Wart's Revenge

By Beezo'n'Weldar

Chapter 6: Attack of the Enigon!

"Fine," Ishnael said. "I admit defeat. Now wattya want?"

"To get into the Pianta Parlor," Mallow said.

"... You're kidding." Ishnael said.

"Nope," Luigi states.

"I just got my butt whooped just so someone could get into the Parlor?"

"Well, actually we want to see the Don of untimely doom," Waluigi added.

"You mean the Don of speedy quickness?" Ishnael said. "Sure. That's a better answer. Anyway, here you go. Have this pass."

"Okay guys, this is it," Luigi said as he opened the door. The waiting room was just like the old Pianta Parlor, except with different people inside. On the wall was a plack that said "In memory of Don Pianta".

"That's kind of sad," Mallow said.

They walked up to the Anuboo at the counter. "Hello," she said. "My name's Bo. How can I provide you with excellent service?"

"We're here to see Don Pianta," Luigi said.

"Do you have a pass?"

"Yes, right here." She inspected it and gave it back. "Thank you. You may  go." She then transported to the back door and opened it for them. They went inside to find that the hallway wasn't as cheery as the lobby. Or cheery at all. It was all made of rickety steel and there were Pianta guards at every door. As they passed, every one asked for a pass. Luigi, of course, showed them it and they let him through. But when he got to the top, there was a Ninja. He had a purple belt on and he didn't look friendly. He was holding a shuriken in his hand and was ready to strike.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm Luigi, this is Mallow, and that's Waluigi," Luigi said, pointing to his friends.

"Do you have a pass?" the Ninja asked.

"Yes, right here," Luigi said, holding it up.

"Hm..." The Ninja said. "You may proceed. Say, you look pretty strong. Not! But after you get more powerful, come see me, okay?"

"Sure," Luigi said as he opened the gigantic doors just to reveal that the room was in complete darkness.

"Wahahahaha!" someone laughed.

"Who's there?" Waluigi asked.

"Why, it is me, Don Pianta!" the voice again said. A giant spotlight shined on a chair and on it was Il Piantissimo, but with an orange Pianta mask on.

"Il Piantissimo, you mean?" Luigi said.

"No no no no. Don Pianta!" Piantissimo said again.

"Well, whatever your name is, we need to get to the docks."

"Why, of course!" Piantissimo said. "But first..."

"First what?" Luigi questioned.

"You must race!"

"You?" Waluigi said. "Sure."

"Not so fast," the new Don said. "I'm getting on in years and as such, I can no longer run because of this
danged osteoporosis. If only I'd drunk enough milk. So, I'll have my apprentice have at it. Apprentice!"

A small blue Snifit came in, and saluted.

"You need to race one of these three. They will choose who."

"Yes, Master Pianta!" the Apprentice said.

"Hm," Mallow started. "Which one of us is the fastest?"

"Don't look at me!" Luigi said. "Mario was the faster runner, and I jumped higher."

"I'll try," Waluigi said. "I was always the fastest out of Wario and I."

"Have you decided?"

"Yes," Luigi said. "Waluigi's going."

"Okay, meet up at the roof of the place."

When they got there, everyone got ready.

"Ready?" Piantissimo asked. "GO!"

It started as a drop to the roof below. A big drop. But the Apprentice had a parachute, so he was unharmed,
although he made it down later than Waluigi. Waluigi, on the other hand, hit the roof hard. When he got up,
though, he ran pretty smoothly. Then when the Apprentice landed and packed away his parachute, he
traveled at a high speed and caught up to Waluigi pretty quickly. But on top of Zess T's roof, Waluigi
jumped all the way to the top while the Apprentice had to climb. Waluigi had already past the place where Grifty used to be when he tripped and landed on a Goomba, which he bounced off of. He then landed back on a house nearer to the finish line, which was on top of Ishnael Inc. When Waluigi had finally started to climb the walls of Ishnael Inc, the Apprentice had already bolted to the side, where he and Waluigi were neck and neck. They had climbed pretty high with no problem until they got to the balcony where the three had fought the Chester. Immediately, Waluigi knocked the Apprentice off the side and he landed inside of a certain defeated treasure chest. Waluigi went inside the mirrored room, seeing as there was no way to scale
a 90-degree angle wall, and climbed to the top of one of the mirrors, where he then scaled a giant wall. When he got to the top, he saw a flag on the top of a needle sticking out of the Industries. He scaled the slippery needle and got the flag. Since he had to return the flag, he made a jump of destiny and landed right near the Parlor. He easily scaled it and got to the top just to find the Apprentice there.

"How did you get here before me?" Waluigi asked. Then he noticed something was missing: Apprentice's
flag. "I still won, though. He doesn't have his flag."

"He's right, you know," Piantissimo said. "I hereby give you one wish that is in my control."

"I wish that you destroy the wall!" Waluigi said.


Waluigi, Luigi, and Mallow watched as the giant wall exploded, revealing the way to the docks.

"Well, let's go!" Luigi said as they walked to the docks, just to find it a lot fancier and with very few people.

"Huh?" one of the worker Mushroomers said. "I guess the grand re-opening was sooner than I thought. Anyway, welcome to Don Docks. Where will you be going to on one of our marvelous ships?"

"Three for the Mushroom Kingdom, please," Luigi said.

"That'll be 100 coins, please."

"What?" Luigi said. "Fine. Um, anybody got 100 coins?"

"I do," Mallow said as he pulled out a 1-Up Mushroom. "I was saving it for later, when only I was still in a
battle, but... Here you go," Mallow said as he gave the Mushroom to the Mushroomer.

"Thank you very much. Your boat is number three."

The three scrambled over to the boat. They looked around. Nothing was really special about it, except for the driver.

"Yes," the Mushroomer said as he turned back into a mysterious figure. "Thank you veeery much."

"Admiral Bobbery?" Luigi asked as he saw the old sea-bomb.

"Oh! I didn't expect you to be here, Mario!" Bobbery said.

"Um, Luigi," Luigi corrected.

"Luigi, eh? Sorry. My eyes have been failing me as of late."

"So, what makes you need to go to the Mushroom Kingdom?" Bobbery said.

"Oh, Mario's been captured," Luigi said. "Again."

"Well, that's no good," Bobbery answered.

"I'll say," Luigi said.

"Hm, well I..." Bobbery stopped in the middle of the ocean. "Oh, no..."

"What's wrong, Admiral?" Mallow said.

"Something is over the horizon. It can be one of three things. One, a Gargantuan Blooper; two, pirates; or
three, an Enigon."

"An Enigon?" Mallow said. "What's that?"

"An Enigon is a horrid beast made up of thousands of small parts of Enigma and a Gorgon. They are very
repulsive, and will absorb a ship in and throw it to some island far away. But first it will knock out the passengers onboard."

Then a giant pig-bat flew up and attacked Luigi.

Enigon: 50 HP
Luigi: 15 HP
Waluigi: 10 HP
Mallow: 10 HP

Luigi uses Jump on Enigon.
Enigon: 50 HP
"WHAT?" Luigi screams.

Mallow uses Scan on Enigon.
HP: 50 Defense: !))) Attack: 12
Holy crud! I can't even tell what this thing's Defense is! It must be really high, though. Anyway, this is an
Enigon. An Enigma mixed with a Gorgon. Its attack is really  high, so... yeah. I'm pretty sure this is a story battle.
"A what?" Luigi asks.
Never mind. Anyway, we can not win, period.

Waluigi uses Charge Punch. FP is gone!
"Crud," Waluigi says.

Enigon uses Swarm on Waluigi. It flies over to Waluigi and then eats him whole! Then it breaks into thousands of tiny pig-bats and they take the form of Waluigi. Then they break apart to reveal a KO'd Waluigi.
"Geese!" Luigi says.

Luigi uses Defend.

Mallow uses Defend.

Enigon uses Shooter. It sucks in and then when it blows out, thousands of tiny pink and green pig-bats come out like bullets. Defend makes them bounce off and the Enigon is no more, but thousands of tiny Pig-Bats are.

Luigi switches with Mallow.

Mallow uses Scan.
Super Pig-Bat
HP: 1 Defense: *( Attack: 12
Geese. These are the things that make up Enigons. They're super-powered Pig-Bats, which make up
Enigmas and Gorgons. Nothing much else.

Luigi uses Pass.

Super Pig-Bats use Reform.
They take the Form of an Enigon again, which uses Shooter.
Luigi and Mallow: 0 HP


The Enigon roared as it engulfed the ship and shot it far, far away.

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