Paper Mario: Evil's Rising

By Dark Boo

Chapter 2

So, Larry Koopa was separated from his family, forcing him to join Dopple and Boomer; Doopliss had a small conversation with the one known as the Shadow Elder, and learned about the Shadow Keys; eventually, Dopple, Boomer, and Larry arrived in Rogueport, where the Mario Bros. had come; one of Kaztran's lackeys, Shrindo, was attacking the harbor, but was defeated by the group of five; unfortunately, Mario was brought down in action by a powerful attack; Mario was last seen being rushed to the hospital; and Larry's disappearance didn't go unnoticed, as Bowser is now seeking his youngest son. What happens next? Well, read it already!

Chapter 2, Part 1: Shrindo's Punishment

Kaztran was pacing back and forth, wondering what to do with Shrindo, the one who had failed him in Rogueport. "So you lost to them, eh?" Kaztran asked Shrindo. After Shrindo was sent sky-high, it just so happened another one of Kaztran's henchman had found the rogue, within the eastern part of Rogueport. Shrindo and his leader were now in the room where Gloomtail was defeated.

"Well... um... yes..." Shrindo muttered. Kaztran shook his head.

"And what's worse, you lost the Shadow Key! If they get all seven, our plans will be thrown off!" Kaztran said angrily.

"But-" Shrindo started, but was very shortly stopped by Kaztran.

"I don't need to hear any 'but's! You know, I had such high hopes for you, Shrindo. But since you lost so incredibly easy, I'm beginning to have my doubts," Kaztran replied.

"But I DID cripple that red-hatted one with my best attack!" Shrindo spat back.

"Yes, that is true, I suppose," Kaztran mumbled, "and we have heard news he is the most powerful hero on Plit. After all, he did defeat our former queen. It's a shame, really, how she had to go like that, just prior to her freedom. But that's the past, and she is NOTHING compared to our Elder."

"But... The Elder doesn't even have a shadow body like she did," Shrindo commented.

"That is true, and his real power can't be unleashed in his current state. But what we do know is that he has a plan," Kaztran said. "Even we don't have shadow bodies. We're just contained in these garbs. Yet... Since we were contained in these cloaks, some of our power was concentrated, and we gained a semi-physical body."

"I... already know, Boss," Shrindo said.

"Yes, yes..." Kaztran replied, now turning away. "It is a good thing that you were able to defeat the one they call 'Mario'. However..." Shrindo now felt his heart go up into his throat, "you still failed in destroying that small town, and you also lost in the end to four much lessers."

"But-" Shrindo tried again.

"I've heard enough of your excuses! FAILURE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!" With this, Kaztran spun around and fired a sphere, which was white on the inside and black on the outer edge, at Shrindo. Shrindo screamed as he flew across the room, hitting the wall with thud. He moaned in pain as his sight became blurry. He saw Kaztran's feet approaching him. "You're just lucky you knocked that one man into a coma, otherwise I would kill you. I'm going to give you one more chance. Fail again, and you WILL die." Shrindo was quivering on the ground, in pain and fear. As for the task Kaztran gave him, that cannot be told.

Chapter 2, Part 2: Mario's Condition

Dopple, Larry, and Boomer all sat in the waiting room, anxiously waiting for word on Mario's condition. Luigi himself was by Mario's side while the doctor, a Toad, was examining the plumber. Dopple then turned to the Koopaling.

"Larry... It seems like you and those two have... a history," the Duplighost said. Larry nodded, and responded.

"Yeah, well, you met my family, remember? Mario is of the hero kind, while me and my siblings and father, are... well... evil," Larry said.

"Really? You don't seem all that bad yourself," Boomer replied.

"Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I need you two for me get back home. And even if I wanted to, I also admit I'm no match for you guys," Larry said with a weak smile.

"But, if you and the Mario Bros. are your enemies... why did you help us find a hospital?" Dopple asked curiously.

"Listen, I just really want to get this over with. On numerous occasions, we've had to team up with the Marios, so what's so different here? I figured if we had Mario helping, this would be done in no time," Larry said.

"I... just want my father back..." Dopple told Larry, a bit of depression in his voice. Boomer gave the Duplighost a pat on the back.

"Listen, buddy, we're gonna get through all of this. And then afterwards, we can look back on it and laugh," Boomer said in encouragement.

Within the doctor's office, Mario was getting a full examination. Luigi hadn't learned much yet, and the Toad had just said "Oh my..." and "Wow..." every now and then. Mario was covered in bruises and cuts, and his clothes were a bit tattered. Luigi was beginning to become impatient.

"Well, how's he looking?" Luigi said, a bit of annoyance in his voice. The Toad then turned to him.

"Well, I think I'm about done here, so I'll tell you what I know. Your brother has been wounded in several spots, and appears to be in a deep coma. I haven't found anything fatal within him, so you can stop your worryin'." The Toad said. Luigi let out a sigh of relief. "In fact, all he needs is rest, and eventually, he'll recover."

"Do you know how long it will take?" Luigi asked.

"Well, I'm not really sure. It could take days, perhaps weeks, or even months," the doctor answered. Luigi's heart sank again. His expression became depressed. "Is there something wrong, Mr. Luigi?"

"Oh no... It's nothing," the green plumber responded. "I guess he can stay here until he recovers, I suppose."

"That would be best in his state," said the nameless Toad. "Well, since we're done here, you may leave now. Good day to you." Luigi didn't respond. He just trudged off to the others, dragging his feet. When the three saw him enter the room, they swarmed him.

"So how's he doing?" asked Larry.

"Well, I have good news and bad news." Luigi groaned. "The good news is, Mario isn't in a fatal condition. In fact, he will recover."

"And the bad news?" asked Boomer.

"It will take days, weeks, perhaps even months for him to recover," Luigi said. Dopple's eyes widened.

"What are you trying to say?" Dopple asked nervously.

"It means it looks like saving Doopliss won't be as easy as once thought," Luigi told Dopple.

"... It doesn't matter." Dopple said after a few seconds. "We can still rescue him. I mean, you're his brother! Haven't you accomplished anything?"

"Well, I did save Mario that one time in that haunted mansion..." Luigi remembered. "Hey... Maybe you're right. Maybe we still can!"

"Not can. Will," Dopple responded with a grin. "But Luigi... I want to know. Why were you so eager to help me?" Luigi smiled back at the Duplighost.

"Hey, that's just what heroes do, I suppose," said green bean.

"But maybe we should find out more about that thing you have there," Boomer said, jumping into the conversation.

"What?" asked Dopple. "You mean the black key thingy?"

"Yeah, that!" Larry agreed.

"But where on Plit would we find someone who knows about this?" Dopple wondered.

"Frankly," Luigi said plainly. Before any of the other three could ask, Luigi answered. "He's an old Goomba who lives in this town. The guy is a little odd, but he does know a lot. His place is chock full of books on history and other stuff."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Dopple said cheerfully, dashing out the door, the others following hastily.

Chapter 2, Part 3: Visions

Doopliss was still in the Shadow Elder's room, asleep. Meanwhile, the Elder saw a few things occurring. He saw Shrindo, losing to the heroes, the first key lost. He also saw a Duplighost, Boo, Koopa, and man in green heading towards the old Goomba's house. He saw... a man in red, in a deep, deep sleep. He looked quite similar to the green one, except he was injured.

"It seems part two of the plan is done..." the Elder said to himself. "Wake up, body thief." And as if on command, Doopliss awoke, yawning and stretching.

"Whaddya want?" Doopliss said, half asleep.

"I have seen... your clone," the Elder responded. Doopliss jumped awake completely.

"W-what?" Doopliss stammered. "I d-don't have a clone."

"It is useless to lie to me. I have had visions, showing me the events that have happened over history. I see your 'son', as you call him, on his way with a young Koopa, a Boo, and a person dressed in green," the Elder told him.

"Where is he going?" Doopliss finally asked. He swallowed hard.

"So, you admit you do have a clone!" the shadows said. Doopliss slapped his forehead in his own stupidity. "It doesn't matter, since I knew you were lying anyway. But that is beyond the point. I have learned that he has one of the Shadow Keys..."

"Didn't... didn't you say those were needed to open this sealed room?" Doopliss concluded.

"Correct," responded the Elder. "And that means... he is on his path... to save you."

"WHAT?!" Doopliss boomed. "Are you sure?!"

"Quite positive," said the Elder.

"My son... is risking his life... to save me?" Doopliss muttered to himself. "Wow... Hey, you said he was with a few others! Do you..."

"Yes, I do know who they are," the Elder interrupted. "The first... appears to be a Boo, who had come from your home. I believe his name is... Boomer."

"That guy is always getting into trouble," Doopliss said under his breath.

"The second," he continued, "is a Koopa, with a spiked shell. But it is NOT the Koopa King Bowser, but rather, a relative. The name... is Larry."

"So my son is forced to team up with the enemy. It could be worse," Doopliss said. "And the last?"

"You do know of the great Mario, correct?" the Shadow Elder said. "Well, it's not him. It's his brother. Mario himself has been injured quite badly. So now his brother has joined up with your copy. It is... Luigi Mario."

"Mario has a brother?!" Doopliss asked, amazed at what he'd heard.

"Well, of course he does!" the Elder snapped. "And as for you... I suppose I could tell you what our plan is."

"I see..." Doopliss said, listening carefully now.

"Well, this is how it will go..." he began.

Chapter 2, Finale: Bowser Vs. Zegorus

Bowser and his family, minus Larry, were all crammed in the Family-Sized Koopa Clown Car, flying over Twilight Town, the last spot where Larry had been seen.

"Bwahahaha!" Bowser laughed out loud. "We're finally here!"

"About time!" Roy yelled, now ceasing his pummelling of Iggy.

"Now remember! Search high and low for Larry! There's no way he could've gotten far!" Bowser exclaimed as the Clown Car set itself down behind a building. "Now everyone search!" The Koopalings all ran off in different directions; that is, except for Ludwig, who was doing some calculations. "That means you, too, Ludwig!"

"Actually, King Dad, I'm making a scanner which will be able to track down Larry, wherever he is, that is, within a five miles radius," Ludwig said, tinkering with his tools.

"Er... Well... Keep up the work," Bowser said to Ludwig, "or it will be a year in the dungeon for you!" The Koopa King then set off to look for his son. All of a sudden, he heard screams over the town, and his children rushed back to him, except for Roy. "I told you NOT to cause havoc right now!"

"But we didn't do it!" Lemmy screamed, twitching nervously.

"Yeah, some floating guy's doing this!" Iggy agreed.

"Just WHAT are you talking about?" Bowser asked in confusion.

"They're telling the truth for once, King Daddyums!" Wendy complained.

"Okay, but... Hey! Where's Roy?!" Bowser demanded.

"I think he stayed, remained back over by the guy, creep, cretin, rogue just to fight it!" Morton explained. Bowser growled.

"You stay here. I'll handle this one," he said. Off he went, to the source of the problems. He arrived just in time to see Roy, panting, and staring at a man who was covered all over by a black cloak.

"Give up already, foolish child, and begone from my path!" the rogue said. Roy just shook his fist.

"Ha! Like you scare me! Come on, show me what you got!" Roy taunted. The man laughed.

"Kaztran simply sent me here to find the other key, but I suppose I can have some fun!" the man said.

"Who's Kaztran?!" Roy asked. But since he was distracted, he didn't notice when a red beam was fired at him, knocking him unconscious. The man just stared at him.

"Well, I suppose he brought this upon himself," the rogue said to himself. "Now it's back to work!" Bowser grinded his teeth, and jumped out in front of the apparent enemy. "Oh? And who is this?"

"I am king among Koopas, Bowser Koopa! And only I am allowed to bring harm to my own family," Bowser snapped. "The real question is, who are YOU?!"

"Me? I'm just the servant of an all powerful overlord. I am third in command, with only the leader and Elder surpassing me!" the man gloated. "My name is ZEGORUS!"

"Zegorus? That's a stupid name!" Bowser laughed. Though it couldn't be seen, I can guarantee you Zegorus was grinning.

"Like Bowser is any better!" Zegorus responded. "Now are we just going to shout insults at each other?" With this, a glowing red blade appeared in his hand. "Or shall we fight?"

"Fight indeed!" Bowser snorted. He started off the fight with a classic fire breath, which hit Zegorus in the chest. The rogue was charred slightly, but no major damage was done, and he shook it off. Then, from his blade, he fire multicolored beams at Bowser. The poor Koopa tried to dodge, but he was just too slow, and there were just too many beams. Bowser was knocked to the ground, but returned to his feet almost instantly, and retaliated with a claw swipe. Unfortunately, Zegorus just leapt a distance backwards, and avoided the attack completely.

"Is that all you have?" Zegorus chuckled. Bowser was infuriated, and blasted a large fireball at the off-guard rogue. He tried to dodge, but the attack was too fast, and it sent him to the ground, several feet away. Zegorus was hurt severely, and Bowser took advantage. He jumped high into the air, and came down on the rogue with a CRASH! Zegorus was pinned to the ground, but he hadn't given up yet. With his one free arm, he tossed a red ball at a wall of a ruined building, which bounced off and over to Bowser. It splattered on the Koopa, burning his skin, because of a chemical that was inside the ball. That made Bowser leap up, giving Zegorus the chance to roll away from his enemy.

After returning to his feet, Zegorus threw his blade at the panicy Bowser. It pierced Bowser's shoulder, making him fall to his knees. A bit of blood trickled down his arm, but Bowser ripped out the sword, and with his great strength, threw it off a great distance, into the forest. In the time this was happening, Zegorus was rushing over to the king. Bowser then spun around, and accidentally slashed Zegorus with his claw, slicing a deep cut into Zegorus's stomach. The rogue clutched his gut, and fell over. Bowser returned to his feet and kicked away Zegorus. Bowser laughed in triumph, and started to walk off in the opposite direction. However, Zegorus wasn't finished, even after how incredibly hurt he was. He returned to his feet yet again, his legs were shaky. He kept one hand on his stomach, and limped in the direction of the unaware Bowser.

"Well, that was a waste of time!" Bowser thought aloud. Suddenly, he felt an arm come around his neck, and his air beginning to deplete. Bowser struggled to get the arm off, but surprisingly, the person holding him was stronger than he looked. Zegorus put his head up to Bowser's, and began to speak.

"You came close, Koopa, and you should see it as an honor, that someone such as you was able to come this close to beating me," Zegorus whispered, as Bowser's face began to turn a shade of violet. "But I've never lost a fight, with the exception of Kaztran, and you get the privilege of dying at my hands. It's a shame, actually, that I'll have to waste your kids afterwards." Upon hearing this, Bowser regained his strength, mostly out of anger that this sick person was planning to kill his family. He clenched Zegorus's arm with both his hands, and dug his claws in deep. Zegorus growled in pain, but didn't release. Then Bowser pulled the arm slightly away, and flipped the rogue over his head. Zegorus was shocked, and now frightened. He landed with a thud on his back, and his spine was nearly broken. Bowser inhaled, and his face regained its normal color.

"But... HOW?!" Zegorus coughed in confusion. Bowser just roared, and leapt into the air, ready to finish off his foe. But Zegorus got lucky, and rolled away just in time. He began to weakly crawl away, as Bowser got back up.

"Get back here, you coward!" Bowser spat at Zegorus. But the rogue didn't care. All he wanted to do was escape. Bowser charged at Zegorus, but it was too late. Zegorus had reached the shadows, and Bowser was still quite a distance away.

"You have done... wheeze... well... King of Koopas..." Zegorus coughed. "But don't... think you've seen... hack... the last of me..." Zegorus fell to his knees, and melted into the shadows. Bowser just hit a wall, hurting his own head.

"Just who does that guy think he is?" Bowser said to himself. He examined where Zegorus had disappeared, but there was no trace of him. However, he had a dropped a blackish key while he was retreating. Out of curiosity, Bowser picked up the key and looked at it closely. While he didn't really have a use for it, he shrugged, and tucked it away.

Bowser has acquired the second Shadow Key! (SHUT UP!!!)

The Koopa King went over to the KOed Roy, and hoisted him onto his good shoulder. He then returned to his family, who looked nervous.

"How... did it go?" Lemmy and Iggy chorused. Bowser approached them and smiled.

"Well, let's say I sure took care of that creep!" Bowser said, setting Roy down. The Koopalings cheered, and were relieved. But Wendy noticed the wound.

"That looks painful!" she cried. Bowser looked at it, and wiped off the blood that was still on his arm.

"Well, it's just a wound. I've suffered much worse," Bowser commented. Then he remembered why they were there in the first place. "Hey, get back to finding Larry!"

"Well, actually..." Ludwig started, rubbing the back of his head, "I finished my scanner, and it shows that Larry..."

"Yeees?" Bowser asked, waiting to hear about Larry's where-abouts.

" loooong gone." Ludwig finished. Bowser twitched.


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