Sunshine League of Villains

By Mario64

October 15, 2005

Author's Note: This story comes after Super Mario BROTHERS Sunshine.

Mario and Luigi are going to Isle Delfino again to have a vacation! This time there is no trouble.

Mario: Finally! A vacation with no Shadow Mario to bother us!

Luigi: I hope it's better than last time.

Mario: Don't worry. It will!

Mario and Luigi take a boat to Delfino Plaza.

Luigi: No more goop, no more problems!

Meanwhile, at the tub floating above Corona Mountain that had been tilted once but is now back to normal...

Shadow Mario: All right! Listen up, all of you! We're going to band together to destroy Mario, for my name is...

Shadow Mario then changes into Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: Bowser Jr! Now introduce yourselves!

Petey Piranha: I'm Petey Piranha. I shoot goop out of my mouth with Sweepin' Stus!

Gooper Blooper: I'm Gooper Blooper. My black ink will pollute any ocean!

Wiggler Ahoy: I'm Wiggler Ahoy! I'm a big green and mean Wiggler that runs around all the beaches!

Cannon Mole: I'm a cannon mole! I can shoot Bullet Bills and goop balls out of my cannon!

Eely-Mouth: I'm Eely-Mouth! I have dirty teeth that can pollute all bays!

Electro-Manta: I'm the Electro-Manta! I can divide with water and make electric goop!

Red Hot Chain Chomplet: %#$^$%&%&^#%^&#%^$%!!! (I'm a Chain Chomplet! I'm red, hot, and I hate water!)

Red Hot Chomp: $%^$%&%^&%^^$%^$%$%^%^&^!!! (I'm a red hot Chain Chomp! I run away from those with water and cause danger!)

King Boo: And I'm King Boo! I hate Luigi more than I hate Mario!

Bowser Jr. transforms back into Shadow Mario.

Shadow Mario: I'm glad you're all here! Let's go get that Mario!

King Boo: And Luigi!

Shadow Mario: Yeah.

All the villians split up.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are hanging out.

Luigi: A day with no villains is like a day with no trouble!

Mario: Yup.

Suddenly the sky becomes darker than ever before!

Mario: Here we go again...

Some kind of light pulls Mario and Luigi towards Corona Mountain's tub...

When Mario and Luigi wake up they are in the dark skies above Corona Mountain.

Mario: Shadow Mario, Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, Wiggler Ahoy, Cannon Mole, Eely-Mouth, Electro-Manta, Red Hot Chain Chomplet, Red Hot Chain Chomp, and King Boo!!!

King Boo: Hey! How come he said my name last?!

Mario: Because you hate Luigi more.

Shadow Mario: Welcome, Mario! We are those who you defeated! And now it's payback day!

All the villains laugh.

Luigi: This could be a lot of trouble!

Mario: Yeah! But the good news is Bowser isn't even here!

Bowser: Oh really?

Mario: I stand corrected...

Mario and Luigi get locked up in a cell.

Mario: If only Wario were here. He'd really help out!

20 minutes later...

Mario is playing a harmonica while Luigi is thinking of a way to get out.

Luigi: If only we would've gone easy on them!

Suddenly an idea hits Luigi.

Luigi: I know! We can get these villains to change.

Mario: People don't change. Once a villain, always a villain!

Luigi: But maybe Eely-Mouth can change. He gave us a heart of coins. Does that make him nice?

Mario: When his teeth are clean, yes!

Eely-Mouth then appears out of nowhere.

Luigi: Hey buddy, remember when we cleaned your teeth? You gave us a heart of coins!

Eely-Mouth: I did that so you could get yourself some health!

Luigi: Yeah, but your gas bubbles gave us health!

Eely-Mouth: Really? If you're reminding me of all this good stuff you did to me, does this mean you and I are... Friends?

Luigi: Sure!

Luigi gets out a toothbrush and toothpaste and cleans up Eely-Mouth's teeth, especially those that grew back, even his tan-colored tooth.

Mario: Impossible! He changed?

Luigi: We did nice things to him.

Mario: Oh yeah!

Eely-Mouth gets Mario and Luigi out of the cage. Just then all the other villains come by.


Eely-Mouth: Yes I did. I'm on the good side now!

Shadow Mario: You weren't born to be a villain after alll! I hereby banish you from the Sunshine League of Villains!!!

Gooper Blooper: Eely, you broke my heart.

Eely-Mouth: Well, I'm gonna break your face! And your tentacles!

Shadow Mario: Get them!!!

Mario and Luigi jump off the tub. The other villains go after them. They are about to land in water!

Red Hot Chain Chomp: No!!! Me and my son will lose our anger!

Gooper Blooper: And I'll fade!

Petey Piranha: At least I can fly!

King Boo: And I can float!

Wiggler Ahoy: So? I kinda like water!

Cannon Mole: I hope my cannon doesn't rust in the sand below!

Almost everyone lands in the water.

The Hot Chain Chomp lands in the water and becomes completely free of his disease.

Chain Chomp: $%^$%%#$%$%^%%#$%%&! (Yay! I'm free of the illness! Now back to Pianta Village!)

Shadow Mario: You are officially banned from the Sunshine League of Villans!!!

The Chain Chomp goes back to Pianta Village as the Chain Chomplet lands in the water and becomes free of his sickness too.

Chain Chomplet: $%#$^$%^#$$%@#%$%! (Great! I can now go back to Pianta Village!)

Shadow Mario: And you're banned too.

The Chain Chomplet goes back to Pianta Village as everyone else is about to land. Gooper Blooper uses his tentacles to get back on the Plaza, but everyone else falls in.

Shadow Mario: Luckily I happened to hire another Red Hot Chain Chomplet!

Another Hot Chomplet approaches.

Mario: That's one down?

Luigi: And two to go?

Shaodw Mario: Yeah.

Electro-Manta: It's a good thing water needs to be sprayed on me! Or I would've died!

Gooper Blooper: It's Plaza polluting time!

The villans takeover Delfino Plaza.

Eely-Mouth: Well, I gotta go. Bye.

Eely-Mouth heads back for Noki Bay.

Luigi: Aww man! Without our FLUDDs we're doomed!

Mario: We can do it. We just have to be creative.

Luigi: What's that?

Mario: Do stuff that will defeat them!

Luigi: Uh oh! Here they come!

The Sunshine League of Villains chase the Brothers, who swim to Ricco Harbor.

Gooper Blooper: Yes! This is my chance!

Petey Piranha: I can't believe you have to hold on to me!

Shadow Mario: Less talking, more killing!

Hot Chomplet: $%^$%^$%^$%%#$! (I'm glad Gooper Blooper got me with his tentacles!)

Mario and Luigi make it to Ricco Harbor but the villains keep up.

Luigi: Hey, Gooper Blooper! Over here!

Petey Piranha drops Gooper Blooper on the floor above the Blooper Surfing course where a Star is painted on the ground.

Gooper Blooper: Give up! Without your FLUDDs, you're nothing!

Suddenly E. Gadd appears from behind.

E. Gadd: Here you go.

FLUDD: Reunited at last!

FLUDD2: What's going on?

Mario: Every villain we've defeated on Isle Delfino has banded together to get rid of us for good! Luckily we took out Eely-Mouth and Red Hot Chain Chomp, but there are three Hot Chomplets and we've already cooled one!

Shadow Mario: This could be bad.

Luigi: I'll go for his mouth!

Mario: And I'll pull out his tentacles!

Mario pulls out one tentacle when Luigi sprays his mouth once.


Gooper Blooper attacks Luigi with his tentacles but with luck, Mario manages to grab ahold of two tentacles and pull them out! Then he pulls the last one before Luigi sprays him again.

Luigi: Ok!

Luigi pulls Gooper Blooper's mouth and his cork goes out. The second it does, he gets thrown over to the helipad.

Gooper Blooper: ALL RIGHT! THAT'S IT!

Mario and Luigi go to the helipad and find the Hot Chomplet and Gooper Blooper.

Hot Chomplet: $%^$%^$%^#$%?! (How's two against two?!)

Luigi: You get Gooper Blooper, I'll get the Hot Chomplet!

Luigi puts the Hot Chomplet and slings him into the water, where he becomes free of his illness.

Chomplet: %#$%^#$! (Thanks!)

The Chomplet goes back to Pianta Village.

Shadow Mario: There's still one more!

One more Hot Chomplet appears. Meanwile, Mario has just finished removing the five tentacles of Gooper Blooper and washing his mouth.

Mario: Now to do the honors!

Mario pulls his mouth one more time and Gooper Blooper gets flung over to Noki Bay.

Mario: Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi swim to Gelato Beach and the others follow.

Wiggler Ahoy: Yes! A beach! Now I can crush you all!!!

Wiggler Ahoy runs around the beach when Mario and Luigi get an idea.

Mario: Let's tell the sandbird that Wiggler Ahoy tried to kill him!

Mario and Luigi go to the sand bird's egg and hop inside.

Sandbird: Well hi, guys! How are you doing?

Luigi: Wiggler Ahoy sat on top of your tower while you were in the egg to endanger you.

Sandbird: HE WHAT?!

The sandbird dives down at the speed of light, all the way down to Gelato Beach.

Wiggler Ahoy: *sigh* The sandbird!

Sandbird: That's right! Mario and Luigi told me about you. And now it's payback!!!

The sandbird attacks Wiggler Ahoy, who he runs away. But the sandbird doesn't stop. He chases Wiggler Ahoy into Pianta Village and Wiggler Ahoy falls into the abyss.

Wiggler Ahoy: MY LIFE!!! IT'S OVER!!!

Sandbird: I hope you learned a valuable lesson!

The sandbird flies back to the skies and Mario and Luigi jump off him.

Mario: Only another seven villains to go!

Luigi: Yeah.

Mario and Luigi go back to Gelato Beach and swim to Sirena Beach.

Mario and Luigi arrive at Sirena Beach.

Electro-Manta: Yes! Now to plot my revenge!

Electro-Manta covers the hotel grounds in electric goop again.

Mario: That's the second time!

Luigi: What do we do?

Mario: Get him to burn up, I guess.

Cannon Mole: That will never happen!

The Cannon Mole shoot Bullet Bills at the Brothers, but they dodge them and they hit Electro-Manta instead.

Electro-Manta: Hey! Watch where you aim!

Cannon Mole: Sorry.

Mario and Luigi spray Electro Manta.


The Cannon Mole starts throwing more bombs at the Brothers. Mario sprays a bomb and throws it at Electro-Manta.

Electro-Manta: ARGH!!! I can't take it anymore!

Cannon Mole: Let's just waste him so we can battle!

Luigi: Ok.

Mario, Luigi, and Cannon Mole defeat Electro-Manta together to bring the hotel back.

King Boo: My turn!

Cannon Mole shoots three gold bullets and 57 jalapeno peppers at King Boo's Mouth.


King Boo disappears. Mario and Luigi take Cannon Mole out of his cannon and knock him into the third Hot Chomplet, which turns back to normal because he landed in the water.

Chomplet: %^$%^$%^! (I'm going back home!)

The Chain Chomplet goes back to Pianta Village.

Shadow Mario: Darn it! I'm out of Chomplets and I only have Petey with me!

Petey Piranha: Gooper Blooper is in Noki Bay!

Shadow Mario: Let's go to Noki Bay!

The three Marios (including the fake one) swim to Noki Bay with Petey flying with them.

Mario: Maybe if we get that book we saw in a bottle, we'll know more!

Mario and Luigi grab their helmets and go in that bottle again.

Mario: We must get that book!

Luigi: I see a door!

Mario: Where?

Luigi: Right here where we squeeze in!

Luigi squeezes into the hole and tries to open the door.

Luigi: It's stuck.

Mario: *sigh*

Mario squeezes into the hole and punches the door. Then it breaks.

Mario: Yes! We got the book!

Mario and Luigi leave the bottle.

Mario: This book shows us how to kill our enemies!

Luigi: Let's use it as a guide!

Mario and Luigi are suddenly grabbed by a tentacle and are pulled to Gooper Blooper.

Gooper Blooper: Did you miss me?!

Luigi: This is getting old.

Mario and Luigi pull out the tentacles and pull the mouth twice to send Gooper Blooper flying again. Instead of landing on the cliffs, he lands in the water. Then Eely-Mouth eats him.

Shadow Mario: ALL RIGHT! THAT'S IT!!!

Petey Piranha takes the three guys to Bianco Hills.

Petey Piranha: Ok! Now to finish you off!

Petey Piranha prepares to spit some goop. Hust then, however, Eely-Mouth spits out Gooper Blooper, who is sent flying through the air all the way to Bianco Hills. He lands right in Petey Piranha's mouth.

Petey Piranha: $%#$%*choke*4#$%#$%##%#$%^#$^*CHOKE!!!*$#$^#$$%#$#$^$%^&%&&^!!#$#%#$^!$

Petey Piranha falls into the water with Gooper Blooper.


Shadow Mario runs to Sirena Beach and swims to Pinna Park.

Shadow Mario: I may be all out of villains, but I still got Mecha-Bowser!

Mario and Luigi go after them. But then all the villains defeated before reappear.

Luigi: ???

Mario: I thought you guys were dead!

King Boo: Shadow Mario has been treating us like slaves. So we'll make it up to you.

Luigi: How?

Cannon Mole: Arch-enemies working together!

Mario: All right. Mortal enemies working together. But just this once!

All the villains go to Pinna Park and see Mecha-Bowser.


Petey Piranha: I'm afraid we are. For now.

Petey Piranha shoots goop in Mecha-Bowser's face. Gooper Blooper wraps up Mecha-Bowser. Wiggler Ahoy attack the feet.

Sandbird: I'll help too. But on one condition!

Mario: What?

SandBird: Wiggler Ahoy, you must never endanger me again!

Wiggler Ahoy: I won't...

Cannon Mole fires Bullets and Bob-ombs at Mecha-Bowser. Eely-Mouth bites Mecha-Bowser. Electro-Manta shocks Mecha-Bowser. The Chain Chomp and his Chomplets attack his legs. Mecha-Bowser then breaks into its own big useless head. Shadow Mario changes into Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr: You had your chance!

The Mecha-Bowser head changes into fly mode. He goes to Corona Mountain.

Petey Piranha: Even we're not brave enough to go to Corona Mountain. You're on your own!

Luigi: I guess it's up to us!

Mario and Luigi go back to Corona Mountain.

Mario: Let's do it!

Luigi: I guess we have to go through those danger platforms again.

Mario: Maybe not!

Mario gets out a bottle of Blamish Oil.

Luigi: What's that?

Mario: It's Blamish Oil. It protects us from burning up in the lava! With it, we can swim in the lava!

Luigi: Does it come off?

Mario: Yes. With water.

Luigi: Does it stain clothes?

Mario: No.

Mario and Luigi cover themselves in Blamish Oil and swim across the lava alll the way to the end.

Mario: And now to climb the clouds.

Mario and Luigi grab the Rocket Nozzle and make it to the top.

Bowser: So, we meet again!

Mario: It seems you repaired the five arms of the tub.

Bowser Jr: That's right! And now we battle!

Luigi: It's not gonna be that way!


Petey Piranha and everyone else come to the tub and work together to make the tub fall into the volcano.

Bowser: I'm outta here!

Bowser Jr: Me too!

Bowser and Bowser Jr. escape as the tub burns in the lava.

Mario: Well, that's the end of that.

Mario and Luigi go back to having a vacation.

The End

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