Luigi’s Mansion: My Form of the Story

By Emily Fieldus

Chapter One: An Unexpected Visitor

As lightning struck and thunder shook the ground, Mario arrived at the mansion he and Luigi had won. There wasn’t even a thing outside of the mansion that Mario was thinking of. There were cracked windows, laughter, and tombstones that resembled the mansion. But that wasn’t all, fountains spewed an odd bright green liquid that neither animal nor human could identify. But, Mario moved on.

The wind whistled as it blew through the leftover trunks of the trees. Mario looked at one of the tombstones that lined up the three foot pathway. “Here lies Neville, a father who was greatly missed,” Mario read aloud. "What’s with the was?” Mario thought as he twisted the knob and entered the mansion.

A cold wind blew down the right staircase, into Mario’s face. No light shone in the room, except for six candles, three on each side of the room by the two staircases. Suddenly, a loud cackle filled the room. Mario frantically looked around the room for the source of the the hideous noise. A ruby crown floated in front of Mario. Mario eyes widened at the sight as he thought, how could an object float in thin air? Suddenly, a loud cackle filled the foyer as a chalk-white figure floated in the air, its unibrow raised as it laughed, showing a grin composed of sharp, white teeth. It was like a puzzle, but Mario had no clue who or what it was.

“Remember me?” a hoarse voice asked. Mario stood there. “WHAT?! You don’t remember me?” the figure yelled. Mario stood there stiff. “Oh… right… You’re that hero everybody’s been taking about, and there's rumors that you have a coward as a brother. Hah!” The figure laughed.

“You leave Luigi out of this!” Mario yelled.

“Oh… So his name is Luigi. Has a bit of a ring to it, if I do say so myself,” the figure assumed as he snapped one of its fingers. A red throne appeared in thin air. The figure sat on it, grinning. “So… I guess you and the coward have some brotherly love going on, huh?” the figure asked.

Mario shook with anger. “My brother is not a coward!” Mario shouted.

“Ohhh… Touchy, are we?” the figure asked.

“You... You...”

“I am King Boo. Leader of all ghosts,” the figure introduced himself. “May I ask, what are you doing here?” King Boo asked.

“Hey! What are you doing here? This is our mansion!” Mario shouted.

“Why bother with a plumber like you? You’re going to be a synch to capture! Boos! Seize him!” King Boo ordered. King Boo looked down to see that Mario was gone. “Huh?” King Boo asked himself as he looked around.

King Boo, surprised that his target would run away, jumped off his throne. “Humans… So pitiful, yet somewhat brave,” King Boo advised himself as he took off his ruby crown. “Wherever he is, I bet he’s scared half out of his wits. BOOS!” King Boo called.

About fifty Boos floated around their master. “Yes, Your Majesty?” one of them asked.

“Search party!” King Boo demanded. The Boos raced off in different directions, going through walls, floors, and doors.

King Boo, finally relaxed, jumped back onto his throne. “AHHHHHH!” a cry frightfully called. King Boo looked in the direction, to see a Boo come to the ground head first.

“I think we’ve found him,” King Boo said.

Chapter Two: The Capture

The Boos gathered with King Boo.

“You know, Your Great Evilness. I think we’ve found him by looking at him.” One of Boo’s pointed to the Boo that had an injury.

“Yeah… and that really hurt,” the Boo sai,d rubbing his head.

“You’re so pitiful, Gameboo,” another said.

“I’m not pitiful!” the other exclaimed.

“SILENCE!” King Boo yelled. The Boos were brought back to attention.

“Now, I’m going to go look for him… and when I say seize him, you come and, well, seize him. Got it?” King Boo asked. The Boos nodded.

“All right,” King Boo said as he floated out of the room and into the Foyer. His throne was still floating there. King Boo grinned evilly as his eyes glowed a harsh red instead of his normal color, yellow, at the thought he would rule the Mushroom Kingdom, capture both of the Mario Brothers, and make all of Mushroom Kingdom residents do his dirty work. Of course, King Boo knew that was a long ways away. Suddenly, a Boo floated quickly down the stairs.

“Your Majesty! We’ve found him! We’ve found him!” the Boo cried happily. King Boo’s eye color finally turned back to its original color.

“Huh? What? You’ve found him? Where?” King Boo wondered.

“In the Storage, Sire!” the Boo cried. King Boo floated up the stairs and into the Storage Room. King Boo saw Mario, paralyzed by fright.

“Hello,” King Boo said slowly. Mario didn’t respond. “What’s the matter? Scared stiff? Hah! Yeah, I knew it. You didn’t know my plan after all,” King Boo said.

“You see… This mansion is mine. Not yours. I tricked you and your coward to come here so I could capture you and your coward in portraits,” King Boo explained simply. Mario’s eyes narrowed, as he stood courageously..

“How many times do I have to tell you? My brother is not a coward!” Mario yelled.

“He is to me,” King Boo said. Mario shook with anger. “BOOS! SEIZE HIM!” King Boo yelled. Suddenly, Boos flew through the door, floor, and windows to get to the room. Finally, all fifty Boos were there. The Boos were getting closer and closer. Mario yelled and ran out the room into another room. It was pitch black, so Mario grabbed a candle nearby and made his way through the room. Suddenly, a muffled voice filled the room. Mario felt a chill go down his spine.

“W-Who’s there?” Mario asked. The sound came again. Mario turned the candle to the right corner of the room, to see a man, about four feet, with glasses and a lab coat. He was tied up with a piece of cloth around his mouth. Mario ran to the corner, untied him, and took off the cloth.

“W-Who are you? Why are you here?” the man asked nervously.

“Sorry… I’m Mario.” Mario introduced.

“No… I-It can’t be. Why would a worldwide hero like you be in this mansion?” the man asked himself.

“I-I’m sorry. Do you want me to leave? I’d be glad,” Mario said.

“You would? Yeah… So would I. I’ve been stuck in this mansion for a long time,” the man said.

“And by the way… My name’s Elvin. Professor Elvin Gadd,” the man introduced.

“Nice to meet you. Hey, do you know this ghost that wears a crown?” Mario asked.

“Yes… I know him. And did you know that he’s right behind you?” the pProfessor said. Mario looked behind him, to see King Boo.

“Elvin. What have I told you?” King Boo asked.

“Not to talk to strangers.” The professor sighed.

“No… It’s not to talk to any human whatsoever. BIFF!” King Boo yelled.

“Yeah?” Biff asked.

“Take him to his shack,” King Boo said.

“Yes, sir,” Biff said as he took the professor and dragged him to the shack where the professor lived. Mario was alone.

“BOOS! SEIZE HIM! And this time don’t let him escape,” King Boo said. The fifty Boos formed around Mario, grabbing his arms.

“Get your filthy, stubby paws off me!” Mario yelled. King Boo nodded, and the Boos started cackling as they dragged Mario into King Boo’s throne room.

“No… No… NOOOOO!!!” Mario shouted. Mario’s cry floated into the distance.

Chapter Three: It’s Just Plain Frightful

The map of the mansion flew away as Mario was seized; unfortunately, somebody who looked like Mario appeared to be walking along the damp, dark woods to the mansion. The wind blew hard, lightning struck, and just to make things worse, Luigi was hopelessly lost. Suddenly, a paper blew into his face. Luigi took the paper off his face to see what else but the map to his mansion? Luigi followed the map until he reached the mansion. Luigi gulped nervously and slowly walked up the mansion’s stairs. Luigi twisted the knob, and went inside. He turned on his flashlight, and looked around his surroundings.

Dusty flooring covered both staircases. Luigi walked nervously up one of the staircases, and turned the knob on a door. He entered, and walked a couple steps…Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a transparent figure appeared in front of him. It couldn’t be anything else, but a ghost. The orange figure was carrying a key, its fangs bared, eyes glowing, arms about ready to grab the plumber in green. The ghost lunged at him, but failed. Luigi hid under a table, but that didn’t help. The ghost immediately found him. The ghost kept coming closer, closer, and closer… Suddenly, his world went black.


Endless darkness of a dim room. He trembled within this dark confinement and not even a soul seemed to care for this matter.

"No... s-s-sweat! Nothing's g-g-going to happen to me... I'll just..."

"BOO!!!" A humongous shadow popped up from the groundm scaring him witless.


"There, there, c'mon! I was just playing with you." The older boy apologized by resting his hand on the sobbing child's shoulder.

“You are so mean!" Luigi bellowed, shedding tiny tears down his delicate face. "You know that I don't like horror stuff, especially ghosts! I hate you!” he cried angrily.

"I'm sorry, little brother. I just couldn't resist it. I'm really sorry." After some time, Luigi relaxed and stopped his crying. He quietly sat next to his older brother, who looked out of the window and into the deep night sky. The little boy also pulled his view up, then shyly to his sibling.

“Mario?” Luigi asked.

“Yeah?” Mario replied.

"What if it's true?” he asked.

"What is?" Mario asked. He remained quiet for a second until he brought enough courage to address his question.

"About the ghosts. A-are they real? I mean, is there anything like paranormal monsters out there?" Luigi asked.

"... I don’t know, at least I think not..." Mario replied.

“Mario, what if they come for us?" The boy's eyes tilted up, showing this was his most disliked subject and thought.

“Are you afraid, Luigi?” he asked, sitting up. Luigi sighed.

"Luigi, don't worry. If you're be in trouble, I'll be there to back you up," Mario once again lay his hand on his young sibling's shoulder. His assuring arms embraced Luigi with a promise of safety.

"And you will be there to back me up, understand? They don't stand a ghost of a chance!" Mario cried bravely. “Remember, you and I… will always be together.” Mario said.


He awoke to the sound of falling rain that violently collided into the windows of an old shack.

"MARIO!!!" Luigi's body jumped at the sudden vision he had seen. As cold sweat engulfed him, he swore that he heard his brother calling for help.

"What just happened? Where am I?" Still feeling dizzy from what occurred, Luigi brought his hand up to his forehead for a moment of rest. He looked around his surroundings and concluded that he was no longer in the mansion, and even better, away from that fearful ghost.

"Ah, I see that you are awake now. Are you feeling better?" came a strange voice from the empty air. The now alarmed boy panicked from the voice that escaped from a bodiless owner.

"W- Who's there?" Luigi asked nervously.

"Down here." At the end of the bed, Luigi glanced upon a short person in a white lab coat with glasses.

“I see you have recovered from your attack,” smiled the man.

"Who are you? And where is this place?" Luigi asked.

“Oh… I-I’m sorry. My name is Professor Elvin Gadd. Nice to meet youm” the professor introduced.

"Oww... My head... it hurts," the plumber groaned.

"Not very surprising considering that I found you unconscious in the mansion's Parlor. You were lucky. It would've been very uncomfortable if those three orange ghosts got their hands on you. They are gone for now. We should be safe in my laboratory," the professor explained.

"Laboratory?" His eyes caught a variety of strange gadgets standing around the room. There were all sorts of appliances for unknown uses. If he didn't know better, this professor might have qualified as a crazy scientist.

"Yes, this is where I reside to consume my study on the supernatural." Gadd showed Luigi his nifty machinery and some other boring paperwork scribbled on documentaries.

"By the looks of you, you don't seem to be a fella devoted to this." He certainly wasn't at this time, because he had other thoughts that dearly bothered him.

"No, it's just... I'm worried. To be honest, I'm... looking for someone. I was supposed to meet my brother at the mansion," Luigi said.

"But, why here? Choosing this as your meeting place could be the last thing you decide on. You are well informed that this mansion is full of phantoms and other lost spirits. This mansion...” Professor Elvin Gadd paused and restated his thought. "No, this whole area is haunted by those who used to make a home here some decades ago. I wouldn't even live here if I won a huge house in a lottery."

The young plumber literally gulped at those words.

"What's wrong?"  the professor asked.

“Uh... Nothing,” he answered nervously.  “It just so happens... Never mind. So, have you seen my brother? His name is Mario,” Luigi said. The professor raised his eyebrow.

“Say, I met somebody named Mario earlier… At least, I think,” he said.

"That must've been him!" shouted Luigi anxiously.

"Possibly. Now that I think of it, THEY may have been freed after all. Your brother is in grave danger so long as they are on the loose. That scream can only mean that they must've found him,” he explained.

“You’re not telling me that he's..." He was terrified for the fate of the other hero.

"I'm not sure. I myself have been trying to tame those mischievous ghosts. Sadly to say, I failed. My body is too aged to do anything. All I can do is lend a hand. You probably can make a better hunter though, since your youth is still fresh. You may still have a chance to save him, but be aware that you are dealing with strong ghosts," the professor explained. Luigi's silence left him alone for a moment of thought.

“Me? Hunting for ghosts? What if I'm too late? What if that those gruesome creatures already... I don't even want to think what they did to him!” The chain of images blurred his mind and Luigi reluctantly allowed them to show more.

“I've got to be positive! It's all right. He's okay. Mario... Hold on, I'm coming to rescue you!” Luigi cried bravely. "I can do this! Professor, please tell me what I need to do." The professor smiled and jumped up.

"That's the spirit! Now follow me to my main lab. You will need a weapon to defend yourself on this journey." Gadd shuffled through a whole bunch of gadgets until, from the pile of junk, he drew something particular. He proudly presented: "This is the Poltergust 3000, a genius invention of mine," the professor said proudly.

"It's... a vacuum." Luigi took the little machine and wore it like a handy backpack with the neck in his hand.

"Ah, it may seem so, but it's specialized to catch the supernatural," he said.

"Are you saying that this house appliance can suck up ghosts?" he questioned, not believing the scientist.

"You got it! This baby is equipped with all the things you need to get around unwanted visitors. It has a reverse and can shoot elemental-" BOOM! The professor’s face was covered in black smoke when Luigi accidentally pushed the fire switch on the vacuum's neck.

"Um... Before you embark into the mansion, I think that you ought to undergo a little training. Please follow me." Gadd wiped off the dirt and guided him into the training room.

In the specialized area, Luigi conducted his first test with the Poltergust 3000. Every single ghost that neared him swam within a tidal wind into the vacuum. Though he still had some difficulties getting the hang of it, with some aiming, dragging and pulling, he managed the deal quite well. Luigi was the born ghostbuster! Over the monitor, Gadd congratulated the newborn hunter.

"Bravo, my boy! You were great! But, this doesn't mean that this adventure will be a cinch. Now listen, all you need to know is you've got to keep on guard. These ghosts are not to be taken lightly," the professor explained.

"I still don't like this whole idea..." Luigi explained.

"Would you care to take a look in the gallery? You may find some useful information. Besides, I'd like to show you something really special,” the professor explained. The professor led Luigi to another section of his underground laboratory, only to be hit by another surprise...

"AHHHH! OH NO!!! MY PAINTINGS?! THEY ARE... G-O-N-E!!! BUT! HOW CAN THIS BE?! THEY WERE RIGHT HERE!" The now panicking scientist stumbled over to every side in the room, looking for what had been stolen.

"The walls, were there originally paintings? They are... empty," noted Luigi as he passed by the halls.

"Wrong. My gallery used to have the most fascinating paintings you could've ever imagined.” A sobbing Professor walked up from behind and guided his hand across a blank painting. "I guess they broke free and are now at large," he said sadly.

"Broke free? How? Paintings can't walk... or do they?" He turned to the tiny man for an answer.

"The portraits are actually ghosts. Only in a more concealed form. Oh grieves! My poor work, gone down the drain! I believe I'll have to deal with it later." The two returned to the main lab to consult with the final agenda.

"As you explore the mansion you will encounter many unusual phenomena. And things may get rough. Don't be afraid. I'll be there to help you. You can contact me using the Gameboy Horror."

He handed a small rectangular communication device into the hunter's palm. Luigi made his way toward the exit stairs.

"Oh, and before I forget!” Gadd stopped him for a "tiny" request. "While you will look for your brother, do you mind if you could catch any Portrait Ghosts you come across?" he asked.

"I'll try," Luigi responded.

"Ah yes, you see, history is repeating itself, sort of." He turned around.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"I once used to be a lad just like you. But Luigi?" Gadd walked across the lab.

"I believe that you have a problem with paranormal creatures. Am I right?" the professor asked. The plumber blinked.

"What makes you think that?" Luigi asked curiously.

"Come on! I can tell when a person fears dead people! Actually, let's say, is witlessly afraid of their flowing souls. It's the clattering of your teeth, the shaking in your boots, that trembling feeling against your will that tells me that you dislike ghosts. And most remarkably, are those anguished eyes of yours... It's as if you lived in that fear for years..." Time paused the moment until Luigi choose to speak.

"I... hate ghosts... It's always been like that, ever since I... I was very young. Mario always used to scare me so bad that I became restless for a whole entire week! It even became a long-lasting effect..." Luigi said nervously.

"It's fear from the past, I assume. Well, have faith, Luigi, and make sure you are all right. If you're in trouble I'll be here to back you up," the professor explained.

"Those words..." Luigi immediately froze the second he realized the exact phrase that escaped Gadd. He was once promised these words some time ago, but the situation brought him back to reality.

"Now go find your brother before I fear the worst may happen." Luigi gave a slow nod and climbed out of the lab. Outside, Luigi stood in front of the mansion. Filled with fear, yet determination, the mansion gladly accepted Luigi's new arrival. Again, a hoarse whisper could be heard in the sky.

Chapter Four: Ghosts, Ghosts, and More Ghosts! Oh My!

Luigi entered and grabbed the key that was on the floor, walked nervously up the staircase, and inserted the key into the lock. Luigi twisted the knob, and opened the door. Luigi entered. Dim lighting lit the room, this provided by a candle. Suddenly, the walls began to speak on their own with each phrase from a different voice.

"Every single one that dared to come..." Luigi waited.

"Belong to us now..." His body flinched.

"And you are next..." His breath became short.

"They are coming after you..." Luigi turned.

"They will scare you..." He looked around.

"They will torture you.” He became lost.

"And they will kill you..." He felt defenseless.

"Are you afraid, little man? Are you?” More and more dreaded words and voices emerged from every side and corner of the four-walled room. Luigi couldn't control it anymore, he was trembling like crazy, but the agony went on...

"There's no way out...." one said.

"No hiding and no escape..." another said.

"You shall be the next piece to our collection!" another voice added.

"Enjoy your stay, BECAUSE YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT AGAIN!" Along with a bolt of lighting striking the clouds, appeared the fading orange structure of an abnormal creature. If he would've lost, all that blood racing through his veins, he would've passed out and never wake up.

"A...!" Luigi's scream replaced his exclamation. "G---GHO----GHOST!” A ghost floated up to his face and said very simply,


"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" shrieked Mario's only brother as he ran through the Parlor door which apparently wasn't sealed any longer. Luigi was on the ground. He forced himself up and saw three orange ghosts with long fangs who longed for a drink of his fear. They erratically flowed toward him and Luigi backed to the stair railing.

"Ge---Get away from me!!!” he whimpered. He climbed onto the banister, and just before those greedy supernaturals could touch him, Luigi gave a push and slid down the wooden railing on his feet. One of the orange ghosts attempted to grab him by his overalls, but at a curve of the course, it snatched the air instead. Luigi flew off at the end of the ride and landed once again on the cold floor on his back. His eyes were looking at the ceiling. He had hit his head and for a brief moment, he felt shaky. But now, the chandelier came racing down at him! With quick reflexes, Luigi rolled toward the web-coated door from earlier, barely avoiding it. The crystals of the chandeliers shattered and pieces of glass lay across the whole Foyer. His reflections rose along with him as he caught up with his breathing and tried to ease down. His heart and nerves were extremely exhausted.

By now, all three ghosts were floating above him. Luigi could phase their words through their wicked grin. “We have you now..."

What had happened in just 30 minutes, felt like eternity. It was too much for him to handle. His fatigue overwhelmed him and his fate was handed over to the supernatural. Luigi ran as fast as he could, and went for another room. He opened the door, quickly raced inside, and slammed the door. A beeping noise echoed through the hallway.

“Huh?” Luigi asked himself as he dug into his pocket and pulled out another invention the professor gave him, the Gameboy Horror. The screen fuzzed a little but eventually, an image of the professor appeared on the screen.

“How’s the sucking going, Luigi?” the professor asked.

“Not too well…” Luigi replied as he saw his breath go white.

“All right. Now, these ghosts in this area are going to be a little more challenging to get. They’re Portrait Ghosts,” the professor explained. “Good luck.”

Luigi put the device back in his pocket, walked to the first door, and opened it with ease as he entered the room. Luigi noticed a table with books highly stacked on top of another. He Luigi turned on his flashlight and looked over to a rocking chair that was rocking by itself. Luigi dug into his pocket and pulled out the Gameboy Horror. The image of the professor appeared.

“Luigi… This is the first Portrait Ghost in the mansion,” the professor explained.

“Huh? I don’t see any ghost.” Luigi explained.

“Look in the mirror,” he said as Luigi looked around. Luigi noticed the mirror, and looked in it to see a blue ghost reading a book.

“I see,” Luigi said as he shivered.

“All right then…Good luck, my boy!” And the professor’s image went black. Luigi took a deep breath, and walked over to the rocking chair.

“Um… Hello… uh, I-I’m Luigi. Mario’s brother. and… uh… I heard that you’re a Portrait Ghost,” Luigi introduced nervously.

To Be Continued...

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