Wario and Waluigi: Superstrange Saga

By Paperlemmy and Denny W. Koopa

Chapter 3: Up on Booboo Plateau

Whew! That was some party! Wario and Waluigi are lying in a slump, when Iggy and Lemmy come along and wake them up.

Iggy: WAKE UP!

Wario and Waluigi wake up in a huff!


Lemmy: Time to pay up for the Skittles!

Waluigi: What? But I thought...

Iggy: You thought wrong.

Lemmy: Yeah, this isn't a charity! Everyone here had to buy his or her own Skittles!

Iggy: So cough up!

Wario: Uh... LOOK! It's a Twinkies Bar!

Iggy and Lemmy: Where?!

Wario and Waluigi quickly run off and continue on their journey to retrieve Daisy's beauty. They are now in front of a big mountain with many black and blue spots.

Wario: I think that this way leads to the castle, where we have to make deals with the queen!

Waluigi: How would you know it was this way?

Wario points to a sign that says “This way to the Castle”.

Waluigi: D'oh!

Wario and Waluigi enter through the nearest cave. There, they see what appears to be a skinny Pianta with a “Stop and Mop” bag on his head.

Waluigi: I wonder if this guy knows how to get through the cave…

Wario and Waluigi walk up to the creature.

Waluigi: Hey buddy-


Waluigi: Okay… Well, how do we get to the castle?

Wario: Yeah, dude!

Wario nudges the Boobooian.


Wario: Wow…

Waluigi: Okay, we’ll just walk by then.

Waluigi waves goodbye.


Wario: For once, I’m scared!

Wario and Waluigi walk over a bridge. Waluigi looks over the bridge and sees a pond in the shape of a First Aid cross.

Waluigi: Hmm… I’ll read this sign… “Warning to all tourists and passers, the local Boobooians are very sensitive, in both physical and mental ways, so please do not create any kind of harm.”

Wario: That explains it…

Wario and Waluigi walk over to a village with many houses, all with a hospital in between them. They come up to a villager.

Wario: Hey, do you know how to get outta here?

Boobooian: OH! So now you wanna leave because of me? You HATE me? WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Just because I am booboophobic doesn’t make me different!!!

They go to another villager.

Waluigi: Can you get us out of this cave?

Boobooian: You’re wearing the colors purple and black!

Wario: Yeah… So…

Boobooian: My grandmother DIED wearing those colors! WAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Waluigi: Let’s just look for anybody who is normal here…

Wario and Waluigi walk by many houses, seeing Boobooians crying, whether it’s from falling off a house, to being called intelligent. Yeah, I thought it was a compliment too, but apparently, intelligent isn’t enough, they need to be geniuses. Finally, when they get to the stairs of the village, they see Roy and Ludwig in the prison.

Wario: How’d you get in there?

Ludwig: We were trying to get to the castle, but Roy HAD to tease them, so we got in trouble.

Roy: I called the cops losers and they went crying to their mothers. I thought it was too pathetic, so I locked myself up! Now, we’re working on many things…

Ludwig: I’m researching about this mountain and caves, and it appears that one day, a monster named Morton came and talked so much, that their brains got confused. One wasn’t here at that moment, as he was in Gelato Beach, Noki Bay, and Pianta Village. He is now the leader of the group, and protects them by “attacking” enemies from the peak. He just really runs around on top of the mountain.

Roy: And I just make hammers, and test them on Ludwig’s laptop.

Roy slams on Ludwig’s laptop and it shatters to pieces.

Roy: HA! I told you I could make one!

Ludwig: Make two more! I bet you can’t!

Roy: It’s a deal; whoever loses must jump off the top of the mountain!

Waluigi and Wario: Can we talk yet?

Ludwig: Sorry!

Waluigi: So how can we get out?

Ludwig: Go to the top and ask the only normal person, the leader.

Waluigi: By the way, can we have the two hammers Roy makes?

Ludwig: Sure- HEY! You think he can do it!

Roy: Looks like there’s a genius in the house NOW Ludwig! HA!

Wario and Waluigi leave, and walk up a row of stairs. There, they see two Boobooians running around screaming.

Waluigi: LOOK! Dr. Scienstein!

Dr. Scienstein: Oh no! I’ll stop my fun and chemicalize the leader!

Waluigi: Chemicalize isn’t even a word!

Dr. Scienstein: Neither is Waluigi supposed to be alive!

Waluigi: Why does everyone hate me?

Dr. Scienstein: Like you can get up there! My big-block chemicals are blocking the way! See you later, Stupid Mortals!

Dr. Scienstein flies away.

Wario: Well, that stinks!

Waluigi: Maybe that little bird can help us fly up!

Wario and Waluigi walk up to a familiar to us friend.

Waluigi: Hey boo-boo-bird!

Parakarry: It’s Parakarry!

Wario: Whatever, can you carry us up to the top?

Parakarry: Sorry, I broke my back carrying someone smaller then you! That’s why I’m not at work this year… However, if you really need help, for a small fee, I could just maybe make tornadoes to boost you up…

Waluigi: Fine with us!

Parakarry flies out of the scene. To make this time more enjoyable, the song “The Electric Slide” plays and Wario, Waluigi, and all of the Boobooians start doing the dance. One Boobooian falls, and all of the others fall like dominoes.


Parakarry comes back.

Parakarry: I set up tornadoes. Use the one in front of the prison first, to get up on the open land. And don’t worry about the enemies. Because it’s so easy to torture the Boobooians, they never practice fighting. Enjoy your travel up Booboo Plateau! And, pay up!

Wario: Look! A Twinkie!

Parakarry: WHERE? They haven’t made those since my gaming debut!

Wario and Waluigi run to the prison. They climb up on top of the prison and use the Twisty Bros. They overhear an explosion and then hear Roy and Ludwig talking.

Roy: Okay, that hammer didn’t work…

Ludwig: Why did you hit me, though?

Roy: Because I felt like it! Geez, how long have we known each other?

Ludwig: 12 years, 4 months, 2 days, 5 hours, 59 minutes, 5 seconds, 10 mi-

Roy: I get it…

Ludwig: Sorry…

Roy: And to think, after that long, you would know a guy by then.

Ludwig: I thought I did…

Wario and Waluigi use the Twisty Bros. and hover into the tornado. They continue to hover into the clearing that leads up the Booboo Plateau.

When they land, they see these strange bean creatures walking around.

Waluigi: Bean creatures? Oh no!

Bean Creatures: Hey! That skinny guy over there’s wearing black and purple! Let’s get him!

The three Bean monsters run at Wario and Waluigi! Guess Waluigi should have worn green and orange while he had the chance!

HP: 12
SP: 12
Attack: 4 (?)

HP: 14
SP: 12
Attack: 3 (?)

Bean Monsters (x3)
HP: 6
Attack: 1

Wario: These guys don’t seem so tough! We can take them!
 Wario jumps on one.
Bean Monster
HP: 2

Waluigi: My turn! You’re going down!
Waluigi jumps on the same one.
One Bean monster defeated! Two left!

BM1: NO! Fred!
BM2: Now you’re going to get it, skinny!
They both attack Waluigi!
Waluigi: WHY ME???
HP: 12

Wario: Hey! No one attacks my brother except me!
Wario uses Bouncy Bros. on one of the Bean Monsters.
Bean Monster defeated!
ST: 9

Waluigi: It’s about time I finish things off!
Waluigi uses Twisty Bros, but the Bean Monster bites his knee and stops Waluigi's attacks. The Bean Monster laughs, but Wario squishes him through the fall.
Bean Monster defeated.
ST: 9

Wario and Waluigi won!
Wario and Waluigi receive 5 Moonstones and a Booboo Bean!

Wario: Did we really have to waste our time like that?

Waluigi: No, but the less bites I get, the better!

Wario: Whatever…  Say, what about these bean things we got?

Waluigi: What ABOUT them?

Wario: ... You're right, let's keep going.

Wario and Waluigi walk into a cave.


Waluigi: Let’s just ignore him…

Boobooian: I’ll just have to sing a song…

The Boobooian starts singing many off-key notes.

Boobooian: The sun will come out, tomorrow! Too bad I will probably die before tomorrow! There will be sun!


The Boobooian screams so loud that many rocks fall next to the cave.

Waluigi: Look what I see!

Wario: A dead Pianta with a Wal-Mart bag on his head…

Boobooian: PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! I can help you on this journey!

Wario: How…

Boobooian: I have Moonstones over there-

Wario: We don’t want any!

Boobooian: And TWINKIES!

Wario runs to the corner.

Boobooian: BYE!

The Boobooian runs off screaming.

Waluigi: What I was saying earlier… a staircase up the mountain!

So Wario and Waluigi walk up the staircase of rocks. All of a sudden…

Blob-bomb: WARIO! IT’S ME! Blob-BOMB!

Wario: Oh boy…

Waluigi: Who’s he?

Wario: A bomb who I used to lead in my army. He never appears for longer then a minute…

Waluigi: How come?

Blob-Bomb: I’ll come down!

Wario: NO!

Blob-bomb jumps off the cliff, explodes, and half of the staircase shatters…

Wario: He’s how you say… clumsy…

Waluigi: We’ll just have to get really dizzy and use those tornadoes!

Wario and Waluigi use Spin Bros. and jump in a line of tornadoes. They finally land on a ridge with a ladder next to it.

Wario: I’m dizzy…

Waluigi: Excuse me… *gag*


Waluigi: Oops…

Wario and Waluigi climb up the ladder.

Waluigi: Do you think we’re almost done?

Wario: Maybe…

Wario and Waluigi look up at many cliffs in a row.

Wario: I thought I wasn’t allowed to get exercise!

And so Wario and Waluigi continue up the plateau. Eventually…

Wario: NOW, are we at the top yet, or what?

Waluigi: We’ll see, look! A sign that says “THIS CAVE TO THE TOP OF THE PLATEU”.

Wario: Too bad a block is in the way…

Waluigi: Maybe there’s a catapult ahead that we can use!

Wario: Okay, we’ll see…

The Wario Bros. keep walking, and they come to some ruins of blocks, with a big one in the center.

Wario: This must be ANOTHER one of those Big-Block things…

This time, Wario picks up Waluigi and whacks the block!

Waluigi and Block: OW!

Wario: Wait, did that rock just say-

Block: Yeah, I said “ow”, because you hit me!

A big, menacing face pops up on the block.

Waluigi: Hi, Booboo Block!

Block: I am not Booboo Block! Booboo Block lives on the other side of the plateau! I am Booboo Thwomp!  And you will go no further!

Wario: Bring it!

Waluigi: I still hurt…

Wario: Too bad, you’re fighting!

Waluigi: Aww…

Booboo Thwomp: Booboo Thwomp won’t fight yet; you play a game!

Wario: A game?

Waluigi: A GAME!!!

Booboo Thwomp: You will have to get 14 of these spirit blocks to get past the game, and TRY to beat me!

The Booboo Thwomp holds up a light blue block, with mysterious gas floating around it.

Wario: It’s on!

Wario and Waluigi walk up on the starting block. A Spirit Block appears.

Booboo Thwomp: GO!

Wario: Use Spin Bros!

Waluigi: I have a better idea…

Waluigi takes out his copy of the Poltergust 3000, and sucks up the spirit block. He does the same with thirteen more.

Wario: Where’d you get that?

Waluigi: My mansion!


Waluigi: WELL-

Booboo Thwomp: OWW!!! Booboo Headache! ME ATTACK!

HP: 12
SP: 9/12
Attack: 4

Waluigi (hurting)
HP: 12/14
SP: 9/12
Attack: 3

Booboo Thwomp
HP: 20
Attack: 3 (?)

Booboo Thwomp: Thwomp Sonic Slam!
Booboo Thwomp slams on the ground, and a sonic wave flows toward the Wario Bros. They both jump over it.
Booboo Thwomp: WHAT? NO! NO! NO!
Booboo Thwomp starts crying.

Wario uses Bouncy Bros. They bounce on Booboo Thwomp.
Booboo Thwomp
HP: 15
Wario: Only five? It’s supposed to be seven!

Waluigi: Well, we’ll keep on fighting.
Waluigi uses Spin Bros.
Booboo Thwomp
HP: 10

Wario: Huh?
Booboo Thwomp’s Stone disappears and he appears to be red, hot jelly.
Booboo Thwomp throws six Spirit Blocks, three at each Brother. Waluigi, who’s having leg cramps, can’t jump, so he gets hit by all three of them, each doing four damage per block. Wario jumps over one of them and gets hit by the others.
HP: 0
HP: 4

All of a sudden, a bean monster comes.
Bean Monster: JELLY!
The Bean Monster runs up to Booboo Thwomp, bites him, and gets burnt.
The Bean Monster turns to ashes.

Wario: Wow, wait! Now I can’t hit him! Wait a second…
Wario looks at Waluigi’s unconscious body. Next thing you know, Wario is charging at Booboo Thwomp with Waluigi as a shield.
Booboo Thwomp: NOOOOO!!!!
Booboo Thwomp
HP: 2
Booboo Thwomp: NO MORE PAIN! * sob *
Wario stops, and tosses Waluigi on the ground. Waluigi is in flames, so Wario sucks them up with Waluigi’s copy of the Poltergeist 3000.

Booboo Thwomp: Owie, got a boo-boo!  WAAAAH!

Wario: What a big baby!

Booboo Thwomp runs away, and leaves behind an ink bottle. Wario looks at Waluigi.

Wario: Wake up, sleepy head! WAKE UP!

Waluigi doesn’t move.

Wario: Do I have to do CPR?

Waluigi: NO!

Waluigi jumps up, apparently all better.

HP: 14
BP: 12

Wario: Hey, look! Booboo Thwomp ran through and smashed the block in front of the cave!

Wario: Well, let’s go!

So Wario and Waluigi walk into the cave. They find a fridge sitting there.

Wario: Where there’s a fridge, there’s food! And I’m starving!

Wario opens the fridge and eats all the food in there.

HP: 12
BP: 12

Waluigi: You could have saved some for me!

Wario: Yeah, I could have, but didn’t! Now let’s keep going!

They continue through the cave and finally reach the top of the plateau. It’s long and flat.

Wario: That was a pretty flat plateau.

Waluigi: Well, plateaus are supposed to be flat! … Hey! What’s that over there?

The Wario Bros, as I am going to call them from now on, since saying their names take too much time…

Waluigi: Hey! I want me name to be heard! I don’t want to be a nobody like the Whomp King!

Meanwhile, we see the Whomp King doing something, and then see us.

Whomp King: You don’t even know who I am, do you?

No, not really. Anyway, back with Wario AND Waluigi…

Waluigi: ACHOO!!!

Wario: God bless you…

Waluigi: Thank you.

Wario: You said the “T” word!

Waluigi: But you told God to bless me!

Wario: Oops…

Wario and Waluigi both eat a bar of soap. Then they continue to the center of the plateau. There, they see a weird, glowing blob. On top of its head is what looks like a Pianta mask.

Wario: What in the world is that thing?!

Waluigi: I don’t know. But I have a feeling we’re going to fight it.

And they’re right! Begin the Chapter Boss fight!

HP: 12
SP: 12
Attack: 4

HP: 14
SP: 12
Attack: 3

Booboo Weirdo
HP: 42
Attack: 4

Wario: Here I go!
Wario charges into Booboo Weirdo.

Waluigi: Now me!
Waluigi does the same.
Booboo Weirdo: AHHH!!!!
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 35

Booboo Weirdo plants a sapling.
HP: 5
Attack: Coconuts-3 / Timber-4

Wario: I’ll attack Booboo Weirdo, and you attack the plant!
Waluigi: Why?
Wario: The weirdo could throw spiny coconuts at us!
Waluigi: Oh…
Waluigi walks to Wario, bounces on him, and Wario attacks Booboo Weirdo right when Waluigi hits him.
Booboo Weirdo: AHHHH!!!!
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 28

Waluigi spins, Wario grabs on, and they body slam the tree together.
HP: 0
The tree falls over on Booboo Weirdo.
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 24
Booboo Weirdo: AGH!!!

Booboo Weirdo takes out the “Green Thumb” Badge.
Green Thumb Badge: A badge used to make trees very quickly, however, wears out after once used. Revive it by using water.
Booboo Weirdo plants a tree, and it grows instantly.
HP: 5
Attack: Coconuts-3 / Timber-4

Wario uses Bouncy Bros. again, and attack Booboo Weirdo perfectly!
Booboo Weirdo: AIEEEEEEEE!!!

Waluigi uses Spin Bros, but forgets about the tree, and hits Booboo Weirdo.
Waluigi: CALM DOWN! I forgot!
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 10

Booboo Weirdo runs to the tree, and shakes it. Three spiky coconuts fall out and hit everyone, including Booboo Weirdo.
HP: 9
HP: 11
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 7
Booboo Weirdo tears the tree out of the ground, making the tree non-living.
HP: 0
Booboo Weirdo slowly places the tree down.

Wario: Wah?
Waluigi: Piantas are affectionate to plants.
Wario: Ohh… Too bad!
Wario grabs the tree, and throws it at Booboo Weirdo.
Booboo Weirdo: AHHHHHH!!!
Booboo Weirdo
HP: 3

Booboo Weirdo runs down the stairs, trips, and falls, creating a cave-in.

Wario: Where is he going?

Waluigi: That badge says water is needed to revive it! I remember a water fountain near the ruins!

Wario: He must be there!!!

Waluigi: WAIT! He’s just coming out of the cave!

Wario: Let’s get him!

Wario pushes Waluigi off of the cliff, and Wario jumps down with him. They both land on Booboo Weirdo’s foot, not doing too much damage.

Booboo Weirdo: AHHHH!!!

Booboo Weirdo
HP: 1

All of a sudden, Parakarry and a group of Paratroopas fly up.

Wario: Oh… hi…

Parakarry: There was no Twinkie! I’ll just have to put you and your two friends up on the Plateau where there’s no escape!

And as he says this, Parakarry and his gang carry the Wario Bros. and Booboo Weirdo up past the plateau, and drop them on it, doing three damage to each of them.

Wario Bros. OUCH!

HP: 6

HP: 8

Booboo Pianta
HP: 0

Booboo Pianta: NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo…

Wario and Waluigi won!

Wario and Waluigi receive 30 Moonstones, an Onion, an Ink Bottle, and a Booboo Bean!

Wario and Waluigi level up to 4.67!

HP: 14
Attack: 5.5
Stache: 76%

HP: 4 squared (16)
Attack: 4.5
Stache: variable=y / y=1% / y + 81%

Wario: My head hurts!

Too bad, that’s the way it is!

Suddenly, the weirdo begins to shrink! It is lifted into the air and a huge light shines! Brighter then bright, shinier then shiny…

Wario: Quite making a big deal out of this!

Oh, okay. The weirdo stops shining and drops to the ground, but looks different this time. He looks like a fit, tanned young man wearing a sleeveless shirt, running shorts, and Pianta shoes, gloves, and mask. The weirdo gets up, dusts himself off, and stands proudly.

Weirdo: The great II Piantissimo is back to normal! Ha ha ha!

Wario and Waluigi stare at him for a minute.

II Piantissimo: For changing me back to normal, I am surely in debt to you. I will help you for whatever your journey may be…

II Piantissimo gets a good look at them.

II Piantissimo: Orbit’s gum or Eclipse Gum?

Wario: WHA?

II Piantissimo: Are you going to the castle?

Waluigi: YEAH!

II Piantissimo: I’ll give you something there! See-ya!

Wario and Waluigi both look at the view, and see a mystical land, full of pretty colors.

Waluigi: WOW!

Wario: What? It’s just a billboard!

Wario and Waluigi walk up near the edge of the cliff and see a garbage dump.

Waluigi: That’s nice…

Wario: Oh well…

Meanwhile, on the other side of the plateau…

Ludwig: WOW! Roy, those hammers were good use! Too bad we left them in the prison…

Roy: Yup, now jump off!

Ludwig: Umm, there’s a TWINKIE off the other side of the cliff.

Roy: YAY!!!

Roy runs to the other side and pushes the Wario Bros. off the cliff. Roy then stops…

Roy: Wait a second… I don’t like Twinkies!

Wario and Waluigi land in the prison, breaking it down.

Boobooian: This is going to take forever to repair! WAAAH!

The Wario Bros. get up, and spot the hammers.

Wario: Hey, they left their hammers here!

Waluigi: They were going to be ours anyway…

Hammers- Device used to smash, whether it’s a Goomba, a rock, or Waluigi’s head. SMASH SMASH SMASH!

Wario: Look! Instructions!

Hammer Instructions- Paper showing how to use the hammers. Put them in your hand, and simply smash! In battle, you can reflect attacks with the hammer by smashing the attack at the perfect timing! There is a training course right next to the Booboo Inn.

Waluigi: Hey, let’s stay there for the night, and practice!

And so they do.


- The Wario Bros. FINALLY get to the castle

- Wario and Waluigi are going to plumb! Or at least were assigned to…

- And the Bean residents torture Waluigi!

To Be Continued...

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