The Mario Tennis Tournament

By Denny W. Koopa

One very nice day, Mario and Luigi are walking in the park.

Luigi: What a very nice day!

Then a flier falls from the sky.

Mario: AHHHHHHHH!!! A solar eclipse!!!

Luigi pulls the flier off of Mario’s face. They both look at the flier.

Tennis Tournament

Singles Mode- Room for 16 Players

Doubles Mode- Room for 8 Teams

Prize- Vacation to Isle Delfino
(Graffiti Free)

Call 1-800-800-8008

Luigi: WOWSA! A Tennis Tournament!

Mario: Hmm… After that “vacation” in Isle Delfino, I deserve a vacation!

Luigi: It is to Isle Delfino!

Mario: Oh! Well, let’s go there anyway!

Luigi: Let’s see if anyone else wants to join!

Peach’s Castle

The Marios arrive with the flier. They see that almost everyone is there: Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, Toadette, Wario, and Waluigi.

Mario: HEY! We found this-a flier!

Luigi: It says that there will be a tournament with tennis!

Daisy: Tennis… YES! I’m obviously gonna win!

Wario: NUH-UH! I AM!

Toad: NO! ME!


Yoshi: Ow… Yoshi ears- WAIT! Yoshi no have ears!

Luigi: Whatever, should we all go in the doubles tournament?

Toadette: YEAH! It’s always good to have someone to rely on!

Birdo: But sometimes, they’ll get stuck-

Waluigi: And all the pressure builds up on you!

Mario: WHATEVER! Do we want teams or what?

Toadette: YEAH! I want Toad!

Birdo: I pick my lovely Yoshi!

Waluigi: I can only trust Wario!

Daisy: I guess that means I’m stuck with you!

Peach: Well, there’s some good attitude!

Luigi: Whatever, I’ll be on my way to sign things up!

Koopa Kastle

Iggy: Hey, King Dad! Lemmy and I were returning from the candy shop-

Lemmy: -And we found a flier for a tennis tournament!

Larry: Tennis! All right!

Bowser: Hmm… I’ll have to make a few calls…

A few minutes later, all of the Koopas Kids are in the meeting room. All of the house pets are there too…

Bowser: I made two calls… One was to see how many spots were left. I was able to get all of you Koopas in, and there will be three doubles teams. However, one is for Wart and I, who I made the second call to. Then I decided that since Bagels just got married to Domino, that they could deserve a honeymoon if they win. The last team is an option, I say it’s either a twin team, or two Koopas.

Lemmy and Iggy’s faces light up. Ludwig is seen trying to get his hair into a Mohawk.

Roy, Wendy, Morton, and Larry: WE WANT A TEAM OF TWO KOOPAS!

Bowser: I haven’t finished yet… If there is a team with two Koopas, it will have to be the voted Koopaling and Susan.

Roy, Wendy, Morton, Ludwig, and Larry: GO LEMMY AND IGGY!

Bowser: Thought so… Well, then Lemmy and Iggy will be the final seed for the doubles team. Now, the five of you who are still here, you must vote for five minions who you want in the tournament. I’ve already chosen Hammer Bro.

Larry: Koopa has played before!

Morton: Monty Mole, because he can dig, which has to do with sand, as in Desert, where I have my fort!

Wendy: Cheep Cheep could suffocate out of water, but Bloopers have had experience from Mario Sunshine.

Roy: Chargin’ Chuck hasn’t been heard from lately… He’d be awesome!

Ludwig: I guess the only other good Koopa minion would have to be Paratroopa, with TWO years of experience!

Bowser: Okay, very well… Finally, I have chosen the two most behaved pets this week… Playful-

Larry: How? He was in the dungeon all week!

Bowser: Did you hear from him?

Larry: No…

Bowser: Exactly, the other contestant would’ve been Bagels, but she’s in doubles, so, Lemmy, this will make you happy, Shadow is in!

Lemmy: YAY! FINALLY, my dog gets an appearance!

Lemmy’s Land Daycare

Paragoomba: You kids have been wonderful today! Goodbye!

Most of the kids leave the preschool, but the Paragoomba takes Baby Mario and Baby Luigi aside.

Paragoomba: I hadn’t noticed, but you two have very good skills! I decided that you should prove to the world what you can do. I will enter you in this tennis tournament!

Baby Mario: YAY! We get to pway tennis!

Baby Luigi: Baby Weegie!

Baby Mario: I still have to tweach you how to twak, huh…

Tennis Tournament

Lakitu: HELLO, and welcome to the great, regional, tennis tournament! I am your host, Lakitu! Here are our contestants for the tournament!

Singles Tournament:
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Chargin’ Chuck
Hammer Bro.
Monty Mole
Shadow (Lemmy’s dog)

Doubles Tournament
Mario Bros (Mario and Luigi)
Princess Heart (Peach and Daisy)
Wario Bros (Wario and Waluigi)
Pink Yokes (Yoshi and Birdo)
Mega Mushrooms (Toad and Toadette)
Bow-wow Bones (Bagels and Domino)
Evil Bros (Bowser and Wart)
Koopa Twins (Lemmy and Iggy)

Lakitu: And I will put the web on the board!

Baby Mario vs. Ludwig
Baby Luigi vs. Roy
Susan vs. Wendy
Larry vs. Morton
Koopa vs. Shadow
Playful vs. Paratroopa
Monty Mole vs. Chargin’ Chuck
Blooper vs. Hammer Bro
Mario Bros. vs. Evil Bros.
Princess Hearts vs. Koopa Twins
Wario Bros. vs. Pink Yokes
Bow-wow Bones vs. Mega Mushrooms


All games but the Championship will be a 1 Set, 2 Game Match. Once a team wins, they will move on, without any discussion. Gimmicks will be on the courts, and some may not seem fair, but then again, do they have to be? Everyone will have a Power and Save hit to use only ONCE a GAME. They can use each any time, however, gimmicks can stop them. If someone gets hurt so much in the game that they can't play, they will have to forfeit the match.


Love: 0 Points
15: One Score
30: Two Score
40: Three Score
Game: Won the game!
Deuce: A tie when both teams have 40 Points. They will have to win two rallies in a row.
Advantage: When a person wins one rally in a deuce.
Serve: How the rally starts.
Gimmick: A distraction to the game, making many things unfair.
Gimmick Item: An item related to the gimmick, helping or making things worse for the player who gets it.

Lakitu: Let's see who will win!

Singles Tournament
Singles Tournament Round 1
Part One
Singles Tournament Round 1,
Part Two
Singles Tournament Round 2
Singles Tournament Round 3
Singles Tournament Championship
Doubles Tournament
Singles Tournament Round 1
Doubles Tournament Round 2
Doubles Tournament Championship

To Be Continued...

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