Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 14: The Final Battle

"Here it is..." Luigi said. "The road to victory."

"Or not," Waluigi said.

Mallow stared at him.

"Well it's true!" Waluigi blurted as Luigi opened the final door.

"So you're here," Rudy said. "And so are we."

"We?" Luigi asked.

"Come, pet!" Rudy shouted as Flaahgra 2 burst through the floor.

"We're ready," Mallow said.

"Then attack!" Rudy said.

"YYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Luigi said, jumping towards Rudy.

Rudy the Clown: 40 HP
Flaahgra: 20 HP
VS. Luigi: 25 HP
Waluigi: 20 HP
Mallow: 15 HP

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan!
Rudy the Clown
40 HP, 4 Attack, 1 Defense
This is it, Luigi! This is the final trial in the road to saving your brother! But one thing confuses me. Why is he... weak? He is weaker than the mini-boss. There's something wrong here, Luigi. But other than that… He's got an array of attacks, including time-stopping, paralyzing, sleep-inducing, and more. Plus Flaahgra 2's on his side, although with Waluigi's ray it shouldn't be too hard to defeat him.

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Rudy: 37 HP!

Waluigi uses Align. He moves over to just the right place, then moves to defense mode.

Rudy uses Crush. He lifts his hands in the air, then they smash down upon Luigi and Mallow!
Luigi: 21 HP!
Mallow: 11 HP!

Flaahgra 2 uses Piercing Blow!

Luigi uses Jump! Timed hit!
Rudy: 34 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder!
Rudy: 30 HP!

Waluigi uses Shine Blast! He shoots it at angle so that it goes through Rudy and hits Flaahgra 2, causing it to slam its scythe right on Rudy!
Flaahgra 2: 10 HP! Danger!
Rudy: 20 HP!

Luigi: Nice aim!
Waluigi: Thanks!
Rudy: But it's not over til it's over!

Rudy uses Hypnotize! He brings out a watch and starts waving it in front of Waluigi!
Waluigi: Zzzzzzzzzz..
Waluigi asleep for three turns!

Flaahgra 2 uses Energy Beam!
Luigi dodges!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 8 HP! Danger!

Mallow uses Thunder! It's. Super-Effective?
Rudy: 10 HP! Danger!

Rudy uses Smash!
Luigi: 17 HP!
Mallow dodges!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Flaahgra 2: 6 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! Super-Effective!
Rudy: 0 HP!
Rudy is…

All of a sudden, Rudy's head falls off!

Robotic Head: Pay no attention to the robotic head under the clown suit!

Luigi: Huh?

Mallow: I knew it! That wasn't really Rudy! It was... Grodus?

Grodus: Yes! I am getting my revenge for what your horrid brother did to me! Those vegetables were disgusting! I mean... um... He beat me up!

Luigi: Whatever. We'll beat you up, too!

Grodus: Prepare to be terminated!

He rips off the rest of the Rudy costume to reveal that his head is actually just attached to it. His body is nowhere to be found. Waluigi wakes up.

Waluigi: Huh. What happened?

Mallow: I'll explain later! Just attack!

Waluigi uses Shine Blast!
Flaahgra 2: 0 HP!
Flaahgra 2 is out!

Grodus uses Recharge! He heals his health up to 30.

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan!
30 HP, 8 Attack, 2 Defense
I knew something was wrong with that Rudy guy. But I still feel this isn't right. Why would Grodus hire all those people to destroy Toad Town? But his robo-suit is pretty awesome. Complete with Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 weapons, plus Rudy's attacks. A doozy, this one. But I know we can do it and save your brother. At least I hope so.

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed Hit!
Grodus: 28 HP!

Waluigi uses Shine Blast!
Grodus: 25 HP!

Grodus uses Rocket! He shoots into the sky, then heads for Luigi as he holds out his spiked fist.
Luigi: 9 HP! Danger!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed Hit! Lucky!
Grodus: 19 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! Super-Effective! Pierces Defense!
Grodus: 9 HP! Danger!

Waluigi uses Super Shine Scope! He charges up an attack.
Grodus uses Rocket on Waluigi! Countered! Waluigi fires the laser at him!
Grodus: 4 HP! Danger!

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Thunder!
Grodus: 0 HP!
Grodus is out!
Grodus: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! How did I lose? AGAIN!
He falls over, defeated.
Grodus is ou-

Voice: I still have one last shot at this!

All of a sudden, a shadowy figure appears from Grodus's head.

Voice: I am the great Wart! Ribbit.

Luigi: No way.

Wart: You shall never save your brother. It's hopeless.

Waluigi: Wait. So you were pretending to be Grodus, who was pretending to be Rudy, who was pretending to be you pretending to turn into Goombario and the boat rental guy? I'm confused.

Wart: Um… yeah. Anyway, you'll never get your brother. You've fallen right into my trap.

Luigi: Huh?

Wart: I've already got Mario, Peach, and Toad. All I need is you and I can fully have my revenge on you. Then I can destroy my idiot brother and his family, and rule the world! Gwahahahhahhahahahaw!

Luigi switches with Mallow!

Mallow uses Scan!
30 HP, 8 Attack, 0 Defense

Finally, after all this time, we know who really kidnapped your brother. It took a while, but it worked out. Now we can save your brother, get out of this place, and save the world. I really hope this guy isn't, like, Michael Jordan or something. He's a little easy, though. Still, his attack is high, but we should be able to take him down 1, 2, 3.

Luigi uses Hammer. Timed Hit!
Wart: 26 HP!

Waluigi uses Shine Charge.
Waluigi: Sorry, gotta reload.

Wart uses Bubble Bombard! He opens his maw and shoots out poison bubbles everywhere.
Luigi: Poisoned!
Mallow: Poisoned!
Waluigi: Poisoned!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Wart: 22 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! Timed Hit!
Wart: 18 HP!

Waluigi uses Shine Blast!
Wart: 13 HP!
Luigi: 8 HP! Danger!
Mallow: 10 HP!
Waluigi: 19 HP!

Wart uses Heavy Bubble on Waluigi! He hacks up a gigantic bubble and it flies over to Waluigi, then drops.
Waluigi: 11 HP!

Luigi uses Hammer! Timed hit!
Wart: 9 HP!

Mallow uses Thunder! Timed Hit!
Wart: 5 HP! Danger!

Waluigi uses Shine Blast!
Waluigi: Take this!
Wart: 0 HP!
Wart is out!


"Nooooo…" Wart says, falling on the ground.

"Good job, Waluigi," Luigi says as Mallow opens up the machine that the other three are in.

"Thank you, Luigi," Toad says, emerging from the hatch. "But our princess is in another castle!"

Princess Peach walks out, kisses him, then walks over to Toad. "Thank you, Luigi," she says.

"Bro?" Luigi says as Mario walks out.

"Thanks, Luigi!" Mario says. "Now let's get outta here and have us some pasta!"

"I'll make a cake!" Peach says.

"Thanks, guys, but it wasn't only me," Luigi says, pointing to Mallow and Waluigi.

"Mallow, long time no see!" Mario says.

"Back at ya!" Mallow says.

"And Waluigi… um... Waluigi. Good job," Mario says.

"Yeah, whatever," Waluigi says, although you can tell he's smiling.

"Hey, guys," Luigi says. "Isn't there any way to remember this by?"

"Let's go to the castle first," Peach says.

At the castle…

"Say cheese!" a Toad says as he takes the gang's picture.

"It's so beautiful!" Waluigi says as he bawls his eyes out.

"Now I have a picture for my room," Mallow says.

"This sure was quite an adventure," Luigi says.

Later that night…

"Night, Bro," Mario says, returning to his top bunk.

"Night," Luigi says, looking at the picture framed by his bed.

But what happened to everyone else?

Mallow now leads a normal life as Prince Mallow in Nimbus Land. He now has his own army and it is rumored that ties with Sarasaland are thinning.

Waluigi moved in with his brother and they struck it rich(er) while Waluigi was playing around with his Shine Blaster. He found an ancient gold mine and bought himself a palace that rivals Wario's.

Mario and Luigi now are back to rescuing the princess every other day, but Luigi's been having the same recurring dream about him being possessed.

Ishnael now owns an even bigger company after Waluigi shared some of his gold to make up for the vase he broke. Now he's the boss of IL Piantissimo.

Garf and Gus still work for Ishnael, but are now second in command. They actually made Drainbow into another living being, thanks to some magic.

IL Piantissimo and his Apprentice now work for Ishnael, and the purple-belt Ninja is a janitor, although he always seems to have some help from an unknown source.

Admiral Bobbery lives on Shroomy Island with the Amanita family, and Frogfucious moved back to Tadpole Pond. He often sails out to sea with Shawnanita.

The Mighty Arachne visited his nephew, Squitter the Spider, after the Wario War. After exchanging a few stories, they declared that they would go on an adventure together someday.

Kardboard K. Rool went cowering back to K. Rool after his defeat, and was justly punished. He now lives inside the dungeons aboard the repaired ship.

The princess and Toad now live a rather boring life in their castle, talking to other Toads and sharing stories. But it seems more and more people are asking for autographs… from Toad.

Kent C. Koopa is cowering in the old Koopa Bros. Fortress, sharing a cell with them. He accidentally locked himself in, and is currently trying to get out.

Goombaria is still clueless as ever. She now calls everyone mister weirdo-dream.

K. Rool now sails on the Gangplank Galleon in search of his map. With help from an army of stupid crocodiles and a giant piece of cardboard, it should be easy, right?

Skreech is still searching for Squacks, with no luck so far. He still hangs with K. Rool, and is getting more and more demented the longer he stays around him. K. Rool, I mean, is getting more demented.

Wario watched in envy as his brother struck it rich and got his own solid gold palace. He is planning to get revenge(?) on him by presenting his brother with a certain Black Jewel.

Kudgel now spends his time living in a nice cottage in Diamond City, next to Mona. He works at WarioWare Inc. now and has his own array of Pirate games.

Grodus, confused about what happened in the last couple of weeks, now uses his new body to command the X-Nauts for a surprise attack on Plit.

Wart hangs out in Sub-con now, usually in Luigi's dreams, planning for his next revenge.

Cackletta now inhabits a vegetable (like from Super Mario Bros. 2) as her new body. She took control of one of the ones that can only be found in Wart's battle (you know, the upside-down ones with the round eyes and root on top). She calls herself Cackveggie, but Fawful still obeys her every command, including one of building a giant robot.

Popple has stolen a lot. Booster's helmet, Peasley's bean thing, and even Kudgel's club. He now calls himself "Popple Dark the Master Shadow Thief", and now actually has self-defense when he puts these together.

Flaahgra 2 is now inside of Sub-con with Wart, and Wart has taken away his roots so he can slither along the ground like a snake.


Wart: Gwahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaw!

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