Sho's Crazy Ideas: The Invisiwand

By Koopaling Josh

Author's Note

Attention readers, this is a redo of Sho's Crazy Ideas: The Invisiwand and Stylowand. I did not like a lot of things in the first so I am now redoing the whole story. Have fun reading!


Sho crept down the walls, tiptoed past the security cameras, and rolled through a nearby doorway. He came up to a safe and put his ear against the cold, hard metal. Click, click, click. He opened the safe and there in front of him was...

"Yay! My Yoshi Dolly!" yelled Sho.

"You're the cutest doll ever!" Sho said while pulling the string on the doll.

"He he! That tickles!" said the Yoshi Dolly stupidly.

"You always say that!" said Sho while walking over to a desk with a computer on top. (Hey, Plit has technology too!)

Sho searched the Internet for ideas on how to gain ultimate power. "Hmm, Star Rod? No. Crystal Stars? No. Invisiwand? Yes!" said Sho.

Do you want to become so powerful that no one will be able to stop you? Do you want to feel the power flowing through your puny little body? Well, here is the place to look! We are talking about the Invisiwand! Batteries sold seperatley. It is located by the entrance to the Crystal Palace. Instead of giving those snowmen hats and scarves, simply take them all away and a new doorway will be opened. But remember, with every treasure there is some sort of guard, so be on the alert.

Sho instantly ran out of Shy Guy's Toy Box and into the Toad Town Pipe System.

Chapter One: Party in the Pipes

Mario sat down in front of his computer, tired as ever. Even too tired
to yell CHEESE every ten seconds. He searched the Internet to try to find out what villains will try to steal in the next week. Mario came to a site that told about something called an Invisiwand.

Are you tired of your most evil villains stealing the items first and then you have to deal with them? Well, this is the place to get to them first! The Invisiwand is located near the Crystal Palace. Instead of giving the snowmen hats and scarves, simply take them all away and a new way will be opened. But remember, there is a guard there guarding the treasure you wish to have!

Mario flew out the door, not bothering to tell Luigi he couldn't come, and into the Toad Town Pipe System.

Mario eventually made it to the pipe to Shiver City, but out of nowhere, a sound was heard. "BLOOPER!" yelled Ice Blooper.

An extremely large Blooper covered in ice floated right in front of Mario. Mario got into a battle position and kicked the Blooper in the stomache causing it to fly backwards a little ways. Blooper squirted blue and icy ink towards Mario. Before Mario was frozen in the ice. His last thought was, "So that's how they make that blue ink!"

How will Mario get unfrozen? What in the world is the Invisiwand? Who will get to the Invisiwand first? Stay tuned and wait for the next chapter of Sho's Crazy Ideas: The Invisiwand.

Chapter Two: Bowser's Plan

Bowser was sitting in front of the TV when he saw a report about the villains he'd hired to get Mario when he found the Star Rod. Bowser sat down and listened to the report.

"That's it! I'm getting these guys back together so I can once again TRY to rule the Mushroom Kingdom!"

Bowser stomped out the door and headed towards Goomba Village.


Mario couldn't figure out what to do. Mario tried to form a fireball in his palm. He made a fireball and shot it, causing the ice to shatter. Mario instantly flew into the Blooper and smashed it as hard as he could. The Blooper was hit so hard it flew into the wall and through it.

Through the gap in the wall was a pipe. Mario figured he could investigate the new pipe later and headed up to Shiver City. Mario popped out of the pipe and ran outside of the city, making it to a clearing with snowmen alligned in a straight line.

Just at that moment, Sho came into the area and quickly took the hats and scarves. A large staircase came tumbling down and a gate appeared at the top. Sho ran in with Mario following close behind.

Up in front of Sho was a two-way fork in the road. Sho went left. Then Mario came in, taking a right. Mario came into a humongous room with a mirror every step along the wall. Mario roamed around for a while and eventually stood in the center of the room.


"Huh?" Mario said. "Who's here?"

"Who's here?"

"Show yourself!" Mario demanded.

"Show yourself!" Mario thought for a second.


"Eemookoopocko- what see?"

Mario ran to one of the mirrors and slammed it with his fist. The Mario opposite him popped out and shifted into battle position.

Chapter Three: The Weak and the Cool

Bowser was walking along the trail to Goomba Village, stomping Goombas along the way. Once he got to Goomba Village, he saw a couple of new houses built in the area. Bowser entered one.

"Who is is?" questioned the Gommba King.

"Your worst nightmare," said Bowser.


"Your wor... Bowser," said Bowser. "I need your help in defeating Marioagain."

"What's in it for us?"

"Well, let's see, ten coins instead of the usual five?"

"DEAL!" yelled the Gommba Gang.

"Good, just follow me," said Bowser.


The Mario copy jumped at Mario with ultimate strength. Mario grunted and flew himself into his copy, doing almost nothing.

"Ha ha ha ha! You'll never dfeat me Mario, for sure!"

Mario ignored himself and hammered himself again, doing almost nothing again. The copy closed its eyes and concentrated, and out of nowhere, glowed a bluish color. Mario jumped on it as hard as he could, doing literally nothing this time. Then his copy let go of all of the energy stored up inside him. Blue light shot everywhere, Mario's eyes wide open.


Bowser, the Goomba King, and his royal followers were walking down the trail to Koopa Village but kept on going to the Koopa Bros. Fortress. They came up to the main gate. The Goomba King knocked on the door. A little tune played and Black opened the door.

"What do you want? We're in a tough situation right now!" said Black.

"What is it?" said Bowser.

"Well, one, our toilet is clogged. Two, Red won't stop making fun of me, and three, Yellow is playing Scrabble with Kooper!"


"Well, can you just help us first?" said Bowser.

"Only if you help me!" said Black.

"Fine. C'mon you guys, let's fix this guy's problems."

Bowser and the Gang first went to the Royal Koopa Bros. Lavatory. "This is when I actually start to like Mario." (You saw that coming, didn't you!)

"Well, I don't feel like doing this," said Bowser. Bowser threw Red Goomba in the toilet and pushed him up and down as a plunger.

"There! All done! Now to fix this Scrabble problem!" said Bowser.

Bowser and the Goombas headed towards a room where Kooper and Yellow were playing Scrabble.

"Ladders, ladders, ladders!" said Kooper.

"This is Scrabble, you idiot!"

"Fine, K-O-O-P-E-R," said Kooper.

"Kooper isn't a word! It's a proper noun!"

"Yeah it is!"

"No, it's not!"

"Yeah, it is!"

"No, it's not!

"Yeah it is infinity!"

"I hate that saying."

"Umm, ahem, sorry to interrupt your game but... WOULD YOU STOP ALREADY?" yelled Bowser.

"Sure! Please let us stop!" said Yellow.

They follow Bowser and go to Red in another room.

"Red, stop teasing Black, please!" said Bowser.

"Okay, fine."

Black walks in.

"Hi-yah Black! You wanna play hide and go seek... in the DARK? You know, dark is black. Huh? Huh?" said Red.

"Okay, that was a really bad joke and, I don't feel like being helpful anymore, so..." said Bowser. Bowser dragged Red and Green out with everyone else following and headed towards the Toad Town Railroad.

What will happen next? What is the Invisiwand? Who will get it first? Read the next chapter to find out!

Chapter Four: The Battle of the Invisiwand

Sho came into a room with strange circular holes every inch along the walls and ceiling, with a treasure chest being in the middle. Out of curiosity, Sho opened the chest, seeing a rod with a blue orb on the end. The Invisiwand, Sho thought. But all of a sudden, spikes popped out of the holes on the walls and the walls slowly slid closer to him. (Classic, isn't it?)

Sho ran forward towards a blue, ice-covered door. He slipped and fell but got up quickly and opened the door. Sho was in a large room with ice everywhere. A cold and icy wind sent a chill up his spine. A figure slowly appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the room.

"I am Isopherous."


Mario was blinded by the blue light, then frozen. He had no idea what to do because he was also paralyzed. The Mario copy laughed maniacally. Mario tried to open his eyes but nothing happened. Then he tried again. His eyes opened but he hadn't tried to. Mario saw a faint blue star to the right of him. It was just staring at him, half smiling. Mario broke free and flew towards his copy with the most force he had ever given.

The copy was flown backwards and hit the wall, sure to be dead. Mario simply walked forward and into the door. To his surprise, he saw Sho and Isopherous talking. Isopherous was doing that thing where they say that you can never beat them. You know, that sort of thing. Isopherous and Sho turned in unison. Mario ran forward.


Bowser and gang walked down to the Toad Town Railroad.

"All aboard!" yelled the engineer.

Bowser and everyone else walked forward and tried to get on but couldn't fit. The Koopa Bros jumped on.

"Only we cool guys can come on the train. You guys walk!"

Kooper got off. Yellow saw this and went off too. "Come on Yellow!" But the train was already moving towards Mt. Rugged.

Bowser, Kooper, Yellow, and the Goombas started walking.


Grodus stood in an icy area, just past where Mario, Sho, and Isopherous were fighting. Grodus, Isopherous, and the Crystal King were all teaming together to defeat Mario once and for all. Mario would have to defeat them one by one. Mario had already defeated the Mario copy, who was really the Cystal King, who had learned the new abilities to shoot a big blue laser in all directions and pretend to be someone else. Grodus waited patiently, knowing that Mario would probably defeat Isopherous anyway. He groaned. Behind him was a large chest with the real Invisiwand in it. He knew either Mario or Sho had already got the fake one. Just then, he heard winds swirling and just knew that Isopherous was using his ultimate attack. Grodus did a little victory dance. (What? There has to be something funny!)

Chapter Five: The Invisiwand

Bowser and the Goombas had been walking along the railroad track for quite a while. After many hours of walking, they came to the station with the Koopas waiting for them.

"What took you so long?" said Black.

"Wa... wat... WATER!" Bowser said. Bowser ran around searching the bushes nearby and found an egg.

"Egg!" Bowser tried to eat the egg but it started shaking.

"What do you think you're doing, you egg-eating freak?" yelled Jr. Troopa.

"Ahh! Alive egg!"

"Well duh! Sure I'm alive!"

"What do ya want?"

"One, water, two... you know Mario, right?"


"Good! Then follow me if you want to kill him."

Jr. Troopa, Bowser, the Goombas, and the Koopas walked on the trail of Mt. Rugged and headed towards the Outpost.


Mario saw Isopherous doing his ultimate attack and tried to dodge, but was scared stiff and couldn't move.

"Yoshi Dolly! Help me!" yelled Sho.

The faint blue star appeared again, this time more clear. It glowed blue and a light was shot towards Mario. Mario was now in a blue force field. Isopherous's beam shot at Mario, doing no damage whatsoever.

"What?" screamed Isopherous.

Mario shot at Isopherous and did tons of damage. Isopherous floated upwards and shot down at Mario, hurting him much more. Mario jumped at Isopherous once again but was blocked this time. Isopherous tried charging up again, then the star appeared, and a shield was put around Mario. Once again, Mario was unharmed. But then Ispherous glowed red and larger. Mario stared at his star friend, hoping he could block this too.


After wandering through the desert for quite a while, the group decided to rest for a couple of minutes. They wandered more and finally came to the Outpost.

"Here it is!" said Bowser as he looked at the crumbling brick walls coming off a temple-like building with a large staircase decending down in front of them. "This isn't the Outpost, is it?" said Bowser. "Let's just go in anyways."

They walked into the temple and immediately heard a voice. "OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO! Stay out of my templ- Ow! Chompy! Stop biting me! Err- OoOoOoOoO!"

"What'd he say?" said Red as they continued to walk through the temple.


The red beam shot at Mario first, breaking the shield and then knocking Mario to the floor, paralyzed. Isopherous shot at Mario again with his body, doing a lot more damage.


Mario was floating in nowhere. He walked in place for a while and the star appeared again.

"I am Ista, and I'm here to help you."

To Be Continued...

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