Baby Troubles

By Lemmy's Campfire Tales

Meanwhile, Luigi, Geno, and Twink have just reached Rogueport.

"All right," Luigi says to the others, "while we're here we have to find some black chest and it'll make us able to turn into paper airplanes, and then we can get into Bowser's castle."

"Good idea," says Geno, "but with Smithy and Grodus both trying to conquer Plit that seems to be the least of our worries."

"Well, yeah," says Twink, "but if we turn Mario and Yoshi and Mallow and all of those others back then we can beat them a lot more easily."

"Exactly," says Luigi. "Say, I wonder whatever happened to all the other villains? It seems like since Bowser started this the only villains who have been doing anything are him, Grodus, and Smithy."


Speaking of other villains...

"Mwa ha ha!" the evil purple alien we all know as Tatanga cackles. He is currently inside the Great Boggly Tree, and has recently trapped all of the Punies for reasons that won't be revealed until later.

But, just then, Gonzales Jr. and Flurrie storm in!

"Release those Punies, evil purple alien thing I've never seen before in all of my very short so far life!" Gonzales Jr. demands.

"Oh, but where's the fun in just giving them to you? Sorry, but I need these little creatures for my latest devious plan that involves ruling over the world!" Tatanga says in return.

"Well, we won't let you get away with this without a fight!" Flurrie shouts with a determined look in her eyes.


Back in Rogueport, with Luigi, Geno and Twink...

Luigi, Geno, and Twink are down in the sewers, where they see Punio, who is hiding behind a large metallic box in front of the entranceway to the Boggly Woods, so no one can get into the woods. This box, oddly, was not there before. "Odd," Geno comments upon seeing the box. "Now, why would anyone block access to the Boggly Woods? I sense that something bad is happening..."

"What, are you telling me that you didn't get that feeling until now?!" Twink replies. "HELLO! Are you paying any attention? Every single hero-type character that we've encountered has turned into a baby, Grodus and Smithy are competing for the title of supreme ruler of anything that exists, and you're worried about a box blocking the path to a rather unpopular area? What, does being in the body of a puppet give you sawdust for brains or something?"

"Shut up, Twink," Luigi remarks. "We're just here to become cursed, so we can fly into Bowser's castle and return everyone back to normal."


Meanwhile, in Rogueport's main square...

"Ah, the life of a thief is the life for me!" Croco comments as he steals all the stock from the Lovely Howz of Badges. "It's like stealing badges from a baby! Well, that's exactly what I'm doing, but I don't care! Man, I just wish my three crooks weren't on vacation. This sack is H-E-A-V-Y!"

Croco finishes stuffing his sack with badges. He waves to the baby-fied Ms. Mowz, who is there alone since the clerk is on vacation, and leaves. However, just before he exits, he notices something laying on the ground.

"Hey, this is the coolest trading card I've ever seen!" Croco comments as he examines it. "It even has a picture of one of them Star Spirits on it! Skolar, or whatever his name is!"

And with that, Croco leaves the store with a good haul of stolen merchandise.


At that exact same time, in Bowser's castle...

"What am I forgetting?" Ludwig askes himself while he and Yellow T. deal with the babies. "I have the strongest feeling I got my mental capability from King Dad's side, because it is as if I am forgetting just one character. Then again, even if I did, he or she would probably not do anything of much importance, anyways."


"So, where's this Star Spirit located?" Axem Black asks Yaridovich as they fly to Waluigi's Island on Blade.

"I have no idea why I'm telling this to somebody of lower rank, but if you must know, it's located somewhere on the south side of the island," Yarodovich answers. "However, we must tread with caution once we get there, as the slightest misstep may trigger an explosion."

"It's okay, I'm extremely careful!" Axem Black replies. He then tries to take a step forward, but trips on a loose screw and falls flat on his face.

"Yes, I see what you mean," Yaridovich sarcastically notes as Blade starts to land.


Meanwhile, back at the Great Boggly Tree...

As our heroes start to walk into the sewer, Twink spots Punio, though none of the three know who he is.

"Hey, I see a weird-looking thing behind that large metal box!" The others look in surprise only to see Punio scurry off.

"HEY! Come back here!" Geno shouts. And the chase begins.


"AH HA! We made it out, see!" Popple says with triumph.

"Yes, but where exactly are we?" the Chomp Bro asks.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh..." Popple starts.


Back to our heroes...

They have finally caught Punio after a very long chase. "Who and what are you?" Luigi asks, trying to sound tough.

"I-I-I'm P-Pu-Punio," the Puni stammers in fear. "P-please d-don't hurt me, I-I-I'm just a h-harm-harmless Puni!"

"HEY! Aren't you the creature that was hiding behind that large, metallic box?" Twink asks.

"Y-yes I am," Punio replies. "S-s-sorry if I s-sound too n-ne-nervous, but a g-g-giant purple a-alien has recently t-t-taken over my homeland, and h-has enslaved all my f-friends! I j-j-just made it out in time b-before I was t-t-t-toast!"

"Tatanga's here, too?" Luigi comments. "Well, this day can't possibly get any worse now!"


However, at the west side of Rogueport...

Croco is just gambling away the cash he has just earned from selling the stolen merchandise, when he decides to do some eavesdropping. Spying a pair of Nokis talking nearby, he sneaks up silently to listen to their conversation.

"Did you hear that Grodus is back?" the red Noki tells the other. "I heard from this green plumber recently that he and some older robot named Smithy are searching for a whole bunch of ancient artifacts to grant themselves limitless power!"

"Yes, I've heard," the blue Noki replies. "I just hope that the good guys are brought back to normal first."

It is at this point that Croco decides to stop listening on their conversation. Instead, he now decides to hear what a nearby Boo and a Buzzy Beetle are talking about.

"Hey, do you know what the artifacts that I've been hearing about lately are?" the Buzzy Beetle asks.

"Sure! First off, there are the 150 Power Stars that are hidden in Peach's Castle," the Boo explains. "Next, there are the seven Star Road Pieces, which form the path to Star Haven. Then, there are the seven Star Spirits, who live in Star Haven itself. Then, there are the-"

"Wait a second!" the Buzzy Beetle interrupts. "What's that about Star Spirits?"

"Well, they are the wisest and most intelligent beings in Star Haven," the Boo answers. "They were imprisoned by Bowser into cards when he launched an attack with the ancient Star Rod. However, it seems Star Spirits don't age, so Bowser trapped them in cards again. It is said that the being that releases a Star Spirit is granted its powers for a limited time."

Once more, it is at this time that Croco decides to stop eavesdropping. However, he doesn't just move on to another target. Realizing that the card he has found is an actual Star Spirit, crazy and nasty thoughts begin flowing through his mind...


Back with Luigi, Geno, Twink, and Punio...

"S-so," says Punio, "c-can you h-h-help?"

"I don't know how we could," replies Luigi, "I don't know if we could break this box..."

"I have an idea," says Geno, "but it's a bit dangerous so all of you should get behind me."

They do so. Immediately afterward Geno yells out, "Geno Whirl!" Bam! The 9,999 version of the Geno Whirl hits the box, causing it and most of the wall to explode.


Meanwhile with Yaridovich and the Axems...

"Be very, very careful!" Smithy warns his troops as they sneak through the field of explosives. "That Star Spirit is almost in our grasp!"

"Don't worry; I'm being as careful as I can-" Axem Black begins to say, but stops as he trips over a bug and falls on a detonator switch!.

"NOOOO!!!" Yaridovich cries out as he and the other troops dive to the ground and take cover.




It is true; there was no explosion.

"Well then," Yaridovich comments, "that wasn't very dramatic!"

Yaridovich then proceeds to walk further up ahead and grab the card that Muscular is trapped in. However, as he turns around, he steps on another detonator. This time, there actually IS an explosion. Thankfully, only one member of the team is seriously hurt...


Later, back at Smithy's base...

"Hurt seriously, my bones do!" Bowyer whines. The pro archer and amateur fifer is now in a full body cast.

"Oh, shut up! I can't take any more of your whining!" Smithy complains, obviously not showing any compassion for his fallen lackey.

Just then, Yaridovich enters the room.

"King Smithy, I think now is the best time to collect the Power Stars," Yaridovich tells his leader. "It looks like there's no competition for them yet, and we can easily collect a bountiful amount in just a few areas."

"We may as well," Smithy replies. "I mean, what other competition could we have?"


As luck would have it, at Toad Town Docks...

"Man, I can actually smell opportunity in the air!" Croco comments as he steps off the cargo boat that had recently arrived from Rogueport. "Now, to break into Peach's castle and take those Power Stars that the Boo mentioned!"

And with that, Croco rushes off in the direction of the castle, remembering to pick the pockets of every Toad he comes across.


Meanwhile, in the Great Boggly Tree...

Gonzales Jr. and Flurrie are trying their hardest to defeat Tatanga, but with no success.

"Can't you see, foolish dinosaur and Wind Spirit? I am more powerful than you two, and more! Neither you, nor anyone else can defeat the great conqueror that is myself!" Tatanga gloats.

"Something seems different about you... like you've got the Power of Stars on your side or something," says Flurrie to the alien.

"Nice observation. I stopped and grabbed me about 30 Stars from some castle. And now, Tatanga the Conqueror is even more invincible than before!"


Meanwhile with Toadette, the baby Toad has reached somewhere around the middle of the castle and has fallen asleep in a corner, though none of the guards seem to notice. Suddenly, a Chao crawls into the castle.

"Hey! Who are you, and why do you look like one of those things from the Sonic games?" asks one guard.

The Chao simply turns and crawls away at the speed of light, bumping into the Toad somehow.

"Goo?" Toadette babbles, confused about what just happened.

"Hey, did you hear something?" the first guard asks the second.

"Meh, it's probably just nothing," the second guard answers.

"Yeah, you're probably right," the first guard replies.


Meanwhile, at Peach's unguarded castle...

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 30 STARS HAVE ALREADY BEEN STOLEN?!" Smithy yells at Yaridovich.

"I'm sorry, my King! Grodus and his men must have gotten here first! Please don't hurt me!" Yaridovich pleads.

"Fine, but this is your last chance! However, I have the feeling that we're going to have a much more difficult time than you first planned. You see," Smithy explains, "Grodus and his men are top-notch forces. They wouldn't be idiotic enough to leave without collecting all 150 Stars! I have a feeling that there is at least one other who is hunting the artifacts, if not even more."

Just then, as if on cue, Croco opens the door.

"Huh?!" Croco stammers. "What on Plit are you guys doing back here?"

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Axem Red tells the thief.

"Let me guess; you're here to steal the Power Stars and use them for your own personal gain?" Croco asks.

"Drat," is all Axem Red can reply.

"Well, tough luck! With one of the seven Star Spirits in my posession, I'll find them all in no time!"

"A Star Spirit?!" Smithy gasps. "Where did you find it?"

"On the ground in a badge shop," Croco answers.

"Some people get all the luck," Yaridovich mutters.

"Hand over that Star Spirit, you common crook!" Smithy demands. "Otherwise, we'll have to fight you for it!"

"You can't fight what you can't catch, you bunch of losers!" Croco taunts as he dashes past them, up the stairs, and to the second floor.

"AFTER HIM!" Smithy demandes as they give chase.


Popple sits on a rock, with the two rookies sitting on the ground nearby.

"All right, how are we supposed to get back to normal?" asks Popple of his two rookies. "And how are we going to get back at Bowser for this?"


Elsewhere, Luigi, Geno, Twink, and Punio are within the Boggly Woods, heading for the Great Tree.

"I wonder," says Luigi, "what Tatanga has to gain by holding Punis hostage anyway."

"Hard to tell," replies Geno. "Chances are that he's got some sort of complicated plan. I wonder where all of his minions are. You'd think that he would have them stationed throughout the woods to keep guard, but aside from the usual Clefts and Piranhas I don't see anything hostile."


Meanwhile, in the temporary X-Naut base...

"Ah, this feels much better!" Crump remarks after finally getting out of his body cast.

"Lord Crump! Lord Crump!" a regular X-Naut says as it enters the room. "We have detected another of those Rods of Nib! And guess what? It's on the moon!"

"Perfect!" Crump exclaims. "We can gather the artifact, AND we can repair the main base as well! This is perfect timing!"

"Should I report this to the other X-Nauts?" the X-Naut asks.

"Well, of course!" Crump answers. "Even though they're expendable, we should bring them all in case an emergency happens!"

"Right, Dude, I mean Lord Dude," the X-Naut stammers, "I mean Lord Crump Dude, I mean Dude Dude Dude, I mean-"

"JUST DO IT!" Lord Crump booms. The X-Naut then leaves the room.


Grodus is the only one of the X-Nauts still standing as Dixie continually thrusts Diddy at the group repeatedly with her hair. As Diddy repeatedly hits Grodus as he attempts his spells, Dixie is holding onto what the X-Nauts are there for. Just as it appears as though Grodus is completely useless against their speed, he gets an idea.

"Heh... heh... I almost forgot about that Rod. Good thing it's fast!"

As the X-Nauts' leader says this, he whips out a Rod and points it at both Diddy and Dixie. As the beam shoots from it, the evil being laughs maniacally.


"What do you plan to do with the Punies?!" demands Gonzalez Jr. again.

The evil alien laughs and replies, "I might as well tell you, since otherwise you won't live to find out. You see, I've bought a powerful machine from some Clubba that drains energy from living beings and puts it into me. I'm going to take the energy of every single Puny and make myself completely invincible!"


Grodus laughs again, waking up the two unconscious X-Nauts he has with him. The X-Naut, while laughing, takes what he came for while watching the two angry-looking babyfied monkeys.

"I am so glad I brought this Rod with me," Grodus chuckles as he walks away with his two men following. "Those two just about had me beat." Grodus then realizes that he has forgotten to check what the new Rod does, so he points it at a plant, causing water to come from the ground and sprinkle onto the plant.

"Controls the flow of water, huh?"


Later, in Poshley Heights....

"What happened here?!" Grodus gasps as he sees that there is nothing left of the base there except for a note. Reading the note, Grodus, X-Periment and X-Citing find that the others are rebuilding the base on the moon, and will contact them when ready.

"Well, Sir Grodus," X-Periment comments, "we should probably head to Peach's Castle and collect some of those Power Stars. I doubt that anyone else is even there yet."


Speaking of which, at the castle...

"GET BACK HERE YOU STUPID ALLIGATOR!" Smithy yells as he and his army chase Croco around the second floor.

"Not a chance, tin can!" Croco taunts as he only proceeds to go faster.


Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle...

Bowser sits on his throne, looking over his list once again. "It seems to me as though there is still one crucial person I'm missing. One guy who could just cause it all to fall apart."

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, Roy is currently listing all the stuff Ludwig has to do.

"Hmm... clean my room, listen to one of Morton's speeches, let Iggy beat him up, hmm..."


Luigi, Geno, Twink, and Punio have now reached the Great Tree. Outside it they see four small pillars in a square around the tree, approximately 200 feet away from each other.

"I wonder what these are for," says Twink.

"Let's see," Luigi replies, "I think we have to stand on top of these!"

Seeing no other possibility at the moment, the three teammates and Punio manage to climb each pillar and stand on top of them. After a few seconds, the entire top half of the tree flies off!

"Just like what Mario had to do in Shifting Sand Land," Luigi comments as he and the others hop off the pillars.


Meanwhile, in Fahr Outpost...

"A-a-are you s-sure t-this is t-t-t-the only way b-back to the m-m-moon?" Crump shivers as he and the X-Naut forces head down the path.

"Y-y-yes, L-Lord C-C-C-Crump," an anonymous X-Naut replies. "O-only the c-c-cannon l-located here has e-e-enough p-power to g-get us that f-far."

Meanwhile, Croco is running through the Wet-Dry World with Smithy's Gang giving chase. The crocodile is stopping to grab Stars here and there while the main villains of SMRPG are far behind. By now it is late, around 10 or so.


Ludwig sits in his room with an ice pack on his head.

"Ugh. Today was even worse than the past few have been. Finally, I can sleep..."

Meanwhile, Yellow T. is still in the dungeon. Most of the babies are asleep, including all of the heroes, but he is still having difficulties with some of them.

"Hush little babies, don't say a word," Yellow T. sings as softly as he can, "for I'm gonna buy you a mockingbird. If that mockingbird can't sing, I'm gonna buy you a golden ring. If that golden ring don't shine, I'm gonna buy you..."

Yellow T. then looks around. By now, all of the babies have fallen asleep. Deserving some rest himself, Yellow T. lays down on the floor and closes his eyes.

Elsewhere, Roy had fallen asleep while trying to think of more punishments he could give Ludwig. Out in the hall, Toadette is napping peacefully in the corner, oblivious to the two guards on night duty. And, Bowser and his troops are also fast asleep, so they will be fully charged when the invasion begins.


Just barely inside Fahr Outpost, Lord Crump and his troops have fainted from the cold. A few Bob-ombs spot the fallen characters, and as they are good-hearted, give them a place to rest up until morning.


In the Great Boggly Tree, Flurrie and Gonzales Jr. have been knocked out by one of Tatanga's blasts and locked inside a cell. Deciding that he needs some rest, Tatanga pulls out an inflatable mattress and falls asleep upon it. And, just outside the Boggly Tree, Luigi and the others have pitched camp so they can deal with the evil forces inside in the morning.


In Peach's Castle, Smithy and his troops are as exhausted from chasing Croco as Croco himself is from running away from them. They all instantly collapse on the main floor of Peach's Castle, and lay there until the morning comes.


In Poshley Heights, Grodus and his two troops decide to stay at the inn before following Crump and the others back to the abandoned moon base. After paying the sum and riding the elevator, they get into their beds, pull up their silk blankets, and rest for the night.


With Popple and his two rookies, they have recently decided to sleep in a cave that was close to their current location. After entering the alcove, the three thieves manage to lay down on the stone ground and fall asleep.


And, as for that Chao that made that single apperance... let's just say that he's fallen asleep back at wherever he came from in the first place.

Sir Grodus, X-Citing, and X-Periment are the first to wake up the next morning. Quickly retrieving their belongings and accepting the free gifts for spending the night there, they set out to Fahr Outpost, as they have a strong feeling they'll catch up with the others there.


Luigi and his crew are the second to wake up.

The four carefully enter the tree, looking around for signs of anyone. They do not see anyone inside at all.

"I would guess," says Geno, "that Tatanga probably has the Punies locked away. He also is probably sleeping somewhere."

"Then let's find him," replies Twink, "and take him out in his sleep!" Suddenly the ground begins to rumble beneath the heroes. Shocked, they turn around to see the living sphinx known as King Totomesu charging up a fireball. Dirt is falling from him like he's been underground (which would explain the rumbling).



"Yes, numerous villains have already beaten us to conquering different areas," says Kammy to her king. "K. Rool easily took over the DK Isles and Sub-con, the X-Nauts have taken a few jungles and such, as well as Nimbus Land. Smithy and Croco are also both currently inhabiting Peach's Castle, working against each other to collect the Stars, and Tatanga has taken the Great Tree and Sarasaland. Nobody has seen any other villains since you returned Mario and his pals back to diaper days, oddly."

"Argh! I knew I shouldn't have waited so long to attack! Well, ready the Koopa Cruiser anyway; we've gotta hurry up and take anything we can get!"


Yellow T. wakes up to the sound of some of the babies crying. He looks around, not recognizing where he is for a minute, then remembers.

Oh yeah, the Toad thinks, I'm here. I've got to try to get some time away from Ludwig to find whatever it is that turned them into babies, and quick. But how?

His thoughts are interrupted by feeling something warm on him. He look down to see the one of the babies has puked on his leg.



Croco, laying on the floor of Princess Peach's Castle, quickly wakes up. Glancing at the army of mechanical figures behind him, he quickly gets a head start and hops into the nearest painting.


"M-M-MAN, IT'S C-C-C-C-C-COLD HERE!" X-Periment stutters as he, Sir Grodus, and X-Citing trudge their way through the snowy path that leads to Fahr Outpost.

"Q-q-quit c-complaining; I c-c-can see the p-p-place just o-over that next h-h-hill!" X-Citing tells the PhD.

And so, the three characters enter the Outpost


At that same time, in another entirely different Outpost...

"Things haven't been the same since Bowser retrieved that baby-fying Mr. I of his," Mr. E. sighs as he walks around Dry, Dry Outpost.

Just then, three quick little figures bump into Mr. E.

"Hey!" Mr. E. yells out. "Watch where you're going!"

The three figures run by without even saying a word. Mr. E. then heads into the nearby store to buy some Dusty Hammers. However, when he reaches into his pocket...



Meanwhile, in Bowser's Castle, Toadette has just woken up. Seeing that the two guards have fallen asleep, she quietly crawls into the room they were guarding.


"Heh heh heh!" one of the three figures laughes as he checkes how much money is in the wallet they stole.

"Croco's going to be SO surprised that we're not sick anymore!" the second of the figures comments.

"He's going to be even MORE surprised when he sees how much we've stolen since then, B!" the third figure remarks.

"You said it, III!" the figure now known as Crook B. replies. "We've gotten 50 coins, a Mushroom, and even this card with a picture of Misstar on it!"

"Yeah! You know, it's strange," the figure now known as Crook III comments. "Every time we get slapped by somebody really, really hard once they manage to catch us, we just look at that card, and we're all right!"

"Come on, you two!" the first figure, who you should have already guessed is Crook 1, tells the others. "Our boss was last spotted at Princess Peach's castle! We're gonna have to hurry up to reunite with him before he leaves!"

And so, the three crooks dash off in the direction of Mt. Rugged, hoping to catch the next train to Toad Town.


Back in Rose Town, Bowyer has completely recovered. To celebrate this fact, he petrifies the first ten villagers he sees before heading off towards Princess Peach's castle.


Totomesu fires at the heroes, blowing them into the air in separate directions. Luigi shoots straight up, landing on the ground in severe pain; Geno lands near a tree, which his cape gets hung on; Twink, because he's so small, is thrown much further than the others, flying down Flurrie's chimney.


"Wake up, Crump! I command you!" Grodus commands Lord Crump, who is currently sleeping in Fahr Outpost's inn.

"Wha... oh!" Crump awakes with a shock. "Sir Grodus! I'm surprised that you've caught up to us!"

"Yes, and I'm even more surprised that YOU STILL HAVEN'T GOT OUT OF BED YET!" Grodus yells, causing all of the other X-Nauts to awake as well. Soon, they are all back on their feet, and ready for their commands.


Back in the Great Boggly Tree, Gonzales Jr. and Flurrie have just awoken from the sound of Totomesu's blast. Thankfully, though, Tatanga is still sound asleep.

"Did you hear that?" asks Flurrie of the Yoshi.

"Yeah. I wonder what that was..."

"Well, never mind about that now! We've got to find a way out of here!"

"But how? It's not as though we can turn into..." The Yoshi then realizes that they actually can do what he's saying, "paper..."


"So, where do you think the boss is?" Crook B asks Crook 1 as they enter the castle.

"Let's see... knowing our boss, he always has somebody chasing him about something. So, we just look for a bunch of guys that don't really belong here, and that's where we'll find him!" Crook 1 explain.

"By guys that don't really belong, do you mean guys like them?" Crook III asks as he points to the sleeping bodies of Smithy and his army.

"Yep, pretty much," Crook 1 answers. "Now, let's just sneak past these guys and jump into that magical-looking painting over there."

Crooks 1 and III then tiptoe past the bodies and enter the painting world. However, Crook B stays behind and manages to pilfer another Star Spirit card from Yaridovich's body before following the other two.


Back in the Great Boggly Tree, Flurrie and Gonzales Jr. have managed to slip through the bars of the cage using the paper-related abilities they had received from their journey with Mario. They make their way to a lower part of the tree, only to find that more trouble is waiting for them!

"GGRRRAAAWWWLLL!!!" Totomesu roars at the two. This roar then wakes up Luigi, who then notices the two himself.

"Flurrie? Gonzales Jr? Man, am I glad to see you two right now! I haven't seen you two since I told you guys about my adventures in the Chestnut Kingdom!" Luigi tells them.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Flurrie asks.

"Like what?" Luigi asks back.

"GGRRRAAAWWWLLL!!!" Totomesu roars again.

"Oh, him," Luigi says to himself.


Meanwhile, back in Bowser's Castle...

Bowser walks onto the Koopa Cruiser, which is set to depart for the Beanbean Kingdom, as numerous Chomp Bros, Hammer Bros, Koopas, Koopatrols, and Goombas are also boarding the ship. Noticeably missing are all of his Magikoopas.

"Hurry it up!" the Koopa King yells at his minions. "We gotta make sure nobody beats us to anywhere else!"

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the castle, Ludwig is awake and again back to taking care of the babies with Yellow T, Roy is still working on ideas, and Kamek and Kammy are loading up a doomship with all of the Magikoopas, a bunch of Koopas, and a few Lakitus, planning to launch an attack upon Rogueport.

Read on!

Credit goes to Martin, Antwan, Croshi, Noxious Koopa, Dylan, Phil the Koopa, Kevin Koopa, Sparky, Ice Toad, Sparky, corbin the crazy yoshi, MetalYoshi, and Waluigi's Twin for writing, editing, suggesting, or in any way enhancing this story.

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