The War For Peace

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: The New Force

One day Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Toad are walking around Toad Town, talking about Bowser's last strike.

Mario: I beat-a Bowsie!

Luigi: Yes, you did.

Peach: MY HERO!

She kisses Mario.

Mario: I GOT IT!

Yoshi: Bowser probably planbing new attack,

Toad: He always is.

Yoshi: He probably is now.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's castle...

Larry: Okay, Ludwig, what are you creating now?

Ludwig: A Super Duper Ultra Electronic Zapem Vaporizer Sonic Wave Ray!

Iggy: ... Does it have a shorter name?

Ludwig: Yes, SDUEZVSWR.

Morton: That name is long, not short, huge, gigantic, enormous, over-sized, and- Mmmppppphh!

Roy and Wendy: SHUT UP, MORTON!

Iggy: Yeah-

Lemmy: Shut up-

Iggy: Morton!

Bowser: I thought we agreed on no more finishing each other's sentences! You say the whole sentence alone.

Iggy and Lemmy: Sorry, King Dad.


A while later they are seen on the doomship heading towards Toad Town.

At Toad Town...

Toad: Well, let's go back to the castle.

Luigi: I guess so.

Peach: Of course we will!

Just then a doomship floats over the town.

Bowser: Attention, people of Toad Town! Hand over your town and we'll let you live while we takeover the other parts of the kingdom.

Ludwig: And don't make me use SDUEZVSWR!

Everyone but Ludwig: ... Okay...

A boom is heard and a huge flying fort moves overhead, then a new voice is heard.

??????: People of the Mushroom Kingdom, give me control on your kingdom or watch as I blow it to shreds!

Bowser and Peach: IT'S MY KINGDOM, NOT YOURS!

??????: You're brave to not listen to me. But you'll become one of my slaves...

A Bonzai Bill group is fired at Toad Town.

Larry, Wendy, and Yoshi: Incoming!

The Bonzai Bills hit in various locations, causing buildings and the surroundings to be destroyed in flames.

Onboard the fort, a Magikoopa with raindrops and snowflakes on his robe is sitting on a thrown in a fancy room.


A Goomba dressed in an army suit comes in beside a human with a Boo head. The human is dressed like a cornal and holds a whip.

Goombriel: You called, Master?

Boonneil: Yes, Your Magesty?

Magikoopa: I want you two to decide on which of you will go down there and nab Peach and Bowser.

Goombriel: Why not send out Boomer-Bomb or Sheldon?

Magikoopa: You're right... BOOMER! GET IN HERE!

A Bob-omb with an army helmet on its top comes in. Strangely, he has arms and hands.

Boomer: Yes?

Magikoopa: Go down there and nab Peach and Bowser.

Boomer: Yes, my Lord.

Boomer uses a parachute to drop behind some buildings.

Roy: Something fell over there!

Morton: I'm scared, freaked, not happy...

Roy gives Morton a mean look

Morton: I just feel scared.

Boomer jumps out with a bag of several Bob-ombs

Boomer: I am here to help my boss, the Master of Evil and all Bad, destroy you.

Mario: Mamamia!

Chapter 2: Of Bombs and Booms

Boomer is seen grinning at them, not showing sign of movement but just a grin.

Boomer: If you must fight back, I'll allow you the first strike.

Wendy: I'll do it.

Wendy throws three giant rings at different angles at Boomer, but he gracefully jumps through them.

Boomer: Again, you may attack first.

Wendy: I... I... I did attack...

Boomer: Oh, well then it's my turn.

Boomer pulls out a green Bob-omb from his sack.

Peach: A green Bob-omb?

Boomer tosses it over them and several houses get blown to nothing in a nuclear blast.

Boomer: Those are nuclear-filled weapons used in Plit War 1!

Luigi: Oh my god! Don't blow us up!

Boomer: I just want Peach and Bowser.

Boomer dashes forward and throws another green Bob-omb, which scares the others into running. Boomer nabs Peach while she is running and a ladder comes down from the fort. Boomer ties Peach to the lader and it carries her back up.

Boomer: Now Bowser...

Mario: NO WAY!

Mario throws ten fireballs at Boomer, but he dodges them all.

Boomer: I have tons of training; these types of moves will not work.

Mario: Uh oh!

Boomer: NOW, DIE!

Boomer launches six nuclear Bob-ombs into the air, and they come down and explode in different areas of Toad Town.


Toad runs around in circles, totally throwing off Boomer's concentration.

Boomer: What the...?

Lemmy: NOW!

Lemmy fires a blast of ice at Boomer, but somehow he jumps out of the way and the blast freezes a house in ice.

Iggy: He's too good! We need a plan.

Boomer: Plan all you want. I don't see you guys stopping me ever, though.

The Koopas and the Mario Gang run behind one of the few houses still standing.

Ludwig: What can we do?

Iggy: Hhhhmmmmmmmmm... I believe I already figured it out.

After whispering for a while, everyone but Ludwig comes out.

Boomer: Back so soon? No matter, I'll crush you anyway.

Larry and Yoshi: Oh, you will!

Wendy throws a ring upwards and it lands in front of Boomer, distracting himlong enough for Ludwig to get behind him.

Boomer: What the? You're a bit off.


Ludwig jumps out from behind Boomer and blasts him with SDUEZVSWR, causeing his arms and helmet to disintegrate.


Mario charges a flame and fires it slightly over Boomer's face.

Boomer: AAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhh, huh! Another miss.

Mario: I missed, did ?

Boomer rolls his eyes up to see that Mario lit his fuse.

Boomer: NO!

Boomer explodes and the bag of bombs flies into Toad Town Harbor.

Mario: WE DID IT!

Bowser: Wow! If he was just a low position helper then how powerful is the master he talked about?

In the fort...

Magikoopa: I don't see how he lost!

Booneil: How about sending out Sheldon? I'm sure he'd finish the job.

Magikoopa: But he's in line with Boomer in power, so he isn't all that much better

Booneil: But it's just me, Goombriel, and Sheldon, Master...

Magikoopa: Send out Sheldon on his shell platform.

A Koopa with a spike on his shell and dressed like an army man with a shell for a helmet comes flying towards the land on a shell.

Sheldon: I am Sheldon.

Bowser: Another one?

Luigi: He must be equal in strength or more powerful than Boomer.

Sheldon: I have no time to hear chit-chat, I am just going to POUND YOU!

Chapter 3: The Shells Go Spinning On

Sheldon sets his flying shell to full speed and launches at Bowser.


Bowser retreats into his shell and spins away, leaving Sheldon to miss.

Sheldon: I'm not done yet.

Sheldon spins the shell around and re-fires at Bowser.

Larry: KING DAD!

Larry throws a large rock with precise aim, hitting Sheldon and knocking him off the shell and down to the ground.

Sheldon: Not already!

He drops down.

Larry: King Dad!

Larry runs towards Bowser but Sheldon reaches up and grabs Larry by the leg, tripping him.

Sheldon: Gotcha!

Yoshi: WHOA!

Sheldon: One step closer and the kid will feel a spiny spike go through him.

Sheldon pulls out a Spiny Shell.

Wendy: NO!

Luigi and Mario: GRRRRR...

Meanwhile, in a room in the fort...

Peach: Where am I?

Peach looks around to see a fancy room with some cannonballs, some chains, and a few spiked boards on the ground.

Peach: Is this that flying fort?

Peach looks out a window to see the fight.

Peach: That bomb must be dead. But who is that Koopa?

Peach has a flashback to when she was dragged to the room. She was dragged by Sheldon, and upon leaving, he grabbed a gun.

Peach: Oh my god! If that Koopa still has that gun...

Back on land...

Sheldon: Now just hand over Bowser... wherever he is...


Bowser launches into Sheldon's back while in his shell, causeing Sheldon todrop Larry. Larry runs back to the others.

Sheldon: GRRRR! Well, well, Bowser, you're better than I thought... though I'm not done.

Mario throws fireballs but Sheldon goes into his shell and they bounce off him.

Sheldon: I believe this is it.

Sheldon pulls out the gun.

In the fort...

Peach: NOOOOO!

Peach looks around.

Peach: I must do something... I know!

Back on land...

Sheldon: DIE!

Sheldon begins shooting at everyone and just missing, when Mario trips and falls to the ground. Sheldon locks his gun on Mario.


Sheldon: DIE, MARIO!

Just then a cannonball falls from the fort and lands on Sheldon's head knocking him out. Mario looks up to see Peach waving.


Sheldon gets up and dashes at Bowser.

Sheldon: YOU'RE MINE!

Roy jumps in the way holding a giant spike and Sheldon runs into it. Thespike goes through him and he and the spike drop.

Roy: That should do it.

In the fort, the Magikoopa was watching the whole fight.

Magikoopa: You did well, Sheldon and you'll not be forgotton. We'll get revenge...

Booneil: Perhaps I should go.

Magikoopa: No, I have a better idea.

Goombriel: What, Master? We must know.

Magikoopa: Lead them up here into the fort. We'll lock them in a largeprison cell with Booneil to handle them.

Booneil: Good idea.

Goombreil drops the ladder down and the Koopas and Mario Gang figure it was an accident. They climb the ladder into the fort.

Chapter 4: I'm Here, I'm There, I'm Everywhere

The gang get on the fort and appear to be in a huge storage room.

Mario and Luigi: MAMAMIA!

Yoshi: Yoshi scared as to why nobody here.

The ladder rises.


Bowser: They wanted us in here, but why?

Booneil is seen on a higher ledge, giving the "bring it on" sign.

Mario: THERE!

The gang chase him and on occasion they lose him and re-find him.


Luigi: UH OH!

Booneil lures them to the cell and locks them in with him.

Booneil: We're all together like one big happy family now.

Bowser: I'm gonna kill you!

Booneil: List the ways to kill a ghost without a vacuum.

Bowser: UUUMMMMMMmmmmmmmm... I DON'T KNOW!

Booneil: HAHA, there is no way to kill me... I'm already dead!

Mario: I got it!

Mario looks out the window and points.

Mario: Who is the Goomba? SAVE US!

Booneil: That is probobly Goombriel in Paragoomba form. He changes through para, spiked, and normal Goomba. But why could he be here?

Booneil goes to the window because he is dumb. In the process, Lemmy turns the cell bars to ice and Mario smashes through them and they escape.


Booneil grins, then pulls out his whip and runs after them.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the fort...

Yoshi: WHOA ! Is this engine room?

The gang look to see gears, pullies, elevators with conveyor belts, and a large machine in the center.

Ludwig: Maybe! If it isn't then I don't know what it is.

Iggy: Maybe if we destroy some of the stuff we can damage the whole fort.

They see Booneil's shadow coming so the take a left, a right, another right, a left, and then go up a stairway.

Wendy: OOOOHHHHH! Pretty...

They are in a dining room with banners and fancy silverware lined up.

Luigi: There's a door over there!

They go in it to find a stairway to the lower left towertop.

Yoshi: Long stairway.

Roy and Morton: Well, let's climb it.

They begin and eventualy reach the top

Bowser: We must be at least 1,000 feet off the ground, being the fort is already about 400 feet over land.

Larry: Well, if we stay here too long they will find us.

They notice that there is a ramp on the outer part of each tower that leads to the center tower base.

Iggy: Use the bridge!

They go down the bridge and break it so nobody can reuse it.

Larry: Wow! Look in here!

Mario: Wowie! It's a giant spiral stairway to the middle towertop.

Ludwig: The walls are lined with gloomy torches and the stairs have a red carpet running down them. Let's not ever go up to the tower tophere. That door on the floor.

They enter it to see a torture chamber.

Peach: MARIO!

Mario: Woohoo!

Larry: So this is where they held you.

Bowser: That doesn't mtater. What matters is if we get out alive.

Peach: Is some creep coming?

Roy: The Boo in human form.

Peach: I know him! He was the one who said he'd whip me if I didn't hand over the kingdom.


They turn to leave but Booneil is in the doorway.

Booneil: I am sick of letting you run around when I was watching you the whole time and could have crushed you. But after this reunion I want to pulverize you all.


Booneil: I hate Mushrooms.

Boneil whips Toad, knocking him out the window and down to Toad Town.

Peach: TOAD!

Mario: RUN!

They run out the door, down a hall, and into a room and close and lock the door.

Booneil: Done running yet?

Luigi: Oh my god!

Booneil: I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere..!

Morton: Oh my god!

Roy: Oh my god! Morton is talking normally!

Booneil: Shut up.

Booneil lashes Roy with the whip across the face.


Booneil: Bwahahahahahhahah! The real fight starts NOW!

Chapter 5: A Double Battle, Bowser and Mario vs Booneil and Goombriel

Booneil whips everyone into Peach's cage but Mario and Bowser dodge it.

Mario: Whoa whoa whoa!

Bowser: Grrrr, no!

Booneil: Me against the two most powerful of you isn't fair... GOOMBRIEL!

Goombriel dashes into the room.

Goombriel: What?

Booneil: Aid me here.

Goombriel: Will do.

Goombriel headbonks towards Mario but Mario dodges. Booneil counters by rapping his whip around Mario's foot while he is in the air and tossing him into Bowser, knocking them out.

Goombriel: That was both fun and easy, even if I did nothing.

Booneil: Nonsence, if you hadn't headbonked Mario wouldn't have jumped.

Mario and Bowser: OOOOhhhhhhhhhhhh...

Booneil and Goombriel: Hmmm...

Mario and Bowser get up. Mario runs at Goombriel but sideflips towards Booneil. Goombreil, who was prepared for Mario, headbonks into a wall and bounces of into Bowser, sending Bowser into Mario and knocking them over again.

Booneil: Wow! That attempt was slightly better than the last.

Goombriel just chuckles.

Booneil: Do you think they'll make a third attempt?

Mario and Bowser lower their heads toward each other so they can whisper.

Mario: What do we do?

Bowser: Just one of them is tough enough, but when they're together it seems impossible.

Mario: Could this be it?

Bowser: Well, they use combinations in a way that if we dodge one, the other gets one of us to collide with the other. We need teamwork for once.

Mario: Yup! We actually need to work together. But how can we strike a hit on even one?

Bowser: I have an idea.

They whisper some more.

Booneil: Are they talking to each other?

Goombriel: They seem to be doing just that.

Goombriel and Booneil: But they can't beat our teamwork no matter what!

Mario and Bowser get up. Goombriel headbonks towards Mario but Bowser runs behind Mario and Mario backflips behind Bowser just as he shoots a wave of fire, scorching Goombriel. Mario wall kicks behind Booneil and Bowser shoots at Booneil from in his shell. Booneil jumps but Mario performs another wall kick and rams Booneil from behind, throwing him into Goombriel. Goombriel gets up and changes to Para-Goombriel before flying at them. Booneil gets up and hooks his whip to the ceiling and swings at them. Bowser retreats into his shell and Mario jumps on it. Bowser launches across the room and Mario backflips off Bowser and lands on Booneil. Mario tramples on Booneils head and he falls to the ground. Mario wraps Goombriel up into the whip and unwinds it, throwing Goombriel into Booneil. The collision causes Booneil to fly out the window and down to land, and Bowser spins around and runs over Goombriel, crushing him.

Bowser and Mario: WE DID IT!

They open the cage and release everyone.


She kisses Mario and smiles at Bowser.

Bowser: Well, there's a start.

Yoshi: Yoshi say we find their leader.

Lemmy: Let's go!

Chapter 6: The Fort of Evil's Engine Room

Ludwig: Wait, should we go back to the engine room to try and ground the fort first?

Roy: Good idea.

They head to the engine room. Meanwhile, in the throne room at the center towertop.

Magikoopa: I'm all alone now. Well, for Boomer, Sheldon, Booneil, and Goombriel, I'll make sure that not one of them leaves alive.

The Magikoopa leaves the room.

At the engine room...

Ludwig: Now, let's see...

Ludwig uses the disintegrator to destroy a switch panel, and the conveyor belts stop.

Ludwig: Good enough.

Luigi: My turn!

Luigi throws a green fireball at a machine and it begins to blow up. Upon the explosion the lights go out everywhere.

Ludwig: That giant machine caused every light in this whole fort to go out. Now it is impossible to see anything.

A door is heard opening and two red glowing eyes can be seen at the door.

Magikoopa: Little pests, little pests, where are you?

Luigi: Who's there?

Magikoopa: Just the leader of all this evil and the master of the fort.

Yoshi: Oh great! Yoshi scared now.

They look to see the eyes are moving around. The gang finds the door and enters another room.

Larry: The lights are totally gone. I can't see.

Peach and Wendy: It's morning. We must find a room with windows.

Iggy: Okay.

They begin running around and bumping into things and each other. They eventually find a room with a window.

Morton: One at a time, climb out the window. I see a ledge below.

They begin climbing out. After they're out they walk along the ledge to the ground in between the outer towers and the surounding of the central tower.

Larry: Light at last.

Magikoopa: I found you!

Everyone but the Magikoopa: AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Magikoopa: You killed my helpers. For that... I SHOW NO MERCY! BRING IT!

Chapter 7: The Final Battle, Good vs Evil

Magikoopa: Heh, I find twelve on one fair enough. ALL OF YOU, COME GET SOME!

Roy and Luigi dash forward but the Magikoopa grabs them and throws them into Morton and Wendy. Iggy goes to shoot a beam from his wand but the Magikoopa uses magic to throw Iggy into Ludwig. Ludwig is thrown into Peach, who is thrown into Lemmy, knocking down everyone but Mario, Yoshi, Larry, and Bowser.

Magikoopa: Four on one is better. NOW!

The Magikoopa creates a tidal wave that crashes over them all. Everyone but Mario and Larry has been thrown off the fort. Toads below carry the fallen to the hospital.

Mario: Larry, we gotta do-a something!

Larry: Right!

Magikoopa: Is this where I should be scared?

Larry: GRRRR...

Mario: I got it!

Magikoopa: NO, I GOT IT!

The Magikoopa creates long icicles and they fire one at a time at them.

Mario: JUMP!

They dodge but hit the ground hard. They talk silently.

Larry: It's way too powerful!

Mario: I know.

Larry: We must... AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

The Magikoopa kicked Larry over the side.

Magikoopa: One on one. BEGIN!

Mario gets up and wall kicks off a tower but the Magikoopa teleports before he can hit him. Mario slides in time and knocks into the Magikoopa, and they are thrown across the area. The Magikoopa begins
attempting to stab Mario with an icicle but Mario keeps rolling aside. Mario finally gets an opening and shoots a fireball right in the Magikoopa's face.  The wizard is thrown into a tower side. Mario gets up only to have the wizard blast him with a stream of high-powered water, throwing him into a tower. Mario falls to the ground and then begins thinking.

Mario: Each time I hit him, he counters with a more powerful move. I pretty much must just wipe him out with one shot. But how? ... I know!

Mario gets up, backflips towards the wall, and wall kicks off the wall on the the backflip's highest point. Mario's kick pushes him over the Magikoopa and he comes down behind him. Mario then rams him, sending him flying into a tower. The Magikoopa creates a icicle, but Mario grabs a previous icicle and an icicle fight begins. After several minutes Mario sticks his icicle through through the Magikoopa. The fort then begins falling and it crashes.

A few hours later, Mario and everyone else is seen in hospital beds.

Mario: What-

Doctor: Don't worry! All of you will be out tomorrow.

Iggy: That's good.

Wendy: Yup!

Yoshi: Mario destroy awful Magikoopa!

Mario: Yup!

Bowser and Peach: Then it's over.

Mario: The fort crashed down to land in pieces so... so... yes.

Roy: Let's sleep...

Doctor: You do need it.

Mario: Okie... dokie...

They all fall asleep happy, knowing the evil that roamed Plit is finally gone. The gang celebrates the occasion one week later. The Mario gang and the Koopas live happily ever after, for now.


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