The Ancient Gems

By Axemblue4

Chapter 10: The Ruby Is Gone!

The Koopa Cruiser landed beside the two Bros' house and our three heroes ran in.

"The window!" Yoshi said in shock.

The two Brothers looked at the window. It was broken. The Ruby was nowhere to be found.

"Bowser robbed us..." Mario said.

"He must have known Kamek would tell somehow. Hm...." Luigi said.

"What are waiting for? To Bowser's Castle!' Yoshi said.

"Right" the two Mario Brothers said.

"And remember to get an alarm!" someone said, walking in.

"Toad! What are you doing here?" Mario asked.

"Well, I saw that cruiser land near where you lived. I came to see what was going on," Toad said.

"Did you see Bowser in Toad Town? Or any Koopas?" Luigi asked.

"Hm... no. I can't say I have" Toad replied.

"He must be sneaky..." Yoshi said.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said.

"I'm coming with you," Toad said.

"Yoshi is too," Yoshi said.

"Okay. Be careful," Mario said.

The four got onto the cruiser and headed to Bowser's Castle. On the way, Mario told Toad the whole story...

"Wow. Kamek actually died?" Toad said.

"I don't know that he died, but he fell down a dark pit. Who knows what happened to him?" Mario said.

The cruiser landed at the entrance to the castle.

"Okay, I am going in the front," Mario said.

"And me?" Luigi asked.

"You'll sneak into that place over there that looks like a factory," Mario said, pointing to it. Some metal walls were seen and a door was visible. Smoke was coming from the area.

"What about me and Yoshi?" Toad asked.

"Take the back."

"And how do we do that?" Yoshi asked.

"That transporter over there," Mario said, pointing to it.

"Okay," the two said.

"Let's get moving," Mario said.

As they headed to where they each were instructed to go, six mysterious figures exited the cruiser as well. Two followed Mario, two followed Luigi, and two followed Toad and Yoshi.

Chapter 11: Wart Leaves Sub-con

"Sir! We sent six Shy Guys to Toad Town. Their first stop will be Mario's house," Baron Guy said to Wart.

"Good," Wart said with a smile.

"Next move?" Baron Guy asked.

"I want to confront Bowser and show him that I have two out of three" Wart said, now grinning.

"What's the point of that?" Baron Guy asked.

Wart's grin turned to a frown. Then he looked angry.

"Don't act like I am some fool who does pointless things!!!" Wart screamed.

"I am very sorry, sir. I just meant-"

"You brainless IDIOT! Did you forget that Bowser was my rival? Rivals like to laugh at their losing opponent right in front of them!" Wart laughed.

"I am sorry, sir," Baron Guy said. He left the room feeling stupid.

"Hm... Well, it's time to leave," Wart said.

He got inside the Wart Cruiser. He had the Ancient Diamond and the Ancient Ruby. Now all he needed was the Ancient Emerald.

Baron Guy watched the cruiser leave. He had a bad feeling about this so he prepared an army of Shy Guys, Ninjis, Snifits, Beezos, Albatosses, and Auto-Bombs. They headed to the portal to the Mushroom Kingdom. This one was a large one, big enough for a whole army to pass through (and the Wart Cruiser as well). They marched toward Bowser's castle.

Chapter 12: Wart's Message

"Lord Bowser..." Kammy said.

"What?" Bowser asked.

"It seems Kamek is missing as well as all of the Koopas he was commanding," Kammy said.


"That's right... I wonder what happened to them. You also have a message from your brother," Kammy said.

"What does Wart want?" Bowser said.

Kammy used her wand to play the message from Wart.

"I have two of three! Ha! And I am coming to show you! I bet you have none! You have lost! Haha! See you soon!" The message ended.

"Gr...GRAAHHHHH!!!" Bowser yelled.

He grabbed a chair and threw it across the room.

"Calm down, sir."


"Calm down! He may have said this just to anger you."

"Whoops. Heh heh... Well if he does have them then we'll need a whole army to get them back!" Bowser said.

"You think so?"

"I know so! Get an army of Koopas to head to the entrance!"

And Kammy did just that. After that, she had a question.

"Why would we need an entire army?" Kammy asked.

"Because he probably brought one with him," Bowser said.

Chapter 13: Battle For the Gems

Mario headed down a hall. He had to get to Bowser. He must...

"Hey, Mario! Do you have the last gem? Because Bowser wants it," a Koopa said.

Mario punched him and kept going. In the next room, there was fire that was being swung around. Mario walked across the floor and it swung at him. It barely missed him. Mario ran to the door on the other side.

Meanwhile, Luigi was on a conveyer belt. He was going under crushers. He quickly ran before he was flattened. Then he was sucked into a pipe, where he was shot down onto another conveyer belt. Ahead were saws. They were scraping the ground, cutting things that went by. Luigi dodged them and then jumped off. He made it to a ladder. He climbed up and escaped the factory.

Yoshi and Toad were on the transporter, heading to the back. Suddenly, they were attacked by a pair of Hammer Brothers that came crashing from the sky and into the transporter.

"We aren't friends of any Yoshi or Toad! Die!" the first one said. The two tossed hammers at them.

Yoshi got out his emergency weapons. One was a laser which knocked out one of the Hammer Brothers. The other Hammer Brother destroyed it. Toad grabbed Yoshi's Metal Hammer and smacked the remaining Hammer Brotherm knocking him out.

"Let's hope we don't get more," Toad said.

Soon the transporter stopped.

"We're here!" Toad said.

The two exited the transporter and headed inside through the back entrance.

Meanwhile. Mario was getting close to the throne room, punching Koopas out of the way as he went. He eventually got in.

"You're here! It's taken long enough!" Bowser said.

Mario punched his nose.

"OW! What was that for?"

"Kamek told us you were going to rule the world with these!" Mario said.

"That idiot!"

"You also robbed me. I had the Ruby. It's missing now. Only you would have taken it!" Mario said.

"What? Wart must have had it!" Bowser said.

"WART? I am not believing that. Where's the Ruby?" Mario yelled.

"I have it," Wart said, walking in. He showed Mario that he had both.

"So, you have the Emerald? THIS IS HILARIOUS! Bowser's minion turned against him and he doesn't have any Ancient Gems!" Wart laughed hysterically.

Mario suddenly reached in his pocket... The Emerald... Where was it? The two Shy Guys that were following him had taken it.

"At last, Great Wart. You can rule the world!" the two Shy Guys said, handing the Emerald to Wart. Just before Wart had his hand on it, Mario and Bowser leaped over and on top of him. They wrestled each other for the Gems.

Outside the castle, Kammy and an army of Koopas was approaching Baron Guy and his army of Sub-con creatures.

"Attack!" the two Generals, Kammy and Baron Guy, yelled. The two armies attacked each other.

Luigi headed into a window with two figures following him. Inside, Luigi sensed something behind him. He turned around quickly.

"Great..." the two Shy Guys said. Luigi punched them out the window into the war below.

Luigi continued. He was on a balcony inside and had little trouble. Soon, he made it to a balcony in the throne room, where he saw the wrestling match. He jumped down and KOed the two Shy Guys and dumped their unconsiouss bodies outside of the room. He then joined in on the fight.

Toad and Yoshi were close to the throne room as well.

"We know you're there..." Toad said. He and Yoshi turned around.

"Uh... um..." Bob said.

"Help!" Ralph said.

"What are you idiots doing?"

"Working for Wart, and trying to get the Gems," Ralph said without thinking.

"We're done..." Bob said.

Toad and Yoshi started punching the hopeless Shy Guys. Then Toad grabbed them.

"Please! I want to live a happy life and have children! There is a Shy Gal I like that I haven't even asked out on a date yet!" Bob said.

"I kinda feel sorry for him," Toad said.

"Me too. What will we do?" Yoshi asked.

"Let him go. As for this one.."

"Hey! I have a life! I am a defenseless Shy Guy! Can't I live?" Ralph said.

Yoshi ate Ralph and turned him into an egg.

"Ralph!" Bob said.

"Get lost! I don't want to see you again, especially working for Wart or in fact, anyone bad!" Toad said.

Bob nodded and ran.

"The egg?" Yoshi asked.


Bob ran back.

"What?" he asked.

Yoshi dumped the egg on him and Bob ran off again, this time carrying an egg.

"Let's go!" Toad said.

"Right!" said Yoshi.

The two continued and soon, made it to the fight.

"I have the Emerald!" Mario said, backing away from the wrestling.

"I got the Diamond!" Luigi said, also backing away from the fight.

"Let's get the Ruby now!" Toad said.

Bowser smacked Wart down and the great frog fell unconsiouss. The Koopa King held the Ruby. He headed over to the two Brothers.

"Mario! Luigi! Behin-" But Yoshi was too late to finish, as Bowser punched the two Brothers and took the last two Gems.

"OH NO!" our four heroes screamed.

"YES!" the Koopa King yelled.

Chapter 14: Bowser's Transformation

Light shined around Bowser. The colors of the light were red, green, and white, the colors of the Gems. After a few seconds, the light faded away. A new Bowser was visible.

He had frightening claws. His face was white. His shell was black. He was twice the size he was before. His eyes were red. His horns were longer.

"I feel powerful!" Bowser said.

The powers of the Gems told him his powers and how to use them. Bowser shot ice from his finger and froze Toad.

"Toad!" Mario yelled. Luigi and Yoshi were just shocked and had nothing to say.

"Mario! Luigi! Yoshi! I give you three a chance. Die, or become my slave!" Bowser said.

"I say... NO!" Mario yelled and the three ran. Bowser chased them, blowing walls away. Soon, the chase led out to the battle between the two armies.

"You're all going to die!" Bowser yelled, shoving Koopas out of the way and facing many creatures from Sub-Con.

"You shut up! Wart will beat you no matter what powe-" Baron Guy stopped and suddenly felt sick.

Bowser was pointing his finger at him, obviously doing something. Suddenly, Baron Guy exploded.

"Hey, that was our general!" a Snifit yelled.

Bowser jumped into the air, crashed down, landing on many creatures of Sub-con, and smacked the Snifit a half a mile away from where they were.

"You're quite powerful, my Lord," Kammy said, grinning.

"Do not grin, or I will set that broom you are on on fire!" Bowser yelled.

"I... I am sorry, sir! It won't happen again" Kammy said.

Bowser suddenly felt something hit the back of his head. He put his hand back, and felt some egg shell, and something else. He grabbed whatever it was and put it before him. It was a Shy Guy.

"Take that!" yelled a Shy Guy off in the distance that we know as Bob.

Bowser threw Ralph into space. Ralph hit the moon.

"What the...?" Ralph said.

Back on Plit, Bowser started smacking Sub-con warriors away and the war continued.

"We have to do something!" Mario said.

"Um... We need to get those Gems," Luigi said.

"I wonder if it would do anything if Bowser fell in lava," Mario said.

"One way to find out!" Luigi said. "HEY, BOWSER! COME FOLLOW ME, YOU BIG UGLY KOOPA!" Luigi yelled.

Bowser stopped what he was doing and then came after the trio.

"Run!" Yoshi said.

The trio ran into what remained of the castle and ran over to the first pit filled with lava they could find. Bowser caught up with them.

"Ha! I am not falling for that sorry excuse for a trick!" Bowser laughed. A bunch of Bob-ombs that were dropped during the war by Albatosses exlpoded and a Snifit was sent into the air. It landed in the area. Bowser grabbed it within a single second. He removed all of its bullets and threw them at the trio.

Yoshi ate them and spat them back as eggs... Egg Bullets. Bowser took a few hits but wasn't anywhere near danger. It barely even hurt him.

"You're going to have to do better than that" Bowser said.

Suddenly, Koopablue4 ran in.

"I see you got your Gems," Koopablue4 said.

"Yeah..." Mario said. He jumped on the Koopa, causing him to go into his shell. Mario picked up the shell and held it over the ledge. Below, there was lava.

"You hand over the Gems and Blue guy here is safe," Luigi said.

"Go ahead. I have no use for him. He just seemed like a great minion," Bowser said.

"WHAT?" was heard coming from the inside of the shell. Mario dropped it and it fell into the lava.

In Super Mario 64, Mario would bounce into the air when touching lava. That is just what Koopablue4 did. But when he came back up onto the ledge, it was more like Drybonesblue4.

"Okay, that is just creepy," Yoshi said.

Bowser grabbed the creature's skull, pulled it off, and threw it in a random direction. The skulless skeleton wandered around.

"Next move, idiots?" Bowser asked.

"Yeah," Mario said.

"And that is?" Bowser asked.

"Frogs have more power than Koopas," Mario said.


Then he was picked up, swung around, and thrown into the air by Wart. Bowser used his tail to toss Wart into the lava.

"Now defeat me!" Bowser said.

"Okay," Mario said.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi suddenly changed. Yoshi was white. Mario was wearing blue and was half the size of Bowser. Luigi was the same.

"I don't get this!" Bowser said.

"We weren't that sure how it would work, but we were able to get some power from the Emerald when we got it," Luigi said.

"Dino boy must have only gotten one Gem," Bowser said, notcing that Yoshi wasn't the size of Mario and Luigi.

"Whatever," Yoshi said.

Mario jumped over Bowser, grabbed his tail, and swung him around. Bowser was going toss him into the lava but Luigi jumped into the air and kicked Bowser's face.

None of them noticed that Wart had hopped out of the lava. Wart approached Yoshi and punched him. Yoshi staggered backwards and fell. He grabbed onto the edge of the ledge. No, I didn't try to make that rhyme.

Wart stepped on Yoshi's left hand. Then he went for his right. Yoshi pulled himself into the air and landed on Wart's head. Yoshi did a ground pound. Being stronger, this was more effective.

"OW!" Wart screamed. He grabbed the dinosaur by the legs a threw him to the ground. Wart walked over to Yoshi but was kicked by both of Yoshi's feet. Wart fell down, into unconsiousness... again.

"Ow ow ow ow ow!" Bowser said as Luigi countlessly jump-kicked him. Bowser was beginning to feel sick. He was being swung quite fast. Luigi jumped into the air again. Mario was going to toss Bowser into the lava now, but Bowser grabbed Luigi.

"Now I can start beating you!" Bowser said.

The Koopa King scratched Luigi.

"Can you let go of him so I can throw you into the lava?" Mario asked.

"NO!" Bowser said. He tried to get Mario thrown in, but Yoshi jumped up and kicked Bowser's nose. Bowser dropped Luigi and Mario tossed Bowser into the lava.

There was an explosion causing our heroes to go unconsious for a while. When they regained their consiousness, they saw much of the castle gone. Bricks were everywhere... as well as wood and metal. And the bodies of fallen Koopas.

In front of them were the three Ancient Gems. Almost destroyed, they had very little power left. Mario, Luigi and Yoshi were now back to their normal selves. Mario grabbed the Ruby. Luigi grabbed the Emerald. Yoshi grabbed the Diamond. They headed over to Toad, who was still frozen. They used the last of the Gems' power to unfreeze Toad.

"What was that about?" Toad asked.

"I have no idea," Mario said.

"I think we're forgetting something," Yoshi said.

"... The princess! I hope she's all right!" Luigi said.

"I'm quite fine, thanks to you four," the princess said, walking over to them. The war had ended, the Gems were gone. Now, peace was restored to the Mushroom Kingdom... until Bowser attacked again.

Epilogue: Not as Easy as it was Thought to Be

Wart wandered around his castle. He had had two of the Gems. Bowser had had none. But then Mario and Luigi had come in to ruin it all. And Bowser had got them. Wart was angered by this. He started plotting...

Koopas that survived the war were rebuilding the castle, as well as were Sub-con creatures that had been captured. The ones that weren't, fled the area.

"It just wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Although I could have thrown that Snifit five miles, not half and that Shy Guy far beyond the moon, I just didn't. I think that is why I fail. I do not do something. I don't use my powers right. I should remember not to do this, the next time I try to rule the world," Bowser said.

Kammy flew next to Bowser on her broom. "Lord Bowser! Shall I start doing a search for items for ruling the world?" Kammy asked.

"Nah. After this castle is resurrected, let's rest for a while. Then we can come back," Bowser said.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, special awards had been bestowed on our four heroes.

"I didn't do much..." Toad said.

"But you still helped!" Mario said.

"Okay. I guess you're right" replied Toad.

Mario and Luigi headed to their house. A skulless skeleton was inside. Luigi screamed.

"Don't worry, Bro. It's just that Koopa." Mario said.


The skulless skeleton grabbed its skull, which it had obviously been carrying around, and stuck it on its head. Then it changed into Yoshiblue4.

"Hey!" Yoshiblue4 said.

"What do you want?" Luigi asked.

"I wanted to tell you about this new upcoming story," Yoshiblue4 said.

"What might that be?" Mario and Luigi asked.

"ARG KOOPA PIRATES 2!!!" yelled Yoshiblue4.

"Um..." Mario said.

"I sense a stupid story coming," Luigi said, worried.

The End

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