The Dark Luigi Chronicles

By Dark Luigi

Part 1: The Birth of a New Enemy

Sounds could be heard from Ludwig's lab as the first signs of a hazy dawn in Pipe Land began to creep along the sky. "Finally it's finished. With this weapon not only will King Dad like me the best, but I'll be able to give him a present too. This gun has been set to alter Mario's genetics to not only give him the powers of the metal, vanish, and flight caps, but change him from the hero of the the Mushroom Kingdom to a loyal member of the Koopa Troop. With this I have my one shot at presenting King Dad with not a cheap knock-off, but the ultimate Shadow Mario. And if it doesn't work, then I get a chance to work in my lab until the next time I have to attack Mario." After that, the only sound that could be heard from Ludwig's lab was maniacal laughter leading to silence.

It was an average day for Luigi. He was making pasta while Mario was fighting a Koopaling and his army. Finally his pasta was finished, so Luigi strode onto the battlefield, completely ignored by Ludwig's robots. "Mario, please taste my pasta," Luigi said as Mario incinerated a robot with a fireball. Mario immediately started gobbling it down.

"Now's my chance!" said Ludwig, pulling his new toy from behind him, "FIRE!" A beam of blue light flashed across the field and hit dead center... on Luigi's back. "Arrrgh! My invention failed! Well, back to the drawing board," said Ludwig as he promptly received a thrashing from Mario.

Later that night, while the Brothers were asleep, something happened. If anyone else had been hit, this catastrophic event might have been avoided, but Luigi's DNA was too close to Mario's. Luigi's shadow, cast by his nightlight, began to rise into a darkened form. It looked exactly like Luigi wearing navy blue clothes and with dark bue eyes. It smiled. "I, Dark Luigi, am finally free."

He then grimaced. "You pathetic fool, you disgust me. I'm not strong enough to hold my own form yet, but the next time we meet will be your last." The figure then turned abruptly and ran off into the seemingly endless night, leaving no sign that he had ever existed.

Eventually, while stumbling through a dense forest, Dark Luigi came upon a fort. From atop its high walls, a voice shouted, "Who goes there? LUIGI! HOW DARE YOU?! TAKE THIS!" Bob-ombs began to rain from the sky, but before the first of them could touch the ground, Dark Luigi had picked the lock and climbed to the top.

While kicking Waluigi in the face, Dark Luigi said, "Never confuse me with that weakling, and if you value your life I suggest you give me a room and directions to Wario's castle. Scared for his life, Waluigi obliged, and for the first time, Dark Luigi went to sleep outside of the recesses of Luigi's mind, and in the real world.

The next morning, Dark Luigi took the directions, and found them to be correct. He entered the fortress and traveled through its depths, obliterating enemies with orbs of blue fire. He eventually found the treasure hidden in a room far underground. Having obtained what he came for he left, leaving a note on the door stating who he was, what he had done, and how he had obtained the location of his hideout. The end of the letter read as follows: "If you want your treasure back, I'll give it to you if you can defeat me. I'll be in Dark Land."

True to his word, he set off for Dark Land after buying supplies for the journey ahead.

He finally arrived at the gates of Bowser's castle, prepared to ask Bowser if he could join the Koopa Troop. He knocked on the door and it was opened by Lemmy. "Hi, I'm Lemmy, who are you?"

"I can't tell you until after I meet Bowser and have a chat with him. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all, but I'm kinda busy. Umm, hey Roy, could you take this guy to go see King Dad?"

"Tsk. I guess, come along doofus."

"Sure thing, blockhead." Sensing trouble, Lemmy quickly rolled away.

"What'd you call me? I'll let it slide this time, but watch your mouth before I pound you to chalk dust. Here's the door," Roy said, gesturing to a large oaken door.

"Thank you very much,... rocks-for-brains."

"THAT'S IT. YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN." With that Roy charged, but Dark Luigi sidestepped at the last second and tackled Roy through the large door, rendering him unconscious. Bowser looked down from his throne and said, "Who are you and what are you doing on top of Roy?" Dark Luigi then proceeded to explain to Bowser where he came from, his earnest yearning to destroy his counterpart and his counterpart's brother, and that he had just beaten Roy up. Hearing his story, Bowser granted Dark Luigi equal status to the Koopalings, without any of the benefits. He was allowed to stay with any of the Koopalings or even Bowser himself, just not to own his own castle at the moment.

"As for you, Roy," Bowser said turning to the still dizzy Koopaling, "a week in the dungeon for being a wimp should toughen you up enough to pose a threat to our new friend. Get going now!"

Dark Luigi stayed with Ludwig and learned from him that he was stronger, braver, and, of course, eviler than Luigi; then Ludwig began to explain why. Midway through the lecture, Dark Luigi had to cut him off to go to bed.

For a while, Dark Luigi did nothing more than help Lemmy, Iggy, Ludwig, Larry, and occasionally Morton, and to cause trouble for Roy, Wendy, and Susan. He and Roy now held a fierce rivalry, but now the time of waiting was over, and the destruction of the Mario Brothers drew near, for this is the story of Dark Luigi.

Part 2: The Encounter

We last left our villain three years ago, contemplating a plan that would make him the only Luigi and gain Bowser's approval in the process by also defeating Mario. Dark Luigi (D. Luigi) knew when he first arrived in Dark Land, gaining permission from Bowser to stay in the castles owned by him and his kids, or even his own, that in order to defeat Luigi he would have to bridge the gaps between their powers. Though Ludwig's invention gave him life and he had inherited many of Luigi's powers, some were twisted and others non-existent. He also did not have any of the equipment that Luigi had, so even if they did have the same powers, Luigi would still be able to defeat him. With that, I start a recap of the last three years and what D. Luigi has done to bridge this gap.

D. Luigi masked his achievements, so as not to have an information leak; with the exception of bribing Larry's mouth shut, the only widespread information among the Koopa Troop was that Dark Luigi had finally proved himself worthy in Bowser's eyes and had acquired a castle, a small force of well-trained minions consisting of 10 Goombas, 10 Koopas, 5 Paragoombas, 2 Koopatrols, 2 Hammer Brothers, 6 Bob-ombs, and 5 Magikoopas, and a small land on the edge of Sky Land he won off Roy in a bet. His not so widely spread accomplishments included a raid on E. Gadd's lab to get Ludwig a birthday present and himself a Poltergust 4000, gaining an Ultra Hammer from Sledge and Mallet by bribing, threatening them, then locking them in the dungeon, and discovering his powers of Black Thunder and Black Fireball. He also took a few magic lessons, but never took to them well. After a long wait, the time to strike had arrived.

D. Luigi sent an invitation to an annual "Million Dollar Plumbathon" to Luigi, but nobody else. His plan was to go to the Grass Land Convention Hall and ambush Luigi with his elite, though still outclassed, minions, then finish the job himself. He set up his trap the day before and sat down to wait. The next day D. Luigi was sitting in his ambush position when, exactly five minutes before the scheduled time, Luigi walked in to the hall. "ATTACK!" D. Luigi yelled, but just before the minions reached Luigi, they were attacked by Bob-ombs being fired from outside the door. In waltzed the Wario Bros, continuing their onslaught and forcing the minions to leave Luigi alone to retaliate.

Reasoning that he could take Luigi alone and wondering why the Warios were there, D. Luigi began to fire spheres of black flame at his counterpart. A flash of yellow was all he saw before he rolled to dodge the traitorous orbs. When he looked up, D. Luigi heard "It's a-me, Mario!" and saw Mario putting his cape back in place and standing next to Luigi. Seeing both the Mario and Wario Brothers working together began to worry D. Luigi, but at that very moment he heard Waluigi say, "We're out of bombs. Retreat!!!" With that they turned and fled and as they went D. Luigi heard a voice say, "I'm glad I brought some company; I might be dead now if I hadn't."

Once the enemy was out of sight, D. Luigi began the long trek back to his castle with the rest of his injured army. As he walked, Dark Luigi was seething on the inside. He knew now that Luigi still had one thing over on him: his friends and Dark Luigi's other enemies. That thought gave him an idea, "He used my other enemies against me. That means that I can use his against him. I guess that means I have to make some alliances." The thought didn't cheer him, though, because a more humiliating task awaited him- apologizing to Roy.

To Be Continued...

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