Nintendo Realms

By Icel

Chapter 14: Rain Dance

A large raindrop landed on Mario's nose as he looked up into the foggy, dark cloud sky. “Looks like it's-a going to rain,” Mario said as both he and the others had just arrived at a village not far south from Death Mountain.

Link looked up and noticed how fast the windmill was spinning. “It always rains in Kakariko Village when the windmill's working,” Link said.

“Umph! Poyo!” Kirby said as he covered his face from the waves with his fins.

“Does somebody live in the windmill?” Kari asked as she observed the windmill. It looked abandoned.

Link nodded. “Follow me.” The young boy ran off towards the windmill.

“Does he think I'm gonna go in that?” Samus asked.

“Better than-a the rain,” Mario said as both he and Kirby followed Link.

“Come on! Don't stand out here like a wet dog!” Kari said. With that she followed the others.

Samus scoffed “Oh well, I guess I better keep an eye on these guys,” Samus said as she walked towards the Windmill.

Once inside Link and Mario rung out their hats as they spotted a giant wheel spinning violently. “What the?!” Kari soon heard some maniacal laughter as a bald man wearing a blue shirt and brown pants started spinning a record player. It started playing a short but catchy tune, which Mario soon started humming as Kirby danced in the background.

“Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!” the man said repeatedly as he spun the record player faster and faster.

“Whoo! This guy's musta got attacked by a Metroid,” Samus said.

“Maybe we should try talking to him,” Kari suggested.

“Can he-a understand us?” Mario asked as he scratched his head.

“I don't know, it's worth a shot,” Kari said. She walked up towards the man. “Excuse me,” Kari said softly, but the man did not hear her.

“Pour! Pour! Pour!” the man said as if he was in a trance.

“Excuse me!” Kari said, raising her voice a little.

“Down down down! AHAHAHA!!!” the man began to laugh without control.

“EXCUSE ME!” Kari yelled as loud as she could.

“Rain rain rain!!! MWAHAHA!!!” the man said twice as loud.

Kari finally gave up. “It's no use, he's so into what he's doing.”

Link, on the other hand, had been studying the piece of music the man was playing. Link suddenly took out a tiny, blue instrument and began playing the tune. The others watched as Link played along with the crazy man. Suddenly the crazy man stopped playing and turned to the others. “Oh, I see I have some visitors. Terribly sorry, I didn't notice you were here,” the man said as he walked towards Mario and the others.

“What were you doing?” Kari asked, a little confused.

“I was simply singing the Song of Storms, hoping the rain would solve the village’s problem,” the man said, putting down the record player.

“Village problem?” Kari repeated.

“Why yes. You see, since the resurrection of Agahnim, the village, well, has been empty. I was thinking the Song of Storms would put water back into it. Sadly it did not,” the man said. “Rumor has it a monster lives down there. No villager has the guts to venture through the labyrinths, though,” the man said.

“I'll do it,” Link said, stepping up to the challenge.

“That's no concern of us. We're suppose dto find the next Nintendo world,” Samus said.

“Actually, my DS reads that the portal is somewhere in the well,” Kari said.

“Mamamia!” Mario said, sulking to the ground.

“Very well then! You two will rid the village of that horrible monster and also fulfill what you’re trying to accomplish! But you best hurry. If Agahnim finds out it shall be no easy task.”

“By the way, how did Agahnim return to Hyrule?” Kari asked, exposing her curiosity.

“Nobody knows. A strange, silver-haired man clad in purple comes to the village, and the next day the King of Hyrule is turned to stone! Next thing we know Agahnim is at the throne,” the man said.

“No worries! We'll get rid of this monster,” Kari said. “Let's go, guys!”

Everyone left but Samus. “Shouldn't we shop for supplies first?” Samus asked.

“Very well, let's find a shop, THEN we will defeat the monster,” Kari said. With that the others left towards the shop.

The old man picked up his instrument. “Now where was I? Ah yes!” With that the man began to play the tune faster and faster, laughing maniacally.


Peasley slowly opened his eyes to see Peach, Geno, Luigi, and his whole army bound in chains. Peach was knelt in front of Cackletta, who was laughing maniacally. Peasley reached for his sword but was soon kicked to the ground by Tatanga.

“Now, Princess, you will tell me the whereabouts of your father,” Cackletta said as her staff began to glow.

“What is she talking about? Peach has no father,” Luigi said. Peach looked down as one of the Beanies came holding a sphere with a star symbol engraved on it.

“We found this hidden in Peach's room,” the Beanie said as it gave the sphere to Cackletta.

“Ladies and gentlemen! I give you the father of Princess Toadstool, I presume. Her staff touched the sphere and it began to glow.

“Father!” Peach cried.

“Father?” Luigi repeated with a confused look.

“Hello, Peach, is that you?” a voice came from the sphere.

“Master Toadstool! We meet at last!” Cackletta said with a wicked laugh.

“That's absurd! Peach has-a no father or he would be-a in this castle!” Luigi said.

“Not if he's from another world!” Cackletta stated firmly. “Isn't that right, Princess Toadstool?”

Luigi looked at Peach. “Is this-a true?”

Peach lowered her head in disgust. “... Yes.”

“What kind of monster is doing this to my daughter?” Master Toadstool said.

“Silence, fool! Now you will tell me your whereabouts and your daughter will be left unharmed,” Cackletta said.

“You promise not to hurt her,” Toadstool said, getting a little worried.

“You have my word.” Cackletta bowed to please Toadstool.

“Very well. I'm in...”

Before Toadstool could finish the window burst open as Gruntilda flew by on her broomstick, cackling maniacally. “Give me the princess! Give her now! Or you all will die and I know how!” Gruntilda said as she charged a fireball.

“How dare you?! I was in the midst of fulfilling my evil plan! Guards! Destroy her!” Cackletta said.

“Evil plan you have not. Now I shall burn these fools of snot!” With that she threw a fireball and burned two Shy Guys and a Beanie.

“Insolent hag!” Cackletta said as she shot a blast of energy from her staff towards Gruntilda. Gruntilda shot a blast back at it, resulting in an explosion, though nobody got harmed. Luigi took this chance and started struggling to break free.

Peasley grabbed his sword and spun around, cutting Tatanga's shoulder and tearing the key off his necklace. He then threw it towards Luigi, who caught it in his mouth.

“Argh! Why you!!” Tatanga drew his lightning spear as the two began to duel.

Princess Peach watched as Luigi freed himself. Then he went over and released Geno, Toadette, and the guard that had helped them earlier. Luigi spun around and kicked a Beanie right into a wall as five Chibobos charged at him. Luigi took one and chucked it into a wall, then kicked another into a Shy Guy. The guard drew his sword. “Keep an eye on your heads!” the guard said as he rushed towards them. He started hacking at a Beanie when a Chibobo threw a spear at his shoulder. Geno blew the Chibobo to bits. The guard nodded at Geno, then continued to hack at those that killed his general.

Meanwhile, Cackletta and Gruntilda were still firing blasts at each other. “Freddy! Now!” Gruntilda said as her son jumped from the broom and began firing weak blasts at the guards. Cackletta fired a blast that Gruntilda dodged just in time, but the blast knocked over a pillar, smashing onto a Shy Guy. Luigi kicked a Beanie right in the chin, then jumped onto the guard's shoulder, catapulting him into the air. He then landed with a kick towards a Shy Guy that broke its skull.

Peasley blocked Tatanga's spear, then slashed at Tatanga's legs. Tatanga blocked the blow as the two started clashing up the stairs. Peasley swung his blade like a feather, but Tatanga simply rotated the spear's handle to where the sword was coming. Tatanga kicked Peasley over the stairs, then jumped with his spear in a downward thrust motion. Peasley rolled out of the way just in time as Tatanga's spear dug into the floor. Peasley rushed towards Tatanga ready to hack his head off when Tatanga turned around and kicked Peasley into the wall, then drew his spear from the ground.

Gruntilda shot a blast at Cackletta, who dove to the side just in time. Gruntilda glanced to the side and spotted a beautiful blonde woman wearing a pink dress. “Beautiful?!” Oops. I mean regular looking. “That must be the one I want. I shall finally put an end to my hunt.” With that she swooped down and grabbed Peach in a heartbeat.

As she began to fly out of the castle, Cackletta shot a blast that hit her with direct contact. Gruntilda fell to the ground as Freddy stepped in front of her. “You'll have to go through me first,” he said as Cackletta charged another blast.

Suddenly the place began to shake as Gruntilda's fists glowed. She stood up, then raised her glowing fists into the sky as Freddy held Peach down. “Ancestors of magic, hear my call, give me power from within these walls! Make a portal in this helm, make it lead back to my realm!!!” As she finished her speech green lightning shot at the walls, creating a giant, purple portal. Freddy took Peach and dove into the portal. “Sorry I still can't stay, but an important role I have yet to play. AHAHAHA!!!” With that she vanished into the portal.

“NO! Princess!” the guard said as he rushed into the portal.

“Alkan!” Toadsworth cried.

Cackletta shook her fists, then scoffed. “Come fools! We're going to follow her!” Cackletta said as she entered the portal.

Tatanga clashed blades, then smacked Peasley out of the way as he rushed towards the portal. Wart followed, then the rest of the army.

The portal began to fade away as Luigi chucked a remaining Chibobo into a wall. He quickly grabbed Geno and rushed towards the portal. “Take care of Peasley, Toadsworth! I'm gonna find Peach!” Luigi said as he dove into the portal. After that the portal vanished and all that was left were Toadsworth, a wounded Peasley, wounded guards, and dead bodies.

Chapter 15: What Lies Beneath

Mario was the last to climb the shaky ladder with busted steps. When he reached the bottom of the well he could smell the odor of rotted flesh. It stung his nose so he could barely see his comrades in front of him. Suddenly a blue, winged ball of light flew out from under his cap. “Hey! Listen! Hey! Listen!” the winged bulb said.

“WHAT?!” the others yelled, getting irritated by this strange creature.

“If you light a lantern you'll be able to see. Wheee!”

Mario shook his head. “I coulda thought of-a that,” Mario said.

“What… are you?” Kari asked as she got a closer look at the bulb.

“My name is Navi! I'm a fairy here to help Link... Who are you guys?” Navi said as she flew around Kari's head.

“I'm Kari, and the others are Mario, Samus, and Kirby,” she said pointing to each comrade as she said their name.

“You here to help Link also?” Navi said, flying faster and faster.

“Why yes, and once we're done he's gonna help us,” Kari said, suddenly she heard a loud, high-pitched scream like that of a woman.

“Someone's in trouble!” Samus said as Link took the lantern out of his magic pouch and lit it. Not far from them were three brown zombies. They had their eyes gouged out and they made a weird moaning as their bony bodies limped towards the heroes.

“Yeah… us,” Kari said in reply to Samus as Mario took out his DS.

Name: Redead Game: Zelda (series)
Des: Bony remains of Ganon's followers
Attacks: Choke, Paralyze
Weakness: Back

“These things are-a creepy!” Mario said as the Redeads came closer.

Link drew his sword and shield. “We have no choice but to fight,” Link said as he rushed in on one of them. The Redead let out a piercing scream as Link froze in place.

“Mamamia! That must-a be how they paralyze you!” Mario yelled.

The Redead approached Link and began choking him. “Link!” Navi cried. Samus quickly shot a blast at the Redead's back. It released Link, who was no longer frozen. Link gasped for breath as the other two Redeads drew nearer.

“We're gonna have to work together!” Kari said as she took out her blaster. The Redeads approached her as Mario threw a pebble at one of them.

“Over here!” Mario yelled. The Redead approached Mario but Kirby picked up a petal and threw it at the zombie. The Redeads realized they were outnumbered five to three. They made a loud screech as a whole group of short skeletons emerged from the soil. Mario popped out his DS.

Name: Stalchilds
Game: Zelda (OOT)
Des: Skeletal remains of Ganon's prisoners driven mad with hatred
Attacks: Swipe, Bone Toss
Weakness: Skull

“Now WE'RE outnumbered!” Mario said with a worried look.

Samus shrugged, then shot a blast at a Stalchild, blowing it to bits. “Looks like we're gonna have to reduce the numbers, then.”

The others nodded as Mario took out his item-filled Magic Cap he bought from the shop. He tossed a Mushroom for him and an Ice Flower to Kirby. Kirby swallowed the flower and became Ice Kirby.

Link dashed at a Stalchild and kicked it into another, shattering them both into a pile of bones. Mario, who was now bigger, ripped off the skull of one Stalchild and rolled it into the others like a bowling ball. The Redeads shrieked as Mario and Link were paralyzed. One of them began to choke Mario, causing him to lose his power. Another began to choke Link but was shot in the shoulder by Kari's gun. “We should take these guys out first!” Kari said as she fired another shot.

Link regained his ability to move, then took out a bomb. He then lit it on fire. “Duck!” he cried as he lit the bomb and tossed it at a Redead.

“ What'sa du... MAMAMIA!” Mario said as he slid away from the incoming bomb. When the bomb landed it began to glow red. The foolish Redead came close to observe the item, when BOOM!

When the smoke from the explosion cleared all that could be seen was a decapitated hand and a pile of ash. “One down and two to go!” Samus said as she rolled into her Morphball.

She rolled into a Redead to get its attention. The Redead screeched and Samus was paralyzed. However, this was what Samus wanted. As the Redead got close it didn't notice the MP bomb Samus had dropped right behind her. The zombie was engulfed in flames when the bomb went off. Samus soon was unfrozen and she turned back into regular Samus.

The Stalchilds began throwing bones but Kirby froze them before they did damage to anybody. Kari shot a blast straight through a Stalchild's chest as a Redead snuck up behind her. “Kari!” Link yelled as he took out another bomb. Just when he was about to chuck it at the monster, the Redead let out another scream. “Oh no! I'm paralyzed! The bomb!” Link said as the bomb began to glow as he still held it

“Hang on, green guy!” Mario said as he jumped into the air. “Hit the dirt, Kari!” Mario cried as he kicked the bomb out of Link's hands. The bomb flew towards Kari, who dove to the ground just in time. The bomb hit the Redead's face with full impact. When the smoke cleared, all that was seen was its ashes.

When Link was unfrozen he turned towards Mario. “Thanks, plumber,” Link said.

“Enough talk. Now to take care of the… Stalchilds?” Kari said as she froze in place.

All that was left were frozen statues of the Stalchilds. Behind one of the Stalchilds, Kirby waddled out. “Hi!” he said. Everybody else had a good laugh as they gave each other high fives and handshakes.

“Let's get going, guys. The portal is close by,” Kari said as the others trailed off into the darkness.

After a bit of walking Mario walked into a real sticky substance. “EWW! What-a is this?” Mario said as the substance covered his face. Soon everybody else started getting covered in this.

“Poyo! Poyo!” Kirby cried as he flapped his fins trying to get the substance off.

“Luckily me and Kari have helmets,” Samus said.

Link lifted his lantern to see what was all over him and his comrades. All over and around them was webbing. The silk seemed to trail on for miles. “Spider… webs. That means...”

Before Link could continue, he heard hissing, then looked up. Big, black spiders the size of a horse came crawling down their webs. On their backs were giant skulls. Mario fiddled for his DS but it fell out of his pocket and into the abyss of webs. “D’oh!” Mario said as the spiders drew closer.

Kari took out her DS and pointed it towards one of the arachnids.

Name: Skulltula Game: Zelda OOT Des. Giant spiders with skulls on back Attacks: Bite, Web Spray Weakness: Head

“Attack their heads!” Kari called out.

“Sure... just one problem. WE'RE STUCK!” Samus yelled out.

“What do we-a do?” Mario said as the spiders got closer.

“Blast our way out!” Samus replied as she started shooting the webbing.

One of the blasts almost hit Kari. “Watch it!” Kari yelled.

Samus was finally free. “You were saying?”

One of the spiders approached Kari's leg. “Hurry up!” Kari said as Samus blasted the webbing off her. Kari quickly took out her gun and shot the spider away. Both she and Samus got the webbing off the others as Mario searched the webbing on the ground for his DS. Link took out his bow and started shooting down Skulltulas that were climbing down. Kirby, who was still in ice mode, started freezing the Arachnids left and right.

Mario finally found his DS when his hand was shot by webbing. A Skulltula crawled towards him but Mario grabbed a nearby rock and threw it at the spider's face. Mario then quickly grabbed his DS as he took the webbing off his glove. More spiders crawled down but Link reduced their numbers by shooting arrows into them. Mario jumped on one spider, squishing it, then punched another into the ceiling. Kirby starting freezing the webbing, making it slippery for the spiders to walk on. Mario did a slide kick and squashed five spiders into the wall.

“They keep coming!” Kari said as she pointed to the spiders crawling down from their webs.

“Link can't hold them all,” Samus said.

“Let's-a run!” Mario kicked a spider into the wall, then headed towards the exit.

“I'll stall them,” Link said as he shot more arrows. Kirby froze any spider in the way as Kari and Samus blasted them to bits.

When everyone was through, Link headed towards the exit. They made it past another hallway and were soon in a circular room. Everyone finished taking the webs off of them as they eyed a chest. “Something important must be in there,” Kari said.

"Then let's-a get it,” Mario said as he walked towards the chest. He was quickly pulled back by Link.

“Might be a trap,” Link whispered to the plumber. He quickly took out a Deku Nut and rolled it on the ground. Nothing happened.

“Looks safe to me,” Samus said.

Kari nodded in agreement. “Move out!”

The group headed towards the chest. Kari gave the thumbs up as Link opened it. Inside he took out what looked like a purple magnifying glass. “What is it?” Samus asked.

Soon the place began to shake. “Now what?” Kari asked.

Maio looked up at the ceiling. “ WOW!” Mario said as he pointing towards sharp spikes that slowly began to cave in.

“We gotta go!” Kari said as she headed towards the exit.

Suddenly a hand came out of the ground and grabbed Kari by the leg. Kari fell to the ground as Mario's V-Saber rolled on the ground. “Kari!” Mario yelled. He ran towards her followed by the others. More hands came out of the ground and grabbed them as well. Mario took out his DS.

Name: Floormasters Game: Zelda WW DES. Shadow arms that pop out of the ground to drag you with them. Attacks: Grab Weakness: Swords, Sabers

“Link, hand-a me your sword!” Mario cried.

Link reached for his weapon but couldn't grab it. “I can't!” Link said as the Floormaster held him back.

“Mario, use the V-Saber,” Kari said as the spikes got closer.

“I don't-a know how to-a use it!” Mario admitted.

“The button!” Kari screamed.

Mario quickly picked up the V-Saber and ignited it. He then hacked the Floormaster in two, then sliced up the others. “Let's-a go!” Mario said as everyone headed through the exit just before the spikes hit the floor.

Everybody was tuckered as Kari panted. “I'm sorry, Mario. I forgot to teach you how to use it.”

Mario shook his head. “I was-a only supposed to use it when-a all the heroes were-a gathered.”

Kari stood straight. “One lesson shouldn't hurt.” With that she took out her V-Saber and ignited it.

“Ready for your first lesson?” Kari asked. Mario nodded, then rushed in on her. He swung his saber but Kari blocked it. “The V-Saber is like an energy-filled sword. Though you can attack and block, you can also use magic to your advantage. For example..” Kari created an energy ball, then smacked it with her V-Saber.

“ Woah!” Mario ran to the side.

“Hit it back, Mario!” Kari said as she created another energy ball. She smacked it towards Mario, who hit it back. Kari hit it back towards Mario, and so forth. Finally Kari waved her hand and the energy ball disappeared.

“Right, you can also throw the V-Saber like a boomerang, observe,” Kari said as she threw the weapon. It spun around the room, then came back to Kari, who caught it.

“Now you try,” Kari said as Mario did the exact same thing. He was afraid to catch it, though, and ran away. “ Don't think… Just do it,” Kari said. Mario turned around and caught the V-Saber.

“Very good. Now for your final tip of your first lesson.” Kari took out what looked like a smaller remote attached to the V-Saber by a cord. "When you lose your V-Saber, press this button and the V-Saber will fly back to you. Be sure to catch it.” Mario nodded, then Kari pressed the button. Mario's V-Saber came out of his hands and into Kari's. “ Make sure these don't fall in the wrong hands.” With that she turned off the V-Sabers.

“Now, let's get going,” Kari said as she put the V-Sabers back in her pocket.

Everybody else was speechless. “Wow!” Link said.

After a couple more minutes of traveling they reached what looked like a cliff with a door all the way on the other side. “How are we supposed to reach that room?” Samus asked.

Link snapped his fingers, then pulled out the magnifying glass. “Maybe this thing will help,” Link said as Kari observed it. She took out her DS.

Item: Lens of Truth
Ability: Can see things invisible to the naked eye

“This looks like our ticket out of here,” Kari said.

Link put the lens on and he could see a bridge that led to the door. “Right! Follow me, guys!” Link said as he ran across the bridge. The others followed.

On the other side of the door was a large, circular room. There was sand on the floor and a wheel on the wall. “ Maybe this-a brings the water back,” Mario asked.

“Poyo! Poyo!” Kirby cried as he pointed in the distance.

Lurking behind the shadows were two skeletons each wearing armor, helmets, shields, and crooked swords. “HAHAHA! If you want to return the water to this well, you'll have to defeat us!” the first one said.

“Wait, we were supposed to kill Link. Who are these other guys?” the second one said to the first.

The first skeleton laughed. “Possibly some friends. No matter, we'll just need to build more coffins.”

The door behind our heroes closed as Mario took out his DS.

Name: Stalfos
Game: Zelda
Des: Skeletal Warriors of Ganon
Attacks: Sword Slash, Spin Slash, Jump Slash, Block
Weakness: Body, Back

“Now taste steel!” the first Stalfos said as he rushed into Link. Link drew his sword and blocked the blow as Kirby shot an ice blast at the other. The other Stalfos blocked the ice with his shield, then slashed at Kirby, causing him to lose his power and knocking him out.

“HAHAHA!” the other said as it went in for another attack. It was then shot by Samus.

“Leave him alone!” she said as she pointed her blaster towards the Stalfos.

The Stalfos just laughed. “Young miss... I suggest you leave before I have to harm you.”

Samus charged a shot. “Oh really?” she shot the blast, which hit the Stalfos and sent him flying into the wall. “ Ooops! How unladylike of me!” Samus said sarcastically.

“Arrogant wench!” the Stalfos said as it dashed at Samus. Samus rolled into a ball and rolled under the Stalfos'a legs. She then turned back into her regular form and shot the Stalfos in the back. “Grrrr!” the Stalfos stood in front of Samus as it waited for her to attack so he could parry it.

Meanwhile, Mario had teamed up with Link to fight the other Stalfos, as Kari dragged Kirby to safety. “Wake up!” she said as she shook the pink puff. Mario took out a Hammer Bro Suit from his cap and put it on to make it easier for him to fight.

Link and the Stalfos clashed swords but the Stalfos snuck a kick into Link that knocked him back. The Stalfos attempted to cut off Link's head but Link rolled out of the way. Mario threw a hammer but it landed on the Stalfos's helm and did little damage to it. Link rushed into the Stalfos and the two clashed once more. Link blocked a blow to the waist, then one to the shoulder. Mario, in the meantime, threw hammers at the Stalfos's feet, making it harder to stay balanced while fighting.

Samus shot the Stalfos in the shoulder, then barely ducked at a swipe that could've cut her head clean off. “ A little help, Kari,” Samus said as she backed away from the Stalfos's quick slashes. Kari leaned Kirby against the wall as she rushed towards Samus's aid. She took out her V-Saber and ignited it, then swung at the Stalfos. The Stalfos was quick though and jumped right over the blade. It thrust its sword towards Kari but she blocked it with the handle of her V-Saber.

Link, on the other hand, had his sword clashed with the Stalfos. Link shoved the Stalfos away, then did a spin attack to make more room to fight. Link swung a strong blow at the Stalfos, who simply blocked it with its shield. Link took out his shield to make the fight more fair.

“What's this? Copying the opponent? I think not!” With that the Stalfos speed up. Soon it was a pattern between the two fighters: Block, strike, block, block, strike, block. This continued until the Stalfos cut Link right under the arm enough to draw blood.

Link restrained the pain as the Stalfos swung its blade at Link's head. Luckily, Mario threw a hammer at the back of the Stalfos’s head, which made it turn around and reveal an open spot. Link used this opportunity and slashed at the Stalfos's back. The Stalfos stumbled to the ground as Kari kicked the other Stalfos into it. With both Stalfos on top of each other, Link held a crystal with a red dot in his hand. “DIN'S FIRE!!!” Link yelled as he smashed his fist into the ground. Soon the Stalfos were ignited and could no longer be seen through the flames. When the fire cleared the Stalfos were gone.

Everyone turned to face Link. “Wow,” was all they could say.

Link scratched the back of his head. “Uh…” Link was about to explain but Kari interrupted him.

“Let's just raise the water,” Kari said as she walked towards the wheel and turned it. Five slots from the ceiling opened and began pouring water.

The water began to rise as Kirby woke up. He shook the water off of him, then waddled towards the others. “Poyo!” Kirby said as he jumped up and down.

“Feeling better, Kirby?” Kari asked. Kirby rubbed his head, then smiled. Kari turned to Mario, then pointed towards the symbol on the wall. “Ready?” Mario nodded in response as he took out his DS. Kari took out hers, then the symbol glowed. They hopped into the portal, for the last hero awaited them.


The Space Pirate typed in the code...


The teleporter began to glow as a bright yellow light blinded all the villains. When the light cleared there stood a tanned man with red hair and a green crystal embedded in his forehead. He wore a little bit of armor and had a brown cape. He looked at his hands, then laughed wickedly.

Villain Member: Ganondorf
Game: Zelda
Des: Gerudo warrior who wields the Triforce of Power
Attacks: Anything the TOP can give him, Energy balls, Sword
Weakness: Master Sword

Ganondorf glanced across the room, then curved his lips into a wicked smile. “At last! I am free from the prison! Zelda and Link shall regret ever sealing me in the Sacred Realm!” He noticed the other villains, then rubbed his hands together. He walked towards Bowser. “You look very powerful. Are you a type of Dodongo?” Ganondorf asked.

“A Do-what?!” Bowser answered with fiery red eyes. “I am Bowser! King of the Koopas! I am no filthy Dingo!”

Ganondorf turned to Nightmare. “A type of Wizzrobe, I presume?”

Nightmare folded his arms. “I am Nightmare. I am a wizard, not a Wizzrobe.”

Ganondorf then noticed Mother Brain. Her one eye stared at him eerily. “What are you supposed to be?” Ganondorf asked.

“You could say I am the 'brain' of a certain group of pirates,” Mother Brain said.

Ganondorf then spotted Antagessis. “You look sinister enough to be my right-hand man. What is your name?”

Antagessis's helmet faced Ganondorf. “I am Antagessis, and I am the one who brought you here. Therefore, you listen to me.”

Ganondorf just laughed. “I listen to no one.”

Antagessis came closer. “Oh really? Why is that?”

Ganondorf just smirked. He took out his right hand and made a fist. A yellow triangle appeared on it. “For I have the Triforce of Power! I command YOU!”

Antagessis remained silent, then took out his right hand and made it into a fist. A similar yellow triangle appeared on it. “You mean this?”

Ganondorf backed away in shock. “How is that possible? There is only one Triforce of Power and it is MINE!”

Antagessis put his hand away. “Perhaps we are all aware of who we're dealing with,” Antagessis said as he took out a rod with a star shape on top of it.

“The Star Rod?!” Bowser gasped, then look took out another rod that looked exactly the same. “Impossible!!!”

Nightmare glared towards Antagessis. “Just who are you?”

Antagessis put the Star Rod away, then chuckled. “I'm the answer to your prayers.” Bowser just shook his head as he put his Star Rod away.

“No matter. One more villain and we will finally cause some major destruction! BWAHAHAHA!!!”

The computer beeped as those similar words appeared on screen...


Loading 6%


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