The Sacred Mirror of Crystal Palace

By Antwan

Chapter 9: An Army of None

Mario ducked from the powerful bite the guardian made and ran inside the room. Just when the guardian was going to attack again, Mario used a fireball that stopped his attack and made him listen up. He hads no time to fight. He held the energy ball right in his hands and took out the diary. He chanted the words that were instructed in the diary, which were intelligible gibberish to the reader. (Yes, I mean you.)

The energy lifted from out of Mario's hands and hovered slowly to the top half of the guardian. Touching the energy, the guardian was engulfed in the energy ball. The guardian slowly floated as a new pair of legs and a tail grew right from the guardian's bottom. The guardian slowly dropped as the old bottom half of the guardian crumbled to a million bits of ice.

The guardian stared very closely at Mario, making Mario sweat like crazy. The guardian took a closer look and stepped back, showing signs that he trusted Mario for reconstructing him. Mario breathed out and thought, That was a close call.

Had you scared, didn't I?

"Huh?" Mario was surprised. "Who said that?"

I did. The guardian, thought the guardian.

"Wow, you can speak to me with you mind? And you can read mine?"

Of course.

"Why didn't you talk to me earlier?"

Because, you were trespassing in the caverns and I don't talk to trespassers, only destroy them. I see that you have fixed my wounds, but I'm guessing you did this for my help.

"Yes. You see, I've been backstabbed by the other fellow you saw. It turned out that he was a Magikoopa in disguise. He knocked me out and got the mirror. As we speak, he's probably taking out reflections to add to his army to takeover the world!"

That's a serious problem. I wish I could help, but I can't fit through the exit.

"Ah, but that's where I come in."

Mario created a fireball from his hands and made it expand in size. As it grew larger, Mario grunted against the supreme power of his fireball. He pushed his fireball with all of his might upwards and the icy roof melted from the supreme heat. All that was left was a big gaping hole that the guardian could fit through. Mario took out his only power-up left, a Super Leaf, and gained a tail in the process. Mario then went under the guardian and, with all of his supreme strength, lifted the guardian and flew off. Mario kept using his strength to hold the guardian with all of his might as he flew in the direction of Bowser's castle.

* * *

"Finally, the last one!" Bowser was filled with joy as the last reflection came out of the mirror, waiting for commands from the tyrant of all tyrants. It wasn't easy to pull this off, getting one hundred mirrors for 1.5 million new soldiers to come out of post-haste, enchanting some mirrors with a spell to make sure the reflections would only obey Bowser, and making sure that they didn't wander off, as they were not the brightest bulbs in the hardware store.

"Kamek, watching you do all this hard work is making me tired," said Bowser, "but the world won't takeover itself." Bowser got up from his throne and walked to the top of the castle. Looking down at his very large army, Bowser gave a roar to grab the army's attention. They immediately stared up at their leader with thoughts about how creepy it was to see someone looking like them standing right beside them.

"Gentlemen, I have waited many years for this. Twenty, in fact. Every time we try to take over the lands of Plit, we get foiled by two plumbers with superpowers. Now, I have faith that this plan will work and we will not fail. Will you make me proud?"

"YES, SIR!!!"

"I'm glad to hear that."

Bowser got in his Clown Copter and started the engine with a press of a button. He hovered over the army and shouted at the top of his voice, "NOW, LET'S TAKEOVER A WORLD!!!" Only the reflections followed Bowser, and he turned around to see that. "Hey! The rest of you sorry sacks of goo better get over here!"

"Uh, sir? I don't think we'll be going anywhere."

"And why not?!"

"That." The Koopa soldier pointed to Mario and the guardian he was struggling to hold on.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," said Bowser, putting his hand on his face.

Mario set down the guardian with relief. He rubbed his arms from the struggle. The guardian roared at full force, sending out a soundwave that practically everyone on Plit could hear. Mario stopped rubbing his arms and got into battle position, ready to fight.

"Men, destroy that monster!" ordered Bowser.

The army ran with full force at the guardian with tanks, bazookas, and rifles. The army used their ammo with full force and shot straight at the monster. Reloads and battle cries were heard throughout the battlefield. A cloud of smoke was made from the missile of the tank. Satisfied with their win, the army stood still and waited for orders.

However, they hadn't won. When the smoke cleared, it showed the guardian making the final touches to the reconstruction of his body. The guardian's eyes were starting to glow and beams came out of its eyes, shooting at a reflection. The reflection quickly disappeared from the battle. Looking at the charred spot, the Koopa army ran with full might and gave up. The reflections stayed, still waiting for orders from Bowser. The guardian kept shooting beams at the reflections, sending them back to the Mirror World.

It's a special ability I have, thought the guardian. I can send reflections back to the Mirror World.

"You can't find good help these days." Bowser called for Kamek via walkie-talkie and he poofed right by his side.

"You called, my..." Kamek was interrupted with a large scream right in Bowser's face. Bowser hid his head in his shell, like what any scared turtle could do. The guardian resumed shooting at the reflections.

"I want you to contain that monster," echoed Bowser's shell, with his head still hiding inside it.

"Gladly." Kamek waved his wand with all his might, making a ball of energy appear at the end of the wand. As it grew bigger, the guardian stepped away. Kamek blasted a ball of energy with his wand and the guardian tried to dodge it. The explosion of magical properties caused smoke to cover the result of his blast. As the smoke slowly seeped away, Kamek saw that his spell had worked. The guardian was trapped within a force field...

Chapter 10: Yet Another Final Confrontation

Although the guardian was now trapped within the field, Mario got out just in time with his power lost from the powerful blast. Without him, how could he send back the rest of the reflections? Suddenly Mario got an important message from the guardian.

Mario, you must use the mirror to put them back. You'll need a powerful wand in order to pull this off. I think you know what to do.

Bowser popped his head back up and saw that the guardian was contained, but the guards were screaming in terror, not knowing what in DAD's name was happening. Kamek poofed to the top of the castle while Bowser lowered himself and tried to get his army's attention.

Meanwhile, Mario saw Kamek on top of the castle and ran to the building as quick as he could. With his super-strength, Mario kicked the gate down easily and ran up the stairs to the top of the castle. When he reached the top, he saw a beam was going right at him, so he ducked. Then, he got up and saw Kamek with a very stern look on his face.

"Erg, I thought I trapped you within that force field. I heard your conversation with my magical powers and you're not taking my wand without a fight!" yelled Kamek with all his glory. He shot a beam of magical power right at Mario, but Mario long jumped over it and went right at Kamek. Kamek made a temporary force field to protect himself and Mario slammed into it. He rubbed his foot with pain from the force field.

Kamek shot out his famous Shape Beam right at him and Mario took the blow. He slid across the castle roof with scorch marks on his overalls. When another Shape Beam was going right at him, Mario rolled out of the way in time. He got up quickly and tried to run towards Kamek, but the Magikoopa poofed when Mario was just about to grab him. Mario looked around to find that he was gone. Where could he have disappeared to? thought Mario. Suddenly, the wizard popped up in front of him and gave him a big blow with an energy ball.

Mario was flung and almost fell off the castle, but he grabbed on to the end of the castle wall, hanging to his five-story doom. Kamek looked at him and laughed at his fate, when suddenly Mario heaved himself up over the edge and flung Kamek over his shoulder, leaving the Magikoopa hanging where he himself had just been. He got up and looked at Kamek, laughing the same way Kamek had.

"Please, I want to live!!!" yelled Kamek.

"I'll get you up, if you give me your wand and the mirror," said Mario.

"But... but... Bowser will kill me! He'll make me a dead Koopa!"

"Well you're a dead Koopa now if you don't do it."

One of Kamek's arms slipped from the castle wall. He looked at the ground below him in fear.

"Okay, okay! I'll do it! Get me up!"

Mario pulled Kamek up and the wizard gave him the wand while still being held by his robe. Mario claimed he'd drop him if he Kamek didn't do it. Kamek waved his wand and the mirror appeared in Mario's hands. He gave him his wand and Mario dropped him and got a sudden message from the guardian.

Good, you got the wand, said the guardian. Now I need you to hold up the wand and the mirror with one hand and concentrate. Concentrate.

Mario concentrated really hard on the mirror and the wand. He started to break into a sweat from thinking about it so much. He kept concentrating until there was a beaming light from the objects. Mario saw them and thought it was working, so he kept going. Eventually, a portal was made from atop the castle and the reflections were suddenly lifted from the ground. They wiggled around to try to stop this from happening, but it was no use. The reflections were sucked into the portal and sent back into the mirror world. Bowser tried to grab the reflections after he saw what was happening, but they slipped like putty from his hands. Now without his new recruits, his army was not big enough to conquer the whole land.

"Nooo! But how?"

Bowser looked up to see Mario, waving at his sorry butt.

"Erg! You'll pay!"

"No, I won't. You will."

Mario threw the wand and it wedged between the blades of the Clown Copter, showing how powerful it was. Bowser fell in his ship to his doom, but he still lived with major injuries. The wand broke from the fall, making the force field disappear. The guardian tood Mario how thankful he was that this impending doom had been stopped. Now, Mario would have to hitch a real slow ride with the guardian to return the mirror.

Once again, Mario had saved the Mushroom Kingdom.

Conclusion: A Party in His Honor

As with every save he always makes, Mario was greeted with a party in his honor once again. This time, it was a nice, quiet party with Princess Peach, Luigi, Toad, and a few other friends. After this fiasco, he would like to wind down a little bit. Chips, dip, and soda were on the buffet. A solo guitarist played some very peaceful songs as everybody clapped at him with cheer.

After the party, Mario lay in bed with aches and pains all over. He's sure feel them in the morning. Of course, there was nothing a trip to the doctor and a few bandages wouldn't fix.

As for Bowser, he was having a little party of his own, a hot one in a full body cast. The itching made him roar like crazy as his son, Lemmy, brought him some nice chicken soup. Of course, the Koopaling slipped on his ball and the soup fell on Bowser's chest. As his eyes bulged out, he roared in extreme pain and wished that he could pummel his son for his stupid mistake.

I'm guessing that he won't cause some mayhem for a while, thanks to Mario.

The End

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