Cackletta's Return 2: The Birth of Marletta

By Fwipp Deathspeeder

When the Brothers arrive at their house, they are flabbergasted by what they see. Their home had been torn to pieces. Chunks of their chimney had been scattered all over the lawn, their fence had been trampled, and a huge bite had been taken out of the roof. Peach runs out from behind a tree.

Peach: Mario, is that really you? You are safe! Good work, Luigi!

Luigi: Save that for-a later! What-a happened here?

Peach: Oh, it was horrible! They came without warning. I hardly escaped when they attacked the house.

Mario: Who? When? Why? How? With what?

Peach: I couldn't stop it. You'll have to. I've got to get out of here before they return!

With that, Peach jumps down the pipe.

Mario: Something big must have-a happened to make her THIS upset!

Suddenly the ground shakes, as a twenty-foot-tall mechanical Piranha Plant walks into the clearing. A rather large dome opens, revealing Larry and Ludwig at the controls.

Larry: Ha ha ha! I knew this would work! It took a long time to finish this baby, but now it's finally paying off!

Ludwig: Try not to get in my way. We were here to capture Peach, but destroying the Mario Brothers will be just as good!

Larry: Hey, looks like Mario's back to normal... that probably means they're tired! Let's get them now!

Ludwig: A good idea. Mecha-Piranha, attack!

The immense Piranha Plant robot slides over to the Brothers and attempts to crush them under one of its leaves. They dive out of the way and begin to hammer it, but to no avail.

Ludwig: Ha ha ha! I designed its skin to be super-tough! Bite them, Mecha-Piranha!

The robot bends down, hoping to bite our heroes, but it only gets a big chunk of earth and wood.

Larry: Now, spit it out at them!

The Mecha-Piranha spits the huge chunk of earth, blinding Mario and Luigi for the moment.

Luigi: What are we going to-a do, Bro?

Mario: I don't-a know! I'm-a-tired!

Ludwig: That was a rather stupid attack, considering our weaponry. Mecha-Piranha! Attack now, with laser beams!

Holes open up on the Mecha-Piranha's stem, revealing high-powered lasers. They blast at our heroes, further destroying their house.

Luigi: Hmm... Attack the stem!

Mario and Luigi attack with Bounce Bros, but it has no effect.

Ludwig: Ah ha ha ha! We used a special secret metal to build the Mecha-Piranha's armor! All of our fabulous robot is coated in this stuff!

Larry: Yeah! Except we forgot to coat the lower portion of the stem, since we were busy building the power source out of a headgear.

Mario: Get it!

Larry: Oops.

Mario and Luigi attack the lower stem using Cyclone Bros, and it shatters to pieces. The Mecha-Piranha surely would have fallen, if engines had not activated.

Ludwig: You imbecile, you told them how to damage this creation!

Larry: It won't happen again! Mecha-Piranha, ground pound!

The Mecha-Piranha crashes onto the ground, creating shockwaves that knocks our heroes over.

Luigi: It's-a my turn! No one destroys our-a house and gets away with it!

Luigi zaps the machine, but it has little effect. It gets back up.

Ludwig: Let me do the controlling! Mecha-Piranha, blast them with missiles!

The Mecha-Piranha opens its huge mouth, and a bunch of missiles shot out toward the Brothers, who get knocked into a tree.

Mario: Think of-a something!

Luigi: I'm-a trying!

The Mecha-Piranha begins shooting flames at everything.

Luigi: Hey! That gives me an idea! Here's the-a plan.

Meanwhile in the Mecha-Piranha, Larry and Ludwig are not getting along.

Ludwig: I'm the one who built this! Just leave everything to me.

Larry: If it wasn't for me, we'd be driving a Mecha-Bomb! This whole thing was my idea!

Ludwig: Preposterous! This thing would be a hunk of junk if it wasn't for MY technical expertise!

Larry: Oh yeah? Well, it was I who said to put in the rocket boosters! Where would we be now without them?

Ludwig: Ah, but it was I who installed them! You don't know a positron generator from a negative-charged Ion cannon!

Larry: I know an idiot when I see one, and that's you!

Ludwig: Shut up! Now look what you've done, those stupid plumbers have gotten out of range! I'll have to search for them!

Larry: No, I'll do it!

Ludwig: Let go of the controls! This is MY robot!

Larry: On the contrary, my dear Ludwig. Hand them over!

The Mecha-Piranha begins to go in circles, as if it is going crazy as Larry and Ludwig fight over the controls. Perhaps if they were paying attention instead of fighting, they would have noticed Mario and Luigi, who are
creeping up behind them.

Luigi: I saw Marletta do something like-a this before, and that was powerful, so let's-a do it!

Luigi and Mario combine their hand techniques, creating a rather large electric fireball, much like the ones Marletta had used.

Mario: A little to the left. there's the-a weak spot! Fire away!

Mario and Luigi fire their electric fireball into the Mecha-Piranha's only weak spot, it's fuel tank, newly exposed after the legs were taken off.

Ludwig: Hmm... Did you hear something?

Larry: Um... Sensors indicate that we are about to explode.

Ludwig: ACK! EJECT!

Larry and Ludwig eject out of the machine just in time, as the electric fireball hits the fuel tank, which explodes quite brilliantly. Shards of metal fly through the air, and if you did not watch what just happened, you could have mistaken all the smoke for a mushroom cloud. No pun intended.

Luigi: Ug. I'm-a exhausted! I'm-a glad this is finally over!

Mario: No it's-a not! You have to help me rebuild the house!

Luigi: Mamamia! We never get to-a rest.

The-a End!

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