The Best and Worst Days

By Emily Fieldus

Chapter Four

"Jars... Jars... Jar Heaven!" a ghost counted happily. He was known as Jarvis, the Jar Collector. Of course, since he adored jars, he lives in one. Jarvis continued counting until a knock on the door reached his ears. Jarvis hopped over in his jar and opened the door. A ghost stood there. It was Lydia. Lydia was Neville's wife, who just lived in the next room. "Hi," Jarvis greeted dissapointedly.

"What's wrong, Jarvis?" Lydia asked with concern.

"I was counting my jars...." Jarvis said.

"Oh...I am so sorry... I'll repay you," Lydia said.

"No... It's okay... I only got to 3,897 of my jars. And I named every one of 'em," Jarvis said happily.

"Wow... Looks like you need a break." Lydia laughed.

Suddenly, another knock on the door reached their ears. Lydia started to go to the door. "No, no... Allow me," Jarvis said as he hopped in his jar to the door and opened it again. The male Whirlinda floated there.

"Hello... Was I interrupting you?" he asked.

Lydia stepped forward. "No... no, not at all," she explained. "Oh... Lydia. I'm surprised to see you here," he said as he floated toward her. "Might I say... you look ravishing today," he said as he kissed Lydia's hand.

"Oh, Darren... Thank you," Lydia said.

"Come... I need to show you something in the ballroom," Darren said as he opened the door for Lydia to exit.

"Goodbye, Jarvis. Goodluck with your counting," Lydia said as she floated out the door.

"Gee... Thanks," Jarvis mumbled as he shut the door. "Now... Where were we, Jassy?" Jarvis asked the jar he was living in.


"Tell me the story you told Slim, Elvin," King Boo said, slumping into his throne while the professor sat in a small cage with his arms and legs tied together.

The professor sighed and began to tell the story. "It all started the day-"

"Night," King Boo interrupted.

"Huh?" the professor asked.

"You forgot the details... It was the night you came home," King Boo said. "Now do it right."

The professor rolled his eyes and spoke again. "It all started the night I came home, it was fifteen minutes past midnight, and moonlight streamed through the windows of my room. Then suddenly, the moonlight didn't shine anymore, and it wasn't the clouds... It was a clear sky. Suddenly, a bright red glow filled my room. I turned around to see a round ghost with a crown on his head. Which was you. You kidnapped me, killed my parents, and that's where we reach the conclusion, with you on your throne, and me, in this small cage," the professor said.

"And do you know why you're here?" King Boo asked.

"Because I went off wandering without your promission." The professor sighed deeply.

"That's right," King Boo said. "And you're not escaping my sight."

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! The ghosts in the Guest Room are going bonkers! They want a raise!" Blue Boo cried worridly.

"WHAT?! You... stay here. Or pay the consequences." King Boo said as he floated out of the room.


As Darren and Lydia entered the Ballroom, the female Whirlinda looked up. "You again? What are you doing with my husband!?" she asked as she rose from her chair.

"Look... It's not what you think. Darren invited me over..." Lydia started.

"Yeah... Nice excuse. Now get out," she said.

"Marie... I'm seroius. Would I lie to you?" Lydia asked.

"Yes... Now get out." Marie said.

"Marie..." Lydia started.

"I said, GET OUT!" Marie shouted.

Lydia sighed and floated through the door. Darren stood there.

"Why were you with her? She's my twin... My evil twin," Marie said.

"I invited her to come. And, I think she's nice. No wonder Neville married her," Darren said.

"Look... She's younger than me," Marie said.

"Yeah... by twenty-two seconds," Darren said.

Marie floated over to Derren and kissed him on the cheek. "We can't do anything about that now," Marie said.


"Hey, Chauncey!" Orville called.

"Yeah?" Chauncey asked. "Ya wanna go cause some mischief?" Orville asked.

"Sorry, Orville. I can't because I promised Dad I would cut the mischief for a week, because of King Boo," Chauncey explained.

"Awwwwww... man. Do I feel bad for you," Orville said.

"Yeah... I feel just as bad for myself as you do," Chauncey said. "I feel disgraced."

"Who, you? Yeah... I could understand that," Orville said. "So... You see Henry anywhere?"

"Nope. I hope he's not lost." Chauncey said.

"Who, him? Nah... We know this mansion off by heart! In fact, we all do!" Orville laughed. "In fact... I just thought. Why are we ghosts anyway? And why do we live in a mansion?"

"Orville... We are Portrait Ghosts. Where are we supposed to live? In a garbage can?" Chauncey explained.

"No. Just the thought. Why are we always trapped constantly in portraits?" Orville asked.

"Because the crazy inventor thinks we are portraits. I think he's crazy." Chauncey laughed.

"Yeah. Same with me." Orville laughed. "Gee, looks like Mom and Dad sure love us. And so do Uncle Darren and Aunt Marie," Orville said proudly.

"Yeah... What about Melody?" Chauncey asked.

"She's a nice Portrait Ghost... I don't understand if anybody could hate her," Orville said.

"And so does Nana. Boy... do wee have a lot of family members." Chauncey laughed.

"And don't forget Uncle Grimmly. He loves the Wardrobe Room," Orville said. "Yep... It stinks you have to miss all the fun of mischief. It is so funny when the people shriek and-"

"Uh... Orville?" Chauncey asked.

"Yeah?" Orville replaied.

"We... don't have any humans to scare. Remember, this mansion is the worst house in life... Nobody comes here, except the one time Luigi came," Chauncey explained.

"Darn it. And I was so excited about it, too." Orville sighed.

"Hey guys! Wait up!" a voice cried.

Orville and Chauncey looked over thier shoulders. "Hey, Sue!" Chauncey cried.

"Hey, guys. What's new?" Sue asked.

"Notin' much. Just thinkin' about... Uh..." Orville said.

"Memories?" Sue asked.

"Um... Yeah... Memories." Chauncey said. "Good memories."

Chapter Five

King Boo entered his throne room and slumped down in his throne. He looked over to see the cage with the professor held captive inside. There was silence for about three minutes and then the professor spoke.

"So... How did it go?" he asked.

"Just shut up," King Boo replied angrily as he uncomfortably sat in his throne. The professor sighed and looked at King Boo. King Boo's eyes gleamed with excitment, like he had just made the most tragic plan. King Boo's putrid tongue was as blue as ever, and his fangs bared over his blue tongue. The professor knew by the look on King Boo's ghostly, smug face that something was up.

"Uh... King Boo?" the professor asked.

"WHAT?!" King Boo shouted as his fangs were bared.

"Uh... Anything new? Vicious schemes? Causing mischief?"

"No... nothing like that... Something much, much worse," King Boo said as he bared his fangs once again, but this time... it was an evil grin.

"King Boo... Don't give me that look," the professor said nervously.

"Ohhhh... You make me quiver with mischief when you say that," King Boo said.

"I-I don't understand... Are you-making a plan?"

King Boo interrupted. "Why, aren't you smart?" King Boo said, rubbing his hand on the professor's head.

The professor angrily pushed his hand away. "Stop it," he said.

"Oh... I'm sorry. Did I displease you?" King Boo cackled.

The professor sadly sat in the cage. Then his eyes narrowed. The professor looked up at King Boo. "Yeah... you certaintly did. I command you to tell me your plan," he said angrily.

"Hey! You're not the king around here! I am! But... if you want me to tell you my scheme... I must. Anyway, not that you are smart enough to stop it," King Boo said.

"Hey!" the professor spat.

King Boo ignored him, jumped off his throne, and lurked upon the professor. "Ohhh... It will be glamourous, I tell you. It will be glamourous..." King Boo said evily.

"Well... What's your plan?" the professor asked.

"Ohhh... Elvin. It's to die for... It's to die for." The professor gulped.


A sigh filled the dining room. The ghost looked at his plate, empty, but with a crumb to spare a mouse. The ghost picked up the crumb with his fingers, and examined it. This ghost was Mr. Luggs. He was greedy and a glutton, and his two waiters peered through the double doors on the right side of the room.

"Man... I can't take feeding Mr. Luggs anymore. He eats way too much," one said.

The other waiter just floated there. "Look... What are we supposed to do? Let him burn us?" he said, shivering with fear.

"Don't worry... We're waiters... We can't do anything but serve him."

"Yeah... Maybe you're right..." the other replied.

"I know I'm right., the other responded.


"Ok... To impress the king... I have to play a song that's soothing, yet satifying..." A sweet voice echoed through the room. "Let's see..." the voice said as a the ghost pressed a piano key, making a high note. "No... That just won't do... I think I'm going to have a rough time," she said.

Melody, a beautiful pianist, had been practicing for hours on a song for King Boo, but nothing had worked out. She sighed and stood up from her stool, pacing around the room thoughtfully. "Let's see... A song that's soothing yet satisfiying... I give up. I'll just let King Boo punish me." Melody sighed as she sat on her piano stool.

Suddenly, a ghost barged in and fell... "Biff? What are you doing here?" Melody asked with concern.

"Uh... I thought you could use some... uh..."

"Help?" Melody asked.

"Uh...yeah, yeah... That's it. Help," Biff said. "Although... I don't know a thing about music... I thought, I could just.... support you." Biff said.

"Well... I'm just taking a break, nothing really," Melody responded.

"Of course... Come to think of it, how many ghosts could this mansion hold?" Biff, confused and stunned, scratched his head. "Uh... You know what, I don't know... but I hope there's no more interrupting King Boo's plan," he said.

"Plan?! What plan?" Melody asked, frightened.

"Oh, you haven't heard? Oh... Well, never mind. Forget I said that," Biff said.

"Biff! What if King Boo goes after the kids?" Melody asked.

"Kids?" Biff asked.

"Yes, kids! Neville and Lydia's children," Melody explained.

"Oh... Those kids. Well, I'm pretty sure King Boo wouldn't go after 'em... I don't think they would bug His Majesty," Biff explained.

"Yes he would. I don't understand why he has to treat ghosts and humans so badly," Melody explained. "Humans are pathetic nowadays... That's why King Boo disturbs humans- uh... Biff?" Melody asked.

"Yeah?" Biff replied.

"Nobody comes here, remember?" Melody asked.

"Darn it!" Biff mumbled to himself. "And ghosts... Well... I don't know that one," Biff said confused.

"That's all right... But, I think the plan thing is going to disturb me for a while." Melody sighed. "And if I knew what King Boo was up to... I'd warn everybody... And I mean everybody."


"Henry! Where are you?" a voice called.

"Neville! What are you doing?" Melody asked.

"Looking for Henry, he's been gone for hours," Neville explained. "And... I am getting worried." Melody was confused, because Henry never wandered off on his own without his twin brother Orville. "I wouldn't think that Henry would go off on his own...He always goes with Orville," Melody said.

"I just do not know. Why would Henry actually leave without permission?" Neville asked himself.

"Well... Like I always say, where there's a will... there's a way," Melody said as she floated in front of Neville.

"Yes. But... Why would Henry go on his own? He never does that," Neville said.

To Be Continued...

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