Wario and Waluigi: Saving Daisy

By Jorge Mario Castillo

Little Lemmy's Land Qualifier

Chapter 1: Daisy’s Trouble

Wario and Waluigi are on a beach in Sarasaland.

Wario: This is a nice trip to Sarasaland, isn’t it?

Waluigi: It sure is.

Guy: Oh, hi guys! Listen, you guys; Tatanga has kidnapped the princess of our great Sarasaland! Tatanga wants to marry our princess and someone has to go and save her from Tatanga!

Wario: … You saying that we have to make long trips like Mario to save someone?

Guy: …Yes.

Waluigi:  Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Guy: Well, you'd better hurry , because Tatanga may marry Daisy at any second. So go right now and don’t be late.

Waluigi: … I’m scared of hard missions! But I love Daisy.

Wario: Finally! It's time to get famous and show Mario that I’m better!

Waluigi: I guess you're right! Yeah!

So the Brothers get up.

Wario: So anyway, where exactly did Tatanga go?

Guy: … Space…?

Waluigi: To space! Can we use a rocket?

Guy: Yes, and-

Wario: No! We will travel by foot! Mario or Luigi may want to use a rocket to get there easier, but this mission is just to show everyone we are better! Let’s go!

Wario takes Waluigi.

Waluigi: Now let’s save my love!

Wario: You love... You love Daisy?

Waluigi:  Uhh… I… umm… I… but-

Wario: Waluigi got a girlfriend! Waluigi got a girlfriend!

Wario keeps teasing Waluigi as they climb into a boat and go find Daisy.

Chapter 2

Wario is sitting in the small boar and Waluigi is looking at the ocean.)

Waluigi: Are you sure we're going the right way?

Wario: Actually, I'm not.

Waluigi: Then why did you bring us here?!

Wario: Because… umm… I… never thought of that!

Then the boat almost crashes into a rock.

Waluigi: Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! I’m scared!

Wario: We got everything under control! Don’t be a crybaby.

The water starts to move, and Gooper Blooper comes out of the water.

Wario: … On second thought, let’s cry like a baby!


Gooper Blooper grabs Wario and Waluigi.

Wario: I’m-a number one!

Wario grabs Gooper's mouth and let’s go but the Blooper doesn’t let go of the Brothers. Then a storm starts. The next day, the Brothers appear on an island.

Waluigi: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Wario: Where are we? On a deserted  island?! During the storm, Blooper must have put us here! We need to escape!

Waluigi: I can’t swim!

Wario: Hmm… Maybe we can call for help!

Wario climbs into a palm tree and starts yelling for help.

Waluigi: He will be there for days.


Waluigi starts exploring the island. After a while, he finds an “X”.

Waluigi: Hey, Wario! Come look at  this!

Wario comes over. He looks at the X.

Wario: That must be a treasure!

Chapter 3

Wario starts digging. Then he gets a treasure box out.

Wario: Money! Money! Money! GOLD!

Wario opens it and gets money out.

Wario: This will look great on my castle!

Waluigi: … Wario, are we going to save Daisy?

Wario: Huh? Oh yeah! Now let’s go save her!

Waluigi builds a boat out of palm trees. Wario wants to take the gold with him but Waluigi says it is too heavy, so Wario builds another boat made out of palm trees to put his gold there. They then sail off, but on the way they had some problems with the boat. Let’s just skip that part. Anyway, after a while they come to a cave.

Waluigi: Do you even know where we're going?

Wario: No, but maybe this is the way to space.

Waluigi: Why don’t we use a rocket?

Wario: That’s for losers! We're winners!

Then, after some more seconds in the cave, Wario’s treasure chest falls off its boat.


Waluigi then finds a coin. He throws it in the water.

Wario: What did you do that for?!

Waluigi: I wanted to make a wish.

Wario: Everyone knows that throwing coins in the water will not make your wish true! You know that! Anyway, what did you wish for?

Waluigi: A giant beanstalk that leads to the sky.

Wario: You have a big imagination.

Then the boat exits the cave, and takes them to a big island. Far away they can see a castle.

Wario: Hey, maybe that’s Tatanga’s castle!

Waluigi: Tatanga does not have a castle island-

Chapter 4

But Wario ignores Waluigi and they go to the castle. Wario enters the castle as Waluigi gets too scared to  nter and stays outside. Inside the castle, Wario finds Morton.

Morton: Hey, you’re not Mario! I thought you were Mario! I was waiting for Mario because I kidnapped Peach. What? You’re the one who’s going to save Peach? What’s wrong with Nintendo? They should-

Wario: Be quiet! Do you know how  to get to Tatanga?

Morton: Behind this castle is a thing that will-

Wario leaves and grabs Waluigi, and they go behind the castle. There they find a Koopa.

Wario: Hey! A Koopa! Let’s kill it!

The Koopa throws a shell at Wario but Wario jumps on it and rides it. Then he hits the Koopa and it dies. Then the earth moves.

Waluigi: Now what? I’m scared of things that may happen!

Then a giant beanstalk that leads to the sky appears.

Waluigi: I thought you said that wouldn’t work.

Wario: Do I care? Let’s go!

They climb the beanstalk for hours, and finally get to outer space. They find Tatanga coming with Daisy.

Alien: Tatanga, do you accept Daisy?

Tatanga: Of course I do!

Alien: Daisy, do you accept-

Then Wario jumps on Tatanga and the other alien.

Wario: I’m stopping this wedding from happening in the name of garlic!

Daisy: My hero!

Wario: Oh, it was nothing!

But Daisy kisses Waluigi.

Wario: Hey! Kiss me!

Tatanga: They stopped my wedding! I paid money for the pizza! I’ll get them!

Chapter 5

Wario,  Waluigi, and Daisy get in Tatanga’s ship and go to the Mushroom Kingdom. Tatanga follows them in another ship.

Waluigi: Hey, what’s this button?

(Waluigi pushes a button and it throws a missile at Tatanga. His ship explodes. Wario, Waluigi, and Daisy land in Sarasaland.

Daisy: Thanks for saving me! I'd better get back to my castle!

Daisy goes to her castle.

Wario: Beat that, Mario!

Mario: CHEESE!

Guy: Thanks to you, Daisy is back! Here are your prices.

Wario: (Gold, gold, gold, gold!)

The Guy gives Wario and Waluigi Koopa-Kola.

Wario: WHAT?! I did this trip for this?

Guy: That’s what I was trying to tell you in the beginning, but you didn’t want to listen and just walked out!

Wario: Grrrrrrr…! I’m going to get the money I lost!

Wario leaves.

Waluigi: Well, here we go again!

Guy: I also wanted to tell him that, that money is fake.

Waluigi: Who cares? Let’s just go home and wait for him to return.

The End

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