Knocking at the Door of End

By Chris "Wario"

Part 6: Waluigi's Quest in Snowpalm Village

Waluigi stormed out of Grate's shop. He ran down the streets of the town, where fisherman were selling their prized catches. "Fresh Blooper! Plump Marlin! Giant Cheep Cheeps cheap!" were some of the cries that could be heard by them. Waluigi ignored all of them and gazed at his destination- Cold, Cold Inn. He was given a task and he was going to abide it. Little did he know that the rest of the team had ditched him and were heading to Podoboo Forest.

He entered the door and the bell on top made a little dinging sound. A strange-looking creature sat at the front desk. Or at least it was strange to Waluigi. It was one of the same kind as Raphael Raven, who Yoshi had described to him early in the war. It sat there. It didn't speak. It just stared at him.

Waluigi walked up and asked, "Can I have a room?" The Raven nodded and motioned for Waluigi to follow him. He did so and it took him to a room. "Thank you," Waluigi said. The Raven just nodded and waddled away. Something weird is going on around here, Waluigi thought as he gazed around the inn. Every door was shut and locked. No one was downstairs in the lounge. No one was at the pub. No one was even in the community bathroom. "This isn't right," Waluigi mumbled, "this is a Koopa dealing."

He decided to do some investigating in his room. It was extremely luxurious, with a hot tub and bowls of fruit around the room. This was way too expensive for the folks that lived in this seaside town. Someone would stay here if they were important. Government, maybe. Which meant that whoever was here was tied in with the Koopas in some way. He left his room and wandered down the hall. He saw a door that said EMPLOYEES ONLY. Waluigi was never a good one at obeying signs, so he waltzed right in. It was gloomy and dark. Yet there was a light glowing at the bottom of a stairwell that led down. Waluigi rushed down it stealthily and came to a door. The door had a small window at the top. Waluigi kept his head low and peered through. He saw some Koopas. Then he looked more closely. He saw horns on one. It had spikes on its shell, too. Was it a Koopa Kid?

When Bowser had first developed his Fire Sea in the Dark World, he had Ludwig make clones of him, hoping they would create an all-powerful Bowser army. Ludwig had make a mistake in his calculations and made them all young. Thus, the new commanders of the Grand Koopa Army are the Koopa Kids.

He was not surprised if it was a Koopa Kid. They were easy to defeat, anyway. He decided he was going to end this party.

Waluigi kicked the door open. "Hold it!" he shouted.

The Koopas in the room turned and glared at him. They were ALL Koopa Kids! "Whadda you want?!" a blue one cried out.

"Er… This party's over!" Waluigi said.

The Kids could see that this guy was some pathetic attempt by the Resistance. "I'll handle this. Get back, you nimrods!" a Kid that looked identical to Bowser said. Waluigi could see he was the leader. He pressed a button on his small belt. A platform rose underneath him. It started to hover in the air. "Resistance is futile!" he shouted. He took some sort of glowing orange orb. Waluigi recognized it. It was a Dark Flame Sphere. They were harvested from Fire Pits and Bone Pits in the Dark World every year. They were very expensive and were one of the highest grade explosives. He threw it down. Waluigi ducked under a table. It blew, but only caused a small group of Koopa Kids to crash through the wall.

"Humph! Persistent little pest, aren't you? You can never defeat me! I am a loyal minion of the great Emperor Bowser. You are but a lowly Resistance fighter. You have no ranks other than your leader. You uncivilized excuse for an inhabitant will be no longer!" the leader screamed. Waluigi could tell this guy was trying to trick him with some obscure, tyrannical brand of macho head-games. Waluigi knew this guy could talk the talk, but it seemed he couldn't walk the walk.

He threw a small Bob-omb onto the platform. "WHU?! EEP!" the lead Koopa Kid screeched as the bomb ticked in front of him. It exploded and sent him spiraling out of the roof. The rest of the Koopa Kids scurried away in terror.

"That takes care of them!" Waluigi said, proud of his doings.

Part 7: Podoboo Forest

The team trekked through the high brush that stretched across the ground. They were going through the Podoboo Forest to get to Glargg Canyon on the other side.

"Do you know what's supposed to live here?" Hokota asked the team, nervously.

"No, what?" Luigi asked.

"The Creken Koopa."

"What's that?" Peach asked, mouth agape.

"It's a giant monster that was forged out of the face of evil," Hokota started. "It is a giant Koopa that is half Koopa and half Dry Bones. It is enormous and they say no one has ever lived that came across him."

Everyone stopped in their tracks except Hokota. Mario gazed around at the team. They were all staring at the woods around them, except for Wario. He ran up to Hokota. Mario thought to himself, Why are they friends?


Years and years before the war, Wario was walking up Aurora Mountain. He had heard tales of a Yeti that lived on the mountain. If it was captured, there would be a great reward. Then, as Wario was scaling a thin ledge, his foot slipped.

Hokota was guiding a group when he heard Wario cry out "Help! Help me!" Hokota, being the good-natured soul that he was, ran and caught him. He took him back to his cottage and helped him recuperate from the fall.

They talked a lot and became friends. Ever since, they have helped each other in times of need, and have become almost like brothers to each other.


The team heard a growl. They all froze, even Hokota. They glanced around. Toad could see a towering mass looming over the trees. "AAAAHHH!!!" Toad screamed. The team turned around to see none other than the Creken Koopa pounding in front of him. He smashed a tree and it fell over right in front of Yoshi. Yoshi lunged back and fell on the ground.

"Team! Open fire!" Mario shouted. They took out a cannon from Mario's pack. They stuffed in a Bob-omb that Luigi was carrying. Wario took hold of the gun. He aimed precisely for the creature. The sights were right on it. He pulled the trigger. The Bob-omb shot out and exploded. When the smoke cleared, they could see nothing but a spiky shell in front of them. They turned away and started walking. Then the Creken Koopa sprung out of hiding in its shell. It jumped out in front of the crew. With one big blow, it punched Toad and Peach out of the way. Then it grabbed Yoshi and flung him into the air. He landed in a tree when his leg caught a vine. Luigi sprung on top of him. He punched at him, but it only angered the beast. Creken Koopa flung Luigi off of his shoulder. Luigi fell on a pile of dirt. The remaining KFs took on a fighting stance. Mario and Wario flew up with hammers in their hands. In unison, they hit the creature's head with their hammers. It clunked off of his shoulders and the rest of his bony body fell to pieces.

Mario turned to Hokota and said, "Now I know you were right about him being a Dry Bones." They all turned to their fallen comrades and flopped them over their shoulders. They were almost at the canyon. There they would give the fallen to their contact to tend to their wounds.

Part 8: Glargg Canyon

The team ran to the edge of the forest, comrades in tow. They got out and saw something like it was almost an entirely new world. They saw Glargg Canyon, with its majestic rocky walls and its rolling river at the bottom. It was an entirely new world from what they were used to. Before they were in damp forests and freezing mountains. But now they were in a new world- one of deserts, rocky mountains, rivers, canyons, and valleys.

They started to walk off in the direction of where their contact should be. "Who is this guy, anyway?" Hokota asked.

"Oh, well he's supposed to be a very powerful warrior from Yoshi's Island," Mario answered.

"And I heard that he's a little…uh… flamboyant," Wario chimed in.

"You'll know 'im when you see 'im, if that's what you meant," Mario said.

Then a purple and blue flash zipped through the air. Then a Grinder with a purple mask on stood in front of them with a hero stance. "I see what you mean, Wario," Hokota mumbled.

"I am Diablo!" The Grinder said with a Spanish accent, "Master of all that you see before you!" He then grimaced at them. "What do you want?"

"We are the KFs from Mushroom City. You were our contact," Mario said.

Diablo looked at the people that they were carrying. "Who are those guys?" he asked.

"They are the rest of our group, and if you can give them shelter, that would be great," Wario said.

"Ah yes," Diablo said, "that would be muy malo if you had to carry them."

He gestured for them to follow him. They were brought to a ranch just some few hundred feet away. "This is my very own ranch. I stay safe from the war here, and I can help those who do like to venture into the heart of Ludwig's Land," Diablo said as he motioned them in. "This is my grand hall. It is the center of the ranch. I think it is muy manifico!"

Hokota turned to Wario and whispered, "Do you understand what he's saying?"

"No," Wario answered, "it's like he's speaking some other language."

He had them come further away from the door and into the house. "There on the right are the bedrooms where I and my grandpapa sleep. His house was destroyed by the Koopas some years ago," Diablo said. "And here's my favorite room- the kitchen! My grandpapa is cooking some papas. Do you want any?"

Wario chuckled. "Your grandpapa is cooking papas?"

"It means potatoes," Diablo sneered. Then Wario abruptly stopped laughing. "The papas are muy grande! Some are as big as a gato!" Diablo said as they sat down and ate.

"There are more where that came from, muchachos!" Grandpapa said.

They ate their full and then were ready to head out. They dropped off the rest of the team in Grandpapa's care. Then they moved out into the canyon. "I will lead the way!" Diablo said, making a Zeus pose. They followed him as he marched cockily down the canyon slopes. They continued on like this for a while. Then they reached the bottom. They had to cross the river now. "Ah! I forgot! We have to cross this river to get to the top," Diablo said, gazing up at the cliffs ahead of him.

"Then let's swim!" Wario said.

"Uh," Hokota said shyly, "since I lived in the mountains all my life, I never learned how to swim."

"Ho hum!" Wario said. "Your kind first lived in tropical islands. It must be instinctive for you to swim, er somethin!"

"I guess I could give it a try," Hokota said.

They managed to swim across to the other side. "See, I told you that you could swim, Hokota!" Wario laughed.

"If I swam, I would've drowned. I floated over on my shell."

"Works too," Wario said.

They climbed over the cliff and made it to the top. "There it is… Bob-omb Mountain," Diablo said, pointing to a tiny protrusion in the skyline far away. "I guess I could join you. I haven't been on the hunt in quite a while. I miss the ol' adventure."

They started marching toward the distant mountain. So, the team that was going to defeat an entire empire was, a cocky, flamboyant monkey; a Sherpa; a resistance fighter leader; and a fat, greedy man. Tough crowd.

Part 9: Gritzy Desert

"This land that we are walking on is the El Gaucho Grande Desert. I named it myself!" Diablo said.

"How creative..." Wario snickered.

"What, are you saying you want a piece of me?" Diablo barked.

"Yeah, I probably would, only I don't hit monkeys." Wario sneered.

"Oh yeah?! Well, have at it!" Diablo said. Wario punched Diablo in the face and knocked him over. "Me Dias! Tu ere es loco!" Diablo shouted at Wario.

Hokota slammed his staff in between them. "Enough! This heat is making us turn against each other! Knock some sense into yourself!" Hokota shouted.

"I'd like to knock some sense into that loco, tonto Wario," Diablo mumbled, brushing himself off.

"What did he just say about me?! I want a translator here!" Wario yelled into the sky, looking at Hokota.

"Listen," Diablo said, "if we want to get through the El Gaucho Grande, we'll need to work together. There are many Dry Bones that live out here."

They walked through the dry land for many hours. They reached a sign that said:


"Hmm… Gritzy, eh?" Mario said. "I remember coming here. Way back when, when the Shroobs were invading, I came here in the past through one of E. Gadd's time holes. It looks a lot different now," Mario said as he pointed to the landscape. It was much more barren, and the famed Koopaseum was now not but a mere pile of rubble.

"What's that over there?" Hokota pointed at some large metallic object.

"No… it can't be!" Mario gasped. It was a genuine Shrooboid UFO. These weapons of purple, creepy evil were the things that had nearly destroyed the world. Now they had found one.

"It's a Shroob UFO! What's it doin' here?" Wario asked. Mario thought. Maybe the Koopas' had some use for these foreign, flying death-machines. Maybe they were planning an invasion of the still kingdom-owned Mushroom City.

"Let's take it," Mario said.

"What? Are you crazy, you weak-minded fool?! You'll get us shot down for sure!" Diablo yelled.

"Why?" Hokota asked.

"Ever since the invasion, people around here are still looking for those purple menaces. If we fly one of those, we'll get shot down!" Diablo explained.

"Obviously you do not know, because we can easily defeat the guards at Ludwig's Castle with it. It's a risk we'll have to take," Mario said as he hopped in. "But it's out of fuel," Mario added.

"Ha! Serves you right, amigo," Diablo said.

"No, this is just a little hitch in the plan," Mario said. "I know where we can get some fuel."

Part 10: The Vim Factory

"We can get some fuel for this UFO quickly… if we venture to the most remote part of this area- Toadwood Forest. In the Vim Factory," Mario said.

"It's a tough stretch, but we've all got to push the envelope sometimes," Wario said.

They ventured into the forest, not knowing the dangers that lay in wait before them. Wario looked behind a tree, peering down and seeing a strange creature. It hissed at him and made a defensive stance. "Aw, does the little thing need a… ACK!" Wario screamed as the Koopeleon bit at his oversized forehead.

"If the thing don't wanna be touched, don't touch it," Mario said.

"WOW! GET IT OFF ME!!!" Wario bellowed as he smashed it against a metal door. With a clang, the group found the entryway to the Shroobs' evil energy plant, the Vim Factory.

They walked through the factory, looking for some spare fuel for their new Shroob UFO. They came across a strange, open room. "Hmm… This is odd." Hokota said, scratching his beard. Then a giant deranged Swiggler burst out of the floor. Debris and rubble was spewed everywhere. The team started clambering up the slope. They reached the top, ready to fight this beast. It was bizarre. It had one eye bulging out and the other one barely visible. It was black with purple spots. It bellowed in fury and spewed green slime everywhere. That was their fuel he was spewing around.

Wario jumped on the back of the creature, using his nozzle-like mouth to shoot the remnants of Vim left in him into a container that Mario was holding. Wario flew off the back of the creature and slammed into the wall. Mario and the rest took off with their fuel.

Wario got up. He grabbed a stick he found on the ground. He torched the tip of it and threw the gleaming torch into the animal's "nozzle". Smoke billowed out of the Swiggler's mouth. It flopped over in desperation. Then it blasted through the wall, and into a deep pit in the floor. It rolled around in the pit, which looked more like a bonfire with all the smoke.

The team raced out of the factory, Vim fuel in tow. They hopped into their Shrooboid UFO and filled the tank. They blasted off above Toadwood Forest. "At this rate, we'll be at the castle grounds in no time at all," Hokota said.

"Yeah, except for that!" Diablo shouted. He pointed to a bulbous Goonie floating above the trees in front of them.

"It's okay," Mario explained. "You see, when I went back in time some years ago, I got an abrupt lesson in Shrooboid UFO combat. Luigi did, too, but unfortunately, he is at your Grandpapa's house, Diablo. I wonder what he's doing right now…"


"I told you, I don't like potatoes!" Luigi shouted.

"What are potatoes?" Grandpapa asked. These are papas!"

"Luigi, give it up. He obviously doesn't understand what you're saying!" Peach yelled.

"Oh, he can understand!" Luigi said. "He just isn't listening, are you old man?!"

"What?" Grandpapa asked. "SEE?!" Luigi yelled.


Mario pressed a button and a large laser cannon pulled out of the bottom. He blasted the Goonie with oval-shaped, spinning laser blades. With a blast, the Goonie crashed into a tree and squawked in anger. The team zoomed off into the wild blue yonder in search of Ludwig's Fortress. It was only a matter of time before they reached the gates…

Part 11: Ludwig's Castle

Our foursome of freedom landed the UFO and hopped out. They walked over to the door of Ludwig's castle. Mario took out his hammer and smashed the wall to bits. Shards of wood and metal were spewed everywhere. Pieces of debris landed in Mario's moustache.

When a neat hole was made in the wall, the team snuck through it. They walked down the hall. Thwomps smashed the ground around them. Chunks of stone hit their faces and they fell back in response. Flames blasted through the floor as if the stone was a flamethrower. The team weaved through the blazing inferno, dodging the scorching, intense heat. When they got through, some peoples' clothes were singed, but that was the extent of the damage.

Then an army of Dry Bones marched through the corridors of this grim palace. The crew heard their footsteps on the stone as they were marching to destroy the intruders. Diablo climbed up a chain that led to the ceiling. He waited there. The Dry Bones dashed for our team. They sprinted away from the oncoming threat and Diablo cut the chain. A large, spiked ball smashed the ground and began rolling towards the Dry Bones. As the ball crushed the stragglers, bones flew everywhere while the lead Dry Bones sped away in a mad fit of panic. Diablo jumped down to the floor and they raced down the corridors.

They found a door they thought was the throne room. They smashed it open with Mario and Wario's hammers. They walked through to find it was only the kitchen. A bunch of Chef Guys scurried around the floor carrying cakes, pizzas, meat, and salads. Some were chopping vegetables on tables and others were frying delicacies on the stove.

"Here!" one Chef Guy cried out. "Take this cake to Lord Ludwig. He and Karma are awaiting it."

So, going with the flow, Mario took it and carried it down the hallway to what he was sure was the throne room. They creaked open the door.

Part 12- Epic Battle

"We have the cake for you, muchacho!" Diablo said.

"Oh, bring it here!" Karma said.

"Shut up, woman! Can't you see that this is my arch-nemesis?" Ludwig shouted.

"Why are you married to each other when you hate each other?" Diablo asked.

"Metbond. Long story. Don't ask," Karma said.

"So…" Ludwig said, "My spies have been trying to track you down for ages. What kept you?"

"Took me awhile to get the right crew- the right tools..." Mario answered.

"HA!" Ludwig scoffed. "You call this a team? A fat man, a Koopa, and a monkey?!"

"Hey! I'm a Grinder…" Diablo added.

"Matters not what you are, you ignorant resistance fighters! Did you notice you are fighting ME? I am the most intelligent being in all of Bowser's Empire. You cannot defeat me in battle," Ludwig said proudly.

"He's got such a big head, doesn't he?" Karma said.

"ENOUGH!" Ludwig bellowed. "Fight now, vermin!"

The team and Ludwig made a fighting stance. Ludwig swung his hand in an upward motion. A ztar shot out of the gauntlet on his wrist. It exploded in a blaze of purple fire when it hit the wall. "Do you like my invention?" Ludwig said. "It is the Ztar Blaster. It is the ultimate in light-weight combat weaponry!"

He shot another Ztar at the team. Wario batted the Ztar with his hammer like a baseball bat. It flew back at Ludwig and hit him. His white hair was set on fire and he ran around, screaming. Then he pulled into his shell. When he came out, the flames were doused. Then he jumped back into his shell and spun like a top. He spun over to Hokota, but Hokota pushed back the mighty force of the shell with his staff. The staff was cracking. With a swift split, the staff was crushed. Wario jumped in the way of Hokota and pushed back the shell. With sweat beading down his fevered brow, Wario was able to draw back Ludwig. As Wario was holding him off, Mario took his hammer and smashed Ludwig with it. Ludwig went flying back to the wall, and he crashed. The stone wall was cracked where he impacted. His spikes were stuck in the wall.

"AGH!" Ludwig yelled. "The spikes on my shell are stuck!" As quick as lightning, two Dry Bones came over to assist the tyrant. Then Diablo dashed over to the enemies. He jumped on one's head and knocked it off. He grabbed another one and swung on it. The weight of Diablo made the pile of bones crash to the ground. Ludwig picked up Diablo and threw him at the wall. Diablo landed on a Podoboo and was scorched by the flames. He lay on the ground, burned.

Wario grabbed Hokota and he went into his shell. Then Wario kicked the shell and hit Ludwig. He was hurt, yet got freed from the wall. Then Ludwig blasted flames at Hokota from in his shell. This made the spinning shell turn and go into a jail-like structure at the end of the throne room. Wario picked up valuable objects around the room and stored them in a sack he had found, while Mario was throwing objects at Ludwig. After Wario was finished pillaging, he nodded to Mario. Then they both flew into the air, with hammers in their hands. Then they smashed their hammers on Ludwig's head. His vision became blurry. He fell to the ground.

"LUDWIG!" Karma shouted. "My poor, poor Ludwig! What have you done to him, you fiends?!" Mario and Wario just ignored her as they helped pick up their wounded comrades. They felt truly sorry for Karma. She hadn't done anything wrong. It was Ludwig. Then again, it wasn't Ludwig. It was Bowser. Then again, it wasn't Bowser. It was Morton Koopa, Senior. How long did this trail of evil go back?

That was the thought going through Mario's head as he propped Diablo on his back. Maybe, Mario thought, just maybe… with the destruction of Ludwig, this war would end soon. And the Bowser Empire would be no more!


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