Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal

By Dark Knight

Previously on Wario and Waluigi: The Doom Crystal...

Wario and Waluigi fought hard to save Goom Castle and all the residents from an imposter...

They had many difficult battles and at the end they met up with King Goomba.

But it wasn't King Goomba! It was Iggy Koopa, who had come to stop the Warios from going to the Earth Temple to the north to retrieve one of the Jewels of Light, one of four needed to reawaken the Blade of Light's sleeping powers.

Wario and Waluigi will head north to the Earth Temple, and maybe even pick up an ability on the way there too...

And we now continue our story...

Chapter 5 : The Temple of Earth, Part 1

It is 6:00 AM in the morning at Goom Castle, when suddenly Wario and Waluigi are woken up by the
smell of a hearty breakfast.

Wario: King Goomba?

King Goomba: Correct. I brought food down here from the kitchens.

King Goomba sets down two trays with pancakes, sausage, and bacon on the nightstands near the beds.

King Goomba: I have to go, I have an important meeting today. Eat up, you'll need your strength in order
to find that Jewel of Light! Oh, and Waluigi, I have a present for you.

King Goomba hands Waluigi a silver hammer with golden runes on it.

Waluigi: What is this?

King Goomba: This is a legendary hammer, Valdinor. It was used by King Goomba the First in battle. May it
serve you well.

Waluigi: I feel a strange aura coming from it, like it was made for me.

Wario: Come on, let's eat and then head to the temple.

So after the duo eat their breakfast, they head out the front door of the castle.

Waluigi: I see King Goomba parked our car here.

They jump into the car and are nearly to the Earth Temple, but there is a hedge with an opening too
small! There is a fence with a gate nearby.

Wario: So how do we get in?

Shy Guy 1: That's what we're going to help you with.

Waluigi: Hey, Wario, it's those Shy Guys.

Shy Guy 2: We've been watching you and I see you are quite advanced with Bros. Techniques.

Shy Guy 1: All right, first you should learn the Mini Wario technique. Waluigi, hit Wario over the head with your hammer.

Waluigi does so. After veing hammered, Wario is now only about a foot tall.

Shy Guy 2: In order to change him back, hit him over the head again.

Waluigi: Wouldn't that make him even smaller?

Shy Guy 1: No, it won't.

So Waluigi then hits Wario over the head again, and he returns to normal size.

Shy Guy 1: See? You can use this to get into small areas you couldn't normally get into!

Shy Guy 2 : Now, it's time for you to learn the Mole Waluigi technique. Wario, punch Waluigi over the head with those gloves.

Wario punches Waluigi over the head so hard, he goes into the ground!

Waluigi: (muffled) How is this supposed to help me?

Shy Guy 1: You can use this to get under fences and other things! Also, you can use this to dig up things.

Waluigi: (muffled) Great, now how do I get out of here?

Shy Guy 2: Just jump.

Waluigi jumps and gets out of the ground.

Shy Guy 1: You've mastered the Intermediate abilities!

Shy Guy 2: That's all for now. You can use these as well in battles. Come on, Brother, let's go to McGoom's and get some breakfast!

The two Shy Guys run off towards Goom Town.

Wario: All right, let's get through that hedge! Use Mini Wario on me!

Waluigi hits Wario over the head, and he shrinks. Wario then jumps through the hole and sees a switch.

Wario: Hang on, I'll get you through here!

Wario hits the switch with his sword. This makes the hedge shrink into the ground.

Wario: Change me back!

Waluigi then hits Wario again, turning him back to normal size.

Wario: Let's get you under that gate.

Wario hits Waluigi over the head with his gloves, and he sinks into the ground. Waluigi then goes under the gate and jumps up.

Waluigi: There's a switch here too.

Waluigi taps the button and the gate opens.

Wario: We're here.

Waluigi: Let's go on in.

To Be Continued...

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