up the bottom of the upward passage. The four jumped. They landed on top of the rising pile. Finally it stopped, leaving the Yoshis about four feet from the top. They climbed out. “You and your bright ideas…” said Doshi, looking at Quo. The others rolled their eyes and started down the corridor they had been in before they fell.


Yoshi turned around. He heard a noise. Yoshi turned his head uneasily and began walking again. He stopped. There it was again. This time it was louder, and it kept getting even louder. The earth started to rumble a bit. Yoshi stepped back. The wall on the opposite side of him started to crack. He braced himself. The wall suddenly burst open and a mound of earth and rock came pouring through the hole. Suddenly it stopped. Yoshi listened carefully: he could hear faint voices. Yoshi burrowed through the cave-in a bit. It wasn’t long before he found a dead end. He dug upwards a bit and quickly found himself in the entrance to one of the holes in the main area. He examined the area. There were shoeprints. Well, one of the Yoshis has been here, he thought as he examined the print. He jumped out and proceeded.

Luigi quickly hopped into the air, avoiding the multitudes of Boos as they passed through each other and ended up on opposite sides. Luigi turned on his vacuum as he was falling. Several Boos started to get pulled in his direction. More Boos shot lightning at him. It hit him with a crackle. Luigi fell over and tried to keep his mind off the pain as he got back up. Five Boos were right in front of him, taunting him. Luigi grabbed his vacuum and started trying to pulled them in. Instead, a ball of energy, shot by one of the other Boos, hit two of them and got caught in Luigi’s vacuum. Luigi flicked the switch and the energy flew out. It hit a few Boos, then crashed into a wall. Luigi quickly switched the vacuum back during the chaos. It successfully sucked up a few Boos. The remaining Boos swarmed him. Luigi tried to jump but the Boos had aimed high on purpose, as Luigi hit a Boo, fell back, hitting another Boo, then fell to the ground, hitting another. Luigi tried to control his breathing. He tried to think, but his mind was clouded by his brain’s screaming signals of pain. He opened his eyes and saw a Boo floating above him, preparing a lightning bolt. Luigi carefully and inconspicuously pressed the button on his vacuum. The surprised Boo flew straight into it. His lightning dissipated. Luigi stood up, only to see several energy balls flying towards him. Luigi jumped to the left, Matrix-style. The energy balls flew straight towards his vacuum, which flew off in a fireworks display of sparks. It flew into the wall behind him and hit the ground with a clatter. Luigi looked at the vacuum, then at the Boos. An anime sweatdrop formed on his forehead.

“Not good.”

The Boos cackled in delight, and flew towards him, lightning in hand.


Gloshi listened. Voices were at the end of his passageway. They sounded a lot like Bowser and Morton.

“Listen, I’m getting impatient here! I don’t want to give extra time to those down-the-drain plumbers and the vacationers! If they aren’t in here in five minutes, I’m going down there myself to get them!”

“They should be here. The only explanation is that they got in a fight with one of the them. I need to give them aid.”

“Patience. If your army really is as good as you say, they shouldn't have to much trouble.”

Gloshi panicked. They are almost ready to do their plan, and even all seven of the others probably can’t defeat the entire army! thought Gloshi. But, for now, he would have to wait.


Yoshi looked around the corner. There were voices. It sounded like Bowser. Yoshi ran towards the voices.


“Hey, I hear voices!” said Noshi as he listened. The other three stopped. They could hear it, Bowser’s loud, growling voice. Roshi, Doshi and Quo stopped for a second, but Noshi pressed forward with a determined look in his eye. “Hurry up. Are we going to do this or not?” said Noshi impatiently. The others followed, surprised.


Mario flattened himself against the wall. He knew what he had heard. He had heard Bowser’s sneering voice too many times. He gathered a fireball and ran towards the noise.


Luigi, terrified, acted upon his first instinct: scream. The Boos laughed upon hearing their favorite sound. Luigi gathered his wits for a half-second, then leaped into the air. The boos followed. However, no Boo was fast enough to outrun the nimbler Mario Bro. He flipped in midair and kicked the backside of a Boo. It went flying into the wall and vanished in a puff of smoke. More Boos collided with him. His knees went weak. He was suddenly hit by something in the back. He flew forwards. His mind told him to give up hope, until his arm landed on something. He looked up. It was his vacuum. He had accidentally hit the switch. It started sucking. Luigi raised an eyebrow. He heard Boos floating over him. He acted limp. All of a sudden, he turned over, kicking the Boos away. He grabbed the vacuum. The Boos backed up. He turned it on full force. Boos were pulled closer.

The Boo that had come into the room in the first place yelled, "Retreat!" and  shot Luigi an evil grin, then the Boos all flew out of the room before Luigi could even aim the vacuum. Luigi frowned. He flipped his vacuum, placing it back onto its stand on the holding container, then followed them.

Chapter 7: The Modus Operandi

Gloshi looked back again. He gasped. Multitudes of Boos were floating into the room. Bowser smiled. The Boos shot out lightning everywhere and paralyzed all the Yoshis. Bowser removed their gags.

Morton held up a hand. “This is the day,” he shouted, “the hour, and the minute when we shall triumph! We shall crush this mortal world and reign supreme over every breathing creature! Now is the day… THAT WE BEGIN!” All the Boos cackled and made a tremendous noise. Then, they stopped. They held up their fins. Morton started chanting.

Garsoirah, on demue haran

Energy started forming at the tips of the Boos.

Janerah koiser dashu!

Lights formed at the Boos' fins.

Anhah Undemuh harkash

The lights became glowing spheres.

Anhah Anhah ANHAH!

The spheres pulsed. The Boos all aimed them at the Yoshis. Bowser sneered.

“Fire when ready.”


Gloshi jumped out in front of the room. Everyone turned around and looked, still holding their energy balls. Morton chuckled.

“Well, if it isn’t the smallest little rescue party I’ve ever seen. You’ve been a pain in the neck too long.” Morton motioned for a Boo. One came over. “Let me do the honors of taking care of him.”

The Boo handed Morton his energy ball. Morton clenched his poltergeist claw. The sphere became larger, brighter, and more menacing.

“Goodbye, puny one.”


Morton looked up and saw Luigi standing in the entrance.


Noshi walked in beside Luigi.




Roshi, Doshi, and Quo walked in.


Yoshi stepped in.


A pyrotechnic flew past Morton, hit the wall, and bounced back into the palm of its owner: Mario. Gloshi was stunned. Bowser’s jaw dropped.

“How amusing. This seems like a fair contest. Eight against one hundred forty-seven. How amusing,” Morton repeated, motioning for the Boos to drop their energy balls.

Bowser growled. “As I was saying before I was interrupted, fire when ready.”

All the Boos gathered lightning in their palms and lit up the room with their glow. They took aim. They fired.

They missed.

Luigi had jumped in front of them all at the last second and turned the vacuum on. All lightning was diverted into the vacuum. Luigi was shocked a bit, but his vacuum remained, for the most part, working. Luigi stepped out in front of the army.

“Bring it.”

Luigi turned his vacuum to blow. Lightning crackled, flying out of his vacuum. Luigi swerved it back and forth, almost making like an electric whip. Luigi stopped. The Boos charged. Luigi suddenly shot out a blast of lightning. Boos flew back left and right. Luigi tried it again, but was out of electricity. He put the vacuum up. Bowser hastily blew a fireball at the other group, sitting… well, standing there like sitting ducks. Yoshi grabbed a harmless potion from the room and quickly ate it. He threw the ensuing egg right through the fireball, then jumped out of the way. The egg went straight through the fire and smacked Bowser right in the kisser, knocking him out cold.

“Is this the best you can do?” Yoshi asked.

“Oh, certainly not.”

Kamek materialized in front of Yoshi.

“You think you’re so good, don’t you, with your fancy moves and “Super” attacks. You have not seen diddly-squat.”

Yoshi was smacked into the wall by Kamek’s concealed wand. Kamek, mocking him, blew on the top of his wand, spun it, and stuck it back in his robe. “Nothing beats a good whack in the face.”

“I agree!”

Kamek turned, only to be greeted by Doshi’s fist. Kamek toppled over. Meanwhile, Noshi distracted Boos while Luigi calmly sucked them up. Roshi helped Noshi. Gloshi jumped into the middle of all of them and used his strange ability. Boos vanished and scattered. The number of Boos was drastically decreasing. Morton watched, not really doing anything.

Kamek got back up. He picked up his wand and threw a shockwave at Doshi. Doshi went flying into the wall. Kamek started trying to raise pillars of rock. “Oh no you don’t!” said Doshi as he whacked Kamek’s arm, sending his wand flying. It bounced back off the wall, and back into Kamek’s palm. Kamek threw a blast of purple fire at Doshi. Doshi was unable to avoid it and went (once again) careening into the wall. A rock hit his back and gashed it. Doshi got a horrible sense of déjà vu. He was about to get up again when he heard a yelp of joy from Luigi.

The last Boo had been sucked up. All of a sudden, there was a tug on his vacuum. “Whoops. Be right back,” said Luigi as he raced off.

Mario jumped into the fray. Bowser woke up. “Why would you do this?” shouted Mario, pointing to the unconscious Yoshis on the floor. “Why would you kidnap a village, imprison them, and try to kill them? Revenge?”

Morton burst out laughing. “You fools! If we had simply wanted revenge, why would we have not killed them in the first place? Ha! I laugh at your stupidity! We want them for our army!”

Mario was shocked.

“My two advisors were ghosts of Yoshis, and they were my most trusted warriors! How powerful will I be with my army, plus many specialists? Once you are dead, I will break that pathetic vacuum and reclaim my army. Then we will execute our plan, and reign supreme over every mortal!”

Mario clenched his fist. “IF you kill us.”

Morton growled and was about to strike when Luigi jumped in front of them all, vacuum empty. “And that won’t be easy.”

The vacuum was suddenly swept off of Luigi’s back and into the hands of Bowser. Kamek smiled as he lowered his wand from the levitation spell. Bowser crushed the vacuum in his monstrous claws. Luigi nervously smiled.

“I think it just got a little easier.”

Mario jumped forward, sending a barrage of fire at Kamek. He was met by Bowser’s claw slamming his chest and stopping him in midair. Mario fell to the ground. He rolled out of the way of Bowser’s foot. He jumped back up and stuck his leg out, kicking Bowser in the face. Bowser swiped his claw in midair, causing Mario to go flying backwards and into the wall. Luigi jumped and flipped, wall jumping off of the ceiling and onto Bowser’s head. Bowser fell down. Luigi gave him a quick gut punch. He was stopped from delivering a second by a whack in the face by Kamek’s wand. Luigi fought back, knocking the wand out of Kamek's hand. It skidded across the ground. They both dove for it.

Yoshi leaped forward, light blaring. Morton fended him off and smacked him away with an electrified fist. Yoshi looked around. There had to be something else that would work. Then he spotted it: a tiny fruit plant. If only he could make it grow. As if on cue, Kamek’s wand skidded to a stop in front of him. Yoshi picked it up and tapped the plant with it. He was tackled by Luigi and Kamek. Yoshi got up and looked at the plant. He was just in time to see a melon sprout from the now grown seedling. Yoshi hungrily ate it, and a new one sprouted. Yoshi turned it into a egg. He carefully took aim at Kamek, who was about to get his wand back. He fired. Bingo. It smacked Kamek right in the face, almost throwing him back a bit. Luigi grabbed the wand.

Mario flipped over Bowser and grabbed his tail. Bowser sighed. “Not this again.” Bowser went flying into Morton, who was just about to charbroil Gloshi. Gloshi went toppling into the fruit plant. He ate it. Using the energy boost (he was not old enough to make eggs yet), he charged into Morton, light stronger than ever. Morton shielded his eyes and swiped Gloshi away. Bowser got off of him.

Meanwhile, Roshi, Noshi, Doshi, and Quo were plotting. “Okay, remember that mishap in the passage?” asked Quo.

“How could I forget?” said an exasperated Noshi.

“Well, we're going to have a repeat,” said Quo confidently.

“In case you didn’t notice, none of those traps are in here,” said Doshi.

“No, I think I can see some substitutes,” said Roshi, smiling and looking up, then at the cauldrons placed mostly at the back of the room. Noshi caught his drift. Doshi frowned.

“Why am I always the last to hear about stuff?”

Roshi stealthily stole over to the plant and grabbed a melon. He tossed it to Noshi, who made his egg. Like an assembly line, he tossed it to Doshi. Quo whispered a bit to Doshi, and Doshi started aiming an egg. Roshi walked over to a cauldron, avoiding a stray blast of fire aimed at Mario. Roshi stood by a cauldron and gathered some rope from a corner. Quo secured the rope and hung it over a jagged edge on the ceiling. Roshi kept a close eye on the cauldron. Quo gave the signal, and Doshi threw the egg.

Mario jumped towards Morton, aiming his fist. Morton blew fire at Mario as he was coming near. Mario’s hat caught on fire and he landed. “Mamamia!” Mario waved his hat, putting the fire out.

Luigi, not knowing how to use the wand he now had in his possession, tapped the ground. A chunk of rock came out and floated at his command. Kamek walked towards him, trying to reclaim the wand. Luigi waved the wand to the right and the chuck of rock went right… into Kamek. He flew back and was unconscious before he hit the ground. Luigi quickly tossed the rock, using the wand, of course, into Bowser’s face. Bowser grabbed the rock and held it fast. Even with the wand, Bowser was too strong. He hurled it back at Luigi, who then swerved it to his side. The rock hit the wall and toppled to the ground. Luigi squeezed the wand and slammed it, jewel first, into the ground. The ground itself rippled as the shockwave moved towards Bowser. He stomped the ground and another shock wave flew out. The two collided and a large blast occurred.

An egg flew across the room and into the dust cloud. Roshi quickly looked that way. It was hard to see with all the dust being kicked up. It cleared. Roshi shouted. Bowser was right where they wanted him with egg goo on his face. Quo snapped the rope. The cauldron fell onto Bowser’s head with a loud “DONG!”. Bowser stumbled around. Luigi stuck out his foot. Bowser ran right into it and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Luigi smiled sheepishly. “Whoopsie. Did I do that?”

Quo raised an eyebrow. “Uh, that works too.”

Now everyone’s attention turned to Morton. “All right, you fools. If it’s a battle you want, then I’ll give you a battle.”

Morton mumbled something. All of a sudden, an energy ball formed in his hand. It grew bigger and started flowing with electricity and glowing blue like the lights in the room. Morton aimed at Luigi.


Morton threw the energy ball at Luigi. Luigi stuck the wand out and smacked it away. It bounced off the wall and the floor. It hit Doshi. Doshi flew back in a gust of wind. He flew right into the wall, stopped, then fell flat on his face. He didn’t get up.

“Hah! You can’t do that and hope to win! All you’re doing is hurting your little team!”

Morton gathered another energy ball. Luigi tried to levitate it away from Morton, but it didn't work. Morton threw it, and Luigi had no choice but to bat it away again. It ricocheted and hit Noshi, who flew backwards and hit the ground. Morton laughed and threw another. Luigi stuck out his wand in front of him and the energy was absorbed into the wand. Luigi raised it and pointed it at Morton. The energy ball reformed and shot back at Morton, who caught it and dissolved it.

“Okay. Try this on for size!”

Morton raised his palm. Gloshi ran forward with his light but was knocked away by a force field that appeared around him. Energy started crackling around the aura, and it glowed bright. Morton kept his hand raised, and more energy pulsed into the aura. Finally, it glowed so bright that Luigi and the others were not able to see Morton. Finally the energy flew out at the speed of light, careening towards them. Luigi waved his wand, and luckily created a force field around them, as the wave flew through the room, ripping through walls like tissue paper. The force field flickered and died. Morton blew fire at the group of others. They dodged.

Mario suddenly hit something. It was Luigi’s charred, beat up vacuum. Mario tossed it to Luigi. He tapped it with the wand. It instantly reformed its original shape. Morton tossed another energy ball at Luigi. It slipped into the vacuum. Morton tossed another flurry and they were all absorbed. Luigi was about to turn it to reverse when it was grabbed from him. Luigi turned around to see Bowser, with the vacuum once again in his hands.

“Hah! I crush it, you bring it back, and I crush it again! Say goodbye to this pest!”


Luigi lunged to try and reach the vacuum. Bowser stepped out of the way, laughed, and squashed it. There was silence.

“This can’t be good.”


Epilogue: Project Complete

“Hey, wake up!”

Mario opened his eyes. A blue Yoshi was standing over him.

“Woah. That was a spicy meatball.”

“Huh? Uh, never mind. Are you all right?”

“Yeah. What happened?”

“The caves got destroyed by that explosion. You guys went flying, but we were far enough away that the caves just fell apart, and we walked out.”

“What about the others?”

“Oh, everyone is safe, and the only one left was you.”

Mario stood up. He was in a small clearing in the jungle.

“Everyone is waiting for you!”

Mario followed the Yoshi about a mile until they found the village. Like the Yoshi said, practically the entire village was standing there, waiting. They walked into the village and were nearly massacred with questions. Mario could tell the others were all ready worn out with questions. He spent the rest of the day just explaining things.

“Phew, I am so glad that is over,” said Noshi as he stretched out in his hammock bed.

“I have never been so glad to feel grass under my feet,” said Gloshi.

As more random comments came, Roshi peeked his head in. “Hey, Gloshi, can you come out here and play? I found a palm that would be perfect for leaf sailing!” said the eager red one.

“Sure!” came the quick response as Gloshi ran outside and they disappeared.

Mario chuckled. “Geez, he never runs out of energy, does he?”

Another Yoshi walked through the door, carrying some bags. “I believe these are yours. We found them just outside the village.”

Luigi slapped his head. “The bags! I can’t believe I forgot the bags!”

“You must be lucky I found them.”

The Yoshi set them down and walked out. Mario grabbed a bag and felt around in it. After giving a shout of “Aha!” Mario pulled out the travel guide to Yoshi’s Island from when they had first come there. “The next flight back leaves at 6:30 tomorrow,” said Mario.

Everyone became a bit somber. “I wish you could stay longer…” said Quo.

“Oh, don’t worry. We come here a lot on vacation, so we’ll drop by sometime,” said Luigi.

“Well, it’s getting late, and I’m bushed anyway, so I’ll hit the sack,” said Doshi. He walked out the door.

“Yeah, me too. I’ll see you guys in the morning,” said Noshi.

“Well, I guess I should join the crowd,” said Quo as he followed the other two’s example.

“Gloshi! Time to come in!” yelled Yoshi.

“Aww man. See you later, Roshi,” said Gloshi as he walked in. Roshi waved and waked off.

“Well, it’s been…interesting,” said Mario with a chuckle as the two old friends, Mario and Yoshi, shook hands. The Mario Bros. walked out.

“Well, time for bed,” said Yoshi to Gloshi.

“Oh, all right,” said Gloshi as he swung himself into the hammock and Yoshi turned off the light.

“Goodnight, Gloshi.”

“Goodnight… Dad.”

Yoshi smiled.


“Attention, passengers, we have now landed at Castle Airport. The local time is 8:10. Thank you for using Royal Airways!”

Mario unbuckled his seat as the plane came to a halt and reached around for his bag in the compartment. Luigi followed. They stepped off the plane, put the bags down, and dropped onto the seats in the terminal. “Some trip, eh?” said Luigi.

“I’ll say. We rescue the princess and beat the bad guy WHILE ON VACATION, then we try to take the Yoshis back with us to have a good time, and we get a death note. Then we go all the way back, almost getting killed two times, to find out that the village has been kidnapped. So, we go looking for them, beating Bowser’s advisor on the way, then meet up with some escapees, and we go into the caves, nearly get killed again, then finally go and beat the bad guy AGAIN!” Mario sighed.

“What he said.”

Mario grabbed the bags and they walked out to the entrance and to one of the taxi cabs waiting for them. Luigi was surprised when Mario said, “To the Kinopio Hotel.”

“Mario, I thought we were going home!” said Luigi quietly.

“We have to pay back the owner first,” answered the plumber in red. Luigi nodded. They stepped in. “I need to see the owner,” said Mario.

The employee nodded and asked for the owner to come out. Mario slid ten platinum coins across the desk. “That’s for the damages in our apartment and for wrecking your vacuum,” said Luigi.

“My vacuum?! Why in the world would you need my vacuum?!” said the surprised owner.

“Err, don’t ask. It’s long story,” said Mario. The Bros. walked out and left the confused owner behind. They jumped in another taxi.

“To our house, please.”


Mario grabbed a slice of leftover pizza and sat down on the recliner. The doorbell rang. It was Peach.

“What in the world happened to you two? I heard you were at the Kinopio so I came over. Then they said you had checked out and were at the airport. Then I find out you’re back at Yoshi’s Island! What is going on?” said Peach.

“We had some unfinished business at the island to take care of.”

“Okay, whatever. Actually the real reason I came over was to ask if you would help me decorate the castle.”

“For what?”

“The monthly Mario Bros Saved Me From Bowser ball!”

“Uh, okay, but don’t be surprised if Bowser is a little late this year.”

Luigi chuckled.


Bowser woke up still on the island, on a far corner. After flagging down one of the Koopa patrol ships around the area, Bowser was transported back to his Keep to recuperate, think about what had happened, and plan his monthly Peach kidnapping.

Morton Sr. survived the blast, but his army (which had been in the ghost prison, where Luigi left them) did not. Morton escaped from Yoshi’s Island by haunting a local boat, driving the crew out, then sailing it back. He is currently searching for a new hideout.

As the caves collapsed, most of the Yoshis laying in the room regained their consciousness but were unable to speak because of the gags. While the fight was taking place, the Yoshis, one by one, managed to sneak away without being noticed. At the time of the explosion, they were all on the other side of the caves, and had cut their gags on rocks. The caves collapsed, but they were already on the edge, so they were able to avoid the few rocks that did fall, then climb out of the holes.

The Mario Bros. lived in peace for a while after that, except for the occasional scrap over the last piece of pizza. Peach also lived in peace, except for the Bowser kidnapping, which, like the Bros. warned, was late.

All was peaceful in Yoshi’s Island for many years. The village was rebuilt, better than before, and everyone was happy. As for Gloshi, he was always treated like a son, and became the best fighter in the village, except for Doshi (who he will probably also surpass in the future).

This is the end of the story. The end of The Journey Home. The end of the plotline. But certainly not the end of the saga, which will go on in other stories, related to this plot or not. So, goodbye to The Journey Home and its sequel.

The End

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