Dark Yoshi

By Doshi

Chapter 9: Death’s Triumph

The King walked on to the floor of the stadium, opposite Death. Bowser smiled in an evil, happy way. “Hit it,” he said to Ludwig.

Ludwig cracked his fingers and started to play. During a slight pause in the music, Death said, “I win.”

The King replied, “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“Death lunged, jumped, leaped, charged at Life-”

“And Life deployed a magic-dodging technique!”

Death smiled. The music quickened. Death lunged at The King. The King disappeared and was where Death was before. Death turned himself around in mid-lunge and landed five feet away from The King. Death raised his hands. The ground started to shake. The King smiled and the shaking stopped. Death smiled, and the shaking started again. This went one for a while. Then Roy shouted, “Get on with it already!!!”

The King frowned and Roy was suddenly kissing Karma. Karma slugged him and Ludwig kicked him, while Death made two blue fireballs in his hands. He flung one at The King. The King jumped into the air. “Death sent a special, super, unusual fireball at Life, which Life skillfully and expertly dod- Oh!” The fireball followed The King up. Death flung the other fireball at The King and started to wave his hands again. The King fell to the floor and waved his hand. The fireballs collided.

“Life deployed an amazing tactic to destroy Death’s fireballs!” Death smacked his hands together and The King was blasted off his feet and propelled to the other side. “Death has blasted, propelled, thrown with an invisible force, Life into a wall!” The King smacked his own hands together and a pure white rod of ash appeared in his hands. Death waved his hand in a slashing motion. A bolt of red energy shaped like a sword escaped his hands and shot towards The King. “Life has pulled out a strange weapon, and Death has sent an energy attack at Life!” The King held out his rod. The bolt hit rod Rod, and immediately shot itself back at Death. Death frowned and the bolt disappeared. “Life repelled the attack back at Death, but Death is not to be underestimated!” He waved his hand again, this time as though he was taking something away from The King. The rod burst from The King's hands, and soared over to Death. “Death has taken, stolen, abducted Life’s weapon!”

The rod fell to the floor halfway over to Death, and turned into a huge white cobra. “What the?!” Death smiled and started to convulse. He fell to the ground in a heap. “Death seems to have died, expired, concluded, perished by some magical attack by Life!” Bowser booed and the crowd started to talk and mutter and whisper. The black form that was Death sprang up in the form of a huge black cobra! “Death’s back up in the shape, form, figure, of a cobra!” The cobras started to sway. The white cobra lunged forward. Death opened his mouth as wide as he could. “Who saw that coming?” The white cobra got its head stuck in Death's mouth. Death convulsed over and over, and with each twitch, the white cobra was forced deeper and deeper into his throat. “Death is eating, munching on, devouring Life’s snake!”

The King swore, and started to wave his hands in a complicated manner. When the white cobra was gone, Death convulsed one last time, and fell to the floor. He rose again as the Dark Monster we all know and love (or hate, but if I find out that you do, I’ll eat you).

“Death is back up and running, ready to end Life’s life!” The King flung his hand at Death and Death buckled as though he was hit by something hard. Death snarled and he stood up to his full height. “It looks like Death is mad, angry, hateful and more!”

“Face my full power!!!” Death sucked in air, his cheeks bellowing outward. The King got tense, waiting for Death’s next move. Death blew out. PRAOP! There was a super hot and super bright light! The King was on the other side of the stadium. There was a huge hole where he used to be, and the rock for 30 feet around the area was on fire! A huge shockwave came from the hole, and everyone fell over except Death. Roy, the only one able to still see (aside from Death and The King) continued to commentate. Death turned around and waved his hand angrily. The King was flung into the air. Death made a white fireball, and flung it.

“Death is taking no chances, as he hurls Life into the air, and attacks him with a fireball!” The King gasped, and waved his hand. The fireball flung itself into the crowd. The Peanut Man was hit head-on. “Life deflects the attack, and it hits the Peanut Man!” Kammy started to cry.

Kamek walked up to Bowser. “Think you can deal with a monster like that?” Bowser shook his head. “I suggest that you go down there and help The King!” Bowser nodded and started to walk down to the ground floor. Kamek, Larry, Lemmy, Wendy, Karma, Morton, and Iggy followed.

The King fell to the floor. Hard. Death waved his arm in a circular fashion. The King was lifted up, and slammed down onto the floor. The King was lifted up again, and was slammed down onto the floor once more. This continued for a long while. “Death is pummeling Life into the ground over and over! I don’t think Life can hold on much longer!”

Death stopped. The King fell into his imprinted shape in the floor. Death started to shake. He looked scared. He slowly turned as white as the cobra he had swallowed. “Death is turning white! What could make him so scared?!” Death was pure white, but now his expression had changed. It was no longer scared. It was content. Pure contentment. Death turned his head up to look at the sky, and sighed. As he sighed, a breeze picked up, and Death’s scales were blown away. Death was hollow. Inside of Death was a pure white egg. As the last scales of what was once a terrifying monster blew away, the egg hatched. A small white Yoshi lay curled up in the goop. A small eye opened, and it turned from colorless to red with a blink of its eye. Its mouth opened. A slight gurgle came from deep inside its throat.

Finis Caputo


Nobody was hurt by that white Yoshi. Bowser grabbed onto its back, and it was defenseless. Hey! I was only a baby! Yes, I, Doshi, and son of “Death”, am the second in a mighty race that shall probably only have two people (me and Dad). I have three things to say to you readers.

One: Many people will be confused by small differences in numbers and dates. Let me clarify everything. Bowser’s official records say Mario beat Bowser 57 times. Peach’s records say 457 times. I went around asking people about what happened and they told me. The King and Dad’s memories (the Koopa mage seemed to make it so that the offspring had the parents' memories) filled in for the prologue and some small parts of the story. Some parts, like Luigi’s monologue in chapter 7, are made up. I could not think of another way to describe the area without straying from the story. Kamek’s private papers compiled most of Chapter 7 (I snuck a look while asking him about controlling time).

Two: I am now living  with the Koopas, some (like Ludwig) I despise (he won’t give me chocolate), and some (like Morton and Lemmy) I like (both are nice and very interesting in their own ways).

Three: Small and confusing details about the story; The black figure from The King’s dream was the Yoshi mage, who became greedy and corrupt by the knowledge that this “super” race might worship him as a god. The reason Death collapsed is because the Koopa mage realized that the race he was making was too dangerous to have two members at the same time. The birth of an offspring meant the parent had to die. Also, the “Void” that was needed to fill Death was and still is me. I was named Doshi because Kamek realized that Death knew that he would die soon. The “language” he was writing was possible names for me. Doshi (ReBirth) was the last name on the throne, which Death didn’t scratch out. Bowser got a new throne. The note Dad gave Bowser was instructions on how to send everybody to the stadium, and what Ludwig, Roy, and Morton were to do. It also said that a large amount of magical energy was coming to the castle and it was threat to Bowser. Dad meant The King, Bowser thought that someone brought the Marios back. Hence the confusion of Death. Bowser got it right in the end. And now…

Finis Historae

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