Wendy's Betrayal

By HaloYoshi

They were crossing a very forested path when a little Fuzzy jumped out of nowhere.

"Everyone back away slowly,” whispered Wendy to the Mario Bros.

“There comes a point in a man's life where he realizes thing... Well that point hasn’t come for me yet, but that’s not the point, the point is that Fuzzy thing is completely harmless,” said Luigi.

“Uh… Luigi… I think Wendy was actually rig-” Mario was interrupted by Luigi‘s… screaming.


Mildly entertained, Mario went over to help his brother. “Haha!” Wendy laughed.

“AHH!!! HELP!!!”

“You know what I noticed?” asked Mario. “Whenever we get hurt, little hearts appear over our heads… Hmm...”

“Wow! They do!” said Wendy, smacking Luigi with her wand.

“NO! STOP, WENDY! No, don’t hurry, it’s not like my life is getting sucked out of me or anything!” screamed Luigi.

“Oh, sorry, Bro.” So Mario ran over and pulled it off his head.


“Uh, Luigi… I hate to break it to you... Ok, I don’t; but I found certain types of wood that are better than your food,” Mario claimed.

“I agree,” said the Fuzzy.

“Wait… Fuzzies can’t talk…”said Luigi, forgetting Mario's comment.

“Iggy…”mumbled Wendy to herself.

“What?” asked Mario quizzically.

“Uh, nothing!” Wendy then quickly used her wand to zap the Fuzzy away. “Let's continue, shall we?”

“Uh, ok,” agreed both Mario and Luigi. So they continued walking for forrty days and forrty nights. Ok, fine, not really, just for a couple of hours… Anyways, they came across these mirrors shining into a giant tree fort.

“LOOK!” yelled Wendy, pointing up to the tree fort, “RAVENS!”

“Shh…”Mario said. “I don’t think they heard us yet.” There was a pause for a moment.

“Uh, something tells me that these, erm… mirror doo-dads are hypnotizing the Ravens or something,” said Luigi.

“How do you know that?” asked Wendy.

“Uh, this note. Here, I’ll show you.” He handed Wendy the note and Mario read it.

Dear Daisy,

I picked you flowers and where are you?! Mario making fun of me?! And there is this person named Wendy who joined us… I love flowers!!! Do you?! … Write…

“Ahh! Wrong one!” said Luigi, grasping at the note. He then handed them the other one.

Koopa Troopa,

Set up these here mirror doo-dads. Don’t let this fall into the wrong hands, either! This is a note specifically to you, to set up the mirrors that hypnotize the Ravens. So if anyone asks you about anything tell them to shut up, k? … Well that’s it, bye….

King Koopa

PS. I think I’ll have soup today.

“Hmm… I think we should destroy these here doo-dads and that would return the Ravens to normal... I knew something didn’t make sense because there was always a peaceful connection between the Yoshis and the Ravens,” finished Mario.

“Well… let's get started then..."

Chapter 8.0: That’s Not the Point

“Uh… How do we stop them?” asked Luigi.

“Well…” said Mario, clueless.

“I KNOW!” screamed Wendy.

“How?!” said Mario and Luigi together.

“Press the off switch,” she said, pointing towards the switch.

“Wow… Wasn’t excepting something that easy,” said Luigi.

So they walked over to the first one and pressed the off switch, but there was a big rumble from the doo-dads. A giant Thwomp busted out from them. “What are you doing here?!” he roared.

“Uh… Going to the grocery store,” said Mario.

“Haha! Do you think I’m dumb enough to believe that?”

“Yes…” mumbled Luigi.

“Good! Because I know you're not going to the store because you don’t have a shopping bag!” he finished.

“Uh… Ok,” said Wendy.

“Wait!” said Mario, seeing the flaw. “You get the shopping bag at the grocery store!”

“Uh… Ahem, well you see, that’s not the point,” said the Thwomp. “The point is you don’t have a shopping bag.”

“That’s not the point,” said Luigi.

“Huh?” asked Mario. “How is it not the point of the grocery bag not being the point when in reality it is the point?”

“But, if the point is really not the point of the grocery bag being the point, even though it is the point, but the point is the grocery bag not being the point, what is the point?” asked Wendy, confused.

“WELL WELL, do you think for one second that confusing me will make me think about something so hard it will make my head explode?” asked the Thwomp.

“No, I actually didn’t even think anything like that,” said Mario.

“That’s because you never think, Bro,” replied Luigi. “But Mr. Thwomp, if thinking hard doesn’t make your head explode, how come that sign right by you says it does?”

“That’s not the point” said the gargantuan Thwomp. After he said that, he exploded into billions of little pieces of shrapnel.

“WE WIN!” yelled Mario.

“That’s not the point,” said Wendy.

“Oh be quiet,” sighed Luigi. They then continued on their journey to break the doo-dads.

To Be Continued...

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