Knocking at the Door of End II: Relics of the Empire

By Chris "Wario"

Part 9: Parting Ways

"I guess this is goodbye for now," Luigi said to the others. They said their goodbyes and went in their own ways.

"Well, I guess you guys don't need this dame anymore. See ya later guys," Kylie said as she walked off. It seemed now they had parted ways.


"So where is this Snowball Mountain, anyway?" Wario asked.

"Oh, up a ways from here. It's on Northern Yoshi's Island," Mario said.

"How do we get there?" Luigi asked.

"Get a charter plane, of course!" Mario said.

"Isn't there supposed to be one at the top of Raven Island?" Peach asked. "Yup. And that's where we're goin'," Mario said.

They trekked through the jungle and watched out for tiny Piranha Plants that might try to nip at their feet. They had to get there before dark. They had nothing to eat, save for a few Mushrooms. That's why they needed to get there so soon, they didn't want to starve. The jungle is a dungeon to those who cannot surpass its chain of labyrinths. It's more like a cave made out of wood instead of rock.


"I'm telling ya, I can walk on it!" Waluigi shouted to Toad, who had his arm propped up on a crutch.

"That's for Dr. Van Nostrin to say, isn't it?" Toad snapped. They walked over to the captain of the charter they took earlier. "Can we get another ride?" Toad said.

"I'd be glad to. Say, where are yer other friends? It's a round trip you know, free o' charge!" the captain said.

"No, they're taking a plane to Snowball Mountain," Yoshi explained.

"Ah, I see. Well hop aboard, then! Don't be wanting to waste time, now do we? That's what I always say. Me golden rule- waste not!" the captain blabbered as he boarded his vessel. Toad, Waluigi, and Yoshi sat down and the engines revved. They started speeding out towards Yoshi's Island with remarkable speed.

"Do you still have those queasy things, Yoshi?" Toad asked.

"Yup, right here!" Yoshi said, applying them to his wrists.

"Say, " the captain said, "what happened to you?" He pointed at Waluigi's leg, which had been crudely bandaged by Toad to stop the bleeding.

"Naval Piranha," Waluigi said.

"Told ya, didn't I? I'm surprised that's all ya got with that beast. You coulda got killed easy by that monster! Yup. Got lucky, that's what ya did."

"Lucky? How'd I get lucky? No one else got hurt," Waluigi said.

"Aye, ya got lucky. Think if he tore your leg off! Then you'd be saying now that ye be lucky. We're comin' up to Yoshi Village Dock. Get ready to get off," the captain explained.


The team had reached the airport. The wind was picking up and a storm was imminent. It started to rain and they walked up to the captain of a plane and yelled, "Could we get a charter?"

"Yeah, though I don't know anyone as crazy as you that'd want to fly in this foul weather," a Shy Guy pilot said to them.

"I'd be that crazy," a loud voice boomed. They all turned around to see a long lost friend.

"Parakarry?" Mario asked.

"Mario?" the Paratroopa said. "Oh, good to see you, my friend! You want to fly?"

"Sure," Mario answered.

"You're in luck. I quit my job as a mailman for a more adventurous life as a pilot. My 'Rain nor snow nor sleet will stop me' motto applies to my flying, too. Hop in," Parakarry answered.

Part 10: The Village Revisited

Waluigi, Toad, and Yoshi stepped off the dock and walked toward the village. It was sunny, as usual.

"Good thing we got that second Relic, eh?" Toad said.

"Yup, very lucky." Yoshi said.

Toad escorted Waluigi to Dr. Van Nostrin's office. Yoshi went out to see his fiends, though. He stepped into the hut where his brother lived. "Yahsha? Zoshi?" Yoshi called, looking around the hut. He saw overturned chairs, and papers strewn about. He quickly ran over to the basket that held the Relic. Not to his surprise, it was gone. He looked around, hoping that this was just a flook and that they were fine, until he saw a shred of cloak under the overturned chair. It was blood-red. He knew a few people who could have this color cloak, but he didn't want to jump to any conclusions. Yet.

He investigated the hut more, looking for clues. Then he saw it: a shard of glass lying where he saw an indent in the dirt. He figured they had fought back and knocked it off of someone. But who? He wasn't sure. Then Yoshi heard a soft groan coming from under the bed. He looked underneath to see his brother tied up and blindfolded. "Zoshi!" Yoshi cried, pulling out his helpless sibling. "What happened, Zoshi? Speak to Yoshi!" Yoshi said, shaking him.

He ripped off his blindfold and untied his bindings. Zoshi wasn't answering, so Yoshi slapped him across the face. "What? What happened?" Zoshi said, jumping up. "Where are those guys? Where's Yahsha?"

"Yoshi doesn't know. Yoshi and the rest just got back from Raven Island," Yoshi answered, "They took the Relic."

"Well we have to get it back, then!" Zoshi said, jumping up. He rushed out the door of the hut.

Yoshi ran over and called for him. "Zoshi! Let Yoshi get Waluigi and Toad!" Zoshi nodded and waited at the edge of the village.

Yoshi grabbed them when they walked out of the doctor's place. He explained everything to them and then Waluigi asked, "So who do you think did this?"

Yoshi glared up at him and answered, "Yoshi thinks it was Kamek."

"Kamek? Are you sure?" Toad asked.

"Yes. Yoshi thinks that the robe in there was from the Toadies. They must be at Kamek's Castle. We must go there!" Yoshi answered. Then they rushed out to meet Zoshi.

Part 11: Snowball Mountain

"Here we are," Parakarry explained, "Snowball Mountain. For whatever reason ya want to be in this blizzard, go right ahead. Me, I hate the cold. Maybe I'll be seeing you later. Goodbye!" He started the engine and whizzed off, the wind blowing the plumbers' hats off.

"Shall we get going?" Peach asked of the men bending over and picking up their hats out of the snow.

They put them on and Luigi said, "I think that's a capital idea."

"So what're we supposed to do, climb this mountain?" Wario growled, looking up.

"Yeah, they say it's where the blue flowers grow," Mario said.

They started to climb the mountain, occasionally slipping on a rock. They kept climbing until they eventually found acave. They poked their heads in to see a group of Kleptos picking at some meet in their lair. One of them saw Mario and growled. He lunged out of the cave, his talons extended. It slashed at Mario's arm, tearing into him a bit. He bellowed in pain and fell over. Then Wario picked up a boulder next to him and launched it at the creature's skull. It bashed into his head, knocking him backward. The Klepto lost his coordination and plummeted down to the rocky hillside beneath.

Then the two other Kleptos that were in the cavern blasted out, knocking Peach over and making rocks shoot out from within the grotto. Luigi jumped up and kicked one in the face, making it fly into a wall. The beast's beak was smashed, which made it enraged. It swooped down at Luigi, but he jumped out of the way. Then Wario jumped up and grabbed its swollen beak and swung it around in circles and flung it over the mountain side.

The remaining one squawked and several more Kleptos appeared. "Great…" Mario said, getting up from his wound. One smashed at the mountain and made rocks tumble down on our heroes. Wario picked one up and threw it at a Klepto, smashing into the mountain. Then one landed and started using its massive beak to peck at Peach, when she kicked it, holding it off. Then Mario punched it and it fell off the mountain. Luigi spun around, knocking several off. Then one swooped toward Peach. She kicked it in the face and it became uncoordinated. Then it lost its balance and fell.

"Glad that's over," Luigi chuckled.

"Look over there!" Peach said. They saw the blue flowers that the Yoshi elder had told them about.

"Quick! Get digging!" Mario said.

They all jumped there and started digging inside the cave. When they were finished they pulled out an engraved gem. "Looks like we found the last Relic," Luigi said.

"We should be getting back," Peach said.

Part 12: Kamek's Castle Part 1- Gates

They entered the ancient structure known as Kamek's Castle. The evil dictator Bowser's vizier had his stronghold at this ancient house of fortitude. They entered the gloomy pathways of the stone and rubble. The stone was carved with alien characters written by the inhabitants of Yoshi Island at the dawn of the Plitian Tool Age, when the concept of writing and drawing was first developed in this world. They told tales of beasts that lay within caverns as warnings to travelers. The team found it quite odd that there was an ancient building on Yoshi Island, because Yoshis are nomads. They figured this was built by the Koopas or some other superior race.

They ventured deeper into the structure to find crypts and other eerie places. They wandered around the building, looking for where Kamek might lie in wait for them. They heard a scuttle on the path next to them. They spun around, Yoshi and Zoshi sniffing the air. They saw a pot spin around and crash to the ground. "Get it!" Waluigi cried, his voices echoing through the deep catacombs of the construction. They all chased after this unknown creature that had smashed the pot. The team careened through the halls, knocking things out of their way to get to this thing. It was important that they find it. It could be a lackey of Kamek and could hold the key to the freedom of Yahsha and the Relic.

The group was growing nearer to it. They could feel it. When they reached the end of the hall, they saw a small, native Shy Guy, scurrying up the wall, trying to climb it. "Hold it!" Zoshi commanded.

The Shy turned around and glared at them. He hid behind a hefty, indigenous shield with a crest on it. He pulled out a spear and answered with fear, "What do you be wanting from me?" he said, pointing his spear at the intruders.

"We want to know where Kamek is," Toad said sternly.

"I not know. Who is this Kamek you speak of?" the Shy said.

Zoshi picked him up and said, "Cut it. What do you know?" The Shy just poked Zoshi with his spear in the hand, causing Zoshi to drop him. "OW!" Zoshi grunted.

"Not so fast, little guy," Waluigi put his foot on him as the Shy was panting to get away.

"He is in the Great Door behind the sand pit. Please! Leave me alone!" the Shy said, scurrying off.

"Well now we got what we want. Let's go," Yoshi said.

Part 13: Kamek's Castle Part 2- Versus Kamek

The team sped off in the direction the small Tribal Shy had told them. They raced down corridors and vast passageways. They reached an extremely large stadium-like room made of stone with a floor that looked like a sea of sand. They saw on the far end of the room was a large, locked door. They treaded over to it, gazing at this colossal feat of Koopa ingenuity. Toad busted open the lock with a nearby shell he had found. They opened the door and saw Kamek securing the bindings of a familiar Yoshi. "Yahsha!" Yoshi cried, reaching to the sky as if to touch her.

"You are the ones who Mario sent to get the Relic? I think he could've done better," Kamek said cockily, "Toadies, leave this to the master." He took out his staff and braced for combat.

The two Yoshi brothers charged at him, hurling eggs at his head. He knocked them out of the way with his scepter and slammed it into the ground. Flames burst out of his staff and hurdled towards them in a massive fireball. They were knocked into the wall, charred from the scorching heat. Chunks of stone were spit out from the wall upon their impact and they fell to the ground, very much exhausted. They tried to move to help Toad and Waluigi, but their muscles were too weak and in pain.

"You will never get this Relic, puny Kingdomers. Darkness shrouds the light and makes all who are in it confused. Dark. Weary. Light only helps your enemies in battle. But darkness has an inner light, where the one who beholds it sees dark, yet the one who lives in darkness all his life gets accustomed to it. They learn to use the darkness to their advantage. That is why darkness is reigning. You have never learned to use the light to your advantage. And for that, you will lose," Kamek told them, in a very informative tone.

Waluigi hurdled towards him, but got snatched up by Toadies. Toad followed suit. The Toadies had them dangling in the air, trying to force their way back to safety. "Pathetic," Kamek snorted. He raised his staff to ready an attack. But then he was interrupted when two bulky bodies slammed into him from behind, knocking his staff out of his hand.

"Only thing you forgot, Kamek…" Yoshi said, "is that light penetrates darkness." He picked up Kamek's scepter and raised it over his head.

"NO!!!" Kamek screamed. Yoshi slammed the staff into the ground, shattering it. A beam of pure force blasted out in the direction of Kamek. He slammed into the wall, breaking several bones. The force cracked the earth that went underfoot of its path. A giant, gaping hole was left underneath Kamek. He slowly peeled off the wall and fell down into the trench.

"When light is put in darkness, the darkness fades away," Zoshi said, looking down into the crater.

Part 14: Turning Points Part 1- Relic Gate
The two teams met together on Yoshi Island.

"I guess this is it," Mario said.

"The moment of truth," Luigi said under his breath.

They walked toward the gate. The grand Relic Gate loomed over them in all of its colossal might. They took out one Relic and inserted it, and it glowed. They did the same with the two others. Then the immense gate that stood before them rolled away, as if being pushed by an invisible hand. Tiny pebbles crumbled from within the mountain and they vigilantly treaded inside. They heard a loud bellow from within the caverns of the mountain. The Yoob.

They walked through, seeing massive bats and other native creatures. Darkness blanketed the vast hallways and passageways of this ancient and sacred mountain. They neared a great stone door. It had carvings on it and other native markings.

"Whatever is behind this door," Mario said, turning around, "may change the outcome of this war. This is not any regular battle. This is going to be a turning point. For all of us. If we do not win…" Everyone gave a long gaze at Mario, "…this could be the end."

Mario took his hand on the door and pressed it open, slowly. He was knocking at the door of end.

Part 15: Turning Points Part 2- Battle with Yoob
The Yoob roared as the team neared him. He slammed the ground, making them all fly up into the air a bit. A dark figure emerged from the shadows behind him. It was Bowser. His red eyes were glowing in the darkness, and a long, black, battle-worn cape swayed behind him. "I'm surprised you made it this far, whelps. I suppose you know my own personal doom-machine. Take them out, Yoob!" Bowser bellowed.

The monster smashed forward, making chunks of gravel and stone beneath him fly up with every stomp of his gargantuan feet. Wario picked up a bone from a skeleton nearby, and threw it like a spear. It went into the creature's abdomen, and it was injured by the slice. But it just got more powerful as it became more enraged. Yoshi thanked the stars for Yahsha's absence, as she had stayed at the village. Zoshi picked up an egg and hurled it at the fiend's head. It cracked and egg shells soared all over the arena.

The Yoob opened its huge maw and showed two razor-sharp teeth in the front. Its Yoshi tongue shot out at Zoshi, who was encased in it. He screamed and waved around, but he could not break free of its grip. It flung its tongue back into its jaws and swallowed. Zoshi was gone.

Tears grew in Yoshi's eyes. He grew extremely angry. He shot salvos of eggs at the beast's skull and it buckled and stepped back a bit. Mario took out his hammer and slid it underneath the Yoob, and he tripped. A loud quake was heard from all parts of Yoshi Island. Luigi took a bone, just like Wario, and threw it at the creature. It went into its arm.

The Yoob screeched with pain and stomped the ground. Rocks poured down on the heroes. Peach and Toad helped each other pick up a small boulder and launch it at the Yoob's head. It smashed it and made his attacks stop fleetingly. Mario and Luigi took out hammers and jumped on the beast. They slammed them into his belly repeatedly, growing faster each time. At a rapid pace, they smashed at him with their hammers like machine guns. Then with one giant lunge, the Yoob blasted them off him and they crashed into the wall.

Dust shot out around them as they lay in the cavern. Then the Yoob flew into the air at an alarming rate. He crashed back to the ground and sent everyone falling with him. "Guys!" Mario shouted to the team. "Fire at him! Use everything ya got!"

Wario and Luigi threw spears into the Yoob while Yoshi hurled eggs and Toad and Peach flung rocks. He was being bombarded by the barrage of objects being shot at him from the team. He wearily crashed to the ground. Mario jumped onto him and took out his hammer. "This is the end of you!"

He pounded the steel into the back of the monster's head. It lay there, lifeless.

Part 16: Turning Points Part 3- The Kobalt Star
After defeating the great Yoob, Mario and Co. turned to see Bowser waiting in the shadows. "I have someone I'd like you to meet," he said, turning around. He revealed Kamek, standing behind him, battered and pummeled from when Yoshi, Zoshi, Toad, and Waluigi had fought him.

"Thought you got rid of me, eh?" Kamek said, glaring at them. His robe was torn and his face scratched with scars. "Well you didn't. I emerged from the shadows. I used the darkness." He opened his cloak and put his hand inside. He rummaged through something in there for awhile until a bright glow started to emerge. He pulled out the strange object and a blast of light emerged from it. The light dimmed and showed a glowing thing in the shape of a star. It dimmed even more to show two angry eyes gazing back at the team.

"This," Kamek said with much pride, "is the Kobalt Star. Its power is unmatched in the Star Realm. The Bowser Empire Senate had declared a mission to steal it. It has the power to imprison your enemies inside of it. It was the Cobalt Star, providing the ultimate source of energy to the universe. Now we are using all that energy, making us more powerful by the day. Every time you breathe is an ounce more of power a Koopatrol is getting. Every time you sleep is another load of power Bowser is getting. Try as you might, you cannot stop it. It has a destiny. And so do you. Paths cannot be crossed, lest turmoil emerge. You're marked for your fate. And your fate is to lose."

With those words, Kamek released the star and it spun into the air. It increased in illumination. Then, a force stronger than any man, beast, or animal could hold pulled the team towards it. Luigi managed to run over to Mario. Mario then called for help and several Star Spirits came and shielded him and Luigi from the vortex. Then the rest of the team, shrieking and screaming, was sucked in.

The vortex stopped and the Star Sprites let go. Mario and Luigi could see all their comrades inside of the star. "The Kobalt Star strikes," Bowser said, "Today it is them. Tomorrow it is all of Plit.

"Nice, Emperor Bowser. Shall we just kill them now?" Kamek asked.

"No," Bowser chuckled. "I'd like to see what they do. This should be amusing. Let's go. We should get to Star Hill." And with that Bowser was off, barging down the corridors of the mountain.

Mario and Luigi sat there, watching. They glared at each other and then back at the now-empty hallway. They had to foil Bowser's plot. Whatever it was.

"To Star Hill!" Mario said.

"To Star Hill," Luigi agreed.

To Be Continued...

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