The Knoll

By Francois S. Lamini

Chapter 6: Invasion of Yoshi's Island

Back at the Knoll, the dinos were celebrating their victory over Morton Koopa Jr, or Castle #2. They celebrated with a bird hunt. The hunt would start later that evening when the birds were roosting.

Rick: What kind of birds will we be going after?

Spike: Blackbirds.

Rick: But I can't see those kinds of birds at night.

Rex: That's what makes the game fun.

Max: You guys have your sticks?

Rex: Yep.

Rick: We're all good to go.

Max: Then let's head out.

Rick, Rex, Max, and Spike headed out into the darkness. They knew that the birds would be roosting on the top of the Knoll. The grasses of the Knoll were not short so bird hunting was even harder.

Rex: Remember, we have to catch as many birds as we can so that our team can win.

Rick: We should all split up.

Max: Do you think there are any in the fortress?

Rick: Let's not worry about those ones. Let's get the ones in the grass.

Rick stumbled upon a blackbird and whacked it with his stick.

Blackbird: AWK!!!

Rick: I got one.

Max: Good, bag it.

Rex: Anyone see a blackbird?

Spike: Nope... Wait, I see one on top of the fortress wall.

Max: Fly up there and get it.

Spike: I left my cape back at the thicket. Besides, flying will just scare the bird. Hey, I got an idea. Why don't one of you help me up and I'll grab it?

Rick: Ok, if that means more birds for us.

Rick helped Spike up the wall and Spike grabbed the bird as he climbed up.

Spike: Wait a second, this bird has a note on it... but I can't read it.

Max: Let me see.

Spike: Here, catch.

Max: I got it but it looks like someone scratched some weird pictures on this paper... I wonder what it all means.

Rick: Maybe it's some kind of secret code.

Meanwhile, back on Yoshi's Island, Mario and the gang were playing a game of fireball tennis. The fireball neared Yoshi and he ate it.

Yoshi: Mmm... Fireball yum!

Mario: Yoshi, quit eating the ball.

Luigi: Yeah, that's the third ball that you ate.

Peach: You know, I've been thinking. What if those dinosaurs with capes that came after us are henchmen of Koopa?

Mario: But they didn't look like they were after us. Perhaps they're just vandals.

Peach: But what if they terrorize Dome City?

Mario: I don't see that happening anytime soon. They're way up north.

Yoshi: Ohh... Yoshi afraid of caped dinosaurs...

Luigi: Relax, Yoshi, they're not coming here. Are they?

Mario: Yeah, maybe we're just being a little paranoid.

Back at the Knoll, Max and his friends were still trying to decode the secret message.

Rex: What does it say?

Max: I think it's from that fat man that we met at the house.

Spike: Yeah, he's a dork.

Rick: I say we clobber him and his dorky pals too.

Rex: Yeah, it would sure beat this bird catching as we're hardly catching a thing.

Rick: Where do you think he lives?

Rex: I don't know, we saw him near the house but he could be anywhere. That would be like looking for a berry in a thicket. Forget it.

Rick: I suppose you're right, Rex, let's stick to bird catching.

Max: I was thinking, why don't we expand our empire south... like beyond the forest?

Spike: You mean beyond the haunted house that we destroyed?

Rex: Sound like a plan. What do you think, Rick?

Rick: I say we do it, what do we have to lose anyway?

Rex: What if we run into that fatso?

Spike: We should be able to handle him. He hasn't shown us that he's tough. The only thing he showed us is that he's fat.

Max: So enough with the talking, and let's finish up the game.

Max and his team captured three more birds and headed back down the Knoll. Another team of four soon followed and caught slightly more birds. This continued until all the teams caught their share of birds. By the time the game was over the sun had already begun to rise.

Rez: And the winner is Team Digger!

Rick: They always win.

Spike: Maybe they're better than us.

Rick: You've got to be kidding me. Hey! Since most of us are rested up, why don't we start adding to our empire?

Rex: Now that sounds like fun!

Rick: So we set up a fort near the haunted house?

Rex: Sounds good, but we need to take some more people with us. Ok, we'll take a few of the teams.

Rick: Well, let's get moving!

Rick and his team rounded up about three dozen more dinos. They gathered up some berries, sticks, mud balls, and fish and headed back to Donut Plains. Their first stop was the forest north of the haunted house.

Work started on the new fortress, which was to be placed almost beside the torn down haunted house. However, this fortress was different. Those dinomen were so smart. Instead of bothering to make bricks, mortar, and stick grates the dinos simply used some of the rubble of the haunted house in order to build their new fortress. They used the house's bricks to make the double brick wall and the space was filled with wood chips collected from the house's basement. Instead of mortar these wood chips were mixed with water to make chip mortar, or what the dinos call wood sauce. This was used to glue the bricks together and also to fill the walls. The top of the walls were covered with straw and dung.

When work on the fortress was completed the dinos stocked it with all kinds of goodies from the forest, but no exotic meats. This was becoming a problem for the dinos as the only meat that they had been eating was fish and boy were they tired of it.

The dinos continued heading south, setting up fortresses from the remains of the Donut Ghost House and collecting more exotic fruits like pink berries and apples. This didn't satify them, though, as the dinos still wanted those exotic meats. So, by chance they came upon Yoshi's Island.

Rick: Fruits, fruits, fruits! That's all we eat, fruits! Man, what I wouldn't do for some meat.

Rex: So far all we've been eating is fish.

Rick: Yeah, but this place looks different... I see a lot of animals here and a lot of meat.

Rez: Then let's eat!

Rick: No, we can't do that. You forget that this land is fortified. I mean, look at that tower.

Everyone stopped for a moment to look at Iggy's castle.

Rex: I bet one of those shelled dudes owns this fort.

Spike: Then we set up a fort of our own and attack that tower.

Rex: Yeah, but how are we going to set up a fort here if all of our material is far away? You know, we should have stocked building materials in our forts.

Rick: But we didn't so we have to use anything we can find here.

Digger: Let's make a fort out of sticks.

Rick: Uhh, Digger, we're not exactly in a forest.

While the dinos were figuring out what to make their fort out of, Mario and the gang were working on Luigi's garden along with the cave people. Yoshi was doing the plowing and Luigi was watering some cave cabbage that he had planted the year before. Everyone was hard at work except for Peach, who was taking a nap in the house.

Rick flew up onto the tower (he's brave) to get a good look at Yoshi's Island. In the distance they saw a small forest and, yes, Dome City. The forest looked tempting but Dome City looked even more tempting as the dinos knew that there would be a lot of exotic meat in such a city. The dinos had never seen such a large aggregation of building ever. This was truly a new experience for them. However, they did not simply want to be spectators.

Rick: Wow! That's truly something. I bet that place has all of the food we could ever want.

Rex: We've got to build this fortress fast and then attack that area.

Max: We can't do that because we'll be in between two fires. We need to contruct a bunch of fortresses and then split up.

Spike: I say half of us build a fortress here and the other half build a fortress there.

Rex: But we still won't be able to take these places, right?

Rick: If we don't try we'll never know.

Max: So it's settled. Then let's start building!

Rick: But of what?

Max: Uhh... well... maybe we can... I got it! We'll make our fortresses out of spiny weeds.

Rick: You mean those giant things over there? Yeah... I see how these can keep out our enemies. We've got to be extra careful when flying over the walls.

Spike: We should reinforce the walls with... rope.

Rick: You mean tie up the plants? But we need a catwalk.

Spike: Yeah, we can use these small trees as supports for a log bridge.

Rick: A log bridge? What logs?

Spike: We can use small trees for logs.

Rick: You think of everything, don't you? Then let's get to work.

The dinos split up into two groups, one stayed and the other ventured close to Dome City but hid behind the bushes so that they couldn't be noticed. The dinos began to uproot spiny weeds and align them in a square. These were tied with rope which had to be made from scratch. Small trees were uprooted and moved into the fortress. A catwalk was constructed from each tree. There were a total of four small trees within the fortress. The catwalk was made to Spike's specifications.

The entire fortress building process took almost a week, but when the fortresses were done the dinos thought they were ready. The problem was that the dinos had lost communication with the Knoll and Donut Plains. There were no bags of water for mortar and no weapons such as mud balls and sticks. There weren't even any replacement capes! The dinos could only use what they had with them and that wasn't much because few dinos were carrying sticks and none were carrying mud balls. How could the dinos fight two wars?

Rick: We don't have a thing! We're doomed.

Rex: Why don't we make a new weapon?

Spike: Oh boy, we're making a new weapon! I can't wait!

Rex: Don't get too excited, because we haven't even thought of the weapon.

Rick: We should probably use something with spikes. Look.

Rick carefully pulled a small spiny weed from the ground.

Rick: We can thrash our enemies with this.

Rex: We need some weapon that will let us takeover fortresses.

Max: That forest probably has some bugs.

Rex: Yeah, but we have no water.

Spike: We have fire and grass and if we roll the grass into a ball and light it on fire then we'll have a fireball.

Rick: How do we hold something that hot?

Spike: We made fireproof gloves.

Rick: We need weed milk to fireproof the gloves and resin.

Rex: Do you think that forest has resin?

Rick: Let's go check it out.

Rick and the gang headed towards the forest. They found hundreds of peach trees, to their surprise, and began collecting resin (and peaches) from the trees. They also found an abundance of Y-shaped sticks, which game Spike an idea.

Spike: If we take this stick and tie an elastic rope to it we can make a launcher for fireballs.

Rick: We'll be storming the fortress in no time!

Rex: Hey Max, go tell the others to start making the fireballs and gloves, and fast!

Max: Ok.

The dinos in the fortress near Dome City began working on gloves and fireballs. Rick and his gang worked on the launchers. The launchers, as you might have guessed, looked like slingshots. These were taken along with resin to the fortress near Dome City for processing. Eventually the work was split up and after a few days the dinos stocked up their two forts with spiny plants weapons, unlit fireballs, and their launchers. The dinos were able to make fire by exposing dried grass to the sun, just the way they had always made fire.

Rex: Let's boogie!

The dinos began shooting fireballs at Iggy's castle to see if he would react to it, but no one came out of the castle.

Rick: Fire another shot.

The dinos fired again but nothing happened. It seemed as if the castle was abandoned, or was it?

Rex: Let's burn down the door.

Rick: I agree.

Everyone shot a fireball at the castle door. Eventually it went up in flames. Then Iggy walked out with a huge army of Chucks. The Chucks were armed with baseballs, footballs, and a variety of attacks. Behind them were Pidgit Bill launchers.

Iggy: FIRE!!!

Hundreds of Pidgits were fired at the dinos. They returned the shots with fireballs but many of the Pidgit Bills dodged the fire.

Max: We're toast.

Rick: Don't think like that! EVERYONE, FLY TO THE TOP OF THE TOWER!!! We'll attack from there.

Rex: That's good thinking. The fatso won't be able to get to us.


The dinos did as they were told and they did manage to knock out a few launchers due to the fact that they aimed for the opening of the launcher, which would ultimately destroy it. However, they were still outnumbered. The Pidgit Bills were chasing the dinos all way into the air. Gradually the dinos were overtaking the Pidgit Bills to the point where Iggy was no longer able to use them.

Back in Dome City, things were quiet and peaceful. After some farming and eating the Marios decided to go back home. Yoshi stayed around to eat berries. Suddenly, without warning, the dinos began attacking Dome City. They first swooped down into the city and then forced their way into houses. They used their weeds to attack the inhabitants.

Mario: We have a problem on our hands.

Luigi: I'd say, those weird-looking caped dinosaurs are attacking Dome City.

Mario: I have a plan, but follow me.

Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and the princess sneaked back into the house.

Peach: Those dinos can fly but in a strange way. They almost look like flying squirrels.

Mario: Yeah, they can fly but I noticed that they're not very fast. That's why I need to look for a Cape Feather.

Luigi: There are some blocks above the big tree in the center of the city.

Mario: That's right! Remember the block with a Starman?

Peach: But a Starman is not going to do us any good against flying dinosaurs.

Mario: Luigi, you grab the Fire Flower in the dresser. Let's put an end to those caped dinosaurs.

Yoshi: Luigi get Yoshi Wings and jump on Yoshi. Shoot fire at dino dudes.

Luigi: That sounds like a great idea, Yoshi!

Mario ran over to the tree in the middle of Dome City and carefully climbed it, attempting to avoid being seen by the caped dinos. He bashed a block over the tree but only coins came out. Another block was bashed and by luck a Cape Feather came out. Mario grabbed it and transformed into Caped Mario.

Luigi grabbed the Fire Flower in the dresser and turned into Fire Luigi.

Yoshi ventured into an underground cavern in Dome City and found a block ledge. After searching for a few minutes, Yoshi found his wings. Yoshi ran back to Luigi, who mounted Yoshi and the two of them flew off.

Mario: I see them in the houses. You stay here, Princess.

Mario ran, then took off. He only stayed in the air for a few seconds to look around. Mario noticed a small mud brick fortress hidden in the bushes. He was convinced that the attackers were using this fortress. So what did he do? Mario flew up to Luigi and Yoshi.

Mario: Hey guys, meet me back at the house.

Luigi: Will do.

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi landed back at the house. They decided that they would storm the fortress.

Mario: I'm counting on you guys to hold off the attack here. I'm going for the fortress.

Luigi: Is it a big fortress?

Mario: No, it's small, real small.

Yoshi: Yoshi Wings no last too long.

Luigi: You're right. We've got to get moving.

Mario headed over to the fortress. At the fortress was about a quarter of the dinomen from the group of dinos stationed near Dome City. They were not prepared for what was to come.

Rez: It's a good thing that we're getting these fireball slingshots. We need to distribute them to the- What is that?

Digger: It's the dorky fatso.

Blag: Not him! But... but... he's flying.

Mario landed near the fortress.

Mario: All right, guys. The game is up.

Digger: Oh, it's the fat man.

Mario: Watch your mouth.

Rez: Let's slap some fat. ATTACK!!!

With Rez's words all of the dinos near the fortress began taking off into the air. They flew in a line with their hands held in front of them in fists. The dinos attempted to run into Mario one by one, but Mario stomped many of them.

Rez: TRY A DIVE!!!

The dinos attempted to dive into Mario one by one but as they did Mario spun with his cape and knocked them out one by one. Mario continued to spin after he had knocked out a few dinos. His spinning went right through the fortress walls. A third of the fortress was blown completely away by the attack.

Digger: What magic is this? He's like a whirlwind.

Rez: We need to use the slingshots. FALL BACK!!! FALL BACK!!!

The dinos retreated back to the partially destroyed fortress. Rez instructed them to pick up the newly delivered slingshots. They did and took off once again. The dinos could not fire from the air so they landed on trees and rocks and fired from there. This time they spread out.

Digger: FIRE!!!

The fires were lit and the dinos began firing in all directions at Mario. Mario attempted to block the fireballs with his cape but it was too overwhelming. Instead he flew up into the air and forcefully landed. The impact knocked many of the nearby dinos out because they have never seen such a powerful attack. However, Mario was still being shot at so he decided not to take the chance and retreated back to Dome City.

Digger: That guy is powerful. His magic powers are more than a match for us.

Rez: You're right, we need backup.

Digger: But the other guys are storming the tower. That's what Rex told me.

Rez: But we need them here. I tell you what. Go to the others and find out how they're doing, then get help if you can.

Back in Dome City, Luigi and Yoshi were attacking the caped dinos.

Yoshi: Mmm... Dinos look good!

Luigi: Wait a second, let me shoot this duck.

Luigi shot a caped dino with a fireball.

Luigi: That's a good idea. Try to eat them.

Yoshi flew over to a dino and ate him.

Luigi: You mean you can eat them?

Yoshi: These guys taste great!

Luigi: Well, chow down, buddy.

Yoshi began flying around while he had wings, eating the caped dinos one by one until very few were left.

Dino: That dino dude eats way too much! He's eating us!

Spines: Yeah, I agree with you. LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!!! RETREAT! RETREAT!

Mario arrived at the house.

Peach: It looks like they're leaving. Yoshi ate almost all of them!

Mario: Really? What a pal.

Yoshi and Luigi showed up.

Luigi: This guy has an appetite.

Mario: How many dinos did you eat, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi eat 15 dinos.

Mario: You're quite the eater. I left the fortress because they were attacking me with fireballs. I need your help, especially you, Yoshi. Can you eat mud bricks?

Yoshi: Yoshi no like mud. Why?

Mario: I need you to scarf up the fortress.

Yoshi: Yoshi no eat mud, but Yoshi spit it out.

Mario: Great! Then let's go!

Chapter 7: Mysterious Friends

Back at Iggy's fortress, the caped dinos had managed to drive Iggy out of Yoshi's island. The tower was destroyed once again, but this time by the caped dinos. They did not run into it but they tipped it over, and as it fell it shattered into pieces. The dinos decided that they would help their friends in Dome City so they headed over to the fortress near Dome City.

Rick: We won!

Rez: You did? Great! We need your help more than ever!

Rick: Why? Did you guys lose?

Rez: Not yet, but we're about to. I mean, just look at our fortress.

Rick: It looks fine to me.

Rez: No, I mean did you see the back?

Rick: Yeah, you guys are still building it.

Rez: No, we finished it a long time ago. It was that fatso that demolished it.

Rex: You mean that fatso that we saw at the haunted house? No way! How did he do it?

Digger: He used a magic cape and spun around like a whirlwind.

Just then the other dinos who were in Dome City returned.

Dino: There's this dinosaur with an appetite so big that he ate most of the army.

Rick: What does he look like?

Dino: He's that green dinosaur who was with the fatso.

Rex: Darn, he's loaded! Well, take the supplies back to the other fortress. We've got to merge our armies.

Digger: But we only number 18.

Rick: We're going to lose the island unless we do something. We need to make friends with some other creatures.

Rex: Like who?

Rick: It has to be people who keep to themselves. This way we can be sure that they're on our side.

Digger: Where are we going to find people like that?

Rick: You know those haunted houses?

Rex: We killed that one.

Rick: No, I saw another one to the east just before we crossed the bridge to this island.

Rex: Do you think somebody lives there?

Rick: If we don't go there then we'll never know.

Rex: Ok, to the house!

The dinos abandoned their posts and flew over to the haunted house on the east side of Donut Plains. They came upon a door in the front of the house.

Rick: You open it, Rex.

Rex: Afraid?

Rex was about to open the door when all of a sudden it opened.

Rick: That was weird.

Rex: Maybe it was the wind. Well, let's go.

The dino headed inside but it was pitch black, so dark that one could touch their eye with their finger. The inside of the house seemed to be a big dark room. However, there were faint green lights which were no bigger than points placed in various locations of the room.

Dino: Well, it's a dark room, but what are those lights?

Rick: What lights?

Dino: Did you see them?

Rick: Oh, I see. I have no idea.

Rex: If someone put those green lights there then that must mean that someone lives here.

Rick: Well, someone who likes the dark. I never noticed how quiet this house was until now.

Rick and the gang moved deeper into the house until they reached what looked like a door. The door was yellow brown and rounded like a small castle door. It was a double door, however, it was not locked.

Rex: I just saw one of those lights move up the wall.

Rick: Did you see up the wall?

Rex: Yeah, the light was still and then it ran up the wall and disappeared.

Dino: This house is haunted. We should make this a recreation- to explore haunted houses.

Rick: Sounds like fun, but when we get done with this one which other one can we explore?

Dino: Too bad we destroyed the other one.

Rez: Perhaps whoever lives here will be angered with us for destroying the other haunted house.

Rick: Let's go in this door. Maybe these people live in here.

Rick opened the door and saw a long stairway going up to the next floor. The gang climbed up the stairway and entered another very large room. Inside the room the dinos saw hundreds of little green lights moving. They were not moving in any particular direction but the movement seemed random. Some lights were piled up on ledges while others seemed to disappear.

Rex: That is the weirdest thing that I've ever seen.

Rick: Maybe they're ants carrying some kind of lights.

Suddenly something ran up Rick's cape and then jumped off of his shoulder. Rick nervously jumped back.

Rick: What was that?

Squeaky Voice: Follow me.

The lights now seemed to form a long line going up the wall. The dinos were intrigued by this so they followed the lights. As they neared the lights, the lights went further up the wall. Rex touched the place where the lights were and noticed a long plant vine.

Rex: How can plants grow in total darkness?

Rick: Maybe that's what the lights are for.

Rex: Yeah, you have a point.

Dino: Should be climb it?

Rick: We might as well because that weird voice wants us to follow it.

The dinos climbed the vine until they hit a ledge near the ceiling. The ledge was very narrow and the dinos had to take care not to fall from it. Finally, they reached a wall. They turned around and heard a squeaky voice.

Squeaky Voice: You're here, why?

Rick: First of all, what are you?

Squeaky Voice: We don't have names for ourselves.

Rick: We wanted to know where the owner of this house is.

Squeaky Voice: We own house.

Rick: Then what are those lights?

Squeaky voice: Use lights to grow plants. We eat plants.

Rick: Oh, I see. Have you seen this fat guy with a red suit?

Squeaky Voice: Fat guy? No see.

Rick: Then how long have you been here?

Squeaky Voice: Moved in we did from ground.

Rick attempted to grab the creature but then he realized that the voice was being echoed from some other part of the room. Realizing this, Rick and his friends moved forward. They attempted to climb down the vine, but there was no vine when they reached the end of the ledge.

Rick: Hey! We're trapped.

Rex: Hey!

Squeaky Voice: You trapped. We no let you down until you promise to leave.

Dino: We didn't come to bother you. We just need your help. You see, we're trying to takeover this island and we're outnumbered. We need more men. Are you men?

A bunch of lights gathered at the end of the ledge until it became bright enough to see a tiny sausage-like creature. The creature was not standing right on the ledge but near it and on the wall. Other sausage-like creatures were standing behind it.

Rick: Wow! I've never seen this kind of creature before.

Max: Yeah, they sure are different.

Rick: Can you guys help us?

Sausage Creature: And what you do for us?

Rick: We'll... uhh... well.... what do you want?

Sausage Creature: Want fruit seeds.

Rick: That's all? Sure, we'll give you all of the fruit seeds you want if you help us.

Sausage Creature: Deal.

Rick: By the way, how do you move so fast?

Sausage Creature: We all look same.

Rick: Well, I could have figured that out. There is a group of domes on the island south of this land, are you familiar with that island?

Sausage Creature: No.

Rick: *sigh* We'll show you where it is.

Sausage Creature: Me stay here. We come on Darkness Eve. You punch wall, get out.

Rick: You want me to punch the wall?

Sausage Creature: Punch wall!

Rick: Wait a second, when is Darkness Eve and why do you have to come then? We need you now!

But it was too late, the strange sausage-like creature had vanished. All of the little green lights that were in the room disappeared as well. The room was dark, very dark.

Rick: Well, now that was helpful. I suggest we get out of here. Things are getting a little bit too weird.

Dino: I agree.

Rick punched the wall as the little sausage creature told him to. The wall did not break but it did open like a double door. The dinos stepped outside, to their surprise, onto the grass.

Rick: I thought we were on the second floor.

Rex: This house is strange. Well, let's head back to the island and hope for the best.

Dino: Do you think that creature will help us?

Rex: I don't know, but I heard him say something about Darkness Eve. This sounds like some kind of riddle. We have to figure out when Darkness Eve is.

Spike: I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the night.

Dino: That sounds right, but the question is when?

Rick: Darkness Eve must take place before the darkest night of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the night before the darkest night of the year. That would be in about a week, right?

Dino: Right! We're only a week away from the middle of the wet season.

Spike: But that means we have to wait a week for them to do something and we don't have that kind of time. We might lose the island.

Rick: The island will have to wait. We don't have to manpower to take the island yet. Let's see what these creatures can do. We'll go back to Knoll until the end of the week.

Rex: On the way, don't forget to pick up the fruits.

Rick: Sure.

Chapter 8: The Final Frontier

Rick and his friends were once again at the Knoll. This time they had brought a lot of exotic fruits but still not exotic meat.

Max: If we could only take that island. We'd have some exotic meat!

Rick: Like what? We didn't find any.

Max: Those sausage creatures look tasty.

Rex: Come to think of it, they do.

Dino: Yeah, and there's a lot to go around. I say we scrap the island and eat the sausage creatures instead.

Rick: Hmm... But they're quick, I noticed. I think they could outsmart us easily or maybe they might have some kind of bodyguard. I'm way too freaked out to mess with them.

Dino: Yeah, it's almost like they possess some kind of black magic.

Rick: I wouldn't be surprised.

Rex: The island does have exotic meat. While we were there I noticed large caterpillars near the domes.

Rick: So you're saying there's exotic meat to be eaten and lots of it?

Rex: You heard me right.

Rick: But we still have to wait five more days. I don't think I can hold out much longer.

Rex: Well, we'll have to wait.

The dinos decided to kill time by having a fishing contest. The aim of the contest was to see how many fish each dino could catch. Fish were caught by dangling long strings from the Knollish cliffs into the sea. At the end of the string was piece of fruit, for the dinos did not use worms to catch fish; neither did they use fishing poles. One trick that they used to bring the fish to the surface was throwing pieces of fruit into the sea. The fish would come up to the surface to eat the fruit and chances of catching fish increased.

At the same time the dinos took up recreational activities such as hiking and camping in Donut Plains. Donut Plains was mostly empty of trees so hiking was a fun activity. Rick, Rex, Dino, and Spike decided to hike up the rocks in the eastern part of Donut Plains.

Rick: These rocks are steep.

Rex: Yeah, watch your step.

Max: Why did we just fly up here?

Rex: Because landing would be a pain.

Max: Oh, you're right. You know, we have only three nights left until Darkness Eve.

Rick: Yeah, that right! We'll be eating those exotic meats in no time. Oh, I'm so excited.

The dinos continued to climb the rocks and as they did they dreamt of eating exotic fruit and meat on Yoshi's Island. The activities continued for a few more days until the time had come.

Rex: Hey, tonight's the night!

Rick: Yes, you're right! Let's go!

Back in Dome City, Mario and Luigi were planning an attack on the caped dinos if they should ever return.

Mario: This time we'll be ready for them.

Luigi: So what's the plan?

Mario: We're building a piping system. You see, the pipes will fire small pellets which contain nothing but ashes. This will block the visibility of the dinosaurs. Once that's done all we have to do is have Yoshi eat the dinosaurs one by one.

Luigi: Who's going to stand guard?

Mario: You are.

Luigi: Did I have to ask?

Peach: I remember these dinosaurs were not very strong. You guys should be able to handle them easily.

The cave people were still working on the piping system, which was hidden in bushes. The pellets were also kept in the bushes. Yoshi did not bother to eat the pipes since he was going to, once again, feast on the dinos.

Meanwhile, Koopa had arrived on the island with Iggy and Morton. The Koopas were furious with the caped dinos for overthrowing them from Donut Plains and Yoshi's Island. To fix things, Koopa decided to use Paragoombas and Bob-ombs to attack the caped dinos. He would parachute them down from his Clown Copter. Ground troops were no use since the dinos could fly.

Koopa: Come on, we don't have much time, you balls of lard. Get in the copter.

Morton: King Dad, where do you think the caped dinos are?

Koopa: They've got to be here. They're trying to take over the island, dumbdumb. Heh! We might as well attack those plumbers while we're at it.

Koopa and his army as well as his kids got into the clown copter.

Meanwhile, the dinos decided that rather than waiting for the night they would begin to attack Dome City once again. They reasoned that this would weaken forces over there enough for their allies to defeat their enemy. The dinos brought other caped dinos with them from both the Knoll and Donut Plains. Now they numbered 38. They were once again strong. However, this left Donut Plains open to attack and possibly the Knoll as well, that is if anyone could find it. Koopa noted this and decided to attack the Knoll as well with an army of yellow Troopas. If you can remember, if a Troopa steps into a yellow shell it will become invincible!

Rick: I got an idea. Let's fly up into these domes and do the fire attack from there.

Max: That sounds like an idea.

Rex: I'm going to do a dive attack on the fatso from behind. I need you guys to fire at him while I do that.

Rick: Cool, but what about the hungry dino dude?

Rex: Hop on his back and the rest of you throw mud balls at him and hit him with sticks.

Spike: Now you're talking!

The dinos prepared for attack position. They sneaked up onto the top of the domes so that they wouldn't be seen. Each dome was occupied by at least one dino, however, some were occupied by two or three dinos. The dinos waited for Mario to come out of his house. Finally he did. The dinos began firing at him so he went back into the house.

Mario: Hey Luigi, throw me that block.

Luigi: Sure thing, Mario.

Luigi threw Mario a small block containing a Cape Feather and Yoshi's Wings. Mario tossed it against the wall and out they came. Mario grabbed the Cape Feather and turned into Caped Mario again. Yoshi grabbed his wings.

Mario: Luigi, use your Fire Flower to fire at the dinosaurs, but do it from the house.

Luigi: Why do I have to do this?

Luigi began shooting fireballs from the house and knocked out a dino. The dino plummeted to the ground but his cape did not catch on fire. Resin makes virtually everything fireproof! Another dino shot a fireball back at Luigi but luckily Yoshi ate it before it hit Luigi.

Luigi: Phew! I thought I was a goner!

Mario: Hey, you guys, I'm heading outside to tell the cave people to start attacking. Don't go outside until I give you the signal.

Yoshi: But Yoshi hungry!

Luigi: Just wait, you'll have all the dino you can eat!

Mario ran outside the house and soared into the air. He spotted dinos on top of one of the domes so he landed there, but as soon as he did that the dinos flew off the dome. Mario followed the dinos as they were about to attack the cave people who were monitoring the pipe system that Mario had designed. Because Mario had a magic cape he could fly much faster and more accurately than any of the dinos, and he caught up with them and belly stomped them in midair. All of the dinos fell to the ground.

Rick: That flying fatso is pulverizing our men! FIRE AT HIM!!!

The dinos began concentrating their fire on Mario. Mario noticed fireballs coming for him so he dodged them before they could get to him. Mario landed on the ground and quickly instructed the cave people to fire the smoke pellets. The pellets hit walls and some burst in the air. Smoke was released and filled the air. As time passed visibility was lost. Mario flew back to the house.

Mario: Hey guys! It worked! Now I want Yoshi to eat those dinos. Luigi, I want you to get Yoshi's back.

Yoshi: Dinos, yum!

Luigi: Why am I always the brave one?

Luigi and Yoshi stepped outside and Luigi mounted Yoshi. The two of them flew off towards the dinos. As the dinos fired at them Yoshi engulfed the fireballs and Luigi returned the fire.


Rick: You mean the mud balls.

Rex: Well, they have bees in them.

Rick: Not all of them.

Rex: Yeah, but they have ants and other insects that bite.

Rick: I know, but there are few bees in them.

Rex: This conversation is getting us nowhere. We're about to get clobbered again and if we do we won't have too many men left. I wish we would have never come here. We're losing so many people to that dino punk.

Rick: *sigh* Relax, we'll have help soon. See, the sun is already setting.

The dinos began firing mud balls at Yoshi but Yoshi kept eating them and Luigi blasted some with fire. Things were not looking good for the dinos. Perhaps they should have stayed in Donut Plains? But their drive to exotic foods pushed them to the limits.

Meanwhile, Koopa and Morton arrived in Donut Plains, where Morton's castle had been destroyed. Koopa looked around from his Clown Copter and saw a tiny fortress near the castle.

Koopa: Those dino dweebs must have built that fortress. I'm going to crush it.

Koopa threw a bomb at the fortress. The fortress blew into hundreds of pieces with bricks flying everywhere. Capes burned as well as blades of grass being blow everywhere. A few dinos were near the fortress when this happened and quickly left to tell the dinos at the Knoll what had happened. A few hours later, 11 caped dinos arrived at the scene.

Kappa: This is all we have left!

Turtle: If we lose this time then the Knoll will be gone as a race!

Kappa: We've got to save our territory, though. If you didn't already notice, it's nighttime. That means that we need to lure this ugly green-shelled dude to the island. If we get help tonight we can take care of this idiot and the fatso at the same time! We'll have a double victory and we'll rule this land forever!

Turtle: It's worth a try.

Blades: So what are we waiting for? Let's go.

The dinos began flying around Koopa in order to anger him. He did get angry and started chasing the dinos with his Clown Copter. His kids were in it too. The dinos continued to fly until they reached Yoshi's Island. Koopa continued to follow them. The dinos lost Koopa in the woods.

Back in Dome City, Yoshi was still chasing dinos around. The dinos had become so inefficient at fighting Yoshi that they were actually running from him. Yoshi, who still had his wings, continued to chase dinos in the air. He had already managed to eat eight of them. Luigi shot down five more.

It was now well into the middle of the night. It was pitch black and no stars were out due to the cloud cover. No moon was visible either. Turtle and the rest of his crew were sitting in the dark forest.

Turtle: Hey, I see some green lights just like the ones Rick told me about.

Blades: Does that mean that we are going to be helped?

Kappa: It looks like it. Shh... I hear something.

A small crackling sound echoed off of the trees. The dinos did not know what to think. Suddenly a squeaky voice greeted them.

Squeaky Voice: You asked for help. Do you have fruit seeds?

Turtle: Fruit seeds? Oh, them, yes, they're in our fortress. We can't bring them to you now because we're running from a shelled guy. Is it enough that we point in the direction to our fortress?

Squeaky Voice: Hmm... Dino dude wants to know if it ok to pick up seeds at fort.

Distant Squeaky Voice: Sound cool, dudes.

Squeaky Voice: Ok, we get seeds and help you.

Koopa: Ok, you dino dweebs, I'm gonna get you!

Turtle: Do something! We're toast!

Squeaky Voice: Let me handle this, you goobert. Hey, you shelled dude, stop messing with dino dudes. We serious.

Koopa: Is that so? Show yourself, you sissy.

Squeaky Voice: No, this so.

The sausage-like creatures teleported into Koopa's Clown Copter. They began climbing up his body and getting inside his shell.

Koopa: No, get off! Stop biting me! I'll leave your friends alone, JUST GET OFF OF ME!!!

Morton: Chill, King Dad.

Iggy: You need some bug spray.

The sausage-like creatures started climbing all over Morton and Iggy. They kicked and bit them too and even climbed inside their shells. For some strange reason the creatures managed to take control of the Clown Copter and flipped it over, making the Koopas fall out. They then attempted to stop the Koopas with the copter the same way that Koopa had used it to stomp Mario. The Mechakoopas were transformed into flies by some unknown force. These chased Koopa and his kids as they were attempting to avoid the Clown Copter and still being bitten by the sausage-like creatures.

Some of the creatures then teleported to Dome City, where Yoshi was still gobbling up dinos. This time Mario had begun using his spinning cape to wipe out dinos on top of the domes. However, the sausage-like creatures began appearing on top of the domes. They then began spitting out green fireballs by the hundreds at Mario and Yoshi. Mario was unable to deflect the small fireballs with his cape and was hit. Mario lost his cape and fell to the ground. He hit the ground hard and was injured. Yoshi was unable to swallow the fireballs and he too was hit. Yoshi lost his wings so he and Luigi came tumbling to the ground. All three "heroes" were hurt. The princess rushed out and was aided by some of the cave people in carrying the three friends into the house. The creatures then left.

Rick: That's it! Now we attack!

Rex: They came through! We owe them a lot of seeds for this.

Max: Let's go!

The caped dinos began firing at the cave people and eventually drove the ones outside of the domes completely out of the city. The dinos now focused on the domes themselves.

Rick: Ok, let's tip over these domes.

Spike: This sounds like fun.

The dinos began taking off and soared high into the sky. They then dove onto the top of a dome and caused it to tilt a bit. They repeated this attack until one of the domes collapsed and fell onto another, which caused the other to collapse as well. The dinos then flew down to Mario's house.

Rick: Let's pulverize that fatso.

Rex: Yeah, let's teach him not to be arrogant.

Max: Let's put him on a diet.

The dinos took off once again and dived into Mario's house. The house collapsed immediately. The dinos then went over to Yoshi and took off, then ran into his stomach. Yoshi spat out dozens of caped dinos covered in Yoshi slobber.

Rick: Together we stand. You can't beat us.

Mario: Beat you? Why are you fighting us? What did we do to you?

Rick: We want your island. We want all of the exotic meat that you have as well as the fruits.

Mario: We can share. All you had to do was ask.

Rex: You fatso, we don't share food. We take it. If we didn't do that we wouldn't be dinos. We're fearless! Tell you what. If you pay us tribute in exotic foods then we'll let you live here, otherwise we'll call our friends.

Luigi: No, not that! Anything but that!

Rick: Then we have a deal.

Peach: Just don't hurt my friends.

And that's how the caped dinos obtained their exotic fruits and meats. They were tributed from Yoshi's Island and they foraged for fruits in Donut Plains. The caped dinos were truly at peace with life. They enjoyed their food and new games that they came up with.

One thing that was a problem was that there was a fear that the inhabitants of Yoshi's Island and the Koopas would rebel. In order to solve that problem many of the dinos moved out of the Knoll and settled in Donut Plains and Yoshi's Island. They rebuilt their fort in Yoshi's Island and the one near Morton's torn down castle. Iggy's castle was demolished.

Rick: You know, Rex, life just doesn't get better than this.

Rick was eating a roasted caterpillar.

Rex: You said it, man. But you know, we have more games to play since you invented the cape. If it were not for you we would have never fulfilled this dream. You are truly the greatest.

Rick: No, we're all the greatest. I could never have done this without you guys.

Rex: Well, let's eat and take a nap.

Rick: I'm wondering, whatever became of the sausage-like creatures?

Rex: I bet they're back at the house. We should leave then a fruit bag.

Rick: Yeah, that would be thoughtful.

Followup: About the Book

This book was inspired by the game Super Mario World. For the longest time I wanted to know what was on that small island north of Donut Plains. When I hacked the game I found nothing, so I wrote this book.

Some people may be wondering how much land the caped dinos conquered. The empire of the caped dinos consists of three areas: the Knoll, Donut Plains, and Yoshi's Island. They hold all of these three areas except for the haunted house in the southern part of Donut Plains and the land that surrounds it. This was left for the sausage-like creatures.

In the story the dinos end up holding a lot of land and they manage to keep it always. Even though Mario and his friends live there, along with the cave people, they are never truly in control. They are more like the tenants.

Koopa and his kids as well as his army get driven out of the caped dinos' empire for good. They never return here!

I am not planning to write a sequel to this book because the story has ended. There is no continuation. I will be writing other stories that relate to this one, though.

To Be Continued...

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