Pirates of Isle Delfino

By Chris "Wario"

Part 1

It was a beautiful day on Isle Delfino… until a cry of distress was s heard.

"Help! Help!" a Noki cried, looking out over the water near the western boathouse of Delfino Plaza.

"What is it?" the Pianta Police asked.

"Look out in the distance!" the Noki said.

The two policemen saw a black figure in the distance on the water. "Oh no…" one said. The other ran off and went into the town square.

"Attention! Attention, everyone! Pirates are approaching!" he yelled. Everyone screamed and ran off in different directions. "Please! Everyone! Remain calm! I…" At that moment the policeman looked up and saw a Bullet Bill flying through the sky and across the sun. "Incoming!" he shouted. There was an explosion. The tip of the Grand Pianta statue had been knocked off! More bombs were going off, destroying buildings. The sky was black with smoke.

The pirates' ship landed on the dock. The captain, Bowser, jumped off the top. He ran out into the fleeing crowds. The Koopalings followed behind, throwing fireballs through windows and stealing coins, fruit, and Yoshi eggs from every building. Bowser was hurling every policeman in the city into the ocean. Bowser tore down the Grand Pianta statue and replaced it with himself.

"Now…" said Captain Bowser, "I am the mayor of this city. My name is Captain Bowser. But you can call me… sir…" Bowser said with a maniacal grin.

On the other side of the Island in Ricco Harbor all the merchants selling Bloopers and Marlin on the seaside could see the smoke billowing above Delfino Plaza. They knew something was wrong.

"Captain Bowser!" Lemmy said. "Reports indicate that the inhabitants of Ricco Harbor have evacuated and are heading toward Pinna Park!"

"Hmm… Ludwig! Fix the cannon over on the other side!" Bowser said. "We'll all give them a great surprise!"

A while later, after Ludwig had fixed the big red cannon that lay opposite the dock. Bowser had the Koopalings go in first. He stuffed them in like sardines and fired. Then he fired himself out of the cannon. They hit smack in the middle of the fleeing freight. "Now this ship is goin' down to Davy Toad's Locker!" Bowser shouted. He took out a Bob-omb out and the crew of the ship screamed. Then he took out a Lucky Mushroom and ate it, and he and the Koopalings were engulfed in a smoke bubble that protected them from the massive explosion.

The Pianta Elders of the Pianta Village could see it from the Great Tree. "We must do something!" they said amongst themselves. "I know! Let's get the Mario Bros! They'll help us!" They quickly sent a message.

On the opposite side, the Noki Elders in the Noki Atlantis felt a tremor in the water. "Whu…? What was that?" one said.

"Something must be wrong, Master," a servant said to him.

"Quick!" said the other. "Send a message to the Wario Bros! They'll help us!"

Both of the messages were sent. A day later, the Pianta Villagers saw two things in the sky. It was Mario and Luigi in their capes, flying to the tree-top village. "Here it is!" Mario said. They swooped down and came in for a landing.

The mayor came rushing towards them. "Mario! Mario!" he cried.

"What's the matter?" Luigi asked.

"Captain Bowser has taken over Delfino Plaza and is plundering the entire island! It's only a matter of time before he finds us in one of his air ships! Help us!" he replied.

"Okay… We're gonna go now. If there's any trouble use this Noki Horn," Mario said.

The two Brothers flew off. "Good luck!" the mayor called to them.


Wario and Waluigi were driving down the street like maniacs in the Wario Car.

"Eh, where is this place?" Wario asked Waluigi.

"Uh… it should be right up ahead," he answered.

"Alls I see is a cliff," Wario replied.

"Wait… what?!" Waluigi said.

The next thing they knew they were plunging into the depths of Noki Bay. The car floated on top. They swam up and hopped on the car, gasping for breath. A Noki swam up out of the water. "Oh! You're here! Master is expecting you… oh! You might want to put these on!" she said, handing them diving gear.

They plunged down into the abyss that held the magnificent city of the Noki Atlantis. They went inside a stone structure that, somehow, had no water in it. They took their gear off.

"Come in! Sit down," a very old Noki with a long white beard said. "Bowser is pillaging Delfino Plaza, and we are concerned he may come for us next."

"What's in it for us?" Wario said.

"We ain't a charity!" Waluigi snickered.

"Oh, did I forget to mention? There will be a large reward," the Noki said, taking out a treasure chest full of gold. "Now are you interested?"


Mario and Luigi landed at Delfino Plaza at the same time Wario and Waluigi pulled up. "What are those two morons doin' here?" Waluigi said.

Wario grabbed a Pianta by the collar and said, "Did you let them in on our job?!"

Mario said to them, "The Pianta Elders told us Bowser was here."

Bowser and the Koopalings pulled up with a giant cannon. "Have you any last requests?" Bowser said.

"You guys is gonna be put on ice!" Morton said.

"Open fire!" Lemmy shouted.

Part 2

With a large blast the rocket plunged out of the cannon with full force. "Look-a out!" Mario shouted. The team managed to dodge. The cannon shot another one. Its trail of smoke was pushing on towards them. Then Mario took out his hammer and shot it back at them!

"Gwah!" Bowser shouted as it hit the cannon. He repeatedly pulled the lever to try to get it to fire, but nothing happened. "Argh! This is not over yet!" he exclaimed. Then, all the Koopalings hopped on the cannon. He pushed a button and the cannon inflated into a hot air balloon. It took off in the direction of Corona Mountain.

"We've got to catch this thing!" Luigi exclaimed. They all ran after it following it to the entrance of Corona Mountain, which was right behind the Shine Gate. They saw a gate in from of it.

"Wah?!" Wario shouted. "It's locked!"

"Er… How are we supposed to get inside?" Waluigi scowled.

"Let's-a break it down!" Wario said.

Mario tried hitting it with his hammer, but it didn't work. "Here's a way!" Luigi said. It was a man-hole covering. They all ground pounded through the man-hole covering and landed in the sewer.

"Uck! Look at all this gunk!" Wario said, moaning. They trudged through the gunk of the sewer for a while until Mario stopped. "What is it? Need to tie your shoe?" Wario said, chuckling.

"No… I thought I felt-a something," he said.

"Whu… Whu… What is it?" Luigi said, nervously.

"I don't know… It's just so…" At that moment Mario disappeared into the muck.

"Mario!" Luigi cried.

"Wha-! What is this thing?!" Waluigi exclaimed.

"Argh… I'll fight it off! Let me at it!" Wario shouted. At that moment, a sewer-dwelling Gooper Blooper appeared! It screeched and flung Mario around as it wailed. It was gigantic! "Rah! I'll handle this!"

Then Wario ate a Super Mushroom and became enormous! He then punched the creature in its face. The creature's head spun and was temporarily knocked out. "Quick! Go for-a his arms!" Mario shouted down to Luigi and Waluigi. They grabbed some arms. Then Wario shrunk back to regular size. He grabbed a hold of some arms, too.

"Now pull!" Mario shouted. They pulled on the arms and then Gooper Blooper shot back and hit the sewer wall. SPLAT! That was it for that threat… or was it? Then Gooper Blooper woke back up from hitting the wall and got back to fighting his tiny encroaches.

"Look! A Fire Flower is growing on the side of that wall!" Luigi shouted.

"Got it!" Mario exclaimed as he tore off the Fire Flower. Then, in an instant, he was shooting flames out of his hands. He blasted them out and scorched Gooper Blooper. His big eyes blinked, and then he fell over. NOW he was defeated!

"We gotta get out-a this sewer! There's tons of creatures lurking down here!" Waluigi exclaimed. Everyone agreed. They started running out towards the exit… until they saw a group of Koopatrols, well, patrolling!

"They must've been planted there by Bowser!" Mario whispered.

"We should use-a stealth. Anyone gotta Power Flower?" Luigi said.

"I do…" Waluigi said, giving it to him with a very large scowl and then mumbling words to himself. Luigi used it and became invisible! He snuck up on one and knocked him out. Then another… and then another… until all of them were lying on the ground.

"Why don't we put these on so nobody else bothers us down here?" Waluigi asked, referring to the Koopatrols' discarded armor. Everyone agreed that that was a good idea. They all put the armor on and Mario and Luigi looked just like Koopatrols… Wario and Waluigi… not so much. Wario's big gut made the armor bulge out and Waluigi was too tall for it to even fit him!

Anyway, they continued down the mucky sewer road. Then they saw the end of the tunnel! But blocking the way was Iggy Koopa and Roy Koopa! The four walked up, trying to look as Koopa-like as possible. "Hey! Who are those guys?!" Roy said, pointing at Wario and Waluigi.

"Uh… we're new. We…uh… your dad hired us to… uh… patrol?" Waluigi said to him.

"Yeah, yeah, your dad hired us to patrol! That's what we're doin' down here… but…uh… he wants to see us now," Wario said.

"Oh, well, we'll tell him you're coming up now," Iggy said.

"Hi, Dad?" Roy said into his Koopa Shell-Phone. Then Wario took off his and Waluigi's helmets and shoved them on Roy and Iggy's heads. Alarms started going off. They ran to the entrance of Corona Mountain.

"Smooth move, genius!" Waluigi yelled to Wario.

Part 3

The Koopatrol was chasing Wario and Waluigi down the lava corridors of Corona Mountain. Mario and Luigi met up with them. "What did you do?!" Mario yelled at Wario.

"Hey! It was either that or have Bowser personally char us!" he answered.

"No, you mean char you guys!" Luigi said.

"Whatever!" Wario yelled. The Koopatrol was gaining.

"They're right behind us!" Luigi shouted. Everyone looked back and then felt themselves bump into something. They saw a large Koopatrol in front of them. Then Mario took out his hammer and hit this large Koopa. It plummeted into the lava.

"Hey! That guy's Mario!" one of the Koopatrols shouted, pointing. Mario and the rest jumped from rock to rock in the lava caves. The Koopatrols tried to keep up, but eventually they all missed a jump and fell into the lava.

The team trekked through the cave by hopping from one floating rock to another. "I think Bowser's at the top of this cave," Luigi said.

"Yeah? Then let's-a move!" Wario said.

They felt a tremor in the cave. They looked at the lava to see ripples in it. "I've got a bad feeling about this…" Mario said, and with that an enormous Blargg emerged from the deeps of the lava chasm. It bellowed in anger and looked hungry. Not a good situation for the crew.

It blasted a fireball at Mario. "Oh no!" he shouted. Then he got scorched by the flame in his rear end. "YOWEE!" he shouted. "Hot! Hot!"

"You can't do that to Mario!" Luigi yelled at the Blargg.

"Yeah!" Wario said. "Wait… What did I just say?"

Luigi charged at it, but when he hit it, he just got a fiery blast. "Oof…" Luigi grunted as he hit the ground.

"I guess it's-a up to us!" Waluigi said to Wario. Wario had some garlic, and he ate it. He then blasted the fumes out of his mouth and the Blargg sniffed it. It was so repulsed that it nearly was poisoned! He swiftly dove back into the magma below him.

"Want to ditch these losers?" Wario said.

"I'm right behind ya!" Waluigi happily said. They bounded off across the stones and left the two unconsscious Brothers there to fend for themselves. When they got to the top they saw all the Koopalings there!

"You'll never get to Cap'n Bowser's lair!" Morton said.

"You might as well turn back!" Lemmy said.

"You'll definitely not defeat us, cuz we got the Bowser Bomb!" Lemmy said, jumping in front of the crowd. He threw it down and it blew up. The cave shook. A piece of rock fell from the ceiling and landed on top of Waluigi. Waluigi twitched underneath the granite. Wario just casually walked up and started tossing Koopalings aside until there were two he could not- Roy and Lemmy. Lemmy threw his ball at Wario and knocked him out.

When Mario and Luigi finally woke up they were confused and saw no Wario and Waluigi. "Where'd they go?" Mario asked.

"I don't know," Luigi answered. "We might as well go on." So the two jumped from stone to stone until they reached the top of the volcano. Once they got there, they saw Wario and Waluigi unconscious on the floor. Roy and Lemmy were the last Koopalings standing.

Mario simply flung a fireball at Roy and sent him running. Lemmy tossed his ball again, this time at Mario, and flattened him like a pancake, but then Luigi caught it. He rolled it back at him and Lemmy jumped on top. He kept rolling backwards until he landed in the lava, floating on his ball. "Oh great…" he said, "marooned on a ball in the middle of a fire lake."

Luigi helped the rest of the crew regain their consciousness and then they opened a door that led to Captain Bowser's treasure stash.

"Welcome, worms," he said, "I've been EXPECTING YOU!!" As he turned around he revealed his pirate hat, eye patch, and cutlass. Flames shot up around him, making the treasure glitter in the dark room.

"I'm assuming you've come here to stop me pillaging?" Bowser said.

The team nodded.

"Well then… let's HAVE A GO!" he shouted as a gigantic flaming ball hurdled towards them.

Part 4

Bowser's fireball came rushing towards the four Brothers. They all managed to dodge, yet got singed in the process. Wario ran up to Bowser and was about to plant a big wallop on him. "Eat-a this!" he shouted.

All of a sudden Bowser turned into metal! "Gwah hah ha!" Bowser laughed. "That is my metal suit. Nothing can penetrate it! It's solid Goombonian Steel!"

Mario spotted something in the distance and said, "Could it be? It is! A field of Power Flowers!" They all rushed over.

Bowser slammed his sword into the ground in front of them, but they quickly dodged. They all ran and Mario grabbed a Power Flower. Mario felt the flower transforming him. In an instant, he grew bigger and started to float away. He was flying in circles around Bowser. "Argh! Stop it, ya pest!" Bowser yelled.

Wario grabbed a Power Flower and turned into metal. He started punching Bowser. "Ouch! Watch it!" Bowser shouted.

Luigi grabbed one and turned invisible. He snuck behind Bowser and stole his sword. "Argh! My sword! ENOUGH!!" Bowser yelled, and all of them flew off him.

"We need you too, Waluigi!" Mario shouted.

Waluigi slowly bent down and picked one up. "Huh?" Waluigi wondered. "I don't see a change!" Waluigi sulked away. "Why?! Why can't I have something happen to me? Why can't I have a super power?!"

In Waluigi's fit of rage, something happened. As he lifted up his hand, a purple beam shot out of it. It was heading right for Bowser! It hit him and he seemed to be dizzy. He spun in circles and was totally disoriented.

"Now's our chance!" Luigi ordered.

"Thanks for that, Waluigi," Wario said.

"Any time!" Waluigi answered.

Mario lifted Bowser up by going underneath him and inflating. Wario delivered a massive barrage of punches while Waluigi was shooting his beams at him so he would stay dizzy and helpless. To keep this all going, Luigi snuck past them and collected Power Flowers and threw them at a members who needed them. They kept this up until Bowser was finally knocked out. Wario grabbed him and flung him on his back as he carried him through the chasms of Corona Mountain. When he finally got Bowser down, he handed him over to the authorities.


The execution drum was being beaten in the town square of Delfino Plaza. "Captain Bowser the First…" a Pianta wearing an officer's uniform announced as Bowser stood in front of the hangman's noose, "you are accused of: impersonating an Isle Delfino Official, raiding and ransacking of important island artifacts, treason to the Mushroom Kingdom…"

As he read on, Wario, Waluigi, Mario, and Luigi talked amongst themselves. "You know, for a real pain in the aft end, you guys are okay… I guess," Wario said to the Brothers.

"Thanks… I think," Mario answered.

"…stealing of government property, and finally… attempted murder. You were found guilty of these charges in a court of law, and are convicted to be hung-" The Pianta was interrupted when the Koopalings flew into the plaza in the Clown Copter.

"Come on, Dad!" Wendy shouted down.

"We don't have all day!" Ludwig said.

Bowser hopped on and was flying off. "Thanks for that, you guys!" Bowser said.

"Does that mean we can finally get that Yoshi?!" Morton said, enthusiastically.

"No!" Bowser answered.

"Waah!" the Koopalings cried.

"Well… We may never defeat Bowser, but at least we learned a valuable lesson!" Luigi said.

"Huh? What's that?" Waluigi asked.

"Actually, I have no idea," Luigi answered.

The End

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