Mario Party Journey

By crankymama5452

Final Leg

Phil is seen at a rocket station.

Phil: I am here at Neon Heights. Three teams checked in and had an all-you-can-eat buffet. Teams will embark on the final leg of the race for $1,000,000... right now.

Wario: Get the clue!

Boo: Go to the rocket and pump it full of fuel. If you pump enough in, the rocket should shoot up to the meteor. You'll then get the clue.

Dry Bones: GO NOW!

They run for about two seconds.


Wario: Come on, Waluigi! Pump this thing with fuel!

Both teams get to a rocket and start pumping when Mario and Luigi leave, get the clue, do a two second run, and begin pumping fuel into their rocket.

Luigi: FASTER!

Mario: Cheese cheese cheese!


Dry Bones: My arm is detaching.

Wario, Luigi, and Boo: PUMP THAT THING NOW!

The rockets suddenly shoot up.

Luigi: What?

The rockets hit the meteors and clues drop.

Boo: How convenirnt.

They each get a clue.

Luigi: Detour.

Wario: Climb or Gate.

Dry Bones: Climb- Go to the Statue of Marioty and climb it for the clue.

Mario: CHEESE!

Boo: Gate- Go the Koopa Kid gate and pay all you money to open the gate, where you'll get the clue but must finish the leg without money.

Wario and Luigi: CLIMB!

Boo: Gate.

Wario and Mario's teams begin a climb... or Wario and Luigi begin a climb while Waluigi yells and Mario dances while saying cheese. Dry Bones hops on Boo and shoots off to find the gate.


Wario: Mamamia!

Luigi: I'm-a tired out-a.

Wario: But we're only halfway!

Luigi: I know. Keep going!


Boo: Where is it?

Dry Bones: There.

They run to it.

Koopa Kid: Gimme all your money!

Dry Bones: Okay.

Boo takes out some money, then sticks out his tongue and takes the money on his tongue, while Dry Bones takes his off the tape he used to stick the money to himself.

Koopa Kid: Weirdos.


Luigi: It's the top!

They get a clue and jump down.

All Teams: GOT ONE!

Dry Bones: Catch a boat ride to Windmillville-

Wario: To get the next clue.

They run and meet up with each other at the bottom of the city.

Mario: Where's the cheese?


Boo: Where's the boat?


The boat is seen coming. They get on when it arrives.

Captain: Welcome aboared! Phil gave me a clue to hand to you. He said it's optional but $100 is awarded for the leg if you do it.

Wario: Okay.

They get a clue.

Luigi: Roadblock

Mario: Go to Cheese Land!

Wario: One player must search the cruiseship fully until they find a clue.

Dry Bones, Wario, and Luigi run inside the ship and run through halls together.

Luigi: Where is it?


They begin busting down doors at high speed, practically tearing apart the rooms.

Boo is seen making funny faces, making Mario laugh but Waluigi cry.

Boo: Your both babies.


Mario: Hahahahahahaha!

Boo: Ugh!

Wario: Come on!

Dry Bones: We were on Deck A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H, and no use so far.

Luigi: Well, we'll go to deck I.

They go one deck down.

Captain: Land ahead!

Boo: That's the place!

Captain: Okay.

Wario: What's inside this dresser?

Wario finds the clues.

Wario: OOOHHHHHHHHHH.... Hehehe.

Wario takes a clue and sneaks towards the top deck. The ship docks and Wario, who has reached the top deck, grabs Waluigi and ran with the money in the clue.

Luigi: Where's Wario?

Dry Bones: In that cabin.

Dry Bones goes in and takes the two clues.

Dry Bones: Look what I found!

Luigi: Oh that little... Come on!

They get the $100 and go upstairs, get their teammate, and run.

Wario: Clue... another Detour.


Wario: Herd or Heap.


Wario: Herd- Go to the farm and get a herd of ten sheep to go from one pen into the pen across the street.


Wario: Heap- Search through a heap of flowers until you get the clue... We're doing Herd.

They run as the others arrive.

Luigi: Another Detour.

Boo: Wow! ... Heap.

Luigi: Heap as well.

They dive into a 50-foot0high pile of flowers


Wario: Come on!

Wario is seen carrying two sheep at a time across the street

Wario and Waluigi: 6/10

Wario runs back and gets two more.


Luigi and Mario: Where are you, little cheese?

Boo: Isn't it funny that Luigi made Mario think they are digging for cheese?

Dry Bones: I think I found one.

Luigi: Me too.

Dry Bones: I can't feel my arm.

Luigi pulls out Dry Bones's arm.

Luigi: ACK!

Boo: O_O

Mario: Envelopes!

Mario tosses out two envelopes.

Boo: Mario did something good for once!

Luigi: GO!


Wario: Done, done, and done.

They get a clue and run

Luigi: Roadblock.

Boo: Find the three windmills and win the auction. If you win you can get the clue inside.

Boo and Mario: OH, ME!


Wario: YOU DO IT!

Waluigi: Wh-wh-why?


Waluigi: O-o-okay then.

Waluigi cries. They arrive at the windmills to see three Koopas, one in front of each windmill.

Koopa #1: We're the ones you'll auction with.

Boo: Okay.

Boo: Ten.


Boo: Fifteen.

Koopa: Twenty.

Boo: Twenty-five.

Koopa: Thirty.

Phil: What teams don't know is each Koopa has $99, so their finish speed depends on how fast the member reaches $100.

Mario: Oh, pretty coins!

Mario lays out seventy coins.

Koopa: EIGHTY!


Waluig bounces, causing fourty-six coins to fly out on the ground.

Koopa: SIXTY!

The bets get higher and higher.

Mario lays out ninty-four.

Koopa: $99.

Mario: Oh, there's one.

Mario lays out the other six.

Koopa: O_O

Waluigi freaks and the other coins fall out, and Boo just lays them all out.

Koopa: OKAY THEN, AUCTION OVER... None of the Koopas won...

Mario, Waluigi, and Boo enter the windmill, and smashing and crashing is heard as Waluigi runs out with a clue on his hat.

Wario: GO!

Boo comes flying out.

Dry Bones: HURRY!

Mario: CHEESE!

Boo: Take a taxi to the middle and largest windmill in Windmillville and... RUN TO THE FINISH LINE!

Wario: This is it! Go go go!

Dry Bones: Where's the taxi station?

Wario: We'll find out soon.

They run as Mario comes out with the clue.


Luigi: Wow! Let's see... K... K... The finish line... Mario, 1,000,000,000,000,000 tons of cheese is coming up.

Mario: WOOPIE!

Mario plows into Luigi and drags him at high speed across the ground.

Wario: Kind sir, we want a lift.

Cab Driver: Not open for an hour.

Boo: WHAT?

Wario: OH YOU %*#*@(@*$*^(#(@*(#(*^(%$)#)@($(^))#())#($^%&#^@#&@(!!!

Cab Driver: Same to you.

Dry Bones: Ugh!

Mario and Luigi come up.

Luigi: We'd like a...

Cab Driver: No!

Luigi: What?

Dry Bones: We have to wait an hour.

Luigi: WHAT?


Boo: What?

Luigi: Long story.

An hour later..

Cab Drivers: Okay, we're ready.

Each team gets in a seperate taxi and they drive off.

Wario: Well it all comes down to how well the driver knows the way.

Luigi: As fast as you can to the center windmill.

Boo: Hurry! It's an emergency at the middle windmill

All three taxies pick up speed... and each takes a different route.

The screen cuts to Phil on the mat in front of the windmill. All the eliminated teams are there standing alongside the mat cheering, screaming, jumping, and acting all hyped up. A taxi is seen in the distance and all the teams get even more hyped up. The taxi stops.

?????: Take the money.

Driver: K! Go get the cash.

?????: Let's go.

The door swings open and the screen cuts to Phil. The screen closes in more and more and then a team hops on the mat.

Phil: Nine of the largest areas.... so many miles.... and so much more... Dry Bones and Boo, you the official winners of the Amazing Race.

Dry Bones falls apart from hopping up and down and Boo tries to fix him up as Mario and Luigi come up and hop on the mat, followed by Wario and Waluigi.

Phil: Mario and Luigi, you're team two, and Wario and Waluigi are team three.

The teams hug, shake hands, party, and more as Dry Bones and Boo are given $1,000,000.

Phil: And with that, this race is over. I'm Phil Keoghan giving off one last get a life comment.

DRY BONES and BOO - 1st
MARIO and LUIGI - 2nd
Clawdia and Wendy - 4th
Yoshi and Birdo - 5th
Larry and Ludwig - 6th
Bowser and Wart - 7th
Morton and Roy - 8th
Lemmy and Iggy - 9th
Toad and Toadette - 10th
Peach and Daisy - 11th

The End

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